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  1. Alcatel, Apple, BLU, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, ZTE, Etc... Please state the make and model... Does it have the stock rom, custom/rooted, or jailbreaked? What apps & games do you have on it? Will you upgrade it in the future? My Phone Sony Xperia Z1 C6903 Stock Kitkat 4.4.4 Android ROM (14.4.A.0.108) Apps: 360 Security Accuweather BBM Facebook Facebook Messenger Whatsapp Instagram Line Link2SD WeChat Twitter Zedge Telegram Tumblr Camera 360 Skype Contacts+ Vine Games: Subway Surfer Metal Slug Defense Bejeweled Blitz Farm Heroes Saga FarmVille 2 Country Escape Bubble Wit
  2. Microsoft has created a new "How To" site that teaches you how to use your phone like an expert. Included on the site is a number of videos that reveal how to personalize your phone, how to use Cortana, how to play music and games, how to use the camera, and more. This is a timely move by Microsoft, since the software giant has just started rolling out the Lumia Blue update for Lumia phones. This includes Windows Phone 8.1, and thus, there might be some questions about new features such as Cortana. The virtual personal assistant is available in the U.S. for Windows Phone 8.1 users, and wi
  3. HTC has sent out press invites for an event scheduled for August 19th in New York City. There's no word about the announcements the company plans to make, but there's a lot of speculation going around. A plethora of rumors has popped up in the past few weeks, hinting at HTC working on a new Google Nexus tablet codenamed Volantis. It's been a while since the Taiwanese OEM collaborated with Google on a Nexus device, but leaks from several often-correct publications suggest we might see a tablet in a the coming weeks. Second in the rumor mill is a new Windows Phone 8.1 device. Last we heard,
  4. Google’s Android operating system managed to grab exactly 81.0 percent smartphone share in the third quarter of 2013. Rounding out the top four smartphone operating systems were iOS at 12.9 percent, Windows Phone at 3.6 percent, and BlackBerry at 1.7 percent. The latest quarterly figures come from IDC, which summarized its findings in the following chart: IDC estimates total Android smartphone shipments worldwide reached 211.6 million units, letting Google’s mobile operating system power four out every five of the 261.1 million smartphones that shipped last quarter. The figure allowe
  5. Two years after hitching its fate to Microsoft's Windows Phone software, a withered Nokia collapsed into the arms of the U.S. software giant, agreeing to sell its main handset business for 5.44 billion euros ($7.2 billion). Nokia will also license its patents and mapping services to Microsoft. Nokia shares jumped 45% on news of the deal. The purchase is set to be completed in early 2014, when about 32,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Microsoft. It will represent the second most expensive acquisition in Microsoft's 38-year history, ranking behind an $8.5 billion purchase of Internet callin
  6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for mobile devices in December, Rockstar has announced. No exact price or release date has been given. Originally released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, the new mobile version of the game will feature an improved draw distance, a wider colour palette, and new character and car models. Rockstar adds that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile will also feature a tweaked checkpoint system, iOS 7 controller compatibility, and new touch controls. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile will be released for "select" iOS, Android, Kindle, and Wi
  7. Microsoft's gaming output is not restricted to the Xbox One. For many years there have been various games built into Windows, although these have been sadly lacking from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The likes of Solitaire, Minesweeper and Mahjong have been available for desktop users to download from the Windows store for a little while, and these three titles have now made the jump to Windows Phone as well. These are all games that you should be familiar with -- Microsoft Minesweeper is the classic 'just one more try' title that frustrates and delights in equal measure. Find the flag, avoid t
  8. Hot on the heels of last night's launch of GTA: San Andreas on iOS, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the gangster simulator will arrive on Android and Windows Phone devices, as early as next week. In terms of content and graphical fidelity, these versions shouldn't be any different from the one Apple fans are playing right now. The price will stay the same, too - $6.99. According to WMPowerUser, the game will require at least 1GB RAM memory to run on your Windows Phone, and presumably, Android device. The portable version of GTA: San Andreas includes over 70 hours of gameplay, as well as
