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  1. An IT researcher who hacked the recently released Nintendo Game & Watch allowing it to play additional games is feeling the corporate presence of the Japanese gaming giant on YouTube. After publishing a hacking video on the platform, someone working for Nintendo issued a curious and relatively rare manual Content ID copyright claim to have it taken down. Using any amount of copyrighted content in a YouTube video can result in a claim by a copyright holder, even when fair use exceptions should be applicable. This type of action is often t
  2. Hundreds of non-commercial Nintendo fangames have been removed from the popular game publishing community Game Jolt after the platform complied with several DMCA takedown requests. Many of the affected games have dedicated fanbases including many die-hard Nintendo fans, some of whom now seem eager to revolt. As one of the most iconic gaming manufacturers in the world, Nintendo has been fighting piracy for decades. The company has an in-house anti-piracy division that signals the latest threats to steer enforcement actions in the right direct
  3. Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo, but got laughed out of the room The company wanted Nintendo's software for the original Xbox. STR New / reuters Somehow, it’s already been two decades since Microsoft first announced the Xbox, its foray into console gaming. Specifically, the Xbox was unveiled at CES in 2001 — to commemorate that launch, Bloomberg has published an in-depth oral history of how the console came to be. It’s a fascinating read, but one particular passage stands out: details on Microsoft’s efforts to secure games for the brand-new
  4. Nintendo has requested a $15 million summary judgment against the owner and operator of RomUniverse. The gaming company accuses the man, a Los Angeles resident, of profiting from mass-scale copyright infringement and destroying important evidence. The RomUniverse site and the associated Discord channel have gone offline. In September 2019, gaming giant Nintendo filed a lawsuit against the game download portal RomUniverse. The website facilitated massive online copyright infringement of many popular Nintendo titles, according to the complaint
  5. Leaked Nintendo documents have revealed a frightening surveillance operation carried out against a hacker who was researching exploits for the 3DS handheld. In addition to monitoring his private life, including aspects of his education, when he left the house and where he went, the company followed its target from his place of work in order to pressure him into stopping his activities. Projects to protect the intellectual property rights of corporations are underway all around the world on a continual basis but it is rare for operational details to leak out t
  6. The U.S. Government recently indicted three alleged members of Team-Xecuter, the masterminds behind various Nintendo hacks. A federal court has now ruled that Gary Bowser, the only defendant in custody on US soil, is a flight risk so will remain in prison for now. In a separate civil action, Nintendo also booked a success against Team-Xecuter, by taking over domain names of several piracy hack stores. Hacking group Team-Xecuter has long been a thorn in the side of major gaming companies. The group offers hardware and software solutions that
  7. A federal court in Seattle has clarified that all third party intermediaries must cut their ties to a group of Nintendo 'piracy hack' stores. The order was prompted by GoDaddy's refusal to transfer the Stxwitch.com domain to Nintendo. While the new order applies to any “variant or successor” of the stores, it's not clearly defined what this actually means. Nintendo is doing all it can to stop the distribution of piracy enabling hacks and modchips, including SX Core and SX Lite. Earlier this year, the company sued a group of known ‘offenders’
  8. Competitive Smash Bros. players hoping to test their skills online have received a major setback after Nintendo stomped them with a cease-and-desist. According to Nintendo, The Big House tournament was set to use pirated copies of Super Smash Bros. Melee and special code that allows lagless online play, in breach of its intellectual property and branding rights. Video games players all over the world love Nintendo’s games and Nintendo loves gamers – as long as they play by the video game giant’s strict sets of rules. Ninte
  9. In a new lawsuit filed in the US, Nintendo sues an Amazon seller who distributed RCM Loader, a device that the company claims has the sole purpose of allowing people to play pirated video games by circumventing the Switch console's technological protection measures. On top, Nintendo is also suing the defendant for abusing the DMCA's counter-notification system. Nintendo’s ongoing battle to prevent people from playing pirated content on Switch consoles is showing no signs of slowing down. Its main targets thus far have been distributors and s
  10. Nintendo has asked a US federal court to clarify that domain registrars have to take action against new domains of online stores that sell Team-Xecuter modchips. The request comes after GoDaddy refused to transfer the domain name TXSWITCH.COM to Nintendo, as that name wasn't specifically mentioned in the existing injunction. Nintendo is doing everything in its power to stop the public from playing pirated games on the Switch console. Their major adversary is the infamous ‘hacking’ group Team-Xecuter, which released ‘jailbreak’ hacks and modc
  11. During the summer, a modder and his team known for creating a steady flow of games based on Nintendo's Mario titles released The Missing Link, a fan-made Zelda game that aimed to bridge the gap between Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Now, after a handful of months in circulation, Nintendo's lawyers have filed a copyright complaint to have it taken down. With a video game history dating back decades, Nintendo is perhaps the most well-known brand in the market. Nintendo’s characters including Mario and Zelda are much loved but despite the a
  12. Nintendo has obtained an injunction against several online stores selling Team-Xecuter modchips. The game company has thus far been unable to identify the operators but last week's indictment of several alleged Team-Xecuter members sheds new light on this case. One of the stores sued by Nintendo is believed to be operated by the 'Team-Xecuter conspiracy'. Last week, the US Department of Justice indicted three alleged members of Team-Xecuter. The group, whose modchips and software solutions help to facilitate game piracy, has long been a thor
  13. If you’re familiar with the dreaded Switch phenomenon known as “Joy-Con drift,” you’re likely privy to the unique feeling of rage you feel when the movements of your controllers aren’t aligning with what’s happening on your screen. One child has evidently had enough, and he and his mother are now suing Nintendo over the ongoing issue. Joy-Con drift is a widespread issue that affects the function of the Nintendo Switch’s joysticks. The complaint that was filed Monday in the California’s Northern District Court alleges that Nintendo has had knowledge of the proble
  14. The words Nintendo and pornography can only ever be seen together when the former is trying to distance itself from the latter. That's the case today after Nintendo's lawyers filed a DMCA takedown notice against a game called Peach's Untold Tale. It depicts the princess and many other Nintendo characters having fun in many ways that are completely unacceptable to the gaming giant. https://torrentfreak.com/images/peaches2.jpg (NSWF image) Over the past several years it has become increasingly apparent that Nintendo isn’t prepared to tolerate instances where i
  15. Nintendo has asked the court to issue a default judgment and permanent injunction to shut down several stores that sell Team-Xecuter's Switch hacks and mods. None of the defendants has responded in court so the gaming company wants third-party intermediaries, including domain registrars, to be covered by the order as well. For many years, the infamous Team-Xecuter has been a thorn in Nintendo’s side. The group offers hardware and software solutions that allow people to install and play pirated games on Nintendo consoles, including the Switch
  16. Nintendo has targeted the developer of an open-source Switch payload injector with a cease and desist notice. Faced with copyright infringement threats, the DragonInjector developer decided to shut the project down. While he doesn't agree with the allegations, an expensive legal battle is not an option. Nintendo is doing everything in its power to stop the public from playing pirated games on the Switch console. Earlier this year, the game company launched several lawsuits against websites that sell Team-Xecuter products. These cases are ongoing.
