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Found 9 results

  1. Adobe launches M1-native Photoshop with ‘minor feature differences’ Don't worry, you can always go back to the Rosetta version. After a few months in beta, Adobe has launched a version of Photoshop for Apple’s M1 chip, bringing a major speed boost to the popular photo editing software. However, it also includes a few limitations that might make users want to stick to running the Intel version in Rosetta 2. Adobe says the M1 native version is 1.5 times faster than “similarly configured previous generation systems,” so users should definitely feel the difference. The app will update via the Creative Cloud updater and will seamlessly switch to the new version when relaunched. Adobe says legacy version of Photoshop prior to 2020 will not support the M1 chip. However, the M1 version of Photoshop for M1 MacBooks and the Mac mini isn’t identical to the Intel version. Here are the features that aren’t available in the M1 version yet, according to Adobe: Import, Export, and playback of embedded video layers Shake Reduction filter Preset Syncing Share an image button / Quick Share Create new Library from document / Libraries Panel menu command Home Screen > Shared with you and Invite to edit / Collaborative Editing features. Opening or placing U3D formatted files Starting Bridge from Photoshop menus There are also a handful of known issues Adobe is working on including Issues when exporting SVG files and a black screen when viewing a 3D document. Adobe offers workarounds while it works to fix the problems. For most users, these won’t be debilitating limitations, but if you need any of the features here, you can always switch to the Rosetta version. Head to your Applications folders, right-click on the app icon, and then “Get Info” to bring up details and options about the app. Finally, check the “Open in Rosetta” box to force the Intel version to launch. Source: Adobe launches M1-native Photoshop with ‘minor feature differences’
  2. FukenGruven


    Q: How did you find this site: XenoCoder Q: Your interests: Drum & Bass, VJ, DJ, and punanny. Q: A random fact about yourself: i can be hypocritical, and judgmental subliminally... although i try my best to correct my deficiencies. sup everyone.. im not the greatest artist.. i plan to stop by more often & contribute.. i need help designing a cool splash screen for nSaneForums©, which i'll be using for my portableapps. here's the template.psd. FYI: design should be a max of 40kb in size.. to keep the executable small.
  3. thePatcher

    photoshop plug-ins

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  4. Adobe Patches Critical Photoshop, Digital Edition Flaws Adobe fixed two arbitrary code execution flaws in its Photoshop and Digital Edition products. Adobe on Tuesday released its March Security Update, reporting and fixing only two critical flaws: one in Photoshop CC and one in Adobe Digital Editions. Both critical flaws could allow a bad actor to achieve arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user, Adobe said. The company said it is not aware of any exploits in the wild for the security issues. “Adobe has published security bulletins for Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Photoshop CC,” the company said in its release. “Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions…” The first critical flaw is in Adobe Photoshop CC for Windows and macOS. Successful exploitation of the heap corruption flaw (CVE-2019-7094) could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user. Francis Provencher with Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is credited with discovering the vulnerability. “This is a heap corruption due to an out-of-bounds write in Photoshop that could allow code execution if an attacker could convince someone to open a specially crafted file,” a ZDI spokesperson told Threatpost. Impacted are Photoshop CC 19.1.7 (and earlier 19.x versions) as well as 20.0.2 (and earlier 20.x versions); users are urged to update to Photoshop CC 19.1.8 and 20.0.4 for Windows and macOS. The other critical vulnerability exists in Adobe Digital Edition, its ebook reader software program. The heap overflow vulnerability, CVE-2019-7095, could be exploited to achieve arbitrary code execution  in the context of the current user, according to Adobe. Versions and below for Windows are impacted, and users are urged to update to version Both updates are “priority 3,” meaning that “this update resolves vulnerabilities in a product that has historically not been a target for attackers. “Adobe recommends administrators install the update at their discretion,” according to the update notes. Adobe’s February update resolved far more bugs in its products. Overall, Adobe’s February update patched 75 important and critical vulnerabilities across its products compared to only two reported in March. Earlier in March, Adobe also issued an emergency patch for a critical vulnerability in its ColdFusion service that is being exploited in the wild. The vulnerability, CVE-2019-7816, exists in Adobe’s commercial rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion. The ColdFusion vulnerability is a file upload restriction bypass which could enable arbitrary code execution. Source