  9. Microsoft is currently running two promotions that might be of interest to people looking to get a new device and get rid of an old one. The first one is a trade-in deal that can net you up to $250 worth of store credit if you trade in an old smartphone or a tablet. There are serious restrictions though – first of, the deal is for US Microsoft stores (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Second, it must be a working device, with no cracks on the screen, no water damage and you must even provide the original charger and other accessories. The device must also not be password protected (to preve
  10. An upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device has been leaked via famous Twitter-based leaker @evleaks, showing off what appears to be the first new WP device from Samsung in over a year. Evleaks has reported on their twitter account that a Samsung handset, codenamed “Huron” with the model number SM-W750V, will be headed to Verizon. The SM-W750V Huron, which looks eerily like a Samsung Galaxy S, will be based on Windows Phone 8.1, and apparently run on Verizon in the US. Besides the impressively thin bezels, the Huron is rumored to feature a fullHD display and a 13MP shooter. The SM-W750V coden
  11. Written by Zac on January 06, 2014 - 08:58AM It's widely known that Windows Phone isn't catching on in some parts of the world. Sure, it's doing well in a number of different European markets, but in the US, things could be better. Microsoft is aware of this problem and according to some internal sources, have been looking at different, unconventional way of combating this issue. According to The Information, Microsoft may be planning to let users pick between Windows Phone and Android on its devices. Of course, the reality of this idea is rather flawed, technologically at least. OEM's would
  12. Windows Phone continues to push steadily ahead, with big plans for the early part of this year, as we expect to see version 8.1 released, along with new handsets unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The operating system is firmly in third-place, having surpassed Blackberry. Now it seems there is even better news for the platform. Today, Microsoft is telling us that in 14 different markets, Windows Phone is the second best seller. But even bigger, the company tells us that its mobile OS is actually outselling iPhone in 24 different markets. A statement WinBeta received from Microso
  13. According to industry sources, an earlier rumor that had Japanese manufacturer Sony producing a Windows Phone model this year is true. The aforementioned sources say that while Sony will be spending its R&D money on Android and Firefox OS, it will offer Windows Phone handsets through U.S. carriers and in Japan. Microsoft is hoping to increase sales in Sony's home country as a way to expand the global share of its mobile OS. Sony will partner with Taiwan based ODM Compal Communications for at least 1 to 2 Windows Phone models. The volume expected for those two units is only in the tens of
  14. Microsoft has denied an earlier report suggesting that the company plans to pay out billions of dollars in 2014 in an effort to ensure that a number of top smartphone vendors release phones powered by the Windows Phone platform this year. According to plugged-in Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has plans to dole out more than $2.5 billion this year to Samsung, Sony, Huawei and several other smartphone makers to guarantee that they build and launch a single Windows Phone handset each in 2014. The exact purpose of the funds was not detailed. While Microsoft has not denied that payments
  15. No, Windows Phone won’t be catching up to Android in terms of market share anytime soon. However, there is one key area where Windows Phone may at last surpass Android: It might soon generate more revenue for Microsoft than Android does. Beyond Devices takes a look at some of the latest numbers for Windows Phone revenues in Microsoft’s latest earnings report and finds that revenue generated from Windows Phone licensing has narrowed the gap with licensing revenue collected from Android handset manufacturers. In all, 42% of licensing revenues came from Windows Phone vendors on the quarter whil
  16. Finally, Windows Phone has started getting the traction it truly deserves. Micromax, the leading smartphone manufacturer from India, is reportedly working on making Windows Phone powered smartphones and will be shelling them out soon. Micromax rules over 25% of the mobile market share in India, and the company also announced its LapTab, a dual boot tablet that runs both Windows 8.1 and Android Jelly Bean, at CES 2014 a few weeks ago. Micromax isn't the only company in the nation which is working on a Windows Phone, though. Last year, ZTE announced that it will be making its return to the W
