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  1. NovaTV is a modular search tool for content. It crawls movie/tv shows hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites. For example, NovaTV can find Avengers: Endgame, or complete Breaking Bad seasons, all using the Modules built by the amazing members of our community. Diversity Find any movie or tv show you want. Feature Trakt Support Sync watchlist, collection and watched history with trakt.tv. Feature High Quality Content 1080p and even 4K movie quality. Feature Innovative layout Light and beautiful design for both phone and tv.
  2. What is TeaTV? The fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies, actors and shows. Login? No need. You don't need to have an account when using TeaTV. Awesome interface. TeaTV has been built from the ground up with performance in mind for a fast and efficient experience to surfing your collection. Join now Watch trailers, read reviews and get shows seasons details, get the latest information on upcoming movie releases. Choosing the right movie has never been so easy. Does it cost? TeaTV is working on your behalf and making entertain
  3. ACE Lawsuit: YouTuber ‘Touchtone’ Was Paid $500,000 To Market Pirate IPTV Last April, ACE - a coalition of entertainment companies headed up by Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Disney and Amazon - sued the alleged operator of pirate IPTV service Nitro TV. In a second amended complaint, ACE expands the list of defendants to include YouTuber 'Touchtone', who is said to have received more than half a million dollars to sell and market the service. With pirate IPTV services all the rage among millions of pirates, companies operating in the movie and TV show s
  4. ‘Pirate’ IPTV Provider and Reseller Hit With $31m Copyright Lawsuit A 'pirate' IPTV provider and reseller are being targeted in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by DISH Network in the United States. The broadcaster claims that ChitramTV, which says it is located in Germany, the UK and US, obtains and distributes its channels online via a network of resellers, managed by a Canadian resident. DISH wants more than $31m in damages. US broadcaster DISH Network has built a reputation for going in hard against companies and individuals who offer
  5. Cloudflare Must Block Pirate IPTV Services, Appeals Court Confirms Last year Cloudflare was ordered to block access to the sites of customers who provided illegal IPTV services. The CDN provider appealed the injunctions, arguing that it's merely a neutral intermediary, but without result. Two separate orders released over the past several days confirm that Cloudflare must block domain names and IP-addresses of the pirate IPTV services. CDN provider Cloudflare is one of the leading Internet companies, providing services to millions of customers larg
  6. IPTV providers and sellers are again being hacked by an unknown individual demanding ransoms payable in bitcoin. However, it now appears that paying off the hacker doesn't always settle the matter. Even more interesting is that fingers are being pointed towards someone potentially 'involved' with a company that offers software solutions, a claim the company itself denies. Due to their nature, pirate IPTV service operators and resellers tend to operate in the shadows, cautiously guarding their own identities and those of their users. Aside fr
  7. Police, anti-piracy groups, and sports companies are fighting a battle, not only to prevent pirate IPTV services from operating but also to stop fans from becoming illegal streaming customers. Interestingly, a potent part of their arsenal consists only of carefully constructed words that, when delivered into the hands of the lazy and unscrupulous, can be amplified to distort and mislead. As a publication entirely dedicated to reporting on copyright, piracy, torrent and streaming sites (plus all things closely related), here at TorrentFreak we aim to tell all
  8. As authorities around the world struggle contain one of the largest piracy threats of the last decade, it's unlikely that pirate IPTV services will die out anytime soon. The big question, however, is whether users will become tired of the disruptions and inconvenience and rightsholders will meet them in the middle on price. During December, on the day world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua was preparing to retain all three of his belts by defeating Bulgaria’s Kubrat Pulev at Wembley, someone looking to watch the fight cheaply asked which pirate IPTV servic
  9. Beast IPTV, a popular pirate IPTV service that has faced numerous issues over the past few weeks, has shut down and will not be returning. In a pair of statements, one of which goes into more detail than the other, the service says it was "forced" to close its doors. Fingers are pointing to action by the Alliance of Creativity and Entertainment and what appears to be legal action in the United States and Canada. Over the past several weeks, users of pirate IPTV service Beast IPTV have been reporting numerous issues with their accounts. Some
  10. Italy's Guardia di Finanza says it has carried out a "preventative seizure" of a pirate IPTV platform serving in excess of 50,000 users. The action follows an investigation by Sky and football league Serie A. According to reports, the authorities are now working to identify the platform's subscribers. While rightsholders and authorities all around the world are working to disrupt pirate IPTV platforms, in 2020 Italian law enforcement entities have been more involved than most. Every few weeks agencies including the Guardia di Finanza have an
  11. Police say they are preparing to send warning notices to more than 7,000 UK residents who are believed to have purchased pirate IPTV subscriptions. The warnings follow the arrest of a then 28-year-old man in the North-West of England during the summer and the seizure of luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and a pirate IPTV customer database. As pirate IPTV providers and resellers continue to provide access to low-cost premium TV services, law enforcement agencies around the world are stepping up efforts to disrupt their activities. Pirate IPTV p
  12. Back in January, US broadcaster DISH Network filed a sealed complaint targeting the Florida-based owner of a pirate IPTV service operating under several brand names. After almost a year, the case has now been concluded. In addition to complying with a permanent injunction, defendant Robert Reich has agreed to pay DISH more than $15.8m in damages. When the stars align, there is good money to be made running a pirate IPTV service. Given that suppliers, software, hardware, customers and payment processors all behave as expected, things can run
  13. By their very nature, pirate IPTV services are clearly illegal and several have faced action through the courts in the US. To date, Hollywood studios have won every lawsuit in a devastating fashion. Yet, despite these cases being reported in detail, some IPTV services still haven't worked out how to stay off the radar. While torrent sites still play an important role in the piracy landscape, Hollywood and major content distributors consider illegal streaming to be a key threat. Of particular concern are pirate IPTV services that for just a s