  5. The Sensei-powered tasks make editing and organizing fast and easy. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2020 are now available, and both have some new AI-enabled features. The simplified versions of the company's flagship creative applications help amateurs edit high-quality photos and videos, and with the new Sensei-powered tasks, they're easier to use. The full-featured versions of Photoshop and Premiere can be overwhelming, and the methods to reach a desired outcome are rarely obvious. In other words, you really have to know what you're doing. The Elements versions of the software offer straightforward workflows that avoid obscure menus and hotkeys, as well as a one-time purchase rather than Adobe Creative Cloud's monthly subscription fee. Photoshop Elements 2020 offers a new one-click subject selection, which automatically outlines a person or object. You can isolate the selection to duplicate it, give it a new background or transfer it to a different photo. When doing this manually, it can be a painstaking task, especially if you're trying to isolate frizzy hair or objects with transparent edges. If a subject in your photo has skin blemishes, a new Sensei feature will smooth out his or her complexion. A slider bar lets you control how drastic the effect looks so you can avoid that plastic-y sheen you sometimes see in poorly Photoshopped images. This saves time over using tools like the spot-healing brush, which can be hit-or-miss. Photoshop Elements 2020 can automatically colorize photos either by fully applying hues to black and white snapshots or by adjusting color images with more pleasing tones. Again, painting colors in manually and playing around with transfer modes can take hours. Sensei reduces the workflow to minutes. The update also adds two new guided edits, which are essentially tutorials for different using effects. New Auto Creations, which can be accessed from the home screen include Black & White Selection, Pattern Brush, Painterly and Depth of Field presets. US users can order prints, phone cases and other accessories featuring their completed work from the Fujifilm Prints & Gifts service, straight from Photoshop Elements. As for Premiere Elements 2020, a new tool can fix one of the biggest problems with smartphone footage shot in low light; a simple drag-and-drop effect smooths out grainy and "noisy" picture quality. Adobe's AI will also identify what's happening in your video and tag it accordingly. For example, if you ingest footage of your dog running across the horizon as the sun sets, Premiere Elements will automatically add "dog" and "sunset" tags to the video's metadata. This makes it much easier to find the footage you're looking for, rather than searching through randomly named files. Premiere Elements 2020 also has five new Guided Edits to help speed things up even more. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 and Premiere Elements 2020 are now available for $99.99 each, or $149.99 when purchased together. Source
  6. Adobe deals with ‘painful’ early reviews of Photoshop for iPad ‘If you try to make everybody happy w/ a v1, you’ll either never ship or make nobody happy’ At the kickoff keynote for Adobe Max, the company’s massive annual creativity conference, 15,000 designers and creatives cheered as Photoshop on the iPad was unveiled onstage. The long-anticipated app had been teased since last year’s conference, and the air in the Los Angeles Convention Center was filled with excitement as attendees finally got to try it out in between workshop sessions and panels hosted by inspirational speakers. But online was a different story, as negative reviews poured in on Twitter and YouTube, confirming early reports that the app was missing key features and felt unfinished. On YouTube, the first search results for Photoshop on iPad populate videos calling the app “disappointing” and “bad for colorists.” One gets straight to the point, with the title, “RANT: Photoshop for iPAD SUCKS”. The sentiment is the same on Twitter, with artists questioning why the app is missing features that competitors like Procreate and the Affinity suite already offer on the iPad, and for a one-time fee, no less. The outrage seems to stem from the fact that users felt misled by Adobe’s marketing of the app as “real Photoshop,” a term many took to mean that the app would mirror the desktop experience. To Adobe, Photoshop for iPad is “real”: it uses the same codebase as the desktop app, and files sync between the two so users can keep working across devices. But Photoshop for iPad is far from the “full Photoshop,” which would mean every tool and feature brought to the iPad. For now, only the basics are here. It’s a mistake that Adobe’s chief product officer, Scott