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  1. RestoreIT 2013 Download Link http://ppt.cc/vQE4 Beta version -supports English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese -supports Windows 7/8/8.1
  2. RestoreIT 2013 Download Link http://ppt.cc/vQE4 Beta version -supports English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese -supports Windows 7/8/8.1
  3. Total Backup Recovery Workstation 9.2 -supports Windows 7/8/8.1 Download link: http://ppt.cc/riHt
  4. Total Backup Recovery Server 9.2 -supports Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Download link: http://ppt.cc/wuP~
  5. Total Backup Recovery Server 9.2 -supports Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Download link: http://ppt.cc/wuP~
  6. jerry.chen

    Total Recovery Pro 9.03

    Total Recovery Pro 9.2 Supports Windows 8.1 Download link: http://ppt.cc/MK8z
  7. jerry.chen

    TotalReovery Pro 9.1

    Total Recovery Pro 9.2 Supports Windows 8.1 Download link: http://ppt.cc/MK8z
  8. jerry.chen

    RestoreIT 2014

    Overview RestoreIT S.M.A.R.T. (System Monitoring and Analysis Restore Technology ™) snapshots are automatically created upon Windows files modifications. This patented technology allows users to instantly undo virus infections and fix Windows issues, such as registry corruption, failed software installation, and accidentally deleted files. S.M.A.R.T Snapshot ™ Technology RestoreIT allows users to take S.M.A.R.T event-driven based snapshots and store them in a protected area or so called virtual partition. Any system file modifications and software installations will trigger the program to create a snapshot, effectively securing users' PCs from virus infections. When Windows behaves abnormally, users can roll back and restore hard drive to its previous snapshot state. It takes only a few minutes. Any viruses and malware will be removed. Accidentally deleted files and Windows settings will be recovered. What's new in RestoreIT 2014? New: Windows 8.1 SupportedNew: S.M.A.R.T Event-driven snapshotNew: Performance optimizedNew: Password protectionNew: Support UEFI-based/GPT, >4TB and RAIDNew: 64 bit Recovery EnvironmentNew: Support Software and Hardware RAIDsMain Features S.M.A.R.T snapshot assures virus infection can be undoneRestore Windows even if it won't bootAutomatic, 24/7 Ongoing ProtectionCompletely remove any virusSafety Net secures snapshot created before virus hitsRoll Back to Pre-Virus State & Restore FilesInstant protection after installationRestore entire Windows in 2 minCreate a snapshot in 5 secondsHot key recoveryPreview files in snapshotsRestore individual files or entire hard driveDOWNLOAD LINK: (1) for Win7, 8, 8.1 (28.4MB) new version: http://www.farstone.us/download/RestoreIT/RIT-2014a-GM-ML-20130927-NoPE.exe (2) for WinXP,Vista (323MB) old version: http://www.farstone.us/download/RestoreIT/RIT-2013c-GM-En-20130605.exe User's guide: http://www.farstone.com/resources/manuals/restoreit-usermanual.pdf Support multiple languages; English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese RestoreIT is for snapshot, fast backup & recovery. If you want a disk imaging program, please use Total Backup Recovery series. http://www.farstone.com/software/network-products.htm If you want to clone your HDD or SSD, please use DriveClone. http://www.farstone.com/software/Drive-Clone.php Currently, there is a non-commercial version of DriveClone. The functions are all open for free, except for mirror drive.
  9. jerry.chen

