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  1. Edge Dev build 92.0.891.1 brings vertical tabs improvements and more Returning to its usual Tuesday schedule, Microsoft today released a new Edge Dev build that brings a few new features. The update bumps the version up to 92.0.891.1 and is the first of the version 92 builds to contain significant feature additions, along with the usual set of bug fixes and other improvements. Headlining the list of new features is a new grey theme for Immersive Reader, which brings a nifty alternative to the current bright and dark preferences. There are also a few new improvements to
  2. Latest Edge Dev build adds minor new features, won't be heading to Linux users just yet Microsoft today released a new Edge Dev build, bumping the version to 92.0.884.2. While this is the third build to be released from major version 92, it is still light on features, with today’s build adding just two new minor features, along with the usual crop of bug fixes and reliability improvements. The firm also notes that the Linux users running Dev channel builds will not be receiving an update today due to issues with the build’s development. The company
  3. Microsoft releases the first Edge 92 build for the Dev channel Hot on the heels of releasing Edge 91 to the Beta channel, Microsoft has released the first Edge 92 build to Dev channel users - which comes later in the week than it usually does. The version number has been bumped up to 92.0.873.1. Considering that this is the first version 92 build, there isn’t much in the way of features. However, there are a bunch of bug fixes and general improvements. The two features listed in today’s release relate to new management policies from Chromium. Howev
  4. Microsoft releases Edge Dev channel for Android with new features After Canary, the Dev version of Microsoft Edge for Android is now available on the Google Play Store for download. Edge Dev version is on 91 while Canary on 92, and Edge stable, and beta far behind and running on version 46. Microsoft is working to make Edge desktop and mobile versions in-line. The company recently announced Edge will use a common code base for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and iOS platforms. That’s turning into reality now. When comes to Android, dated Edge c
  5. This week's Edge Dev build brings the Password Monitor to everyone Microsoft has released its weekly build of the Edge browsers for users running the Dev channel version of the browser. This update brings the browser version to 91.0.852.0, and it includes a handful of significant additions this time around. The new features include the completed rollout of the Password Monitor feature, which should now be available to everyone in the Dev channel. The Rebates feature for shopping online has also completed its rollout and is now enabled by default. H
  6. Microsoft Edge Dev build 91.0.845.2 is out with minor improvements Just like clockwork, Microsoft released a new Edge Dev build today, bringing the build number to 91.0.845.2. Unsurprisingly, there's nothing particularly wild that's new. In fact, all of the features seem pretty minor. For example, you can now select and delete multiple passwords at the same time in the password manager, and there's a new message that says that Vertical Tabs can't be collapsed when there are IE Mode tabs open. Here's the full list: Added the ability
  7. New Edge Dev build turns on Microsoft account support on Linux by default This week's Edge Dev build is out, Micosoft announced today. It brings the version number to 91.0.838.3, and there's a lot that's new. First of all, you can now sign in with a Microsoft account on Linux, something that was there before but is now turned on by default. That means that you'll finally be able to sync things like your favorites, passwords, and more. If you're using the browser on Linux, this is a big deal. There are some minor new features as well. The PDF min
  8. Edge Dev version 91.0.831.0 is now available with Linux system theme support Microsoft has released its weekly build of Edge to Insiders in the Dev channel, and as usual, it brings a few new features, lots of fixes, and some known issues. This week's build is 91.0.831.0, and the two major new features were announced beforehand - those being support for Microsoft account sign-in on Linux, thus enabling sync services, as well as simple color themes. Microsoft also highlighted yesterday's announcement of a new effort to improve cross-browser compatibility. The
  9. Edge Dev gets its first Chromium 91 build with an improved reading mode As it usually does on Tuesdays, Microsoft has released a new build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to users testing it in the Dev channel. Just as it promised last week, this is the first release based on Chromium 91, and it carries build number 91.0.825.0. Builds that jump to a new Chromium version often don't include a ton of new additions, but there are some notable improvements in this release. For instance, Edge's Immersive Reader will now work better on Wikipedia, with support
  10. This week's Edge Dev build adds Collections improvements, secure DNS, and more As is customary every week, Microsoft is releasing a new Edge Dev build to users running the Dev version of the Chromium-based browser. Today’s build has a few new features for highlighting text in PDF using a pen tool, Collections improvements, and the ability to record and submit a video when submitting feedback from the browser. The release also brings the recently spotted secure DNS feature that lets users to default to DNS over HTTPS (DoH), making DNS requests secu
  11. This week's Edge Dev build improves dark mode support, adds more fixes As usual, Microsoft has released its weekly build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to Insiders running Dev builds. This week's build is 86.0.608.2, up from last week's 86.0.601.1, and just like that release, it's fairly minor in terms of new features. The first couple of releases built on Chromium 86 actually added a lot, but things seem to have slowed down now. Possibly the biggest news today is improved support for dark mode in the default form controls, such as dropdown menus or cal
  12. Edge Dev build 86.0.594.1 adds Chrome themes and more Microsoft has released the latest build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to Insiders running the Dev channel version of the browser. There was already a pretty hefty update last week with the release of the first build based on Chromium 86, which included plenty of new features, but this week still includes a few notable changes. In terms of new features, the biggest news might be that Edge now supports themes installed from the Chrome web store. While Edge has always supported Chrome extensi
  13. New Edge Dev build adds support for Storage Access API, more fixes Just like last week, Microsoft has released this week's build of the Edge browser to the Dev channel on a Wednesday, bringing the version number up to 86.0.601.1. Unlike the past two releases, which included pretty lengthy lists of changes and new features, this one is slightly more mild, with a handful of smaller new features and the usual array of fixes. In terms of what's new, Microsoft has officially enabled support for the Storage Access API, which was previously only availabl