Belsky, has acknowledged over the past couple weeks, saying the company didn’t do enough in its messaging to emphasize that Photoshop for iPad would not be the full thing, especially on day one. A day after the app’s release, Belsky tweeted about the poor reviews, sharing a screenshot of Photoshop’s 2.3-star rating on the App Store (accompanied by a sad-looking Memoji) and calling the responses “painful.” Belsky said that version one of Photoshop on iPad was a minimal viable product, a first iteration with the most basic set of features. He stressed that Adobe’s focus was on Cloud PSD support to allow users to work on the same file on the iPad and the desktop, as well as rethinking workflows and UI. Adobe also prioritized compositing workflows first, but in doing so, the first version of Photoshop has ended up alienating other user bases, mainly digital artists. In a response to one Twitter user’s complaint about the app’s lack of support for illustration workflows, Belsky directed them to try out Adobe Fresco instead. The app’s shortcomings are also all the more apparent due to the increased competition that’s cropped up during its long development. During just the past year, Procreate — a $10 digital illustration app — added animation features (absent in Photoshop for iPad) and text tools, then announced that its next update would bring PSD brush compatibility. Meanwhile, Serif has quickly made a name for itself as a budget Photoshop and Illustrator alternative with the apps Affinity Photo and Designer, which both cost $20. “Obviously Adobe have the vast majority of the creative professional market, so for them to promote workflows like this can only be a good thing for us, and validates what we have been doing with Affinity,” Ashley Hewson, managing director at Serif, said at the time Photoshop on iPad was announced. Photoshop product manager Jenny Lyell told The Verge that some features have taken longer to develop, explaining the difficulties of working with the desktop and iPad’s shared codebase. “At the end of the day, we don’t want you creating something [on the iPad], and it outputs differently. That’s one of our architecture principles,” Lyell said. For example, tools like liquify, which is a plug-in on the desktop, are challenging to bring to the iPad, which doesn’t support plug-ins. Early users will have more to look forward to in the coming weeks, as Adobe plans to update Photoshop for iPad at a much more aggressive pace. “At the very least, we’re looking at monthly updates,” Lyell says. In the Adobe blog announcing the app, Photoshop manager Pam Clark continually stresses that “this is just the beginning,” and encourages users to give feedback on which features they’d like to see. Onstage at Adobe Max, Photoshop engineer Emily Bogue showed off a beta version of the app, which featured an AI-powered Object Select Tool that would be included in a future update. It was this part of the demonstration that elicited the most gasps from the audience, as she quickly masked out tricky parts like hair with the touch of a button. The tool will be making its way to the iPad version eventually, where, by that time, users will hopefully have gotten more of the features they’ve been wanting. But Photoshop on iPad’s success depends on whether those users are willing to wait, when the alternatives can give them what they want now. Source: Adobe deals with ‘painful’ early reviews of Photoshop for iPad Source: (The Verge)
  7. At MAX 2019 today, Adobe announced an impressive expansion of its products. For one thing, full Photoshop is now available for iPads, something that was announced a while back and is now generally available. Version 1.0 focuses on "top workflows", and Adobe says that it will expand the product as it learns how people use Photoshop on a mobile device. It does have a redesigned UI, since an iPad is a different type of device from a PC. Clearly, it's meant to be more touch-centric. You can open and edit your PSD files from anywhere, and connect it with your PC via Adobe Cloud. Photoshop for PCs is also getting an update today, with Sensei AI and machine learning. There are new editing capabilities, and so on. The update will arrive via the Creative Cloud app. Other apps generally available today are Adobe Fresco and Aero. Fresco is available on both Windows and for iPad, and on Windows, it supports ARM64 PCs. While Fresco is a drawing and painting app, Aero is made to create mixed reality experiences. With Aero, you can turn layered PSDs into augmented reality. But that's not all, because Adobe also announced that Illustrator is also coming to the iPad, although that won't be here until next year. You can sign up for the private beta now. Source: Adobe Photoshop now available for iPad; Illustrator coming next year (via Neowin) p/s: While this news talks about software, this news is better suited to be posted under Mobile News section, as this news is primarily talks about new Adobe mobile software app for iPad (a mobile tablet device).
