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Found 13 results

  1. Sony launches PlayStation 5 console in China ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox KEY POINTS Sony officially launched its PlayStation 5 console in China on Thursday ahead of its rival Microsoft. The disc version of the PS5 will retail at 3,899 yuan ($602) while the digital-only model is priced at 3,099 yuan. Sony’s PS5 will compete with the Nintendo Switch which was launched in China in 2019. In this photo illustration a PlayStation 5 logo seen displayed on a smartphone. Mateusz Slodkowsk
  2. Sony announces PlayStation 5 VR headset Next-gen PlayStation VR won’t launch until at least 2022 A photo of the first-generation PlayStation VR headset. The new PS5 headset’s design has not yet been revealed. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony confirmed Tuesday that it’s working on the next-generation of its PlayStation VR system, offering first details on the new hardware coming to PlayStation 5. The next-gen PlayStation VR will offer “dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity” and “an even greater sense of presence,” Hideaki Nishino of Sony In
  3. Sony PlayStation 5 SoC die pictured up close Fritzens Fritz delivers the first photos of the Sony PS5 System on a Chip. Unlike Microsoft who was quick to showcase its Xbox Series S and X die shots, Sony has never shown what is under the hood of the PS5 System on a Chip. It has been months since PS5 was introduced, but only now we get to see a chip codenamed AMD Flute up close. Play Station 5 SoC, Source: Fritzchens Fritz The Sony PS5 SoC codenamed known as Oberon or Ariel is based on AMD technology (Flute is AMD codename). It features both AMD Zen
  4. PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars is the next generation of car crashing Destruction AllStars developers say they could only smash cars this well on a PS5 Destruction AllStars is a game about smashing cars. It’s right there, the first word in the title. It’s also a major milestone for the PS5 — a huge exclusive that’s solely on the next-gen console that isn’t a remake or stretching across generations. It’s a title that will, by necessity, be used to showcase what kind of games developers can make when given free rein of the PS5’s new features and fire
  5. PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up Shows What You Did All Year Once again, people can see what they did all year on their Sony systems last year. The PlayStation Blog announced the PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up is here. It shares a similar goal with the 2019 endeavor. People who spent over 10 hours playing on, say, a PS4 during the year can see exactly what they did the most. However, this year’s totals also takes some of a PS4 owner’s PS5 activities into account. Also, emails will head out with a dynamic theme to celebrate your 2020 gaming. To start the process, people n
  6. Sony PlayStation 5 finally launches in India in February 2021, pre-order date announced Just yesterday, we talked about how Sony managed to neglect the entire market of India when it came to officially launching its newest gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 5 (or PS5, in short). The situation came after months of tight-lipped silence from Sony, with no information being provided for launch or for pre-orders. With the new year coming in, Sony is giving Indian fans a reason to cheer: the PlayStation 5 is finally launching in India. pic.twitter.com/3U2p5o21Em
  7. The PlayStation 5 launched this week in Europe and the United Kingdom, and customers encountered many of the same issues they faced in the US: The console was sold out near-instantly at most retailers. The only way to get a PlayStation 5 at launch was through a preorder, but some retailers sold PS5 consoles digitally on a first-come, first-served basis. A robust resale market for the coveted new game console is at least partially to blame, and that market is dominated by groups that work collectively and use "bots" to buy up as much stock as possible. The manager of one such
  8. If you haven’t managed to pre-order a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X yet, don’t sweat it. Don’t fret. Don’t worry, be happy. Okay, maybe not happy. For early adopters of shiny new gadgets, not being able to track one down by launch can be disheartening and frustrating. That might be even more pronounced thanks to everything else going on in the world—a tense, divisive election here in the States; the COVID-19 pandemic and resurgent lockdowns; probably an alien invasion or something worse in the near future. I get it. I’m not here to brush off your sadness.
  9. (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Series X haven’t hit stores yet, but the video game console showdown has already begun in the online black market. Demand for the PlayStation 5 on resale websites is outstripping that of the new Xbox, and shoppers are paying more to get their hands on the first run of products, market research shows. The vibrant market for scalpers offers a preview of next month’s contest when the two rival game companies will release their new consoles to a global audience with a seemingly endless appetit
  10. What to expect from the PlayStation 5 Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge It’s that time again in the console generation. Your games look better than ever, but you’re starting to notice stutters and glitches a little more frequently, and you’re wondering when the console that’s sat under your TV for the past five years might benefit from an upgrade. When can we expect a new PlayStation or Xbox, and what will they be like? Microsoft is strongly rumored to be preparing a next-generation Xbox platform to encompass bot
  11. The next PlayStation controller is called DualSense, looks like a cool robot New rumble sensors in the triggers, new light bar placement, USB Type-C, more. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 3 images. While we still don't know what the PlayStation 5 console will look like (or whether it will really still hit its "holiday 2020" release window), we at least know about its controller. The PS5's gamepad, dubbed the DualSense, largely resembles previous DualShock models, but it appears to have just enough chang
  12. It's official now. PS5 is coming. Sony has made it official. The PlayStation 5 is coming at the end of 2020, according to a post Tuesday on the PlayStation Japan website. The US PlayStation site also has a post confirming the release window of the PS5 for the US as the 2020 holiday season. Details of the PS5 were made available to Wired Tuesday. The new PlayStation will not only be a graphical upgrade but also a rethinking of certain aspects of a console. For starters, Sony is changing how the PS5 will handle storage. The new solid-state
  13. The PlayStation 5 is nearly here, and when it arrives, Japanese players are going to have to contend with a change that seems simple on the surface but could be massive in reality. Apparently, Sony is changing the function of some of the PlayStation 5’s controller buttons in Japan, swapping the functionality of the “X” and “O” buttons. That, as you might imagine, is going to be frustrating for Japanese players who are already used to the current functionality of the DualShock 4 and the controllers that came before it. The change was revealed in a recent hands-on article from
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