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Found 8 results

  1. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a searchable online database that contains all of the documents obtained by Edward Snowden and made public since last June. "These documents stand as primary source evidence of our government's interpretation of its authority to engage in sweeping surveillance activities at home and abroad, and how it carries out that surveillance," Emily Weinrebe of the ACLU's National Security project wrote on Thursday. "The ACLU hopes to facilitate this debate by making these documents more easily accessible and understandable," Weinrebe wrote. "Toward that end, today we are launching the NSA Documents Database."The database is searchable by document title, category, or full-text content, allowing anyone with online access to delve through all the documents and find information on whatever previously secret government info-slurping they're interested in. There's also a filtering function that allows you to sort the documents based on the type and area of surveillance you're interested in. "For example," Weinrebe writes, "you can have the database return all documents that both pertain to 'Section 215' and 'Internal NSA/DOJ Legal Analysis'." As more documents are released, they will be added to the database as part of the ACLU's effort to ensure that the public has easy access to the information that, after all, they paid to have collected by the NSA. "The fact is," Weinrebe wrote, "that most of the documents contained in this database should have never been secret in the first place." The inauguration of the searchable collection comes just in time for some leisurely weekend browsing, eh, Reg readers? Source
  2. No diggity, NoSQL Open-source NoSQL in-memory database Redis is the most popular database in the world if, that is, your world is solely within Amazon Web Services. The knock to the egos of the database big boys has come from Sumo Logic, which provides monitoring software mostly focused on AWS, and can be explained by some of the peculiarities of modern application architecture continuing to gain traction in the cloud. According to Sumo Logic's research of 2,100 companies that it monitors, Redis is the number one database in AWS – with 28 per cent market share. MySQL came in second with 23 per cent and PostGreSQL third with 20 per cent. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server were left languishing at joint sixth place with 10 per cent each. Compare these findings to the big bad world outside AWS and the contrast is stark. According to DBengines, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server hog the top three spots respectively, a ranking that has not changed in six years. The database rating service, with measures based on website mentions, job ads, search queries, FAQs and social media, ranked Redis down in eighth place. Redis's popularity as a database, a cache, and a message broker in modern cloud architecture provides an explanation for its position in the AWS ranking but not in the wider world. But that is a perception that Redis, the company behind the open-source database, has gone some way to dispel. Speaking to The Register last year, Redis Labs CTO and co-founder Yiftach Shoolman said the company wants to continue changing the perception of Redis from being a cache to "a real database. I think that our production numbers show it already. Redis can be extremely reliable." To this end, Redis this year promoted its database in real-time analytics as an "AI serving platform" for use in fraud detection and IoT monitoring. Things are getting complex The Sumo research also shows how those developing and rolling out applications face increasing complexity in infrastructure. The median number of AWS services used by enterprises grew from 15 last year to 26 services in 2020. Growth in service adoption shows organisations moving beyond Amazon's core storage, database, and network services. AWS Security Token Service, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Identity Access Management, and AWS Lambda all made the top 10 AWS services used. Meanwhile, 47 per cent of organisations have two or more AWS regions and 43 per cent told Sumo Logic that they have two or more AWS accounts to deal with. Over 40 per cent of AWS customers are using container orchestration and around 85 per cent are using Kubernetes to build and operate applications across multiple clouds. Serverless architecture is continuing to grow rapidly: AWS Lambda adoption is at 37 per cent, up from 24 per cent in 2017. Sumo said the increase in interest in modern cloud-based and/or serverless architecture was accelerating due to the spread of COVID-19 and the need for businesses to operate remotely and demonstrate greater flexibility. "Many industries around the world are adopting digital-first models during the shelter-in-place order. Over the last 12 months, we see continued growth in the modern application stack, comprising IaaS services, microservice technologies and modern application components. And, multi-cloud adoption has accelerated with 70 per cent growth over the last 12 months as more companies adjust to support remote workforces," the report said. All of which means that it is not just online shopping that is ensuring Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is having a good pandemic. Source