  14. The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance, which counts major TV broadcasters, sports rightsholders, and content security companies among its members, is seeking enhanced anti-piracy tools from the European Union. These include real-time stream takedown tools, toughened repeat-infringer policies, plus 'take down means stay down' measures. While groups such as the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment are mentioned frequently for their widespread anti-piracy activities, the Europe-based Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) is also engaged in key work to redu
  15. In 2019, popular IPTV management platform Xtream Codes was dismantled as part of reported raids against pirate IPTV providers. After massive anti-piracy action was reported across Europe again last week, Xtream-Codes has broken its silence, condemning its characterization as a pirate service and claiming that it always collaborated with law enforcement agencies to stop piracy. For broadcasters all over the world, the problem of unlicensed IPTV providers, suppliers, and resellers has only grown during the past few years. Despite many law enfo
  16. Spanish football league La Liga has reported several pirate streaming sites and illegal IPTV services to the US Trade Representative. The sports organization's recommendations for the annual 'notorious markets' list also includes several third-party intermediaries such as Namecheap, eBay, Cloudflare, Telegram and Shopify. Every year copyright holder groups get the chance to share their list of “notorious” piracy actors to the US Trade Representative. These recommendations serve as the basis for USTR’s annual report, which is a diplomatic too
  17. A massive law enforcement operation across Europe has reportedly shut down 5,500 servers used to stream pirated TV broadcasts, live sports, and movies to the public. According to the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, 700 police officers were deployed in 11 countries, leading to the arrest of the alleged boss of an IPTV operation with profits estimated at €10.7 million. In Italy, piracy-enabled set-top devices are often referred to using the term ‘pezzotto’. In common with many regions, these cheap devices are used by hu
  18. During the summer, members of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment which include Hollywood studios, Netflix and Amazon, sued pirate IPTV service Crystal Clear Media for mass copyright infringement. According to documents now filed with the court, two Florida residents have agreed to pay the entertainment companies $40 million to end the lawsuit. Back in August, members of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an anti-piracy coalition featuring the major Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and more than two dozen other companies, filed
  19. Following a criminal complaint filed by Canal+ and anti-piracy company NAGRA, an IPTV provider distributing more than 84,000 TV shows and movies has been shut down by local police with assistance from Europol. The main domain of KBoxServ now displays a seizure notice. The action is said to be the first of its kind in Switzerland. After years of criticism, earlier this year the US Trade Representative removed Switzerland from its annual piracy “Watch List.” The development came as a direct result of the country’s revised copyright law which introduced
  20. Thailand's Department of Special Investigation has raided and shut down three pirate streaming services after they provided access to content owned by the MPA and local companies. The platforms were previously targeted as part of an earlier series of raids but had relocated to new domain names to continue serving customers. A recent survey commission by the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) and conducted by YouGov revealed that around 53% of online consumers in Thailand use illegal streaming platforms or torrent sites to access
  21. A former reseller of pirate IPTV service SET TV sued by DISH in a Florida court has reached a rapid albeit expensive settlement with the broadcaster. For each of the 40,000 subscriptions sold to the public, the reseller agreed to pay $750 in damages to DISH - a cool $30 million. But there could be a sting in the tail for subscribers too. In 2018, US broadcaster DISH Network sued pirate IPTV service SET TV for offering many TV channels illegally obtained from DISH’s satellite service. That lawsuit came to an end in 2018 when SET TV’s operator
  22. DISH Network has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against individuals who reportedly sell access to a pirate IPTV supplier that was previously targeted by police in Sweden. In that matter, several people were sentenced to years in prison and ordered to pay around $24m in damages. According to DISH, however, the provider is still in business and supplying content to the United States. Founded way back in 2008, ATN (Advanced TV Network) was an IPTV business in Sweden supplying more than a thousand TV channels to customers via the Internet.
  23. Users of pirate IPTV services in the UK and Ireland are most likely being monitored by one or more major ISPs. Secret traffic analysis, provided to the High Court in a recent blocking case involving UEFA, reveals that studies were carried out in connection with Sky which determined many subscribers were accessing pirate IPTV platforms via the ISP. Blocking of regular piracy websites has been a feature of anti-piracy enforcement in Europe for almost 15 years. The way these blocks are achieved is broadly similar, with entertainment industry co
  24. An Italian court has ordered Cloudflare to block current and future domain names and IP-addresses of the pirate IPTV service "IPTV THE BEST." The order, which follows a complaint from the football league Serie A and Sky Italy, is the first of its kind in the country. Cloudflare put up a strong defense, arguing that it merely passes on traffic, but that didn't convince the court. In recent years, many copyright holders have complained that Cloudflare does little to nothing to stop pirate sites from using its services. The US-based company
  25. UpGrade

    IPTV Service Advice

    Hi all, I am thinking of paying for an IPTV service i can use on my android box. I have never paid for this kind of service before and i need some recommendations. I want to be able to watch sky sports and UFC, all that kind of stuff in HD. I am in the UK. I want all the film channels and entertainment channels. I would also like it to include multi regional channels from different countries What do you do once paid ? Simply set up an app for example stbemu and thats it ? Can anybody advise of any services that are not too pricey and preferably a ye
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