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Found 5 results

  1. Does your smartphone’s battery drains faster? Or you want your phone’s power to last longer? Well, I think it’s every person’s wish that their phone’s battery lasts longer so that they don’t need to charge it frequently and they can play games, watch movies, surf internet etc. without any trouble. But what is the main reason behind this quick drainage of battery? If your battery power is good but still it doesn’t last longer then the problem might not be with the battery but with your phone and the apps installed in it. Sometimes a lot of processes keep running in the background which consume a lot of battery. And some of the apps also tend to consume more battery power. Due to this, the phone’s battery drains faster. So, for resolving this problem you need to have an application which can improve the level of your phone’s battery life. There are many such applications and today I’m going to review one of the best such applications which can help you to extend the battery life of your smartphone and that application if Power battery – battery saver. Power Battery – Battery Saver app In-depth Review Power Battery- Battery saver application is an Android app developed by LionMobi. The app is designed such that it helps to prevent quick drainage of the phone’s battery. It lets you know that which apps are consuming excessive power so that you can stop them. The app also provides an estimate of how long your smartphone battery will last. It keeps checking your phone for the points of battery leak and tries to repair them. There are many other features of this app which are explained below. Interface Starting with the interface of Power battery- battery saver application, the app provides you a clean and systematic interface. All the main features are displayed in a perfect manner so that it doesn’t make it difficult to find any button or feature. When you first launch the app, you will see many panels with different information and functions. The color combination is also attractive and due to which its easily highlights all its control button and links. You need to scroll downwards for accessing all its functions. Also, there are controls such as WiFi, brightness, ringtone, data, etc. available in the app itself, so that you can quickly access these whenever required to enable or disable a particular function just to save more battery. Battery life estimation Now you can easily know how long will your battery will last in different scenarios. Power battery- battery saver app provides you a nearly accurate battery life estimation using special statistics algorithm for different situations. It tells you the hours, the battery will last if you use WiFi, Bluetooth, play games, etc. In our test, the app did a great job. The battery estimation was almost accurate. We tested the app in different mobiles and the results were quite good, the battery lasted for the hours which power battery application estimated. Power saving and protection The main cause of excessive battery draining is power-draining apps which cause your phone to use more and more power resulting in high battery drainage. But now, as power battery-battery saver app is all you need to have to stop all those power-draining applications which run in the background continuously. The power protection is one of the best features provided by this application. All you need to do for activating this tool is just tapping the Power protection option available at the home screen and rest of the work will be done by the app automatically, the app will show you a detailed list of the apps which are consuming more battery and then you can disable those apps from the background. This will eventually increase the battery life. Don’t worry the app will not close important apps that you are using. It will give you all the sources of battery drain and you can keep or close the app yourself. Memory management To speed up your phone for a better performance, it is quite necessary to clean the memory of your phone. Well, you don ‘t need any other app for the same as Power battery – battery saver app offers you the same. You can optimize the speed of your device just by tapping the optimize button given at the top os the screen of the app. Custom power safe The app provides a power save mode that you can activate according to your need. Besides you can even customize your own mode for the custom setting. The app offers you 4 modes of power saver viz. prolong, general, sleep and default. Each mode has its own setting such as if you activate prolong mode, the brightness will become 10%, screen timeout 15s, Wifi will be off, auto sync will be off and so on. And whenever you activate any of the modes all the settings for that mode will be applied immediately. Displays battery information Now you don’t have to search over the internet to get the information of your battery or peeling off the back cover to do the same. Power battery- battery saver application displays every detail of your battery such as health status, temperature, current power, full power voltage etc. You can even get the information about current day’s battery usage along with app name and the amount of power used by that app as you can see the below image. Some other features Charge This feature makes the charging process quicker. While charging your phone, the app blocks all the excessive power consumption apps which obviously boosts the charging and makes your phone get fully charged quickly. Also, the app shows you the charging record of 30-days. Battery skin This feature is just for changing the graphics. You can change the battery icon using battery skin option. Just tap on the app icon present at the top left corner of the main screen, it will show up the menu items from where you need to select battery skin. Now you can choose any of the icons of your choice. Personal community The personal community is a social interact action platform where your see the real time power consumption, environment emission reduction, newsletter etc. I found it quite interesting as we can compete with our friends that who is greener. Pros Save battery consumption. easy to use. speed up the mobile’s performance. Different saver modes. Accurate battery life free to download cons none Download Power Battery – Battery Saver Wrap up Power battery – battery saver is a free app for Android users. It performs its functions quite well. In our test, it did a great job. It extended the battery life about 60% which is quite enough. Additionally, it also helps to speed up the phone’s performance by optimizing it. Charge, personal community, battery skin, custom power saver mode etc. are some great tool provided by this app. So, I think it’s more than enough feature required in an app. You should definitely try this app. Article source
