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Found 7 results

  1. This Transparency Project Is Creating a Massive Collection of Police Data America police data is a fractured mess of different departments and standards, the Police Data Accessibility Project wants to change that. IMAGE: GETTY IMAGES Police departments generate an incredible amount of data, as interactions with cops are recorded, collated, and processed. In most states that data is technically available, but anyone who’s tried to get information out of a local police department knows how hard it can be to access that data. The Police Data Accessibility Project (PDAP) wants to change that. The non-profit is developing software that will scrape the publicly available data of America’s 18,000 different police organizations from programs such as Palm Beach’s eCaseview, which is a court records search tool that is free for the public. The goal is to consolidate this data and make it easy for the public to access. PDAP started 10 months ago when Kristin Tynski scraped the public records of Palm Beach County, Florida where she lives. She wanted to see if she could use the data to identify trends in policing, and give researchers and journalists a transparent view of the cops. What Tynski found when she ran scrapers through her own county was shocking, but not surprising. In Palm Beach County, which is nearly 75 percent white according to census data, two officers gave 75 percent of their citations to non-white people, she found. About 70 percent of all violations written for having windows tinted too dark were given to minorities. Revealing these trends in big piles of police data is PDAP's mission. She visualized some of the data, put it up on the internet and then linked to it on Reddit.“I posted about this project on Reddit, and it blew up,” Tynski told Motherboard in a DM. “I wanted to capture the momentum, because I know how much work trying to get this for most police depts will be. So, I put together a Slack community and started trying to organize.” In the first few months, the PDAP has a huge influx of people. Thousands volunteered, but Tynski said it didn’t last. “The initial huge influx of people died off, but those that remained have been working diligently for 8 months,” she said. PDAP’s long-term plan is to scrape data from police databases, store it somewhere secure, standardize the data, and then give the public access. Right now, PDAP is still building the programs it needs to collect data. “There are problems of missing data, inconsistencies, and human error. In general, the data we care most about, citations/arrests, arrestee demographic info, individual officer/badge number, metadata like time/location, is available for most that we have looked at,” Tynski said. “There are some more detailed fields that seem to be unique to certain departments. Cleaning, validating, and standardizing incoming community contributed data will be part of what PDAP is responsible for.” As more people stepped up to handle the process of scraping public records, Tynski stepped back and focused on her strength—getting the word out. She’s happy for all the help. “I realized how big the project was while doing the scraping of my own county,” Tynski said. “It's complex, and most county systems are antiquated and filled with bugs. Getting this done —outside of some top-down government mandate—will require writing scrapers for hundreds, possibly thousands, of county websites. I would argue, it's worth the effort, and something we can get done.” PDAP isn’t the first attempt to create a centralized database of police data. The FBI started a use-of-force database in 2018, but participation is voluntary. The Washington Post started tracking every fatal police shooting in 2015. According to the post, there’s been 988 in the past 12 months. The PDAP, once completed, would give a much wider view of how the police interact with the public. There’s still a lot of work to do. “We are missing most of the data, we've written scrapers for a few counties in Florida,” Tynski said. “Until now we've been holding off on recruiting for, or pushing, scraping.” She said that scraping this much data is still an emerging area of law and so the group has secured a good law firm before proceeding. “Scraping is a newish area of law and there isn’t a ton of precedent,” she said. A Canadian teen ran into trouble in 2018, for example, after scraping thousands of documents from the province of Nova Scotia's unsecured freedom of information document portal. He was charged with unauthorized access, but the charges were eventually dropped. Tynski said she believes PDAP’s role is to collect the data, not analyze it. She leaves that to others. “We see that as the role of citizen journalists and the media,” she said. “Our goal is to facilitate accessibility to these groups, and give them the tools necessary to parse the data in useful ways.” PDAP is looking for volunteers and donations, and maintains a Slack channel and a GitHub where you can find more information. Source: This Transparency Project Is Creating a Massive Collection of Police Data
  2. abdelrahman

    Just a little favour...

