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  1. The geeks of mobile, and especially the Windows Phone fans, are eagerly awaiting Microsoft's Cortana voice-controlled assistant. That's not only because it will finally be an answer to Google Now and Apple's Siri, so their friends with iPhones or Android handsets will have one less reason to brag, but also because Microsoft is big in artificial intelligence, voice recognition and simultaneous translation research. Whether or not the amazing R&D demonstrations that you see in the embedded video below, will be transferred successfully to Cortana, remains to be seen, and likely very soon. Acclaimed leaker MSFTNerd hinted that it will arrive to Lumia devices in beta form some time in April, just as we heard. Actually that's when this year's Build conference will be held, so no wonder there will be new WP features presented, as well as the rumored Threshold UI for the Windows portfolio. Cortana, claims the source, will be voice-overed by Jen Taylor, who does the accent of the same character in the Halo franchise. It is also coming to the Bing app in iOS, Xbox One consoles, and, naturally, to Windows 9 "Threshold", when it hits your computer next spring. That's the timeframe also for Cortana to reach countries other than the US, as it will apparently launch in beta stateside only for this year. Some sample questions it will answer are below, evidently you will be able to make small talk, like with Google's or Apple's virtual assistants: "Bing Tell Me .." “.. will it rain today?” “.. when’s my next meeting?” “.. how do I get to the American Airlines Arena?” Source
  2. The handsets are said to be loaded, with the Lumia 1820 sporting a 5.2 inch, 2K display, Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, and large 3400 mAh battery, as well as a camera with Nokia's post-shot focusing technology and Xenon flash. The design is said to be similar to the Lumia 928, which is certainly slimmer than the current flagships Lumia 1020. The other one, Lumia 1525, and will feature the same hardware specs and 2K screen resolution, but come with a 6 inch panel and 25 or 30 MP camera on the back, offering some sort of solar charging display panel. Windows Phone supports up to 1080p displays now, so 2K panels could mean another version is in store to be released soon, or perhaps just an update to the existing WP 8 edition, not to mention the Snapdragon 805 part, which won't be in devices before May. Microsoft, however, is said to be fronting extra Windows Phone manufactures with up to $2.6 billion to go towards the development of their own handsets, so eventually it has big plans for the mobile OS this year. Nokia seems to still be pivotal to them, though, if those leaked specs come even partially true. Source
  3. It's finally happening! After being announced at the Nokia Lumia 1520 unveil last year, the highly awaited Lumia Black update is set to begin its rollout starting today. In a press release from Nokia, the company claims the update will begin rolling out today for Lumia 1020 and 925 owners, with other devices being updated within the coming weeks. The Lumia Black update brings a number of new features to the table, including a yet be be seen feature called App Folder which allows users to group apps on their Start Screens. Other features include Glance Screen 2.0, which now displays more than just a clock, Nokia Refocus with the ability to refocus on images already taken, Nokia Beamer which allows you to stream a your screen to other devices plus a whole tonne of other features. You can begin updating now if you're using a Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925 device, just fire up the settings app, tap on Phone update and 'Check for Updates'. Give it a minute and you should see the update begin downloading. Don't worry if it can't see any updates, it can take time for it to show. Try again later. For those who are on other devices, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks before you can get your hands on it. Nokia claims that other devices like the Lumia 820, 720, 620 and 520 will be receiving the update ""in the coming weeks". So, will you be updating? Hands on Source
  4. Nokia Lumia 1020 saw another major price cut in the United States. The mobile photography powerhouse is now available for $99.99 for new AT&T customers who sign a two-year contract. The attractive deal is offered by Amazon. Existing AT&T customers who renew their contracts will be offered the Nokia Lumia 1020 for $149.99. When announced for AT&T, the Nokia Lumia 1020 raised a few eyebrows with its $299.99 on-contract pricing. Currently, the carrier offers the device for $199.99 in its retail stores and online. The new, sub-100 price tag will surely put the Windows Phone 8 smartphone in more hands during the holiday shopping season. source: gsmarena
  5. Rovio's popular Angry Birds games for Windows Phone 8 are apparently free in the Windows Phone Store, at least for now. If you have yet to play these popular games, now is your chance to snag it for free! The free games include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Star Wars 2. There is no word as to why these apps were made free, as some of them were paid apps in the past. Either way, free is good, so hit the download links below to snag them while you can. Building upon the success of the highly popular Angry Birds games, Rovio recently unveiled a new game called "Angry Birds Go" that will be launched for free on various platforms, including Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform, on December 11th. This game resembles "Mario Kart" but adds the familiar "Angry Birds" spin to it. Download Links : - Angry Birds Starwars 1 Angry Birds Starwars 2 Angry Birds RIO source: winbeta