  14. Microsoft is pausing Edge Dev and Beta releases for a couple of weeks Typically, Microsoft releases its weekly Edge Dev builds early in the week, and if you're an Edge Insider with a keen eye, you might have noticed that there wasn't one this week. The company clarified some things today, including that it's pausing updates in the Dev and Beta channels for two weeks. The Canary channel will continue to get daily builds. According to the announcement, this change is being made to align with the Chromium Project's release schedule. There's no surpris
  15. Edge Dev build 83.0.467.0 is out with mostly fixes It's still early in the week, but Microsoft today released this week's Edge Dev build, bringing the version number to 83.0.467.0. As usual, there's not a whole lot in the way of new features. All that's actually new in this build is the ability to resume downloads from the Downloads management page. As always, there are a bunch of fixes. Here are the fixes for improved reliability: Fixed an issue where watching protected video on certain devices sometimes causes a bluescreen. Note
  16. Edge Dev 83.0.474.0 is out with Edge 84 on the way This week's Edge update in the Dev channel is out, and it's version 83.0.474.0. Interestingly, Microsoft noted that this is going to be one of the last builds of Edge 83 before it heads on to the Beta channel. This is due to the updated release schedule. Edge 82 is completely canceled, which is why Beta is on Edge 81 and Dev is on Edge 83. In fact, Google is doing the same thing with Chrome. That means that all of the versions around it are on a modified schedule, and Chromium 83 is going out earl
  17. This week's Edge Dev build is based on Chromium 83, adds extension syncing Microsoft has released the latest build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to Insiders users in the Dev channel of the Insider program. The release is happening a little later than usual, and Microsoft says that's because of the ongoing events around COVID-19. Nonetheless, it's a brand new build, and it's the first Dev build to be based on Chromium version 83, which has so far only been in the Canary channel. Builds that update the Chromium version often don't come with much that's n
  18. This week's Edge Dev build focuses on fixes, prepares the next Beta release As usual on Tuesdays, Microsoft has released a new build of the Chromium-based Edge browsers to Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel. This time, we're getting build number 79.0.309.5, and you may notice that the build number is only one number higher than last week's build, which was 79.0.308.1. That's because Microsoft has mostly focused on making fixes and improvements, since this build is the candidate for the next release of Edge in the Beta channel. The changelog is much smalle
  19. This week's Edge Dev build is now available with general improvements Microsoft is releasing this week's Edge build for Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel, bringing the build number up to 81.0.396.0. This week's release is a fairly small one, with only a handful of added features that aren't all that big. However, it is worth noting that browser extensions can now be used inside Application Guard windows. Here's what's been added: Added a dialog to warn users when they’re visiting a website that uses out-of-date security settings.
  20. This week's Edge Dev build is 80.0.355.1 - here's what's new In line with its usual schedule, Microsoft has released a new build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to users using the Dev channel of the Insider program. The new build is 80.0.355.1, and it focuses mostly on fixes, which is something we've been seeing more of with the more recent updates. There are, however, a couple of feature additions this week: Added an option to Reading View to increase text spacing. Added a prompt to verify work or school accounts that are automatically adde
  21. Edge Dev build 80.0.345.0 includes inking and dark mode improvements Microsoft has released a new build of the Chromium-based Edge browser in the Dev channel, after the company took a break last week to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Today's build comes with version number 80.0.345.0, and despite having two weeks leading up to its release, it doesn't have as big of a changelog as some of the builds we've seen. This release does bring a few new features, including the ability to use the eraser side of an active pen to erase ink in PDF files. Some parts of the UI al
  22. Edge Dev build 80.0.328.4 adds a bunch of fixes, but no ARM64 support just yet It's a bit late in the week, but Microsoft released a new Edge Dev build today. The build number is 80.0.328.4, and it's a pretty minor update that contains mostly fixes. Yesterday, the Canary channel, which is updated daily, got support for ARM64 PCs, so if you were hoping that this week's Dev build would get the same treatment, you're out of luck. Surface Pro X users will have to wait until next week. Here are the changes for better reliability: Fixed
  23. Microsoft's new Edge Dev build adds spellchecker and other minor new features Earlier today, Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser hit general availability, but it's still updating its other branches. The weekly Dev branch got build 81.0.389.2 today, although it's a bit light on new features. Microsoft says that this is because it was focusing on its big launch this week. Here's the full list of new features: Added the ability to hide the Collections button from the address bar. Added a “coming soon” message to all users who still have fa
  24. The first Edge Dev build of the year is based on Chromium 81 The holiday season is now behind us, and that means development teams are now back to work at the usual pace. As such, it's time for the weekly builds of the Chromium-based Edge browser to make a return to the Dev channel. Build 81.0.381.0 is rolling out now, and as you can probably tell from the build number, it's the first release to be based on version 81 of the Chromium project. The team says it hasn't been completely idle during the holidays, and favorites syncing, which had temporarily been
  25. This week's Edge Dev build is 80.0.361.5, adds Dolby Vision and 360-degree video support As we've been accustomed to on Tuesdays, Microsoft has released a new build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to users enrolled in the Dev channel of the Insider program. It's a big release, as Microsoft already announced that Dev builds now natively support ARM-powered devices like the Surface Pro X, as well as new capabilities like support for Windows high contrast themes and more immersive reader options. But even in addition to that, there are a couple of new features with
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