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  1. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts RSS Feed aggregators are a great way to stay up-do-date with the latest articles from your favorite websites. Some prefer online services, others browser add-ons while some, like me, rely on offline readers such as QuiteRSS. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts. The program's installer does not allow you to customize the location where you want to install the application to; in fact it is a one-click silent installatio
  2. Some Big Sur users are unable to update macOS due to an MDM bug A bug in Mobile Device Management is causing major headaches for some users. Enlarge Apple 56 with 46 posters participating, including story author Earlier this week, various macOS sysadmins began reporting that some Apple devices were failing to upgrade to Big Sur version 11.1. Affected users may briefly see the 11.1 upgrade, but then it disappears from the update UI and from the command line softwareupdate tool despite not having been installed.
  3. fre:ac is an open source audio converter for Windows, Linux and Mac Do you like listening to music? Who doesn't? I prefer quality to quantity, which is why my library consists of audio files in the FLAC format whenever possible. This comes at a cost, have a couple of dozen albums and you are looking at Gigabytes worth of music. But sometimes you may have to choose between storage space and your songs. If I had a phone or digital music player without a memory card, I would somewhat grudgingly ditch FLAC in favor of lossy MP3 tracks.
  4. wkhtmltopdf is an open source command-line tool that can save web pages as a PDF or an image SingleFile, its fork SingleFileZ and Save Page WE are excellent options to save entire webpages as a single HTML page. But sometimes, you may want the web page to be easily accessible. For example, you may want to have your study materials, research papers on your phone and computer. Converting the HTML to a PDF is a good way to ensure cross-device compatibility, Wkhtmltopdf is an open source and cross-platform tool that can convert HTML pages to PDF. T
  5. Sidekick is a Chromium-based browser for work with interesting features Sidekick is a web browser that is based on Chromium that is designed specifically for Internet workers. While it can be used by anyone, its feature-set has been designed with users in mind that spend most of the workday on the Internet and in Internet applications. There are numerous Chromium-based web browsers available currently. Some of them major, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, or Opera, and a lot of them minor. New browsers need to bring something to the table that d
  6. Instances run on Mac minis will give developers a virtual environment on which to design apps for the Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices. Developers who need to create apps on a Mac can now do so virtually courtesy of Amazon Web Services (AWS). On Monday, Amazon announced the availability of macOS instances on AWS via the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Run on Mac minis, the new virtual environment will let AWS customers run on-demand instances to build, test, and package apps on macOS. With EC2, developers will be able to design apps for the iPhone, the
  7. Researchers link new malware attacks designed to install a backdoor onto compromised systems to Vietnamese-backed hacking operation OceanLotus. A newly discovered form of malware is targeting Apple MacOS users in a campaign which researchers say is tied to a nation-state backed hacking operation. The campaign has been detailed by cybersecurity analysts at Trend Micro who've linked it to OceanLotus – also known as APT32 – a hacking group which is thought to have links to the Vietnamese government. OceanLotus is known to targe
  8. Growl, once a staple of the Mac desktop experience, has been retired Apple's Notification Center had already long ago replaced Growl in most cases. A Growl notification. Aurich Lawson 18 with 16 posters participating Growl, once a key part of the Mac desktop experience, is being retired after 17 years. Christopher Forsythe, who acted as the lead developer for the project for years, announced the retirement in a blog post on Friday. Launched in 2004, Growl provided notifications for applica
  9. Apple has officially released the latest version of macOS: macOS Big Sur (also known as macOS 11.0), which is available to download now assuming you have a compatible Mac. Big Sur is one of the biggest updates to Apple’s laptop and desktop software in years, featuring a top-to-bottom redesign of the interface, icons, and menu bar, a new control center UI borrowed from iOS, widgets (also borrowed from iOS), and a variety of other improvements (see here for the full list). It’s such a big change that Apple is actually moving on from the OS X / OS 10 branding that it’s be
  10. A group of academics from the University of California and Tsinghua University has uncovered a series of critical security flaws that could lead to a revival of DNS cache poisoning attacks. Dubbed "SAD DNS attack" (short for Side-channel AttackeD DNS), the technique makes it possible for a malicious actor to carry out an off-path attack, rerouting any traffic originally destined to a specific domain to a server under their control, thereby allowing them to eavesdrop and tamper with the communications. "This represents an important milestone — the fir
  11. Apps will be key to a successful transition. Apple announced macOS Big Sur at WWDC in June, and though we’ve seen a preview by way of a public beta in September, the software has yet to officially roll out. At its Mac-focused event today, the company unveiled its new ARM-based chipset for laptops: the M1. It also shared some additional optimizations for the new silicon as well as an official release date for the software update, which rolls out on November 12th. “For the first time ever
  12. [No root required] Control your Android phone from your computer with Scrcpy There are many tools available online which claim to mirror your phone's screen on your computer's monitor. Some of these are online service or closed source programs, some are premium software. Forget virtual machines, those aren't easy to set up and can get quite resource intensive. A friend of mine tinkers with broken phones, and he told me that he uses an open source tool called Scrcpy to recover data from phones with damaged or non-functional
  13. GravityRAT, a malware strain known for checking the CPU temperature of Windows computers to detect virtual machines or sandboxes, is now multi-platform spyware as it can now also be used to infect Android and macOS devices. The GravityRAT Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has been under active development by what looks like Pakistani hacker groups since at least 2015 and has been deployed in targeted attacks against Indian military organizations. New versions infect Android and macOS devices While the malware authors previously focused their efforts on targeting Wind
  14. Microsoft to drop support for Office 365 apps on macOS 10.13 starting in November Microsoft has posted a message on the Office 365 message center notifying Mac users that the Office suite of apps for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and older will stop being supported starting November 10, 2020. The company has also updated the support pages to reflect the change, adding that as of the November 2020 update to Microsoft 365 for Mac and Office 2019 for Mac, only macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer will be supported. The change is in line with the Redmond giant’s sup
  15. Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.7, possibly the last Catalina update There were also updates to Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. Enlarge / No operating system is an island, but macOS Catalina is named after one. Apple 11 with 11 posters participating Earlier this week, Apple released updates for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS—but nothing for macOS. Usually, Cupertino updates all its operating systems at once, but we're in an odd place right now with new annual releases of the former three making their way to users' devi
  16. SwagLyrics displays the lyrics of the song that's playing in Spotify desktop and the web version Spotify added support for Live Lyrics a few months ago (at least in some Countries). I don't like the way it has been implemented. First there is the gigantic text which looks odd, but the main problem with it is that when you click on the mic button the program loads the lyrics in the main pane. If you click on anything else, the window changes, so you can't browse/discover music and have the lyrics displayed at the same time.