    As the title says I need a little help from you guys. You see I have this project in my math class and I need to collect some data so I can use it in a study later on. I would really appreciate it if you can answer the following five questions in the comments. All I need is twenty responses. 1. What is your GPA? 2. What is your favourite color? 3. What is your Age? 4. What is your education level? (ex : High School, 2-years college, 4-years college, etc) 5. Do you have any pets? if so, what are they? Thank you, and I apologize for my english since it kinda sucks.
  3. The Internet is always changing. Sites are rising and falling, content is deleted, and bad URLs can lead to '404 Not Found' errors that are as helpful as a brick wall. A new project proposes an do away with dead 404 errors by implementing new HTML code that will help access prior versions of hyperlinked content. With any luck, that means that you’ll never have to run into a dead link again. The “404-No-More” project is backed by a formidable coalition including members from organizations like the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Old Dominion University, and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Part of the Knight News Challenge, which seeks to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation through a variety of initiatives, 404-No-More recently reached the semifinal stage. The project aims to cure so-called link rot, the process by which hyperlinks become useless overtime because they point to addresses that are no longer available. If implemented, websites such as Wikipedia and other reference documents would be vastly improved. The new feature would also give Web authors a way provide links that contain both archived copies of content and specific dates of reference, the sort of information that diligent readers have to hunt down on a website like Archive.org. While it may sound trivial, link rot can actually have real ramifications. Nearly 50 percent of the hyperlinks in Supreme Court decisions no longer work, a 2013 study revealed. Losing footnotes and citations in landmark legal decisions can mean losing crucial information and context about the laws that govern us. The same study found that 70 percent of URLs within the Harvard Law Review and similar journals didn’t link to the originally cited information, considered a serious loss surrounding the discussion of our laws. The project’s proponents have come up with more potential uses as well. Activists fighting censorship will have an easier time combatting government takedowns, for instance. Journalists will be much more capable of researching dynamic Web pages. “If every hyperlink was annotated with a publication date, you could automatically view an archived version of the content as the author intended for you to see it,” the project’s authors explain. The ephemeral nature of the Web could no longer be used as a weapon. Roger Macdonald, a director at the Internet Archive, called the 404-no-more project “an important contribution to preservation of knowledge.” The new feature would come in the form of introducing the mset attribute to the <a> element in HTML, which would allow users of the code to specify multiple dates and copies of content as an external resource. For instance, if both the date of reference and the location of a copy of targeted content is known by an author, the new code would like like this: The 404-No-More project’s goals are numerous, but the ultimate goal is to have mset become a new HTML standard for hyperlinks. “An HTML standard that incorporates archives for hyperlinks will loop in these efforts and make the Web better for everyone,” project leaders wrote, “activists, journalists, and regular ol’ everyday web users.” Source
  4. alankubiak01

    Dynamite Disk Formatter Project

    Hello, I am working on a new project, which is a disk formatter which allows you to completely erase MBR partitions, and which also allows you to create a bootable disk, in short a complete tool for writing an image on a disk whose the user will not have to install other software to make a bootable disk which will be very interesting for its publication. I could not put a download link for this tool because there are too many bugs for normal use. I look forward to your feedback on this project and the proposed names. Join the team: https://discord.gg/pndm5Ra Bye. Alan Kubiak
  5. Micosoft introduces revamped Microsoft Project and a new subscription plan Microsoft has announced the general availability of a new version of Microsoft Project, along with a new subscription plan for those interested in using the service. The new Microsoft Project has an all-new interface that should be more intuitive, making it easier to add members, create tasks, and view different kinds of charts. It also integrates with other Microsoft 365 services, and since it's built on the Power Platform, it can connect to multiple apps and services as needed. One of the services it can connect to is Teams, and it's possible to have a project inside a Teams tab, for example, allowing it to be used alongside all the features that Teams offers. It also supports features like co-authoring, making it easier for teams to collaborate on projects. Project can also integrate with Power BI, so you can get insights into your projects. Alongside the new version of Project, Microsoft also introduced a new subscription plan called Project Plan 1, which offers a basic set of project management features for $10 per user per month. Microsoft is also renaming the Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium plans to Project Plan 3 and Project Plan 5, respectively. Project Online Essentials seems to be replaced by the new Plan 1, which is more expensive but offers some additional features. Microsoft's plan comparison page doesn't seem to have been updated yet to reflect the new plans. If you're already using Project, you may already have the new experience, since the rollout began in mid-October. If you don't have a subscription yet, but you're interested, you can learn more here. Source: Micosoft introduces revamped Microsoft Project and a new subscription plan (Neowin)
  6. Hello today, I would like to share with you a project that I started a long time ago. It is called the DPL Programming Language, it is a powerful programming language for creating software, algorithms, or solutions to problems. Execution of DPL programs works with a binary code execution virtual machine (DPLVM). It could work with several other programming languages. Here is a text I prepared to explain why to use the DPL: Why Use DPL ? It is easy to learn and code with it. And it's easier than any other programming languages to combine code with host program (C++, Java, C# etc.). There are many usages of DPL. Learning DPL is a good way for beginners to get started with computer programming; it can be used for formula calculation as typing a little lines of code and then get the result quickly; it is more powerful than common calculator software. DPL is well designed;it is easy and convenient to expand more functions for it. The simple reason is that you can code so many different types of subsystems, whether it's a renderer, audio system, AI, or logic code. It is full of challenges in all of these types of programming that you can solve. Code possibilities are endless using DPL's integrated plugins. GUI Calculator in DPL. I created a prototype of the virtual machine that allows you to open the .DPL executables that I would like to share with you : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lyj3sya0xvaxxdx/DPL-VM- NEW RELEASE : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd1rx8e06ocl860/DPL- Calculator Exemple : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfyu5va3ipo5yq7/calculator.dpl?dl=1 Pong Exemple : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hto4zpbdm46z6a9/pong.dpl?dl=1
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