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Found 11 results

  1. A UK recruitment firm exposed sensitive applicants data for months The company was informed about the exposed data in December 2020 but it only responded and secured the data in March 2021. FastTrack Reflex Recruitment firm recently joined the ranks of other companies that have been affected by data leaks due to misconfigured AWS S3 buckets. This data breach majorly affected the applicants whose CVs containing personal information were leaked, reports the research team at Website Planet. Attached to numerous CVs were the personal IDs of applicants, including
  2. 23 Android apps caught leaking sensitive data of 100 million users The massive data leak occurred due to misconfigured cloud services used by Android apps with millions of downloads. Personal data of over 100 million Android users were exposed due to misconfigured cloud services. The issue was identified in around 23 applications, which boasted up to 10 million downloads and included internal developer resources. The issue was identified by Check Point researchers who wrote in their blog that when configuring/integrating third-party cloud services into apps,
  3. Over 40 Apps With More Than 100 Million Installs Found Leaking AWS Keys Most mobile app users tend to blindly trust that the apps they download from app stores are safe and secure. But that isn't always the case. To demonstrate the pitfalls and identify vulnerabilities on a large scale, cybersecurity and machine intelligence company CloudSEK recently provided a platform called BeVigil where individuals can search and check app security ratings and other security issues before installing an app. A latest report shared with The Hacker News detaile
  4. Indian supply-chain giant Bizongo exposed 643GB of sensitive data Bizongo did not respond to the researchers when contacted about the data leak. Bizongo, an online packaging marketplace has suffered a data leak in which the company left highly sensitive customer information unsecured and potentially exposed to hackers and other malicious individuals. The reason behind the incident is the company’s misconfigured AWS S3 data bucket. The data leak was discovered by researchers at Website Planet security as of late December 2020, but the details of it have
  5. Office Depot Configuration Error Exposes One Million Records A misconfigured Elasticsearch server belonging to a popular office supplies store chain was found leaking nearly one million records including customers’ personal information, it has emerged. The non-password protected database was discovered by a Website Planet team led by Jeremiah Fowler on March 3. They quickly traced it back to Office Depot Europe, which operates across the region with bricks-and-mortar stores and online under the Office Depot and Viking brands. Among the 974,000 u
  6. Sensitive data from US shipping management software firm exposed online According to researchers, 103 GB worth of data belonging to New Jersy based Descartes Aljex Software was left exposed on a misconfigured AWS S3 Bucket. During their routine server scans for potential vulnerabilities, the Website Planet Team discovered that a US-based software company that focuses on delivering transportation management software for multinational freight brokers was affected by a data breach that exposed a total of 103 GB of data. Yet another misconfigured AWS S3 Bu
  7. Telemarketing Biz Exposes 114,000 in Cloud Config Error A US telemarketing company has leaked the personal details of potentially tens of thousands of consumers after misconfiguring a cloud storage bucket, Infosecurity can reveal. A team at vpnMentor led by Noam Rotem found the unsecured AWS S3 bucket on December 24 last year. It was traced to Californian business CallX, whose analytics services are apparently used by clients to improve their media buying and inbound marketing. According to its website, the firm counts lending marketplace Lendin
  8. Misconfigured Baby Monitors Allow Unauthorized Viewing Hundreds of thousands of individuals are potentially affected by this vulnerability. A vulnerability affecting multiple baby monitors could allow someone to drop in and view a camera’s video stream, according to researchers. Potentially hundreds of thousands of live devices are impacted, they said. The issue exists in the manufacturers’ implementation of the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), which is a set of procedures used by various cameras to control their streaming m
  9. Delivery Biz Exposes 400 Million Records in Privacy Snafu A popular south Asian delivery company exposed 400 million records containing customers’ personal information after misconfiguring an Elasticsearch server, according to researchers. A team from reviews site Safety Detectives found the 200GB trove during a simple IP address check on specific ports. It was left wide open with no password protection or encryption, meaning anyone with the server’s IP address could have accessed the database. The team soon traced the leak back to Bykea, a Kara
  10. 23M Gamer Records Exposed in VIPGames Leak The personal data of 66,000 users was left wide open on a misconfigured Elasticsearch server, joining a growing list of companies with leaky clouds. VIPGames.com, a free platform with a total of 56 available classic board and card games like Hearts, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Dominoes, Backgammon and others, has exposed the personal data of tens of thousands of users. In all, more than 23 million records for more than 66,000 users were left exposed thanks to a cloud misconfiguration, accordi
  11. Misconfigured Cloud Server Exposes 66,000 Gamers Tens of thousands of users have had their personal details exposed after a popular online gaming site misconfigured the Elasticsearch server they were sitting on. A research team at WizCase found the wide-open server, with zero encryption and no password protection, through a simple search. It was traced back to VIPGames.com, a popular free-to-play card and board game platform with 100,000 Google Play downloads and roughly 20,000 active daily players globally. The site features games such as Heart
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