  8. Understanding Chef: The Practical Guide https://www.eduonix.com/courses/system-programming/understanding-chef-the-practical-guide?coupon_code=jyfree Beginner To Professional The Complete Photoshop Guide https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Graphic-Design/beginner-to-professional-the-complete-photoshop-guide?coupon_code=jyfree Projects in Enterprise Java https://www.eduonix.com/projects-in-enterprise-java?coupon_code=jyfree DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud https://www.eduonix.com/devops-on-aws-learn-to-set-up-your-infrastructure-on-cloud?coupon_code=jyfree Data Structures in JavaScript https://www.eduonix.com/data-structures-in-javascript?coupon_code=ssfree Build A Complete CMS App Using Angular 5 https://www.eduonix.com/build-a-complete-cms-app-using-angular-5?coupon_code=ssfree Projects in Linux - Learn Linux Doing Real World Projects https://www.eduonix.com/projects-in-linux-learn-linux-doing-real-world-projects?coupon_code=ssfree Testing Angular Apps - The Complete Guide https://www.eduonix.com/test-driven-development-in-angular?coupon_code=ssfree Scripting Essentials for DevOps https://www.eduonix.com/scripting-essentials-for-devops?coupon_code=brfree Practical Nginx The Zero to Hero Guide https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Software-Development/practical-nginx-the-zero-to-hero-guide?coupon_code=brfree Spring Framework for Beginners https://www.eduonix.com/spring-framework-for-beginners?coupon_code=brfree Ultimate Android Tutorial for App development https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Mobile-Development/Android-Lollipop-Ultimate-Tutorial-for-App-Development?coupon_code=brfree Adobe Illustrator for Absolute Beginners https://www.eduonix.com/adobe-illustrator-for-absolute-beginners?coupon_code=npfree PHP CodeIgniter for Absolute Beginners https://www.eduonix.com/php-codeigniter-for-absolute-beginners?coupon_code=npfree Beginners Guide to Electron Framework https://www.eduonix.com/beginners-guide-to-electron-framework?coupon_code=npfree Projects in Django : Learn Django Building Projects https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Web-Development/projects-in-django-learn-django-building-projects?coupon_code=npfree Algorithms in JavaScript - Cracking Coding Interviews https://www.eduonix.com/algorithms-in-javascript-cracking-coding-interviews?coupon_code=gsfree Vagrant Essentials : Learn DevOps Using Vagrant https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Software-Development/vagrant-essentials-learn-devops-using-vagrant?coupon_code=gsfree Aurelia For Beginners :The New Age JS Framework https://www.eduonix.com/aurelia-for-beginners-the-new-age-js-framework?coupon_code=gsfree AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (CSAA) - Exam Practice Set https://www.eduonix.com/aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate-csaa-practice-set?coupon_code=gsfree Cloud Computing and AWS for Beginners - Guidebook https://www.eduonix.com/cloud-computing-and-aws-for-beginners-guidebook?coupon_code=gsfree
  9. Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2019 update a few weeks ago. It is annoying to see that the tech giant failed to resolve many software issues and other bugs after all this time. Windows 10 users are still reporting new issues on Windows forums every day. On top of that, every new patch brings its own set of problems rather than solving the old ones. Recently, many users who upgraded to Windows 10 v1903 reported that Photoshop and Snagit stopped working on their computers. Adobe Photoshop is a popular image editor tool among users. Snagit is a tool that allows users to record videos and capture screenshots. Thousands of people use both of them on a daily basis on their Windows 10 systems. This situation is pretty frustrating for all of them. The OP failed to find a way to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, we could not find the root cause of the issue neither because the user didn’t provide the forum community with enough details. Is there any workaround to resolve the problem? At the moment, there is no workaround to resolve the problem. The Windows 10 community hopes that Microsoft will acknowledge and investigate the issue. Hopefully, Microsoft will release a patch very soon. Meanwhile, we have listed some quick solutions that might help you out. How to fix Photoshop and Snagit issues on Windows 10 v1903 1. Restore to a previous version If the issue occured after you have installed Windows 10 v1903, a quick solution is to rollback to the previous stable build. Alternatively, you can go for a clean install if there is no restore point created on your system. 2. Install the latest software updates Apparently, the issue is not related to the software and belongs to the update itself. However, if you are experiencing the same problem, you need to ensure that you have installed the latest software updates — just in case. Source
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