    Total Recovery Pro 8 for FREE

    http://eforensicsmag.com/totalrecovery-8-pro-free-download/ 1. First of all, create account (if you still don’t have it) on www.eForensicsMag.com 2. Like eForensics Magazine Facebook fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/EForensicsMagazine 3. Like FarStone Facebook fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/FarStoneTechnology 4. Write an email to [email protected] with “FarStone” in the subject and receive special landing page for free download. The activity is extended. If it ends, we will share the info ASAP. Note that this version doesn't support Windows 8 but it is a multi-lingual version: English, French, Italian, Polish, German.
  10. There will be a new version supporting more languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese..
  11. Only is Mirror Drive limited; the rest functions are open for FREE!!! Trusted Hard Drive and SSD Cloning Software for PCs DriveClone makes exactly copy of hard drives solid state drives and hybrid drives. DriveClone is capable of clone the entire Windows, including all applications, registries, favorites, and even hard drive partition information to another hard drive in order to upgrade hard drive or move (migrate) to another computer.Drive Clone fully supports the latest Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 Server systems. The new version of DriveClone also supports the latest hardware systems, including UEFI, GPT, RAID and EFI computers Mirror Drive DriveClone will clone only the data and files changed since last clone was done. In case of system failure, the cloned drive can be used to replace original hard drive and boot the system immediately. Recovery Object Time (RTO) is minimized with DriveClone. Clone to VM file DriveClone is capable to clone system to a VMware or Hyper-V virtual image file. The virtual image file can be loaded or played directly in VMware and Hyper-v. Smart Clone DriveClone's Smart Cloning reduces disk size 10GB-70GB by excluding redundant data during cloning process, such as browser's temporary files, Windows caching & swapping files and hard-link files. Smart Cloning improves performance, reduces disk size and makes computer faster. Download Link: http://ppt.cc/LrwN
  12. You can try the latest non-commercial version. Only function is limited. The rest functions are open. :D http://www.farstone.us/Download/Ronnie/DC-10-GM-En-20130726(NC).exe
  13. Hi,dear nsaners.I just bought my self a new extern hdd.1 TB in size and i am looking for a good,fast and reliable backup tool to backup my games colection to my new external hdd.My pc games colection is curently now writen on several DVD's and it's quite a pain in the *** to always use them to install/copy my games. So if u guys know some tools that can make a precise,1 to 1 copy tool for my games,then u guys are awesome ( u are,either way ) :D Thanks and have a good life/day :D
  14. Image for Windows is an affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore solution that provides an easy and convenient way to completely backup all your hard drive's data, programs and operating systems. Your backups can be saved directly to external USB and FireWire™ drives, to internal or network drives, and even directly to CD, DVD, or BD. The Image for Windows package includes an easy-to-use MakeDisk wizard for creating a recovery boot disk. To restore your data, programs and operating systems back to the way they were when the backup was created, simply boot the recovery disk and restore the partition(s) or drive(s) you need to recover. It's that easy. Image for Windows utilizes the technology provided by Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) or PHYLock™, an add-on component included in the Image for Windows package. VSS and PHYLock™ allows you to continue using your computer while the backup is locked to a point-in-time. This eliminates the inconsistencies typically experienced while backing up a partition that is in use. Image for Windows runs under the Windows operating system, yet it can backup or restore any partition, including those of DOS or Linux, and even partitions encrypted by third-party software. Changelog Image for Windows Features Homepage Download link for 30-days trial
  15. Professional backup and data recovery solution for business Customers contacts, employees emails, excel documents, Quickbook files, customer records, applications and more are all important data that are vulnerable to virus attack, hard disk failure, data loss, and other unexpected disaster. Main Features: All-in-one price with free support Backup and Recovery PC Restore and Data Recovery Backup Management SecurityBuy with confidence!Free phone supportSite licenses save huge30-day money back guarantee!One-click Backup & RestoreDisk Imaging and Windows BackupSupport MBR, GPT, BIOS and UEFI/EFI systemsAdministration Central ManagementFull, Incremental, and Differential BackupDisk Defragmentation During BackupP2V & V2P for VMware and Hyper-vBackup open files and databasesFlexible SchedulerOffsite backupPre Backup and Post Backup CommandBackup sets, and backup jobsRestore files, folders, applications, entire Windows and hard diskPC bare-metal restoreSearch files for restoreBrowsing and mounting backup imagesDissimilar/Universal Restore to different computerSelf Bootable DVD or USB flashExclude Windows temp & unnecessary filesBare-metal Restore from iSCSI storage directlyHot key to enter Recovery Manager on BootData Rescuer to restore files in a crashed hard diskAdministration ConsoleConfigure backup policies for multiple computersManage 1 or mulitple clientsEmail NotificationLog HistoryImport and Export of Backup JobsQuota ManagementAES Data EncryptionCompressionTotal Backup Recovery Server 10 (for Windows Server 2012/2008/2003) http://www.farstone.us/download/TotalBackupRecovery/TBRS-10.0-GM-En-20131226.exe User's guide: http://www.farstone.com/resources/manuals/TBRS10.pdf Total Backup Recovery Workstation 10 (for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) http://www.farstone.us/download/TotalBackupRecovery/TBRW-10.0-GM-En-20131227.exe User's guide : http://www.farstone.com/resources/manuals/TBRW10.pdf
  16. I'm a great fan of good backup tools and have tried alot of them. Very worthy of note has been Driveclone 5, which does imaging, universal restore as well as snapshots. I've used it for some time now and have only 2 gripes with it - even though it's regged it keeps nagging, and it fails at taking live snapshots from within XP. Neither of those is a huge problem - just annoying. Also worthy of note is that EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation has all the really good features that Driveclone had (until v7) - and it also has virtualization features built in so you can do a P2V right from an image much like some Paragon apps - but those do not make snapshots. Todo in this version also makes a boot CD and has a pre-OS feature for doing restores. There was a giveaway months ago for v5.8 and since then it is up to v6.1 which apparently is more compatible with newer OSes. Their pro and server versions do not have the snapshot feature. There's also a free version, but it lacks the really good features - and the home version (which just had a giveaway too) lacks the universal restore feature - so I would say their workstation version is the best. If there's any way you can ever get a chance somehow to grab the latest workstation version...grab it !! (I know I will.) This is one I will be watching for, in hopes it will show up soon.
  17. Hi guys.So i have an LG G3 D855 android phone with lolipop installed and ROOTED and i am searching for a tool that does these things : Main pourpose is to back-up data from my phone and also should do the following things : 1.Backing up my preinstalled apps and my third party apps 2.Saving my phone settings for quick restore 3.Preferably an option to store my back-up in the cloud. So after i decide to reinstall my OS on my phone i want an app that does these things quick and safely. I tyred Titanium Back-up but i am convinced.
  18. There's been plenty of work done by folks to get Macrium Reflect properly medicated and I see that there's even been some success with it lately. I've been through their site & read about it & about the different versions of it too. This leaves me baffled because it makes me wonder what is so great about this one backup app that has folks wanting it over so many others ?!? I have never used Macrium - but I have used Easeus Todo, Drive Snapshot (and others) with very good results. In particular - Todo workstation version has the snapshot function, which is very helpful & good. (Macrium lacks this function BTW, so that is a downside to it IMO.) So - I am NOT asking for advice about all the bazillion other backup programs there are - I'd just like to know if there is something extra-super-great about Macrium's that I've somehow missed ?!? Thanks
  19. alankubiak01

