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Found 14 results

  1. 3.2 Billion Leaked Passwords Contain 1.5 Million Records with Government Emails A staggering number of 3.28 billion passwords linked to 2.18 billion unique email addresses were exposed in what's one of the largest data dumps of breached usernames and passwords. In addition, the leak includes 1,502,909 passwords associated with email addresses from government domains across the world, with the U.S. government alone taking up 625,505 of the exposed passwords, followed by the U.K (205,099), Australia (136,025), Brazil (68,535), and Canada (50,726).
  2. ICO Issued Over £42 Million in Fines Last Year The UK’s privacy regulator issued over £42 million in fines last year, although the vast majority of the money relates to two major GDPR penalties, according to new data. Flagged by think tank Parliament Street, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) “work to recover fines” report revealed that 17 financial penalties had been levied in 2020, amounting to more than £42.4 million. Most can be attributed to the vastly reduced and much-d
  3. A Tale of 3 Data 'Leaks': Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Facebook Confusion Over Hacking, Scraping and Amassing Highlights Data Lockdown Imperative Post to cybercrime forum describes Clubhouse user data being offered for sale Criminals love to amass and sell vast quantities of user data, but not all data leaks necessarily pose a risk to users. Even so, the ease with which would-be attackers can amass user data is a reminder to organizations to lock down inappropriate access as much as possible. That's a takeaway experts offer after large tranches of data
  4. Data Breaches Tracker monitor unsecured ElasticSearch servers online Cybersecurity research at WizCase, an online security and privacy portal, built a tool to track accessible ElasticSearch servers on the internet. Cybersecurity research at WizCase, an online security and privacy portal, developed a tool that allows track accessible ElasticSearch servers on the Internet. The tool scans the web for accessible ElasticSearch servers and displays different variables such as the total number of running Elasticsearch instances, a breakdown of secure vs insecure servers and
  5. Universities Face Double Threat of Ransomware, Data Breaches Lack of strong security policies put many schools at risk of compromise, disrupted services, and collateral damage. Institutions of higher education continue to have problematic password policies, lack multifactor authentication (MFA), and have a plethora of open ports — despite suffering dozens of ransomware attacks and targeting by attackers focused on stealing student information and university research, according to a new study published Tuesday. An analysis by cybersecurity services firm BlueVo
  6. Worldwide Accellion data breaches linked to Clop ransomware gang Threat actors associated with financially-motivated hacker groups combined multiple zero-day vulnerabilities and a new web shell to breach up to 100 companies using Accellion's legacy File Transfer Appliance and steal data. The attacks occurred in mid-December 2020 and were part of attacks that involve the Clop ransomware gang and the FIN11 threat group. The file-encrypting malware was not deployed in the recent incidents, though. It appears that the actors opted for an extortion c
  7. Data breaches are a ticking timebomb for consumers Damage from data breaches goes far beyond the impact to the target organisation – an obvious fact that is too often overlooked, says F-Secure The impact of corporate data breaches is becoming more widespread than ever, with ramifications spreading far beyond reputational or financial damage to businesses to hit consumers and their families, often months or years down the line, according to new data from F-Secure. In a newly published report, F-Secure found that three in 10 respondents to its survey had experienced some fo
  8. By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day A pandemic is no reason for hackers to hold off cyberattacks against everything from government bodies to healthcare providers. Cybersecurity may be far from many of our minds this year, and in light of a pandemic and catastrophic economic disruption, remembering to maintain our own personal privacy and security online isn't necessarily a priority. However, cyberattackers certainly haven't given anyone a break this year. Data breaches, network infiltrations, bulk data theft and sale, identity theft, and ransomwa
  9. The COVID-19 pandemic provided a huge opening for bad actors this year, thanks to remote work. Security experts expect more advanced cybersecurity threats in the coming year. Hackers are always looking for an opportunity and the COVID-19 pandemic provided a big one this year: As remote work in unprecedented numbers took hold, they preyed upon vulnerable employees who were unfamiliar with how to navigate their tech environments. Threat actors found success infecting businesses with ransomware and stealing company data, turning those ransomware attacks into
  10. With credential stuffing attacks running rampant, TripAdvisor will invalidate a member's password if their email and password were found in publicly leaked data breach databases. A friend received an email from TripAdvisor.com yesterday and was concerned that it was a phishing email because it stated their email address and password were found in a "lists of publicly leaked passwords". Due to that, the company invalidated their password and they would need to reset it before they can login again. TripAdvisor Email (Click to Enlarge) While receiv
  11. GDPR-ready organizations see lowest incidence of data breaches Organizations worldwide that invested in maturing their data privacy practices are now realizing tangible business benefits from these investments, according to Cisco’s 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study. The study validates the link between good privacy practice and business benefits as respondents report shorter sales delays as well as fewer and less costly data breaches. Business benefits of privacy investments The GDPR, which focused on increasing protect
  12. The government ID database, Aadhaar, became a victim to multiple data breaches which are reported to have compromised the database of 1.1 billion citizens of the country who were registered. In 2018, Cybercrime, more threatening than ever, instigated back to back data breaches across the world which endangered the personal records of millions of people and India is reported to be the largest victim of those breaches. The findings of the World Economic Forum's 14th edition of Global Risks Report 2019, stated the risks to which Environmental degra
  13. The folks behind the largest known hack of user data to date are finally paying up. Yahoo, now owned by Verizon, recently agreed to pay $117.5 million as part of a proposed class action settlement stemming from a series of breaches in the 2010s that affected 3 billion people—basically Yahoo’s then-entire user base. If you had a Yahoo account during that time, you might have already received an email this week telling you all this, along with the fact that you may be eligible for free credit monitoring or up to $100 as recompense for that whole to-do. The deadline for c
  14. Will “trust us” cut it when Google gets access to your kids’ school-based health records? How much more evidence do we need to compile before the federal government protects our children and fully deplatforms Google from American public schools? The Silicon Valley behemoth has already admitted it illegally collected children’s personal information on YouTube without parental consent, mines students’ browsing habits and emails, and tracks kids’ locations, audio and search history through Google educational apps and logons that are required for millions of st
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