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Found 21 results

  1. Epic is deliberately keeping 'Fortnite' off Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Game service The topic came up at the company's trial with Apple. Savusia Konstantin via Getty Images On Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service, you'll find games from major publishers like EA, Take-Two and Ubisoft, but what you won't see is anything from Epic Games. And we know why: the studio sees xCloud as competition. That's the latest tidbit of information to come out of Epic's ongoing legal battle with Apple. In a deposition spotted by The Verge, Joe Krein
  2. Epic Games teases Fortnite appearance by Brazilian soccer star Neymar Details are scarce but looks like it’s happening March 16th. Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images Epic Games and Brazilian soccer player Neymar are teasing a likely appearance by the star athlete in Fortnite on March 16th, with clues coming via a couple of tweets. Eurogamer first reported the news, including a video tweeted from the Epic Games account showing Neymar’s No. 10 jersey. Neymar retweeted the video with the “eyes” emoji— not exactly confirmation, but another clue that
  3. Fortnite Officially Gets Tron Crossover The newest season of Fortnite marches on with another pop collaboration. This time, Fortnite is getting cosmetic outfits from Tron. The “End of Line” Collection available now in the Fortnite Item Shop will kit your character out for the Grid. Skins include outfits that will make your character look like Cypher, Firewall, Proxy, Datapath, Packet, Bitstream, Commandline, Upload, Io, and Bandwidth. Additional accessories range from a Light Cycle rideable Glider and Identity Disc Pickaxe and Back Bling. Source:
  4. Plans are in place to allow users to play Epic Games' "Fortnite" on iOS and iPadOS again using Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service in Safari, the BBC has discovered. Nvidia has reportedly developed a version of its GeForce Now cloud gaming service that works in Safari on iOS and iPadOS, and Fortnite looks to be a key title on the platform for Apple devices that have lost the game due to the ongoing legal battle between ‌Epic Games‌ and Apple. In August 2020, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store after ‌Epic Games‌ introduced a direct payment optio
  5. Improved performance and new features Epic on Monday revealed new information about what performance benefits Fortnite players should expect day one if playing the game on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S consoles, all of which launch next week. We already knew some of these — specifically the 4K and 60 frames per second targets — but Epic is also detailing some behind-the-scenes upgrades the new hardware should allow for. For the new Xbox, you’ll get that bump in resolution if you’re playing on the more powerful Series X, while the Series S is ca
  6. A new leak claims that Fortnite players will experience the game’s biggest event ever in December, one so monumental that it will change the game as players know it. This is a big claim, particularly in light of the fact that Epic recently did away with its battle royale island and replaced it with an entirely new one, something that itself was the game’s biggest event to date. The claim comes from @iFireMonkey, a known Fortnite data miner who has previously released game leaks. According to the leak account, a source reached out and claimed that Epic Games’ Creative Director
  7. Fortnite on PC is now over 60GB smaller, thanks to Epic optimization The file size was reduced from nearly 100GB down to under 30GB Image: Epic Games Fortnite on PC has shrunk considerably, down from over 90GB to just under 30GB, thanks to recent optimizations from developer Epic. The news, detailed yesterday in a Fortnite update note posted to the game’s service Twitter account, means the battle royale hit will now take up far less space on your computer’s drive. That gives you more
  8. Om Cracked

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  9. Judge Says No to Putting Fortnite Back on Apple's App Store The ruling means that Epic Games' massively popular title will remain off iOS devices while Epic's suit against Apple moves to trial. Don't look for Fortnite on the iOS App Store any time soon. Screenshot: Epic Games via IGDB As reported by our friends at Ars Technica, a federal judge has denied a request from Epic Games that would’ve ordered Apple to allow Fortnite to return to the iOS App Store while the
  10. Your iPhone copy of Fortnite is about to become out of date [Updated] But some eBay buyers have paid huge markups for iPhones with pre-installed copies. Enlarge / That soon-to-be-useless Fortnite icon has been worth a lot of money to some eBay buyers in recent days. eBay 112 with 75 posters participating Since Apple pulled Fortnite down from the iOS App Store earlier this month, some eBay users have apparently paid thousands of dollars for iPhones that had a playable, pre-installed copy of the game. Starting tomo
  11. Under a partnership with Samsung, Epic offered an exclusive skin called ‘iKonic’ that was only available to players who had purchased the Galaxy S10 or one of its variants. This exclusivity didn’t stop some obsessive fans from finding ways to acquire the skin elsewhere, but Epic isn’t tolerating it, at least based on reports from some players. It seems the company is removing the skin from some players’ lockers. Sometime after offering the iKonik skin, Samsung decided to replace it with a new exclusive skin called GLOW that was made available to not only S10 owners, but also
