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Found 24 results

  1. Motorola Edge+, a $1,000 flagship, is now getting its Android 11 update 6 months late Motorola re-entered the flagship space in 2020, but seemingly forgot that top-tier devices are supposed to get a few big updates over time. Now, nearly 6 months after the update hit Pixel phones, the Motorola Edge+ is finally getting its Android 11 upgrade. Droid-Life spotted this week that the Verizon-exclusive Motorola Edge+ picked up software build RPB31.Q1-19-19-11-2, based on Android 11 instead of Android 10. That means standard features from Google such as improved n
  2. Almost all of LG’s Android 11 updates aren’t coming until the end of 2021 At least, according to the company’s German website Photo by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge LG’s German website has revealed its Android 11 update roadmap — at least for Europe — and the news isn’t too encouraging. With the exception of the LG Velvet 5G, most of the company’s phones won’t get Android 11 until the back half of 2021, with the vast majority of devices not seeing the update until at least Q4 2021 (long after Android 12 should be available, if Google’s release schedule i
  3. Samsung finally starts its Android 11 rollout, three months after release Android 11 brings a new media player, new one-time permissions, and more. Enlarge / Android 11 with Samsung's One UI skin. Samsung 93 with 50 posters participating Android 11 came out about three months ago, and that means it's finally time for Samsung to get its act together and start shipping the OS out. Samsung announced on its company blog that the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra would all start getting Android 11 right now, provided yo
  4. Android 11: The new privacy and security features to know about Google has primarily focused on conversations and privacy with Android 11. The OS comes with a number of small but important features and changes that focus on improving privacy and protecting user data from malicious apps and games. Android has never really been known for focusing on privacy but starting with Android 10 last year and now with Android 11, Google is really focusing on this aspect of the OS. While Android 11 is yet to make its way to almost all major Android sm
  5. How to use Android 11's built-in screen recorder Google released the final version of Android 11 this month to the public. Only select devices have received the update at the time of writing, but it is only a matter of time before additional devices may be upgraded to the new Android version. Android 11 includes a number of new features. We reviewed some of the changes to the application permissions system already that may remove requested permissions automatically if an application is not used for a long time. Users may now also allow one-time permissions in permissio
  6. It's just a preview, I know — Android 11 Preview hands-on—Notification changes, dark mode options, and more New Android preview is laser-focused on new APIs, with little in the way of new UI. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 8 images. The Android 11 Developer Preview is out, and I've tried it for a few hours. I'm back to report my findings. To be honest, there are not a lot of user-facing changes in this first preview release. Like the earlier Android 11 post laid out, this is almost e
  7. Google launches the Android 11 Developer Preview today There's a “one-time” app permission, more modularity, and driver’s license support. Enlarge It's a bit earlier than the usual March release, but today Google is launching the first Android 11 Developer Preview. This first OS preview is coming to the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4, along with generic system images for Project Treble devices. It also has a new name. Typically these releases have been denoted by a letter—Android 10 was the "Android Q Preview"—and while Android 11 is still called "A
  8. Android 11 will add a recycle bin to your smartphone Deleted a file accidentally? Don't panic (Image credit: Future) The Android 11 public beta is out and available for anyone to try – anyone with a compatible phone, that is – and we're seeing a steady stream of new features come to light. The latest is a potentially very useful recycle bin for recovering deleted files. As noted by 9to5Google, this trash folder has apparently been around since the developer preview launched in February, but it's largely flown under the r
  9. Android 11 removes the archaic 4GB cap on video recordings If you've got an Android phone and you do a lot of video recording, you've probably noticed that there's a file size limit on how much video you can record. But as spotted by Android Police, that's going away in Android 11. The limitation is leftover from the days of 32-bit devices, which couldn't handle numbers larger than 4,294,967,295. That meant that things like more than 4GB of RAM were out of the question, and of course, any files larger than 4GB. Videos that took up more than that wo
  10. Here's why your phone might not get all the best Android 11 features Reading the small print (Image credit: Future) With Android 11 rolling slowly into view, it's worth remembering that not all of the features that Google adds to its mobile operating system make it into every phone, with each manufacturer taking a slightly different approach. As XDA Developers reports, Google makes recommendations about which Android features are must-haves for third-party phone makers, and which are only optional – and an early version
  11. Microsoft could be hammering Android 11 into shape for its dual-screen Surface Duo Another Duo rumor surfaces (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft’s Surface Duo team has already begun work on bringing Android 11 to the dual-screen device, according to the latest rumor. We’ve already heard that Surface Duo will launch with Android 10 on board – the first version of Google’s mobile OS to be fully optimized for foldable screens – and that Android 11 support would follow relatively swiftly. Now, according to
  12. Google releases Android 11 Beta 1.5 to fix some issues Last week, Google finally released the first Android 11 beta build, following a long period of testing developer previews. Android 11 includes a handful of new features focused on privacy, as well as more visible changes such as the Bubbles API. We've compiled some of the best changes in this release, if you're interested. Being that it's a beta release, it naturally came with a few issues, some that were known and some that weren't. Today, the company has released Android 11 Beta 1.5 with a focus on fix
  13. Android 11 may not have had a lot of flashy new features, but we should at least give it credit for fixing or improving some of the outstanding issues. In June, a fix that had just been rolled out in the first beta version of Android 11 came out that would lift the 4GB limit on videos captured by the camera. While the API that had previously been responsible for setting the 4GB limit was no longer a restriction, it didn’t actually make a difference to the Google Camera app or most of the other popular video recorders tested. Now that Android 11 is released and many peo
  14. When will my phone get the update to Android 11? This is an iteration of a question we get every time Google makes a major product release, especially when it comes to a new numbered version of their mobile OS. This year, the biggest update to Android devices will be delivered to a wide variety of devices – maybe more than any previous major update to Android due to the ease with which Google’s made updating devices from Android 10 to 11. What phone do I have? Phones that’ll get an Android 11 update How do I download Android 11?
