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Found 15 results

  1. How to use multiple Microsoft Accounts in the new Microsoft Edge browser The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser that Microsoft is working on currently supports a number of features that the classic Edge browser does not support. One of these is the ability to add multiple Microsoft Accounts and non-Microsoft accounts to the browser to switch between them. Each profile comes with its own set of personal data and saved data, e.g. passwords or browsing data, and if a Microsoft Account is used, may use synchronization to sync the data between devic
  2. “Show using Internet Explorer” option removed from Chromium Edge It was at the Build 2019 developer conference where Microsoft first announced IE Mode for their Chromium-based Edge browser. After enabling a flag, you could then use Internet Explorer within a tab in Edge. Only a few weeks later, the “Show this page using Internet Explorer” option in the menu isn’t there anymore, even if you still have the flag enabled. Unfortunately, only IT admins will be able to open websites in IE mode from now on, as per the security model. Reportedly, the reason fo
  3. Antivirus on Microsoft Edge Chromium is responsible for add-ons being blocked Users of the Canary version of Microsoft Edge Chromium have recently reported issues with the installation of add-ons. The problem has since been successfully pinpointed to the built-in Antivirus software. The virus check function has been found to block add-ons from being installed in the latest version of Canary. Add-ons from the Chrome Store seem to be exempt from the problem, though. Canary is updated every night, so minor problems are usually fixed very quick
  4. How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) It should not come as a surprise that the default search engine of Microsoft Edge -- regardless of whether it is the classic version or new Chromium version -- is Microsoft's Bing search engine. Some people prefer Bing over Google and other search engines and that is perfectly fine; others may prefer to use a different search engine for their searches. I never found Bing to be very good when it came to non-English queries as it seemed heavily focused on English regions and search res
  5. How to add an extensions menu to Microsoft Edge (Chromium) The latest Canary version of the upcoming Microsoft Edge browser that is based on Chromium supports an extensions menu to improve extension manageability; when enabled, it reduces space on the toolbar but still gives users options to display specific extension icons on the toolbar. Microsoft Edge supports extension installations from the Microsoft Store and from the Chrome Web Store; this is one of the advantages that Edge has over Chrome as Microsoft's extensions policy does not impose the same limitations as
  6. Download link for Chromium Edge is live for some as testing nears Late last year, Microsoft announced that it was going to rebuild its less than popular Edge web browser using Google’s open source Chromium browser engine. The move will allow Edge to run on more devices, including Macs and Windows 7 devices, and also tear it away from Windows 10 so that the browser can be updated as an app and not part of the operating system. While Edge/Chromium has yet to become publicly available (it’s expected to be launched in preview to a sele
  7. Microsoft advisory shows whether Edge keeps up with Chrome's patching The advisory will be updated when Microsoft releases a new version of Edge that includes publicly disclosed security updates from the Chromium project. Microsoft Microsoft has posted a security advisory that will record all updates to its new Chromium-based Edge browser, giving customers a way to monitor whether the company
  8. You can now block potentially unwanted apps in Microsoft Edge Microsoft continues to add features to the company's Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser that it launched officially last month. Since it is Chromium-based, it gets a fair number of new features added as experiments which users of the browser may manage under edge://flags/. Other features get integrated natively and the new option to block potentially unwanted apps falls into that category. Microsoft did introduce it as an experiment in September 2019 in development versions of Microsoft Edge.
  9. How to change the font size and type in the new Microsoft Edge browser Microsoft released the first stable version of its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser on January 15, 2020 for Windows and Mac OS X. The browser shares the core with Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Vivaldi or Opera. It is no surprise therefore that features are shared across browsers. Most web browsers provide support for changing font characteristics; these determine the size and type of fonts used on websites and in web applications. Microsoft
  10. “Block potentially unwanted apps” feature makes its way to Microsoft Chromium Edge Microsoft has just improved the security of their Chromium-based Edge browser, with new changes being made to the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen that are akin to Chrome’s existing Safe Browsing security. Now, users of Edge Canary 79 will have a further layer of protection when visiting malicious sites, or when attempting to download a malicious file. The “Block potentially unwanted apps” (PUAs) feature “prevents downloads of low-reputation apps that might cause unexpected behaviours”.
  11. Browser review: Microsoft’s new “Edgium” Chromium-based Edge The final release version of Microsoft's new Edge looks quite promising. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 5 images. Before much longer, every new Windows PC is going to have a new default browser: it will still be named Microsoft Edge, but it's a completely different browser than the old version. Cue the jokes now about "the new browser everyone uses to download Chrome"—but we're not sure that so many people will actually bother downloading Ch
  12. FAQ: Microsoft's new Edge explained Microsoft's Chromium-based browser has officially arrived, no doubt bringing questions from users about what it means for them. We've got answers. Urupong Getty / Microsoft More than a year after Microsoft waved the white flag, saying it would scrap Edge's rendering engine and replace it with Blink, the engine that powers Google's Chrome, the company has now delivered its reborn browser to the public. Kudos, then. But the result? That's still up for grabs. Altho
  13. Microsoft will support Edge on Windows 7 for at least 18 months It's not a secret that the end of extended support for Windows 7 is tomorrow, and with Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge shipping for the unsupported OS the day after, there are questions about how long the browser will be supported. Google announced last week that it's committing to 18 months of support for Chrome on Windows 7, which means that Chromium is supported for as long. Today, Microsoft confirmed to Neowin that it will commit to the same timeframe as Google. That means that you'll get Edge upda
  14. How to install extensions on Microsoft’s new Edge browser This Chromium browser works with your favorite Chrome extensions One of the best things about Google Chrome is its robust catalog of extensions. Microsoft’s new version of the Edge browser, which just launched for Windows 10, macOS, and mobile, is built on the same Chromium code base and can also tap into the Chrome web store. This means that it supports the same tremendously large selection of extensions, in addition to Microsoft’s own relatively limited selection of native extensions that are available through
  15. 10 Tips to get started with the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser Microsoft plans to release the stable version of the company's Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser officially today. Most Home users will receive the browser via Windows Update as it is pushed to systems that way to replace the classic Microsoft Edge web browser. Tip: Microsoft released a blocker toolkit to prevent the installation of the new Edge browser on Windows systems. New and existing Edge users may find the following selection of tips useful as they highlight features of the browser
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