  12. The leader of the firm behind the hit game Fortnite has accused Google of being "irresponsible" in the way it revealed a flaw affecting the Android version of the title. Android devices have to use Epic's own installer rather than the Google Play store to get the game On Friday, Google made public that hackers could hijack the game's installation software to load malware. The installer is needed because Epic Games has bypassed Google's app store to avoid giving it a cut of sales. Epic's chief executive said Google should have delayed shar
  13. Epic details technical, security hurdles of "indie" mobile launch In bringing Fortnite to Android this summer, Epic gambled that the biggest video game phenomenon in the world could find success without relying on the centralized Google Play storefront (and its 30 percent cut of all revenues). That gamble seems to have paid off so far—Epic reports 15 million Fortnite downloads and 23 million players on Android just 21 days after the game's beta release. For context, the iOS version of the game saw roughly 11 million installations in its first month, accordin
  14. Despite complaints, Epic stands behind Fortnite’s “anyone can win” mechs Competitive players are still angry at what they see as an overpowered intrusion. Enlarge / Who's up for a game of Titanfall? Epic is showing no signs of plans to remove the controversial mech-like B.R.U.T.E. from Fortnite, saying the powerful new combat option helps in the studio's mission "to bring players of all skill levels together to have a fun experience where anyone can win." The launch of the B.R.U.T.E. earlier this month has been one of the
  15. Opinion: Google says there are no exceptions. Should Epic Games bite the bullet? After Fortnite launched on the Android mobile operating system, users were made aware that the installation process was somewhat unusual. Rather than visiting the Google Play Store and downloading the software directly, Epic Games employed a different installation technique known as sideloading, which requires the app to be downloaded from another source; in this case, Epic Games' website. Adding additional purchase or installation barriers to consumers in a market where easily-
  16. There are questions about the fairness of the penalty. Another YouTuber is facing the consequences of cheating first-hand. Epic Games has permanently banned popular YouTube creator and FaZe Clan member Jarvis from Fortnite after he posted videos where he used aimbots (which virtually guarantee flawless shots) to wreak havoc in the battle royale game's non-competitive modes. In his apology video, Jarvis said it was "completely wrong" and that he was only thinking about "how entertaining and interesting" the videos would be, rather than th
  17. Calex Légal says it is representing 2 minors who are addicted to the game A Montreal legal firm has requested authorization to launch a class-action lawsuit against the widely popular video game Fortnite. The legal notice, filed on behalf of the parents of two minors, aged 10 and 15, likens the effect of the game to cocaine, saying it releases the chemical dopamine to the brain of vulnerable young people who can become dependent on playing. "We dug into it and we realized there was a strong case for it," said Alessandra Esposito Cha
  18. Fortnite is packed full of challenges that enable players to tier up in the Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, including cosmetics and V-Bucks. These challenges range from simple to surprisingly difficult, though most of the difficulty is due to the risk of being eliminated by another player while performing the challenge. One such tricky challenge requires the player to move 100m while dancing, but there’s a simple solution to the task. One Fortnite Chapter 2 challenge requires the player to move the distance of 100 meters while dancing. This doesn’t have to be done all at once —
  19. When Fortnite Battle Royale launched on Android, it made an unusual choice: it bypassed Google Play in favor of offering the game directly from Epic Games’ own website. Most apps and games don’t have the luxury of making this choice – the built-in distribution Google Play offers is critical to their business. But Epic Games believes its game is popular enough and has a strong enough draw to bring players to its website for the Android download instead. In the process, it’s costing Google around $50 million this year in platform fees, according to a new report. As of its
  20. Fortnite to get ray tracing support and a dedicated RTX map to show off the visuals Nvidia held an event today where it unveiled its RTX 30 series GPUs and provided more information on the various tools and enhancements being made to its other software offerings. As part of the event, the company also announced that Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite will be adding support for ray tracing, DLSS 2.0, and Nvidia Reflex – a software suite announced today that improves latency in games. The company added that Fortnite will be adding a custom RTX map will be adde
  21. Epic says Apple threatens ‘catastrophic’ response in two weeks if Fortnite doesn’t comply with rules Apple now threatens to cut off developer agreement, Epic says Image by Epic Games Epic says that Apple has threatened to cut off its access to all iOS and Mac developer tools as retaliation for sneaking a new payment option into Fortnite last week — a stunt that ended in the app being banned from the App Store and Epic filing a blockbuster antitrust lawsuit against Apple, claiming it places illegal restrictions on
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