  17. Benchmarks are a big part of our reviews and Basemark X is one of the newer ones we’re using. The company behind it, Rightware, just announced that it has covered all three major smartphone OSes, which is a must-have for inter-platform comparisons. The latest version, Basemark X 1.1, is based on Unity 4.2, a popular game engine and IDE. This means the benchmark gives realistic estimates of performance for games that use the Unity engine and there are plenty of those on iOS and Android, even desktop games. You can check Unity 3D’s web site for a list of games that use the engine. Anyway,
  18. Microsoft’s unofficial mascot, Clippy, has become somewhat of an Internet legend. The paperclip who was part of a previous version of Office was sacked many years ago, but the personality lives on in various Easter eggs in Microsoft products. The latest iteration where Clippy appears is in Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. And if after seeing Clippy in Windows Phone 8.1 you wondered what other personas Cortana may undertake during her routine activities, wonder no more, as one individual by the name of Leon, has done the hard work, for us. In a post over on
  19. It's been a while since Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Preview for users. You can download it even if you're not a developer, but it seems people are having troubles when they try to update to Windows Phone 8.1. The update downloads on the devices, but when the user tries to install it, it ends up with the error 80188309. Most of the users are using the Huawei Ascend W1, but the error has popped up on other models as well. A moderator on the Microsoft support site has responded to the issue, and said an update would be sent to the devices to fix the issue. Microsoft has
  20. BlackBerry reveals when to expect BBM for Windows Phone Prior to that, BlackBerry had given no indication that it was even interested in launching software for Windows Phone, the rival platform that has pushed it into fourth place in the smartphone market. Indeed, as recently as January, the company reiterated that it had "no plans" for Microsoft's mobile OS. Now, though, those plans are very much in the works, but the exact release date remains ambiguous. The latest information, which comes via TechCrunch, was revealed by BlackBerry CEO John Chen in a company earnings call this week.
  21. Microsoft has removed six apps that were published earlier this week in the Windows Phone Store that were made to look like they were developed and published by Google. The apps, which included "Hangouts", "Google Maps", "Gmail" and more, also had prices of $1.99 each. The real versions are all free on iOS and Android devices. WinBeta first spotted the fake apps this week, which were all labeled as being published by "Google, Inc". So far, the only official Windows Phone app from Google is Search, which is shown in the store as coming from "Google Inc" (yes, there is no comma in the name).
  22. The New York Attorney General has signed agreements with Google and Microsoft to add "kill switches" to Android and Windows Phone devices. It comes as part of the "Secure our Smartphones" initiative, where the report stresses the importance of kill switch safeguards for mobile phone platforms in order to keep user data safe. With these "kill switches", you'll be able to render your phone useless, remotely, in the event of its theft. The kill switch issue has been one that's been hotly discussed. For example, in California, the kill switch idea was immediately rejected, but then the state rece
  23. geeteam

    Angry Birds Epic released

    The latest installment in the popular Angry Birds franchise has just been released for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices: Angry Birds Epic. But if you think this is your typical Angry Birds game, then think again. Epic is actually a tun-based RPG, yes, you read that correctly. The plot delves into the longtime feud between the birds and the pigs, which all began when, you guessed it, the filthy swine burgled eggs from their avian rivals. A band of birds flock together on a journey to get their eggs back and make the pigs pay for their misdeeds. Like pretty much any RPG out there
  24. Windows Phone may be improving as a platform, however, its biggest flaw is its lack of apps. Microsoft has steadily been rectifying this, especially on the social network front. It looks like Pinterest is the latest social medium to give Windows Phone some love, as they have released a beta application for Microsoft’s platform. You can do pretty much anything on the beta app you would on the Pinterest site, and that’s mainly because the beta application is hardly a standalone application at all. As it stands, Pinterest for Windows Phone is currently a glorified shortcut to th
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