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Found 18 results

  1. Upcoming Apple privacy update has developers desperately seeking dodges Developers look at invasive user tracking techniques before advertising rule change. Enlarge / Social media applications are seen on an iPhone in this photo illustration in Warsaw, Poland, on December 17, 2020. Facebook has disabled several features on its Messenger app to comply with new data usage rules currently being put in place in the EU as part of the ePrivacy Directive. (Photo illustration by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Getty Images 1
  2. The GNOME project launches Circle dev programme The GNOME project has announced the launch of GNOME Circle, a new initiative that it hopes will widen its developer outreach. Developers that build on the GNOME platform and make their software open-source will be able to join GNOME Circle and have access to several benefits. By becoming a part of the GNOME Circle, developers will receive promotion and advertising for their programs so that they can reach a wider audience. Developers also qualify for GNOME Foundation membership which gives access to
  3. Greg Kroah-Hartman, the Linux Foundation fellow currently responsible for stable Linux kernel releases shared the lessons he’s learned as a kernel developer that are applicable to other developers at this year’s Linux App Summit. Kroah-Hartman has been helping develop the Linux kernel for over 20 years — “way too long,” he jokes — but reminded the audience that he has done some userspace work and maintains some small Linux userspace packages. He started by showing how he could succinctly distill the essence of the talk into a single five-word slide: “Don’t
  4. What do Heartbleed, WannaCry, and million dollar iPhone bugs have in common? Alex is a software security engineer at Mozilla, where he works on sandboxing and anti-exploitation for Firefox. Previously he was a software engineer with the United States Digital Service, and served as a member of the board of directors of both the Python and Django Software Foundations. One bug affects iPhones, another affects Windows, and the third affects servers running Linux. At first glance these might seem unrelated, but in reality all three were made possible because the
  5. Above: Even amongst Mac App Store developers, the overall impression of the store remains negative. Apple thoroughly revamped the look and feel of the Mac App Store this year, debuting “editorial” recommendations and an iOS-inspired interface for its macOS software storefront. But a new survey from CleanMyMac developer MacPaw suggests developers remain unimpressed by the App Store due to a series of well-established problems that haven’t been addressed, and that Apple is “slowly losing devs to the great unknown” — other distribution options — as a result. MacPaw’
  6. If you use GitHub's online services in a country facing US sanctions, you could be about to be kicked off all but the most basic offerings. There's a debate over free speech taking place after Microsoft-owned GitHub "restricted" the account of a developer based in the Crimea region of Ukraine, who used the service to host his website and gaming software. GitHub this week told Anatoliy Kashkin, a 21-year-old Russian citizen who lives in Crimea, that it had "restricted" his GitHub account "due to US trade controls". Kashkin uses GitHub to host his websi
  7. Top developers behind ad-blocking and anti-tracking browser extensions say they’re alarmed by potential changes coming to Chrome recently disclosed in a public Google document. As a result, at least one company is now threatening possible legal action. The proposed design changes would replace the API relied upon by privacy extensions like uBlock and Ghostery with another designed to “diminish the effectiveness of content blocking and ad blocking extensions,” the Register reported on Tuesday. The proposal would leave functional basic filters employed by Adblock P
  8. I have been a bit critical of Linux Mint in the past, but the truth is, it is a great distribution that many people enjoy. While Mint is not my favorite desktop distro (that would be Fedora), I recognize its quality. Is it perfect? No, there is no such thing as a flawless Linux-based operating system. Today should be happy times for the Linux Mint community, as we finally learn some new details about the upcoming version 19.2! It will be based on Ubuntu 18.04 and once again feature three desktop environments -- Xfce, Mate, and Cinnamon. We even found out the cod
  9. Any love for Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, WebAssembly? Bueller? Bueller? Microsoft's roadmap for developing Windows applications is opposed by some programmers who want to see a cross-platform solution, rather than just being Windows-only. Spanish developer José Nieto this week raised an issue on GitHub, stating that WinUI, which Microsoft is positioning as “the native UI platform for Windows 10,” should target not only Windows, but also Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and WebAssembly – this last so it would also run in a web browser. This would go against the normal pattern, wh
  10. And 2 in 5 programmers gripe they are underpaid The Go programming language tops the list of skills that software developers say they'll learn next, according to a survey of 116,000 programmers conducted by hiring biz HackerRank. Some 36.2 per cent of respondents expressed interest in the Google-backed language, which is suitable for systems programming for those reconciled to the potential performance impact of built-in garbage collection. Python came next on the planned study list, with 27.7 per cent looking to enjoy the chaos of the language'
  11. Mozilla Add-ons developers may soon pay Mozilla for reviews and promoted listings Mozilla announced the introduction of the "Promoted Add-ons Pilot" program on September 9, 2020 on the official Add-ons blog. The pilot program will run between September and November 2020, and may be turned into a full service for developers of Firefox add-ons afterwards. The main idea behind the new service is to provide add-on developers and companies with options to have their add-ons manually reviewed by Mozilla and as a consequence, promoted on the Mozilla website.