  3. Database of 176 million Pakistani mobile phone users sold online The database contains personal data including full names, physical addresses, and phone numbers. A threat actor is selling a database allegedly containing the personal details of over 176 million Pakistani citizens. Apparently, the database is a compilation of data belonging to different telecom companies in the country and dumped altogether for sale. Currently, some of the major telecom companies in Pakistan include Zong, Warid, Ufone, Telenor, and Jazz (Previously Mobilink & Warid). According to sample data seen by Hackread.com, the information in the database includes: City Full name Full address Phone number IMSI number Activation date and status Biometric Verification status National ID card number (CNIC) Name of the telecom company to which the connection belongs. It is worth noting that the database was not stolen from any particular telecom company. It could be a result of illegal data scrapping technique or sold by government officials/insiders within the telecom sector as similar incidents were reported previously. Hi, I’m selling the database of telecom networks of Pakistan. It has details of more than 176 million subscribers. The data is updated in 2020. Interested people pm me to get the price, said the threat actor in their post. Screenshot of the post in which the hacker is offering data. (Image source: Hackread.com) If the database is legitimate it poses massive security and privacy threat to Pakistani citizens. It can allow cybercriminals to carry out SMSishing, SIM Swapping attacks, and identity scams while State-backed actors can use the data for all sorts of malicious purposes. The incident should not come as a surprise considering last year’s event when a threat actor leaked sensitive and personal data of 44 million Mobilink users on several underground and dark web hacker forums. Additionally, a couple of weeks ago, Android spyware was found mimicking top government apps in Pakistan to spy on unsuspected users. However, there was no official response from the government once the issue was reported. Not sure if anyone in #Pakistan will care about this but 4 trojanized apps disguised as popular Pakistani apps are spying on users including: Pakistan Citizen Portal Registered SIMs Checker Pakistan Salat Time Mobile Packages Pakistan TPL insurance. pic.twitter.com/6h7u2t3EBG — W4q4s (@WAK4S) January 12, 2021 Nevertheless, the ongoing sale opens yet another pandora’s box questioning the security of the cyberinfrastructure of the Pakistani government and private institutions. Hackread.com has informed relevant authorities however it is quite unlikely that there will be any response. Stay turned this article will be updated accordingly. Source: Database of 176 million Pakistani mobile phone users sold online
  4. Browse, sort and search your movie collection in various layouts and views Movie Collector's main screen is highly customizable, so that you can make it look the way you want. Choose between: Multiple layouts for the main screen folder, list and details panels. List, Images or Card View for your movie lists. Different templates for the movie details panel. Light, Dark and System skins for all screens. Easily add DVDs and Blu-Rays to your database, by Title or by Barcode Adding new movies to your personal movie database is quick and easy: Just search our online movie database by title or by barcode. Select the movie and/or DVD/Blu-Ray edition you own. Click the Add button. Our Core online movie database will then automatically provide Full movie details like year, cast, crew, IMDb Rating, Plot, etc.. Cover art, movie posters, backdrop art and trailer videos. For TV Series, full episode details (plot, first air dates, cast) and screen shot images. Adding movies by title: Adding movies by barcode: Organize your movie files by scanning your folders Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files. Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files, then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel. Free CLZ Cloud storage for backups, syncing and sharing Use the free CLZ Cloud service to: always have an online backup of your movie database. synchronize your data to other computers and mobile devices. share your movie list online, for friends and family (example). Other features and tools Efficiently edit your data using field defaults, batch editing, direct editing in main screen list, etc.. Add missing cover images by searching the internet with the built-in Find Image Online tool. Customize your database by renaming existing fields, or by creating your own User Defined Fields. Manage your loans with the integrated Loan Manager system. Export your movie database to Text or XML files. Print movie lists in any order, with your configurable columns. Homepage:https://www.collectorz.com/movie/movie-collector Download:http://installers.collectorz.com/movie-win/moviecollectorsetup1847.exe
  5. PremiumSoft Navicat Premium 12.1.15 is now out. What's new: https://www.navicat.com/en/products/navicat-premium-release-note Navicat Premium (Windows) version 12.1.15 Improvements: Add a "Drop with CASCADE" option for deleting PostgreSQL objects. Bug-fixes: Crashed when opening Oracle table with Spatial data. "Cannot add foreign key constraint" error occurred when importing Access file. Code completion box displayed off the bottom of the screen and partially obscured. Unable to customize query result tab name by using /*NAME:XYZ*/ . Hanged when executing script files in MongoDB server. Boolean or BIT(1) values importing, exporting and transferring issue. Copying table field names in Table Designer was slow. Table Form view was unable to show jpg images. Unable to import data when using Append/Update mode. Importing files to Oracle server was slow. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Navicat Premium (32 bit) - http://download3.navicat.com/download/navicat121_premium_en_x86.exe Navicat Premium (64 bit) - http://download3.navicat.com/download/navicat121_premium_en_x64.exe PremiumSoft Navicat All Products Multi Keygen+Patch v4.6-URET Site: https://www.upload.eeSharecode: /files/9568322/Navicat_Keygen_Patch_v4.6_By_DFoX.rar.html Cheers........