  2. This is something most are familiar with.. But incase there are noobs on here, w/an older PC or laptop, looking to get the most out of their machines.. I disable all non-essential services, and create .CMD shortcuts to turn them on when i need them. this reduces CPU and Memory load.. thereby improving overall responsiveness.. Included are .CMD shortcuts for: Power Scheme: i set my laptop to Power Saver every night, and have it hooked up to my stereo while foobar plays the audio of documentaries i've downloaded & converted :)VMware: i have all VMware related services disabled. . and when i need it.. i simply enable the services.. takes a second.VPN: since i have ESET installed.. Windows Firewall can be disabled.. but VPNs require Firewall service among a few others.. so i've created .CMD shortcuts to enable/disable all related services. (if you need a free/reliable VPN service, i use VPN Gate.)Windows Backup: same thing.. it's only required to run right before backing up.Windows Update: same thing.. why waste badwidth when you only need to check once a week.File: CMD.zip CRC: 5AE965BC Size: 4.50 KB (4,613 bytes) How to use: Create a CMD folder under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.Copy content into created CMD folder.and it should show up on the Start Menu. UPDATE December 9, 2013Found an extremely useful script, which uses wevtutil, for clearing Windows 7 Event Logs for a more responsive OS Do this once a week.. (i do it once a day.. i have no need for the logs.. and disabling Event Log will cause problems.. so DON'T disable)Download: http://paste2.org/Nt00nMIJ Copy & save with Notepad as *Name*.cmdNOTE: noobs would like to argue, clearing the Event Log is dangerous or useless.. that's because they haven't tried or is confusing w/disabling the service. :)
  3. The Tasmania government has declared that it has become the first Australian state, and one of just a handful of jurisdictions worldwide, to be powered entirely by renewable electricity. Woolnorth wind farm in Tasmania. In a statement released on Friday, Tasmanian energy minister Guy Barnett said that state had effectively become entirely self-sufficient for supplies of renewable electricity, supplied by the state’s wind and hydroelectricity projects. “We have reached 100 per cent thanks to our commitment to realising Tasmania’s renewable energy potential through our nation-leading energy policies and making Tasmania attractive for industry investment, which in turn is creating jobs across the State, particularly in our regions,” Barnett said. Tasmania has long had one of the greenest supplies of electricity in Australia, with the state’s significant hydroelectricity resources supplying the bulk of the state’s power. Tasmania’s history with hydroelectricity dates back to 1895, with the Duck Reach power plant in Launceston becoming the first publicly owned hydroelectric power station in the southern hemisphere. Tasmania had been reliant on supplementary supplies of gas generation, as well as imported supplies from coal-heavy Victoria. However, with the growth of wind power in the state, Tasmania reduced its reliance on the supplementary supplies of fossil fuel electricity, and can now meet all of its needs with renewable sources. Barnett said Tasmania had reached the 100 per cent renewable threshold with the commissioning of one of the last wind turbines at the Granville Harbour wind farm being developed on the state’s west coast. “When the final two turbines are commissioned at Granville Harbour, Tasmania will have access to 10,741 GWh of renewable generating capacity – well above our average annual electricity demand of 10,500 GWh,” Barnett added. Granville wind farm project director, Lyndon Frearson, said it was an exciting moment to see the final components of the wind farm come together, and that the project would ultimately play a role in a government aim to reach 200 per cent renewables. “The wind farm is already proving its worth as generator in the network and is a key part of the state’s development of new renewable energy resources to achieve its aspirational target of 200 per cent renewables by 2040,” Frearson said. “For Granville Harbour Wind Farm to be the actual catalyst for Tasmania achieving its 100 per cent renewable energy target two years ahead of schedule is a remarkable outcome, and one that everyone involved with its development should be very proud of.” Tasmania joins the ACT, as the only two Australian jurisdictions sourcing all of their electricity from renewable energy sources, and places Tasmania alongside countries like Scotland, Iceland and Costa Rica which have also made the transition to 100 per cent renewable electricity. Chief executive of the Clean Energy Council, Kane Thornton, said that the milestone had been achieved through a clear and meaningful policy direction from the Tasmanian state government, which enabled developers to develop new projects. “Tasmania has led the way when it comes to effecting change in Australia’s energy mix, and today’s milestone is well ahead of the original schedule of 2022. This considerable achievement highlights the Tasmanian Government’s policy leadership on renewable energy, which continues with the legislating of a visionary 200 per cent renewable target by 2040,” Thornton said. “The clean energy industry has responded in kind through investment, which in turn, will play a critical role in local Tasmanian economies creating employment opportunities now and into the future.” The milestone was welcomed by environmental groups, saying that it was another example of what is being achieved by state and territory governments that are stepping in to show leadership on energy policy in a vacuum left by ongoing conflict both between and within political parties at a federal level. “This is a significant achievement and opens up huge economic opportunities for Tasmania,” WWF Australia’s Nicky Ison said. “It also shows that Australian states are leading the way in the global energy transition and stepping up to act on climate.” Greenpeace Australia spokesperson Nelli Stevenson said that reaching 100 per cent renewable electricity was an ‘epic milestone’ for the state. “States and territories are surging ahead in the renewable energy race, leaving the Federal Government more and more isolated in its inaction on climate change,” Stevenson said. “Federal Governments are supposed to