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Found 10 results

  1. Most loved programming language Rust sparks privacy concerns Rust developers have repeatedly raised concerned about an unaddressed privacy issue over the last few years. Rust has rapidly gained momentum among developers, for its focus on performance, safety, safe concurrency, and for having a similar syntax to C++. StackOverflow's 2020 developer survey ranked Rust first among the "most loved programming languages." However, for the longest time developers have been bothered by their production builds leaking potentially sensitive de
  2. Happy birthday, Python, you're 30 years old today: Easy to learn, and the right tool at the right time Popular programming language, at the top of its game, still struggles to please everyone February 20, 2021, the 30th anniversary of Python, finds the programming language at the top of its game but not without challenges. "I do believe that Python just doesn’t have the right priorities these days," said Armin Ronacher, director of engineering at software monitoring biz Sentry and creator of Flask, the popular Python web app framework, in an email interview with The Regis
  3. Hello today, I would like to share with you a project that I started a long time ago. It is called the DPL Programming Language, it is a powerful programming language for creating software, algorithms, or solutions to problems. Execution of DPL programs works with a binary code execution virtual machine (DPLVM). It could work with several other programming languages. Here is a text I prepared to explain why to use the DPL: Why Use DPL ? It is easy to learn and code with it. And it's easier than any other programming languages to combine code w
  4. The Rust programming language finds a new home in a nonprofit foundation Image Credits: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía / Getty Images Rust — the programming language, not the survival game — now has a new home: the Rust Foundation. AWS, Huawei, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla banded together to launch this new foundation today and put a two-year commitment to a million-dollar budget behind it. This budget will allow the project to “develop services, programs, and events that will support the Rust project maintainers in building the best possible Rust.”
  5. Understanding Chef: The Practical Guide https://www.eduonix.com/courses/system-programming/understanding-chef-the-practical-guide?coupon_code=jyfree Beginner To Professional The Complete Photoshop Guide https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Graphic-Design/beginner-to-professional-the-complete-photoshop-guide?coupon_code=jyfree Projects in Enterprise Java https://www.eduonix.com/projects-in-enterprise-java?coupon_code=jyfree DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud https://www.edu
  6. Coders face their own version of update hell. Users of an old version of the popular Python language face a reckoning at the end of the year. Updating software can be a pain. Maybe you can't find a feature you depend on. Or maybe that feature is gone for good. Other software you use might not work with the new version. Or maybe the new version is just flat-out broken. And yet, with few exceptions, most of us stay on the technology update treadmill. Usually it's because the old version of the software is no longer supported, meaning it wo
  7. TypeScript 3.4 is out: Microsoft tweaks programming language to cut build times The latest version of the TypeScript programming language promises to cut compile times for existing projects. Microsoft has released TypeScript 3.4, a language that's growing among developers and helping them scale up projects written in today's top coding language, JavaScript.
  8. Microsoft's TypeScript programming language rising fast, almost makes top 10 Microsoft TypeScript is popular and it's here to stay as a prominent language, according to analyst RedMonk. TypeScript, Microsoft's language for building JavaScript at scale, is now one of the most popular languages with developers and hot on the heels of Apple-backed Swift.
  9. Python maintainers say good riddance to supporting programming language Python 2.7. After 11 years of supporting programming language Python from the 2.7 branch, the Python Software Foundation has released the last ever update for it and is urging users to move on to Python 3 to continue receiving first-party support. Python 2.7 support was meant to end in 2015 but was extended five years until 2020, six years after Python's creator, Guido van Rossum, announced Python 3 and implored users to "move on to Python 3". January 1, 2020 also l
  10. The Redmond-aligned can try the Cupertino-spawned lingo thanks to a Googler's intervention A Google programmer has made tools for Apple's Swift programming language available to developers using Microsoft's Windows operating system, a move likely to rekindle hopes that Swift, open source since 2015, will become popular beyond the macOS and iOS ecosystems. On Tuesday, Saleem Abdulrasool, a software engineer at Google Brain who joined the Swift Core Team in January, announced the availability of a new set of downloadable Swift toolchain images for Wind
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