  6. DBeaver Universal Database Client Enterprise Edition 7.0 (Upgrade from 6.3) DBeaver is a universal database management tool for everyone who needs to work with data in a professional way. With DBeaver you are able to manipulate with your data like in a regular spreadsheet, create analytical reports based on records from different data storages, export information in an appropriate format. For advanced database users DBeaver suggests a powerful SQL-editor, plenty of administration features, abilities of data and schema migration, monitoring database connection sessions, and a lot more. Out-of-the box DBeaver supports more than 80 databases. Having usability as its main goal, DBeaver offers: Carefully designed and implemented User Interface Support of Cloud datasources Support for Enterprise security standard Capability to work with various extensions for integration with Excel, Git and others. Great number of features Multiplatform support What's new in V7.0 Downloads for Windows, Linux and macOS: DBeaver Enterprise Edition 7.0 download NOTE: If you are unable to activate after you have used the "installer" (.exe) version, uninstall it and reinstall using the contents of the ".zip" file version. DBeaver Community Edition 7.0 download (free activation) DBeaver activation: (Note: Activation zip file updated to include English instructions) Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/11259013/dbeaver-agent-latest__191030_.zip.html (Tested for V6.3 and V7.0 for Windows 10 and Fedora 31/Linux)
  7. PremiumSoft Navicat Premium 12.1.18 is now out. What's new: https://www.navicat.com/en/products/navicat-premium-release-note Apr 17 2019 Navicat Premium (Windows) version 12.1.18 Bug-fixes: 1. Error occurred when connecting to MySQL 4.0. 2. Unable to execute SQL files that contain "NaN" values. 3. Primary Key checkbox was deselected when tabbing to the next field in Table Designer. 4. "Unknown Internal" error occurred when importing data. 5. The DDL of PostgreSQL tables with "tstzrange" data type was incorrect. 6. Table Designer cannot show the definition of MySQL 5.0 triggers. 7. Unable to set the precision of "datetime2" data type to 0 in Table Designer. 8. The deployment scripts generated incorrect default value in Structure Synchronization. 9. "Access Violation" error occurred after editing the data pipeline in Report. 10. "Unknown Internal" error occurred when using Automation. 11. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Navicat Premium (32 bit) - http://download3.navicat.com/download/navicat121_premium_en_x86.exe Navicat Premium (64 bit) - http://download3.navicat.com/download/navicat121_premium_en_x64.exe PremiumSoft Navicat All Products Multi Keygen+Patch DeltaFox keygen (official releases): Site: https://github.com Sharecode: /Deltafox79/Navicat_Keygen/releases (Thanks to @H4rDw4rE for the update to DeltaFox's "medicine". I was able to activate using V4.6, FYI) NOTE: Previous updates required only a patch (from the medicine). For this version I had to patch and then gen a new activation code, etal. YMMV Cheers........
  8. Google Launches Database for Open Source Vulnerabilities Google last week announced the launch of OSV (Open Source Vulnerabilities), which the internet giant has described as a vulnerability database and triage infrastructure for open source projects. OSV should make it easier for the users of open source software to find out which vulnerabilities impact them. It can also help maintainers of open source software accurately identify all versions and commits impacted by a flaw across all their branches. For consumers, Google says OSV provides a database that can be easily queried, with its goal being to complement existing vulnerability databases. “OSV automates the triage workflow for an open source package consumer by providing an API to query for vulnerabilities,” Google’s security team said in a blog post. In the case of maintainers, they can obtain information on the impact of vulnerabilities by providing the commit that introduced a bug and the commit that patched it. “Unfortunately, many open source projects, including ones that are critical to modern infrastructure, are under resourced and overworked. Maintainers don't always have the bandwidth to create and publish thorough, accurate information about their vulnerabilities even if they want to,” Google’s security experts said. OSV currently stores information on thousands of vulnerabilities from more than 380 critical open source projects integrated with Google’s OSS-Fuzz fuzzing service. However, the company wants to extend it with data from repositories such as npm Registry and PyPI. It also wants to make it very easy for developers to submit information on vulnerabilities. “Our goal with OSV is to rethink and promote better, scalable vulnerability tracking for open source. In an ideal world, vulnerability management should be done closer to the actual open source development process, aided by automated infrastructure. Projects that depend on open source should be promptly notified and fixes uptaken quickly when a vulnerability is reported,” Google said. Source: Google Launches Database for Open Source Vulnerabilities
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