    ExImager Project

    ExImager Project is a very light software which allows to make backups of perfect size of SD / USB, it is able to make backups of OS in only a few minutes (for larger OS), compared to Win32DiskImager (and other ) which take 30 minutes to make an OS backup (of 2GB) while ExImager Project takes only about 3 minutes and is exactly the same size as the OS which was written, ExImager can also make compressed backups with an example (.ZIP - .GZ - .TGZ). And it also has a very fast OS writing functionality, and there is also the possibility to choose whether we want to create MBR partitions on the device or not. There is also a functionality to delete MBR partitions to renisialize devices, and more ... The Project : https://sourceforge.net/projects/eximager/ Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eximager/files/latest/download The Softpedia review : https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Boot-Manager-Disk/ExImager-Project.shtml Join the Discord server ! : https://discord.gg/pndm5Ra
  20. lukewilson02

    import OLM to Gmail file

    Choose the best software to import OLM to Gmail file format. This converter helps to Import the data in various file formats such as EML, EMLX, HTML, MSG. The tool allows the user to check the preview of the email with attachment and complete header details. Use the tool to import your selective or entire mailbox items safely. The tool securely import OLM to Gmail, G Suite, Google Drive and etc. Visit: *LINK REMOVED*
  21. Google Photos will no longer backup your chat media from WhatsApp, Facebook, and others Google has announced that it will no longer backup media from chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to Google Photos. The company was testing this change earlier this month and has now rolled it out to all Google Photos users. The company is only changing the default settings in Google Photos to ensure that it does not backup media content from messaging apps. The move is a temporary one by Google and it notes in its announcement that since people are sharing more photos and videos, it is changing the default Google Photos settings "to save internet resources." A notification for this change will also show up in the Google Photos app. The full list of apps was not announced by Google but the confirmed apps include WhatsApp, Messages, Kik, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LINE. Your existing chat media that's backed up to Google Photos will not be affected by this change in any way. You can also manually enable the feature from within the Google Photos app to ensure that all your chat media continues to get backed up. Google had previously throttled streaming on YouTube to help preserve internet resources. Netflix and other streaming providers had also made similar changes a couple of months ago. Google Photos will no longer backup your chat media from WhatsApp, Facebook, and others
  22. Free backup software to store encrypted backups online. Duplicati is a simple-to-use software application designed to take a safety measure when it comes to personal and app files by backing them up to a secure location. It features basic and advanced features alike to please both user groups. Create, schedule and restore backups with personal documents, music, application settings, desktop files and others, save them locally or upload via FTP or an online storage service Features: Duplicati uses AES-256 encryption (or GNU Privacy Guard) to secure all data before it is uploaded. Duplicati uploads a full backup initially and stores smaller, incremental updates afterwards to save bandwidth and storage space. A scheduler keeps backups up-to-date automatically. Encrypted backup files are transferred to targets like FTP, Cloudfiles, WebDAV, SSH (SFTP), Amazon S3 and others. Duplicati allows backups of folders, document types like e.g. documents or images, or custom filter rules. Duplicati is available as application with an easy-to-use user interface and as command line tool. Duplicati can make proper backups of opened or locked files using the Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) under Windows or the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) under Linux. Many Backends Duplicati works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, WebDAV as well as popular services like Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Google Drive, box.com, Mega, hubiC and many others. Many Features Backup files and folders with strong AES-256 encryption. Save space with incremental backups and data deduplication. Run backups on any machine through the web-based interface or via command line interface. Duplicati has a built-in scheduler and auto-updater. Free Software Duplicati is Free and Open Source. You can use Duplicati for free even for commercial purposes. Source code is licensed under LGPL. Duplicati runs under Windows, Linux, MacOS. It requires .NET 4.5 or Mono. Strong Encryption Duplicati uses strong AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy. You can also use GPG to encrypt your backup. Built for Online Duplicati was designed for online backups from scratch. It is not only data efficient but also handles network issues nicely. E.g. interrupted backups can be resumed and Duplicati tests the content of backups regularly. That way broken backups on corrupt storage systems can be detected before it’s too late. Web-based Interface Duplicati is configured by a web interface that runs in any browser (even mobile) and can be accessed - if you like - from anywhere. This also allows to run Duplicati on headless machines like a NAS (network attached storage). ----- Changelog: - Currently unavailable ----- Homepage: https://www.duplicati.com/ Download Beta: https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases/tag/v2.0.4.5- Download Canary: https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases/tag/v2.0.4.8-
  23. Levo