  17. YACReader is an open source, cross-platform comic book reader Do you like comic books? Want to read your favorites on your computer? Have you tried YACReader? It is an open source comic book reader for Windows, macOS and Linux. The program consists of 2 components: YACReader and YACReader library. Select the folder where your comic books are located in and YACReader Library will import your books from to its database. It is a central location from which you can manage, read your comics. The left
  18. Microsoft is working on a fix for 'Error code 6' crash on Microsoft Edge for Mac Microsoft has acknowledged an issue on Microsoft Edge for Mac that is causing the web browser to crash with 'Error code 6'. Earlier this week, users took to Microsoft Answers forum (via Techdows) to report the issue with Edge on macOS Catalina. According to users, Microsoft Edge started crashing after updating to Safari 14. The browser crashes after opening a new tab, settings, and even Edge extensions, with the error, "The page is having a problem. Try coming back to
  19. Apple Accidentally Approved Malware to Run on MacOS The ubiquitous Shlayer adware has picked up a new trick, slipping past Cupertino's “notarization” defenses for the first time. Notarization can help Apple keep security pretty tight, but anything that does sneak past can then spread quickly because it has the company's imprimatur.Photograph: Mairo Cinquetti/NurPhoto/Getty Images For decades, Mac users had to worry less about malware than the
  20. Hackers could exploit this nasty Safari bug to lift files from your hard drive Safari bug could be used to steal local files from iOS and macOS devices (Image credit: Shutterstock / Nicole Lienemann) A bug in Apple's Safari browser could be abused by hackers to leak or steal files from the devices of Mac and iOS users according to a new report from a security researcher. Co-founder of the Polish security firm REDTEAM.PL, Pawel Wylecial fir
  21. Apple News+ redirects web links to the News app by default in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur beta Apple's news subscription service, Apple News+, appears to be "intercepting traffic" to the sites of publishers that have participated in the program. This has been pointed out in a tweet by Tony Haile, CEO of subscription news service Scroll. News+ has been spotted opening web links from its participating publishers directly in the dedicated News app by default in the early beta versions of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. That means when you tap or click on a link to an ar
  22. Parallels Desktop 16 adds Big Sur support, 3D Metal support, and more Windows on Apple Silicon is still a question mark, though. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all images. Parallels Desktop 16 launched on the Mac today. It's the latest major release of the software used by developers and others to run Windows, Linux, and macOS applications and virtual machines under macOS. Its most notable offering is full support for macOS Big Sur. According to the Parallels representatives Ars spoke with, Big
  23. With macOS Big Sur, Apple succeeds where Microsoft failed with Windows 8 Opinion: macOS Big Sur is everything I wanted and more The UI is the best it's ever been. Here is my story. (Image credit: Apple) When most people think of Apple these days, products like the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch are probably the first things that come to mind. That makes a lot of sense, through these mobile platforms, Apple, along with Google with its Android mobile operating system, has fundamentally changed the way people interact with technology on a dai
  24. Apple launches public beta of macOS Big Sur, its biggest desktop OS update in years Big Sur has big design changes Image: Apple The public beta of macOS Big Sur, the next major release of Apple’s Mac operating system, is now available. The new update brings a big visual overhaul to macOS while also adding a number of brand-new enhancements. If you’re thinking about installing the macOS Big Sur public beta, be warned that it’s still, well, a beta. That means you could experience some
  25. Mozilla takes first step in pulling Firefox plug on macOS Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan Beginning next week, Mozilla plans to automatically move users running older versions of macOS to the Firefox Extended Support Release, a version of the browser that provides security updates only. Magdalena Petrova/IDG Mozilla this week announced it would automatically move users running outdated versions of macOS to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), an edition that provides security updates only. The move
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