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  1. View and access your recently closed tabs with the Undo Closed Tabs Button extension for Firefox and Chrome Did you know that Firefox has a hotkey to reopen a closed tab? Press Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab comes back. This can be a lifesaver, but if you close several tabs, and then realize you need one of them back, that's when it becomes a problem. You have to keep using the keyboard shortcut several times, until you get the tab you wanted, or you could open the recently closed tabs folder in the browsing history. Besides being unable to see th
  2. Hide Twitter Trends and other sidebar suggestions Twitter displays a sidebar with regional trends and other suggestions when you use the service's web version. Some Twitter users may find these useful, others that it is a distraction or not of interest. Trends usually list politics, music or sports topics, and that is fine for some Twitter users. If you never use the trends, or find yourself distracted by them, you may want to hide them on Twitter. Thankfully, there are extensions out there that let you do that. If you do use a content blocker, you may also use it to bl
  3. Manage your Firefox tabs, unload them from memory, with the Tab Center Reborn extension The problem with having one too many tabs in a web browser, is not the impact on performance for many. I'd say its actually finding the tab to switch to. Scrolling through the tab bar doesn't make things any easier. That's why I like the vertical tabs panel in Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi, its convenient. Tab Center Reborn gives you a simple way to manage your Firefox tabs, from a sidebar. The web extension is a fork of the discontinued Tab Center Redux add-on.
  4. Save WebP images as JPG or PNG with this Firefox extension You may have come across an image format known as WebP, it has been around for about a decade now. This image container was developed by Google, and is used by many websites, including shopping portals. The annoying thing about WebP is, not a lot of image editors support the format. So, when you download a WebP image you may have some difficulty using it. You can't save it into a different format directly, but there are a couple of workarounds. The simplest way, which I had been using un
  5. Acid Tabs adds rule-based auto tab groups to Google Chrome Google introduced support for tab groups in the Chrome browser in 2020, a feature , designed to improve the manageability of tabs in the company's browser. Tab Groups enable users to bundle tabs together for better visual distinction. The ability to collapse tab groups was added as well to free up space on the browser's tab bar. Google is testing auto-create functionality and other feature add-ons currently to improve the functionality further. Acid Tabs is a new browser extension for Google Chrome that adds rul
  6. How to access the old PlayStation Store to browse, download and buy games and DLC Late last year, Sony announced that it would remove access to classic PlayStation games and add-ons from the official PlayStation Store. Systems affected were the Sony PlayStation 3, The PlayStation Vita, and the Sony PSP. Sony customers could not purchase games and add-ons for these systems anymore on the PlayStation Store, and Sony rolled out a new Store interface that did not list supported games or add-ons for these classic systems anymore. PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP users can still u
  7. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar Do you like customizing your web browser? A lot of people use themes to give the browser a new look. Some take it up a notch and use a custom CSS file, to make it unique. Most themes don't change all elements of the interface, especially the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars will not change the color of the bars by default. Go to the add-
  8. Perfect Home is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lists your bookmarks as speed-dials in new tabs Speed Dials are a must-have feature for me in any browser that I use. While I prefer Group Speed Dial for my regular usage, I often jump through other add-ons every month or so to test them. That's how I landed with my current choice, Perfect Home. This is not your usual speed dial add-on, in that you can't add dials on your new tab page directly. Rather, Perfect Home uses your browser's bookmarks folders and displays them like speed dials. It's not the first
  9. Customize your new tab page with random wallpapers, quotes with the Mue extension for Firefox and Chrome I like to spruce up my desktop with a new wallpaper now and then, just because. I don't do this as often with my browser, because I have many speed-dials in my new tab page, so you can barely see a background. I wanted to try something else for a change, and decided to go with the Mue extension for Firefox and Chrome. Besides the cool background, it displays some additional content in every tab. This includes a greeting, a clock widget, and a random quot
  10. Open a URL from the clipboard with a hotkey using the Paste and Go Key extension for Firefox The Paste and Go option has been available in Firefox for over a decade. It is a very useful feature which I use it frequently, and I'm sure some of you do as well. Is there a way to make this more convenient? There is, with the help of an extension called Paste and Go Key. The name is a dead giveaway on how it works. The add-on relies on a keyboard shortcut. Once installed, all you have to do is copy a link to the clipboard and hit the combo Ctrl + Shif
  11. Web Translate is a Firefox and Chrome extension that displays the translation of the selected text Every once in a while, I visit websites which are not in a language I'm familiar with. While translating the entire page is a good idea, sometimes I may only need just a sentence or two to be translated. Normally, I paste the lines into a translation extension that I use. But you know how it is, sometimes the translation makes no sense, and you may want to try a different one. Web Translate is an extension for Firefox and Chrome, that displays the translation
  12. Enable proper word wrapping in Thunderbird using the Toggle Line Wrap extension Do you write long mails? Most users do, sometimes at least. It can be detailed instructions for someone, collaborative mails between you and your colleagues, or just a letter of correspondence. As a Thunderbird user, you may have experienced this issue, when you write a message and the sentences get longer, the mail ends up taking the screen space from one end of the compose window to the other. And you'll be moving your head from side-to-side as if you were watching a Tennis ma
  13. Get more control over how links open in Firefox with Right Links WE Right Links WE is a browser extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser that gives users more control over the browser's link opening behavior. The extension is a WebExtensions port of Right Links, a classic add-on for Firefox that offered some features that the developer could not port because of missing WebExtensions capabilities. Features that are not supported currently include the handling of clicks on bookmarks and history items, simulation of link clicks on JavaScript links, and more.