  15. After months of beta testing, the final release of Android 11 is here. This latest version of Google’s operating system features quite a few exciting features for users. Here are the features you should care about. When Will My Phone Get Android 11? Google has already begun pushing Android 11 to Pixel smartphones. All Pixel devices starting from the Pixel 2 can download the over the air update right now. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update and tap “Check for Update” to begin the upgrade process. In addition to the stable release for Pixel phon
  16. Pixel users are reporting issues with accessing the recent apps screen on Android 11 Google began rolling out Android 11 to all supported Pixel phones on September 8, bringing a bunch of new features such as message bubbles, notifications improvements, Pixel-specific additions such as Live View and Location Sharing in Maps, and much more. However, a few Pixel users that upgraded to Android 11 have begun reporting issues with the recent apps view. The issue is with the phone not responding as expected to the swipe up gesture to navigate to the task switcher.
  17. Android 11 phones will summon Android Auto wirelessly, no need to pull out your device Google added Android Auto’s wireless connection feature in 2018 Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto both seem pretty useful for drivers — simply plug in your phone to charge, and it’ll link up with your car’s bigger touchscreen to give you directions to your doctor’s appointment, play music from your Spotify playlist, or send a text. Google also has an easier version that lets you
  18. Android 11 will not include support for scrolling screenshots Google brought a bunch of useful new features to stock Android with Android 11’s Developer Previews and Betas, such as a native screen recording tool. The Developer Previews also brought scrolling screenshots – the ability to take longer screen captures to accommodate more content in one picture. The company originally planned on shipping the feature with Android 10 but pushed it to the next release. However, in what may be a disappointment for those that were expecting scrolling screens
  19. Android 11 launch date may have just been leaked by Google itself Updates may begin landing on September 8 (Image credit: Future) The Android 11 update has been officially launched, but Google has yet to confirm when the final version of the software will be landing on smartphones. Now, a new leak directly from the company has given us our best idea of the launch date yet. According to the leak, September 8 is possibly the date where we'll start to see Android 11 land on certain devices. The news comes
  20. Google releases another bug fix update for the Android 11 Developer Preview It's been about a month and a half since Google released the first Android 11 Developer Preview, but it's been releasing builds a lot more frequently than it originally promised. Rather than monthly previews, they're showing up every two weeks with minor releases in-between major ones. Just like the first Developer Preview got a bug fix update, so is Developer Preview 2. It's called Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1, and there are no new front-facing features listed in the
  21. For Android app developers, ADB is an indispensable tool for debugging applications. With the ability to generate logs, push and pull files, sideload APKs, and enter the shell, ADB gives developers a lot of control over a test device while using a PC. While it’s possible to use ADB wirelessly by connecting to your device via TCP/IP*, many developers might not know about this so they simply stick with using a wired connection. Plus, wireless ADB currently isn’t that convenient if your device doesn’t have a static IP address or you’re dealing with multiple test devices. Finally, data transfer vi
  22. Android 11 could add Dark mode scheduling With Android 10, Google got around to finally adding a system-wide Dark mode to the OS. However, the company did not add an option to automatically enable or disable Dark mode depending on the time of the day or based on sunrise/sunset. This was an odd omission on Google's part especially since the feature was already present in one of the beta builds of Android 10. The company then went on to remove it citing issues with UI redraw that could lead to scrolling position and entered text in a list vanishing
  23. Android 11 Will Help You Rein In Zombie App Permissions The latest update to Google's operating system has a host of privacy and security improvements. Illustration: Sam Whitney; Getty Images With 2.5 billion users worldwide, Google has a responsibility to make its Android operating system as secure as possible. But the company has at times struggled to adequately vet apps in the Google Play Store, allowing malicious programs through that tho
  24. Android 11 will automatically revoke permissions from unused apps Google yesterday released the third Developer Preview of Android 11 with plenty of changes. Among other changes, Google has also introduced the ability to automatically revoke permissions from apps if they are not used for a long time. The feature is named "Auto revoke permissions" and it is disabled by default. It is buried deep inside the App permissions menu in the Settings app at the bottom of every app listing. The feature needs to be enabled manually for apps that you have inst
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