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Found 4 results

  1. How to change the default system font in Windows 10 Both Windows 7 and Windows 8.x let you set which font to use throughout the operating system. Windows 10 however, restricts users to Segoe UI. This is a nice typeface, and it gives the operating system a modern look, but if you would prefer to change the font to something else -- Comic Sans for example -- you can with a registry tweak. To change the font, right-click on the desktop, select Personalize, and click Fonts on the left-hand side. Decide which font you want, and then Open Notepad. Paste in the following: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts] "Segoe UI (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Light (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)"="" "Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)"="" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes] "Segoe UI"="Newfont" Replace 'Newfont' with the name of the font you want from the Fonts page. Be sure to copy it exactly. Click on File, go to 'Save as' and in the 'Save as type' box select All Files. Change the extension from .txt to .reg and save the file to the desktop. Double-click on the file and your changes will be made in the registry. Restart your PC to action the switch. To go back to Windows 10’s default font, Segoe UI, you will need to create a new Notepad file with the following text, and then repeat the other steps above. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts] "Segoe UI (TrueType)"="segoeui.ttf" "Segoe UI Black (TrueType)"="seguibl.ttf" "Segoe UI Black Italic (TrueType)"="seguibli.ttf" "Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)"="segoeuib.ttf" "Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)"="segoeuiz.ttf" "Segoe UI Emoji (TrueType)"="seguiemj.ttf" "Segoe UI Historic (TrueType)"="seguihis.ttf" "Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)"="segoeuii.ttf" "Segoe UI Light (TrueType)"="segoeuil.ttf" "Segoe UI Light Italic (TrueType)"="seguili.ttf" "Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)"="seguisb.ttf" "Segoe UI Semibold Italic (TrueType)"="seguisbi.ttf" "Segoe UI Semilight (TrueType)"="segoeuisl.ttf" "Segoe UI Semilight Italic (TrueType)"="seguisli.ttf" "Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)"="seguisym.ttf" "Segoe MDL2 Assets (TrueType)"="segmdl2.ttf" "Segoe Print (TrueType)"="segoepr.ttf" "Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)"="segoeprb.ttf" "Segoe Script (TrueType)"="segoesc.ttf" "Segoe Script Bold (TrueType)"="segoescb.ttf" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes] "Segoe UI"=- Image credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock Source: How to change the default system font in Windows 10
  2. Togijak

    Font Matching Tool 3.07

    This tool will browse trough your system fonts, folders or font database created by Font Matching Tool to find matched font or just similar with character(s) cropped from an image... Font Matching ToolFont from graphic Ever wanted to find a font just like the one used in logos, newspapers or book titles? You have an image, but you haven't a clue what the font is used? This tool will browse trough your system fonts, folders or font database created by Font Matching Tool to find this font or just similar with character(s) cropped from an image... Font Matching Tool has built in tools for image editing which will help you to prepare an image for character(s) cropping, or you can "grab" character directly from image with one click. Font Matching Tool has screen capturing tool which enables you to crop and automatically import an image directly into Font Matching Tool editing area. Trial version doesn't have a time limit. In trial version, only uppercase characters and lowercase characters from 'a..e' are allowed for comparing. In registered version you can compare any Unicode character with character from a sample graphic. If you already using font manager other then FontExplorer L.M., feel free to use Font matching Tool along with your default font management tool. More features: Copy filtered fonts to the selected folder feature Built in Font Viewer - Windows fonts, or from other locations Pick up any color value from the image for sample text and background colors Sample text with various sizes, styles and colors Requirements: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7/8/10 HP: http://www.lanmisoft.com Site: http://mirr.re Sharecode: /d/Hdc
  3. jpescobar

    Find My Font Pro 3.4.0

    Find My Font Pro 3.4.0 An easy to use application for identifying fonts in bitmap images and matching them online and against fonts installed or located on your computer. Internet* and local search Connect to Find my Font mobile for unlimited usage (a $20 value) Match fonts in any image file Extremely fast matching Font Browsing by similarity Advanced Image manipulation Smart Letter selection Isolate Script letters Horizontalize text Unicode support Install the matched font English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Greek interface Available for both Windows and Mac OS Unlimited usage Features Designers are often faced with the task of identifying the font of text in a printed or a digital image. This can be a very time consuming and error prone task. Find my Font is an easy to use software application that runs on your computer or mobile device and identifies the fonts of a given bitmap image. It searches both the internet (our online font database) and the fonts on your computer (available only on the PC editions). You provide the app with an image (or take a photo with you mobile device) and select the text that contains the font. The application returns a list of matching (and similar) fonts along with the matching accuracy for each one. You may also type text and see how well the matching went (font preview). It's ideal for graphic designers and creative professionals who would otherwise spend hours trying to find a matching font. System Requirements Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Recommanded Hardware 1.2 GHz Pentium 4 or newer processor 512MB of RAM 150MB of hard drive space Internet connection (for online font matching) Website : https://www.findmyfont.com/ Download : https://www.findmyfont.com/scripts/php/download_product.php?ordnum=Win-Free (Waiting for Medz)
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