  12. At least 11 accessed data in the last two months Facebook says that even after it locked down its Groups system last year, some app developers retained improper access to information about members. A company blog post reports that roughly 100 developers might have accessed user information since Facebook changed its rules in April of 2018, and at least 11 accessed member data in the last 60 days. It says it’s now cut all partners off from that data. Facebook Group administrators can use third-party tools to manage their groups, giving apps informatio
  13. Last year, Apple Inc. software chief Craig Federighi said developers would be able to easily bring their iPad apps to Mac computers, essentially letting coders write an app once and deploy it across millions more devices. So far, the reality has fallen short for some developers and is even leaving consumers paying twice for apps. Major app developers and service providers like Netflix Inc. are also demurring on taking part, at least at this early stage. Apple rolled out Catalyst, the technology to transition iPad apps into Mac versions, on Monday. It’s the initial step
  14. Last week at the Android Dev Summit, Google announced a feature that Chrome OS enthusiasts have wanted for years: the ability to sideload Android apps without enabling Developer Mode. We’ve seen code commits in the past that would have enabled this feature, but none of those implementations ever made their way to the stable channel. Now that Google has officially confirmed this feature will arrive in Chrome OS 80, which is set for a stable release in the second week of February 2020, we no longer need to religiously monitor the Chromium Gerrit for this feature addition. As you can
  15. Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems for a reason -- it’s really good. By leveraging the excellent Ubuntu for its base, and offering a top-notch user experience, success is pretty much a guarantee. While the distribution primarily focuses on two desktop environments -- Mate and Cinnamon -- the latter is really the star of the show. Cinnamon is great because it uses a classic WIMP interface that users love, while also feeling modern. With Cinnamon 3.8, the Linux Mint Team focused on improving the DE's performance, and today,
  16. Apple's App Store on iOS has generally been pretty successful, and last year's holiday season bore testimony to that. But while the company may have been celebrating those numbers, some developers feel like the App Store isn't the best environment for them. At least, that's the case made by a new group called The Developers Union. Despite the name, this is an unofficial union meant to "bring developers and supporters together for better App Stores for all". At the time of writing, the group has just over 400 supporters including developers and non-developers, but Wired reports that the un
  17. Will make its phones far less desirable for developers CHINESE PHONE GIANT Huawei has ended support for bootloaders on its devices. The company admitted the news in a statement sent to Android Authority after the dedicated support page for the process disappeared without any explanation earlier this month. For years, the Chinese phone maker Huawei has provided codes so that the custom ROM development community could unlock the bootloaders of its device for years, making the firm a very popular choice with developers as it was only one of few companies that did s
  18. Looking for an Android device to test your app on but don't have access to the latest hardware? If you live in US or Canada, LG has got you covered. B) Android developers in the above mentioned areas can now sign up for LG's developer program to request an LG G2 or even the older Optimus G Pro and Optimus G for up to 30 days to test their applications on. Interested, Sign up for the LG Device Loaner Program source: gsmarena
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