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Found 14 results

  1. Nvidia unveils Grace ARM-based CPU for giant-scale AI and HPC apps Nvidia's Grace CPU for datacenters. Image Credit: Nvidia Nvidia unveiled its Grace processor today. It’s an ARM-based central processing unit (CPU) for giant-scale artificial intelligence and high-performance computing applications. It’s Nvidia’s first datacenter CPU, purpose-built for applications that are operating on a giant scale, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in a keynote speech at Nvidia’s GTC 2021 event. Grace delivers 10 times the
  2. Activist hedge fund advises Intel to outsource CPU manufacturing Third Point fund, led by Daniel Loeb, demands strategy shake up Andrew Cunningham Activist hedge fund Third Point has taken a stake of nearly $1 billion in Intel and called on the chipmaker to consider shedding its manufacturing operations, throwing a core part of its strategy into question. The firm with $15 billion in assets run by Daniel Loeb made a number of demands in a letter sent to Intel’s chairman Omar Ishrak on Tuesday and seen by the Financial Times. In the let
  3. In a first, researchers extract secret key used to encrypt Intel CPU code Hackers can now reverse engineer updates or write their own custom firmware. Enlarge Intel 78 with 60 posters participating Researchers have extracted the secret key that encrypts updates to an assortment of Intel CPUs, a feat that could have wide-ranging consequences for the way the chips are used and, possibly, the way they’re secured. The key makes it possible to decrypt the microcode updates Intel provides to fix
  4. At first, we had single core CPUs. These CPUs were clocked at a certain speed and could deliver performance at that particular speed. Then came the age of CPUs with multiple cores. Here, every individual core could deliver its own speed independently. This exponentially increased the power of a CPU and thereby increased the overall performance of the computing device. But the human tendency is to always look out for even better. Hence, multithreadingwas introduced which slightly increased the performance – but then came Hyper-Threading. Now, it bought up the performance of the CPU to an all-ti
  5. AMD Ryzen CPU Gain A Mammoth Market Share Versus Intel’s Core Lineup – Ryzen 3000 Outselling Intel 4 to 1, Ryzen 7 3700X Sales Eat Up Intel’s Entire Lineup The latest market share and revenue report for AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors are in from Mindfactory (via Ingebor) and it looks like the red team has got a major win on their hands. Based on the figures from Germany’s biggest retail outlet, the report shows that AMD while consistently topping Intel for an entire year has now surpassed them with an unimaginable and record share. AMD Ryzen CPU Share Highest
  6. Ever since AMD released the Zen-based Ryzen CPUs, their fortunes have overturned. The company sent rival Intel into a panic, resulting in price cuts and unplanned product launches that made a mess of their product lineup. But before Ryzen, things weren’t so “green” for AMD. The infamous Bulldozer architecture and its reiterations in the form of Steamroller, and Excavator were far from successful. On the other hand, Intel’s Core architecture and its successors kept on building a formidable lead over team red’s processors. This finally resulted in the pre-Ryzen scene where octa-core AMD CPUs wer
  7. Huawei’s new chip is the most complex CPU ever built New cores, new ambitions – meet Huawei’s Kunpeng Earlier this month, Huawei announced a new server processor, the Kunpeng 920, at CES. This CPU turned heads in the industry as it was the first silicon design from the Chinese behemoth to feature rather impressive specs and benchmark numbers. TechRadar Pro managed to get an exclusive interview with Mr Ai Wei, Fellow, Chipsets and Hardware Technology Strategy at Huawei, to discuss this new ARM-based processor in more detail, and s
  8. Shortages of Intel's CPUs are expected to worsen in the second quarter compared to the first as demand for Chromebooks, which are mostly equipped with Intel's entry-level processors, enters its best period. Bean counters at Digitimes Research have been adding up some numbers and dividing them by their shoe size and have reached the conclusion that Intel CPUs will see their supply gap shrink by three percent The shortage will be greater for the Core i3. Previously it has been far Core i5 as the series hit hardest by shortages. It all went
  9. Intel Japan’s President has suggested that it will take until December this year for Intel’s 14nm CPU shortage problems to be fixed, with a healthy supply of processors coming back to the market for the holidays. Which means things are going to remain pretty tight throughout most of this year. But Intel’s 14nm CPU shortage has been great news for the competition. On the back of it AMD has really started to eat into Intel’s market share, gathering momentum not just in the consumer desktop space, but also in laptops and, more importantly, in the datacentre. Recent speculation is that
  10. Intel will soon bake anti-malware defenses directly into its CPUs Control-Flow Enforcement Technology will debut in Tiger Lake microarchitecture. Enlarge / A mobile PC processor code-named Tiger Lake. It will be the first CPU to offer a security capability known as Control-Flow Enforcement Technology. Intel 78 with 53 posters participating The history of hacking has largely been a back-and-forth game, with attackers devising a technique to breach a system, defenders constructing a countermeasure that prevents the
  11. AMD releases a $49 mainstream desktop processor, the Athlon 3000G with Radeon Vega graphics Today, AMD released the Athlon 3000G, a processor that's made for mainstream desktop users. The 3000G is the first Athlon chip to use the Zen architecture, and it's unlocked for overclocking. The dual-core chip has four threads and a 35W TDP, along with Radeon Vega 3 graphics. That means that it includes triple-core graphics clocked at 1,000MHz. AMD says that the 14nm chip can handle a broad range of use cases, from productivity to high de
  12. Can't just use an iPhone — Space-grade CPUs: How do you send more computing power into space? Figuring out radiation was a huge "turning point in the history of space electronics." Mars beckons. NASA 135 with 86 posters participating Phobos-Grunt, perhaps the most ambitious deep space mission ever attempted by Russia, crashed down into the ocean at the
  13. Taiwanese industry sources say we will likely see this rebound in the Q4 2018 figures. AMD's global desktop processor market share is likely to hit 30 per cent before 2018 is out reports Taiwan's DigiTimes. This uptrend milestone will be evidenced Q4 2018 figures, reckon industry sources speaking to the IT industry journal. It is notable that this will be the first time that AMD has had such a grasp on the desktop CPU market since 2007. While its desktop CPU share might be reaching beyond 10 year highs, AMD's share price recently hit a 12 year high. Behind AMD's fortunes are s
  14. Microsoft introduced the Runtime Broker process (RuntimeBroker.exe) in Windows 8, and kept on using it in Windows 10 as well. Runtime Broker is a legitimate Windows process, but one with quite a bad reputation for increasing CPU load and memory usage on systems sporadically. If you monitor the Windows Task Manager, by loading it with Ctrl-Shift-Esc for instance, or if you use a more advanced process monitor like Process Explorer, you may have noticed already that Runtime Broker is not active all the time. If you watch more closely, you may notice that it is linked
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