    CloneApp 2.07.317

    CloneApp is a free portable and simple backup tool which could save you a lot of time when migrating your software or reinstalling Windows. Whether you’re migrating to a new computer or doing a clean install, life is easier when you take all your settings and tweaks with you. If you don’t want to do a full backup and restore, CloneApp backs up settings for the most popular Windows programs so you can restore them later. WEBSITE: http://www.mirinsoft.com/ LINK: http://www.mirinsoft.com/download/cloneapp/download/2-cloneapp/19-cloneapp
  24. WinClon6 Premium Overview: Introduction of WinClon 6 Premium WinClon 6 Premium is a system backup/restoration program which restores a backup status if the computer system or data has been destroyed. If you back up when the computer is stable, you can fast restore the backup status if the computer becomes unstable or unusable due to the virus infection or mistake of the user. Main Use of WinClon 6 Premium Production solution for companies which manufacture PCs, servers, etc. Maintenance solution for schools, Internet cafes, public offices, etc. x64: Site: https://www.solidfiles.com Sharecode: /v/4yRxXqNn6Ajpr
  25. CloneApp UA is a free program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that users and administrators may use to back up or restore settings of UWP applications on Windows 10 devices. The application supports reset and cache clearing operations next to that. The application is related to CloneApp, an application for Windows to back up settings and other data of supported Win32 programs. CloneApp UA supports the same functionality but for Microsoft Store applications, aka Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Web browsers may prompt users for action when the program is downloaded; an attempt to download the program in Google Chrome was blocked by the browser initially. A click on the menu icon and the selection of "keep" unlocked it on the system, however, so that it could be run. CloneApp UA CloneApp UA does not need to be installed. The tested version is labeled as beta by the developer. The program's interface looks very similar to that of CloneApp. First thing you need to do is click on the scan link to scan the current system for UWP applications. All UWP apps found are listed in the middle column after the scan. Each application is listed with its name and a checkbox to select it. You may select one, some or all apps individually, or select all/none with a click on the select item in the left column. The right column displays the log of operations. Once you have selected apps you may click on backup to start the backup process. Apps are backed up to the Backup folder in the main program folder; ideal for portable use. A click on restore restores any application that is backed up, an option to restore the settings of individual applications does not seem to exist currently. The only way around this, at the time of writing, seems to be to move all folders of backed up apps from the backup folder to another location to block their restoration. CloneApp UA supports repair functionality next to that. Select one or multiple apps, and then the repair option to display available options. Repair supports four operations currently: Normal Reset Hard Reset Clear App Cache Clear App Store Cache A normal reset clears the settings file, a hard reset settings files, app data, preferences, and sign-in details. System apps and installed Microsoft Store apps can be reset. Closing Words and verdict CloneApp UA is a specialized application to back up, restore, or reset UWP applications on devices running Windows 10. The application may be useful, e.g. when using apps that don't support sync on multiple Windows 10 devices, for safekeeping, or other purposes. It could use better restoration options, e.g. one that checks for backed up application profiles and displays those to the administrator to make a selection. It might also be more useful if the developer would merge both applications, CloneApp and CloneApp Ua into a single app with filter options. Source: Back up Windows 10 Apps Settings with CloneApp UA (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)
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