lead, and right now Australians are more than ever being let down by their elected Federal representatives while state leadership gets on with the job of moving Australia to 100 per cent safe and reliable renewable energy.” Barnett added that the Tasmanian government would continue to support an expansion of the state’s renewable energy capabilities, as the state looks to grow its role as a supplier of zero emissions energy to both mainland Australia and of green hydrogen into international export markets. “But there is more to do, which is why we have set a target to double our renewable generation to a global-leading target of 200 per cent of our current needs by 2040 – which we recently passed into law following the passing of legislation through both Houses of Parliament,” Barnett added. “We are also continuing to progress the Marinus Link and Battery of the Nation projects that represent an intergenerational opportunity to make Tasmania a global leader and the renewable energy powerhouse of Australia.” “And, we are continuing to develop a renewable hydrogen industry in Tasmania with the feasibility of key projects being progressed under the Government’s $50 million Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding Program, which forms the backbone of our Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan.” Source
  4. (Reuters) - A powerful winter storm that hit the U.S. Southeast over the weekend knocked out power for more than 190,000 customers in North Carolina, officials said on Sunday. Authorities urged residents to stay off the roads as snow, sleet, and freezing rain were expected to continue into Sunday, the National Weather Service said. The agency reported between four and 12 inches (10 to 30 cm) of snow in some areas and warned about continuing snowfalls which could bring as much as a foot and a half (46 cm) from western and northern North Carolina to southwest Virginia. The storm prompted some 1,000 flight cancellations at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, the sixth-busiest airport in the country, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said on Sunday that the state of emergency would remain in effect and that the North Carolina National Guard had been activated to help with the response. The effects of the storm could last for days in the state, officials warned. Utilities company Duke Energy Corp said on Friday the weather system could lead to more than 500,000 power outages in the Carolinas. In North Raleigh, residents woke up to several inches of snow that blanketed roads, cars and homes. Many people took to Twitter to share photos of the unusually harsh weather, and the hashtag #Snowmageddon2018 was trending on Twitter on Sunday morning. In South Carolina, snow gave way to sleet and rain as temperatures hovered around freezing, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division said on Twitter. The storm formed earlier this week off the Texas coast and moved east, lashing parts of Arkansas and Tennessee with icy rain. Source
  5. By the end of the day, more than half of all California counties could be without power. In an attempt to prevent wildfires, the state's largest utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is rolling out a planned power outage. Once fully implemented, it will leave an estimated 800,000 customers in the dark and span from Silicon Valley to the Sierra. Why cut the power? It's become evident that overhead power lines are to blame for some of California's worst wildfires. Sparks from those power lines have ignited some of the largest and most deadly fires in recent history, including the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. As the state enters peak wildfire season, officials are keeping a close eye on local weather conditions. With low humidity and high winds forecasted, the National Weather Service has issued red-flag fire danger warnings in parts of the state. Taking a proactive approach, PG&E has decided to cut power in order to minimize fire risks. When, where and for how long? As of this morning, more than 500,000 PG&E customers are without power. The outages will roll out throughout the day, and they're expected to impact 34 counties. A full list can be found on the PG&E website. The company says the outages could last several days, possibly extending until next Tuesday. The utility plans to begin restoring power beginning Thursday, but technicians will have to carefully inspect the lines and repair damage before power is restored. That process can't begin until the winds have died down, and it could take several days. What does this mean for Californians? According to The New York Times, the primary mass transit systems in the San Francisco Bay Area -- BART and Caltrain -- plan to remain open. Some schools in San Jose and Oakland have closed, and the University of California, Berkeley, canceled classes today. Police officers have been called in to direct traffic, and shoppers are wiping shelves clean of batteries, water and other supplies. Tesla issued warnings to its EV customers to charge their batteries fully ahead of the outages, and its PowerWall home battery packs are running Storm Watch to store excess power before the lines go down. PG&E has set up 30 facilities with the essentials: bottled water and outlets to charge electronic devices. What does PG&E have to say? "The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, which is why PG&E has decided to turn power off to customers during this widespread, severe wind event. We understand the effects this event will have on our customers and appreciate the public's patience as we do what is necessary to keep our communities safe and reduce the risk of wildfire," said Michael Lewis, PG&E's senior vice president of Electric Operations. For more info, PG&E customers can visit pge.com/psps and update their contact info to receive automated alerts via calls, texts and email. Is this the new norm? PG&E has come under intense scrutiny for its role in past wildfires. The company filed bankruptcy in January due to tens of billions of dollars in wildfire liabilities. Its $30 billion recovery plan includes proactively removing trees, brush and debris around electrical wires and increased use of "grid de-energization" -- that is, outages like this one. So, in short, yes, planned "Public Safety Power Shutoffs" will likely become a more common occurrence for Californians. For that reason, some are calling for electric utilities to bury power lines, but that would be a massive, costly and lengthy process. More at: ( PG&E ) Source
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