  17. It looks like the Nintendo Account breach was much worse than we were all told Up to 300,000 Nintendo Accounts were accessed (Image credit: Nintendo) Nintendo has revealed that an additional 140,000 user accounts were accessed by unauthorized means back in April. Previously, the company had said that only 160,000 accounts were affected and was slow to acknowledge the problem at the time. The news will come as a worry to those who are concerned about the security of their Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch, although Ni
  18. Nintendo Targets Amazing C64 Port of Super Mario Bros. After 7 Years’ Development Developer ZeroPaige has spent the last seven years creating a port of Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64, a record-breaking home computer released in 1982. He released the game just before the weekend to critical acclaim. It didn't take long for Nintendo to start filing takedown notices. When it was released in 1982, the Commodore 64 (or C64) was a revelation. Resplendent in all its 8-bit glory, the machine packed 20 kilobytes of ROM, 64 kilobytes of
  19. Security researcher pleads guilty to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo 24-year-old also involved in Vtech breach Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge A 24-year-old security researcher narrowly avoided prison today, after admitting to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo servers and stealing confidential information. Zammis Clark, known online as Slipstream or Raylee, was charged on multiple counts of computer misuse offenses in a London Crown Court on Thursday, and pleaded guilty to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo networks.
  20. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo online services being investigated by UK government Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all being investigated by the UK government's Competition and Markets Authority watchdog, to establish, among other things, whether the auto-renewal terms of Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online are "unfair". Based on the CMA's initial announcement, it's a fairly broad investigation, and will seek to answer a number of questions. The watchdog says it's written to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony to "help better understand the
  21. Gaming on Android has usually meant gaming on the touchscreen of your smartphone. While Android does boast of a very large collection of touch-optimized games, some titles just work out better when the player uses a gamepad and real hardware buttons and keys. For the same purpose, you can find a whole host of generic gaming accessories, including controllers, that will easily allow you to upgrade your gaming experience. For example, if you have a PlayStation 4, you can connect the DualShock 4 controller to your smartphone to play. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on every device, and the reaso
  22. In the ongoing saga of Nintendo’s Joy-Con drift problem, it appears even the Switch Lite isn’t immune. On Saturday complaints about the barely week-old system were added to a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo. Originally filed in July, the lawsuit alleges Nintendo knew about a design defect in the Switch’s controllers and has failed to correct or acknowledge the problem. This issue causes a Joy-Con’s analog stick to register input, a.k.a. drift, even when nothing’s touching it, significantly disrupting gameplay. And it doesn’t appear to have been fixed
  23. Nintendo confirms portable-only, $200 “Switch Lite” for September [Updated] Smaller unit features non-removable controls, can't be docked to a TV. After months and months and months and months and months of credible rumors, Nintendo this morning confirmed that the Switch Lite is real in a short video announcement. The cheaper system, which is "dedicated to handheld play" and is not compatible with docking to a TV set, will be available for $200 starting September 20, 2019 in three different colours. The more compact system shrinks the original Switch's
  24. As more and more reports of flaws in the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers surface, a New England law firm is championing the players with a lawsuit against the company. If you haven’t experienced it, the fault occurs sometimes in Joy-Con that have been in use for a while. The Switch will react as if the thumbstick is being moved even when it’s not being touched, which can obviously cause some gameplay problems. The so-called “Joy-Con drift” has never really been explained. Is it the result of a hardware problem or stress from use? Nintendo isn’t saying, and
  25. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese gaming company Nintendo Co Ltd on Tuesday reported a 10% decline in quarterly profit, far wide of market expectations, as a rise in costs dulled stronger sales of its hybrid home-portable Switch console. Operating profit for the three months through June was 27.4 billion yen ($252.26 million), versus the 40 billion yen average of 10 analyst estimates compiled by Refinitiv. The Kyoto-based gaming company said it sold 2.1 million Switch consoles in the quarter, bringing the total installed base to 36.9 million units. It maintained i
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