  14. Move tabs between windows, detach tabs, save your browsing session with the SplitUP extension for Firefox and Chrome Tab Manager Plus has been my go-to add-on for finding, managing my tabs. Combined with OneTab for saving my sessions, it has made my browsing life quite easier. But I'm always on the lookout for interesting plugins. The latest one that I have been testing is SplitUP, this is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to move tabs between windows, detach the tabs, save your browsing session, and more. Install the extension
  15. Manage container tabs efficiently from a side panel with the Container Tabs Sidebar extension for Firefox We have discussed Firefox Containers and the importance of using them to protect your privacy. There are many extensions that improve the experience, including the previously reviewed Easy Container Shortcuts, Containers with Transitions, or Containers Helpers. Container Tabs Sidebar is an add-on that helps you manage your tabs more efficiently. Install the extension and press the F2 key to access the Container Tabs Sidebar, hit the key again to close
  16. Chrome extension turns on YouTube captions when eating noisy chips A new AI-powered Google Chrome extension will automatically turn on YouTube extensions if it detects you are eating noisy chips. I doubt few people have not experienced hearing a movie, TV show, or video while someone next to you is loudly eating chips. To make it easier to watch YouTube videos, creative agency Happiness Saigon partnered with Frito-Lay to create the 'Lay's Crispy Subtitles' browser extension that automatically enables YouTube captions when it detects
  17. Load new tabs in the same container as the first one with the Sticky Window Containers extension for Firefox Multi-Account Containers are one of the best extensions/features in Mozilla Firefox. It helps enhance your privacy by isolating websites, thus preventing cookie-based tracking. But you may have noticed that sometimes it's hard to tell which container is open. The colored lines on container tabs, that's how I know which containers are being used. Color coding the containers helps a bit, and so does the container name in the address bar. But it can get
  18. LocalFolders is a Thunderbird extension that helps you create local mail storage directories Mail boxes can fill up quickly depending on how often you communicate, newsletters, notification emails land in your inbox. This results in a cluttered mess. One way to deal with this is to archive old mails, which helps preserve the contents without deleting them permanently. Another option, is to use folders to categorize mails based on their content. This also helps you find specific content quickly, looking for a receipt? Check the shopping folder. Where is that
  19. Tile Tabs WE makes it easier to display tabs side-by-side in Firefox and Chrome Remember Tile Tabs in Firefox? The classic extension for the browser added capabilities to it to display multiple sites in a single tab. Tile Tabs WE is the successor of the extension, and since it is based on WebExtensions, compatible with all recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. WebExtensions APIs don't provide options to display multiple sites in a tab, and that is the reason why Tile Tabs WE uses the next best thing, windows, for its operations. T
  20. Brook is a simple RSS Feed management extension for Firefox I rely on RSS Feeds to catch up with news from multiple tech sites, news sites, and other sites that support RSS. It's simpler, faster, and much more efficient than visiting sites or even waiting for newsletters to drop. There are plenty of good add-ons that you can use for getting feeds right from your web browser. Brook is a Firefox extension that keeps it simple, and offers a quick way to access the latest articles from your favorite websites. When you install the add-on, a sidebar will appear
  21. View a mail's contents quickly without clicking on it with the MessagePreview extension for Thunderbird How many mail accounts do you have in Thunderbird? The more you have, the more cluttered it becomes, doesn't it? And if you have a ton of mails, it's not any easier to manage them. When you want to find something that you need, you either use the search tool, or take the manual route, i.e., you select the mail and it loads in the message pane at the bottom of the program's interface. Want a faster way to view your mails? The Thunderbird extens
  22. Manage windows, and move tabs between them quickly with the Winger extension for Firefox Do you have several windows open in Firefox? Many people do, it's a good way to categorize tabs or run two Firefox instances side-by-side on a widescreen display. Having all your work related tabs in window, social stuff in another, personal interests, news, etc., does help, but it may be difficult to manage. Firefox allows you to detach or move tabs to new windows, but it can't send them to a specific window. Other browsers, Chromium-based ones, support this natively.
  23. Turn any web article into a podcast with Sent as Podcast for Chrome Sometimes, listening to something is more comfortable than having to read, or maybe the only option. Say, you want to go to the Gym, buy some groceries, or take the train back home, but still want to read a couple of interesting articles that you had saved as tabs in your browser for a long time. The Google Chrome extension Sent As Podcast offers a solution, as you may use it to listen to any web article using a computer generated voice.. The extension works with any podcast application but also as a st
  24. Highlight text in your outgoing mails with the Textmarker extension for Thunderbird Maybe you're communicating with your bank, or mailing your colleagues regarding a project, or you're responding to a business inquiry. You may want a way to keep track of the conversation, and see how it evolves. Let's say the mails contain specific points or questions that you want the recipient to respond to. Usually, we read the reply and refer to the previous message for context. There is a quicker way to get this last part done, if you could highlight the co
  25. Manage browser tabs efficiently with open source TabMerger extension TabMerger is a relatively new browser extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The extension should install fine in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers as well. TabMerger's main aim is to provide users with better tab management functionality and resource management. How it compares to existing solutions such as Tabs Outliner for Chrome, OneTab, Tab Manager Plus or Tab Manager V2? Let's find out! TabMerger is a cross-browser
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