  6. Nokia has announced its largest device yet. The new Lumia 1520 features a massive 6-inch display, making it the largest Windows Phone ever released. The 1520 is also the first Windows Phone with a 1080p screen and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor. The 1520 retains Nokia's familiar design language — it's a single piece polycarbonate design that looks like a bigger version of the Lumia 720 — and build quality. But when you have a 6-inch display, there's no getting around having a big phone, and the 1520 is downright massive: it's 3.36 inches wide, 6.4 inches tall, and weighs 7.37 ounces, despite being only 0.34 inches thick. You can hold it with one hand, but for the most part, this is a two-handed device. The new LCD display is bright and vibrant, and as is the case with most Nokias, it has great viewing angles and deep blacks. Windows Phone 8 has never performed poorly, even on low-end hardware, but the 1520's quad-core, 2.26GHz processor and 2GB of RAM let it scream. Nokia notes that while most users won't notice the added horsepower in basic tasks, it is beneficial when editing video or playing intensive games. We've seen this chip in the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already, both running Android, and it has proven to be quite the performer. The 1520 also has a 3,400mAh battery, built-in wireless charging, and support for LTE networks. Despite having a large, almost tablet-sized screen, the 1520 doesn't have a stylus or other form of input apart from the standard touchscreen. When asked about the lack of a stylus, Nokia said that it didn't see a need for it for the use cases for this phone, and that it was not worth the tradeoff in size required to accommodate the stylus in the phone's body. Nokia is introducing a flip cover for the 1520 that turns into a stand for the phone, much like Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad. It does not turn the phone's display on when you open it, however. Nokia is using a new, lower-resolution version of its 41-megapixel PureView sensor with 20 megapixels. It has optical image stabilization and the PureView capabilities of zooming in after you take a picture without a loss of quality. The PureView zoom level is limited to 2x on the 1520, as opposed to the 3x zoom on the 41-megapixel Lumia 1020. Nokia also revealed that the long awaited official Instagram app will be available for Windows Phone in the coming weeks and that RAW image support would be coming to the 1020 and 1520 in the near future. source
  7. Nokia Lumia 1020 seems to be struggling to make a significant impact on the Chinese market. The first hints that its start was less than impressive was the fact that the phone didn't make it among the most popular WP handsets in the last two months. China is the world's biggest smartphone market for mobile phones and the Lumia 1020 premiered there on the insanely price of CNY5,999 - the equivalent of $1000 or €715. Now, two months later though you can buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 online for 3,999 Yuan or €475. This means the price has dropped down by a third and is now much more reasonable. The Lumia 1020 was launched exclusively on AT&T in July, while the rest of the world got it in late August or early September.The on-contract US price has already dropped twice from $299 down to just $99. The UK carriers are offering the phone for free if you sign a two-year contract with at least £37 monthly tariff. The unlocked and SIM-free retail price in Europe is still relatively high though - a bit over €600. So, if you want to buy the Lumia 1020 maybe waiting a couple of weeks would be the more sensible thing to do. Judging by those first markets to get the smartphone, a price cut is probably just around the corner. Even more so, considering that the Lumia 1520 is coming in a few weeks. source: gsmarena
  8. The recently announced Lumia 525 (a version of the Lumia 520 with 1GB RAM) has just made it to select markets putting an end to our guessing about its price. The surprise is that it's got an even more cutthroat pricing than the Lumia 520 right out of the gate. Online Chinese phone retailer Tmall has priced the 525 at ¥629, which is the equivalent of around $100.Amazon China, which sells both the Lumia 525 and Lumia 520 has the first listed as ¥699 ($115), making it the cheaper of the two despite its better specs.These prices are very appealing, considering what buyers get: a 4-inch display with the latest Windows Phone 8 and 1GB RAM. The boost in RAM is perhaps the biggest draw of the 525 over its 520/521 counterparts. 1GB of RAM would allow users access to all of the apps in the Windows Phone marketplace (some high-profile apps won't run on any less than that). The expandable storage and the free voice-guided navigation are also very enticing. There's no official date as to when the 525 will be made available in the US and Europe, but when it comes, we expect the phone to sell just as well, if not better, than the 520 and 521. (Note: Even though the picture at Tmall reads "520" the description indicates it is indeed the 525). Source
  9. The Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet is going to be released this coming Friday, although at least one person was able to purchase the device days in advance of the launch from an AT&T kiosk in a North Carolina mall. The guys at windowsmania.pl have accessed the Lumia 1520 ROM and pulled out the ringtone pack which they have turned into a 20MB download. The ringtone pack will include some tones that no doubt are already on your Lumia phone, but also offers some new tones including some that have been featured by the Finnish based OEM on its new commercials. If you're interested in adding Nokia's latest collection of ringtones to your Nokia Lumia phone. -|download link|- Lumia 1520 Ringtones Source
  10. While we are still waiting for Microsoft to release a full Windows 8.1 remote desktop app for Windows Phone users, the company did release an app this week that lets owners of those devices perform remote tasks on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials from their smartphone. The My Server 2012 R2 app, currently available to download for free from the Windows Phone Store, has a pretty bare bones description from Microsoft. It states: My Server for Windows Phone is an application designed to help you keep seamlessly connected to your server resources through Windows smart phones. With My Server, you can manage users, devices, alerts, and access shared files in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. Earlier this year, Microsoft released a similar My Server app for Windows 8 and RT PCs. It would appear that this new Windows Phone version is an extension of the work done with the Windows 8 app. Microsoft has released full Windows 8.1 remote desktop apps for iOS and Android devices, along with Mac OS X PCs. The company has already stated it will release a similar app for Windows Phone owners but there's no specific release date yet. -| download link |- Windows Phone Store Source
  11. Although Satya Nadella is being widely praised as a terrific choice as Microsoft’s new CEO, he won’t be completely free of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, his two predecessors who will stay on at the company as a technology advisor and a board member, respectively. The very well-connected Bob Cringely writes that that Nadella would be wise to keep Gates at his side early in his tenure because he’ll need Gates to help him to get Ballmer to back off if he decides to diverge from the outgoing CEO’s plan to remake Microsoft into a devices and services company. “Ballmer still owns 333 million Microsoft shares, has a huge ego, and that ego is likely to be invested at first in bullying Nadella toward following line-for-line the devices and services strategy Ballmer came up with last year that so far isn’t working too well,” Cringely writes. “If Nadella wants to veer very far from that path by, for example, getting rid of Nokia or making Microsoft an enterprise software company, only Gates will be able to stand between the two men and, frankly, spare Nadella’s job.” Although this may sound overly gossipy, remember that Cringely made a name for himself by being Silicon Valley’s go-to gossip columnist and that Game of Thrones-style tales of palace intrigue are well documented at Microsoft. Cringely also confirms other reports that we’ve read about Ford CEO Alan Mulally being spooked about the prospect of having Gates and Ballmer watching over his every move, something that should be less of a problem for Nadella since he’s reportedly Gates’ preferred choice as Ballmer’s successor and because the two men apparently see eye-to-eye more often than not. So what do all of these personnel moves mean as far as actual products go? Cringely sees Microsoft eventually realizing that Windows Phone will always be the world’s No. 3 mobile platform and will move more aggressively to get its software onto Android-based devices. “Microsoft is fully entrenched in the enterprise and the future success of the enterprise will depend on the company’s ability to seamlessly integrate all its data center offerings with mobile clients,” he writes. “They can do that by being successful with Windows Phone except that won’t happen or they can embrace Android and do whatever it takes to make Android work beautifully in a Microsoft environment.” Oh, and one more piece of gossip from Cringely that should soothe the nerves of gamers everywhere: He thinks that the Xbox is safe because Microsoft needs to have a winner in the consumer electronics space and the Xbox seems like it’s the only one for the time being. Source
  12. geeteam

    Microsoft’s toughest choice

    Never mind Bing and Xbox. What the heck is Microsoft’s new CEO going to do about its feature phone unit that is churning out 200 million low-end handsets a year? The dilemma here is that Nokia’s handset unit has two very disparate parts: feature phones and smartphones. Feature phone demand is now dropping rapidly as low-end Android smartphones are beginning to hit the $100 unsubsidized price. That was the segment of Nokia’s feature phone business that kept the whole low-end business profitable: The $80 to $100 premium feature phones that offered tolerable camera performance, relatively tight pixel density and extras like WiFi support. Now that this precious slice of the budget phone market is about to be engulfed by an Android army, the entire feature phone unit is beginning to look like a giant Motorola-sized millstone. There is no money to be made in the $20 to $60 phone business, certainly not after volumes erode further. Yet if Microsoft jettisons the feature phone part of Nokia’s phone business, what is left is the minuscule smartphone unit. And it really is tiny — volumes are now expected to dive below 7 million units in Q1 2014. What is Microsoft going to do with a phone business that ships 6.8 million devices in a quarter? This is not a an ecosystem. It’s an eccentric folly, resembling the General Motors acquisition of Fokker Aircraft Corporation. Microsoft may be forced to keep the shriveling feature phone business, simply to maintain scale and shelf space in emerging markets. This would mean a grueling marathon of enduring substantial losses from the Nokia operations while trying to construct a system that somehow funnels Nokia feature phone owners in India and Brazil into the Windows smartphone world. But how is that actually going to happen? What are the real synergies between the feature phone unit and the Windows phone unit? Can Windows phones somehow yield real benefits to Microsoft’s Bing and Xbox operations? Does anything really bind together this hodgepodge of businesses? Microsoft’s new CEO faces a task that seems impossibly tough for an enterprise guy — how to predict shifts in the consumer market for the next half a decade and tailor the company to suit them? Source
  13. Sony is dumping its PC business, and while that may appear like it will be repudiating its relationship with Microsoft, it may not be the case, after all. Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai has hinted at something we saw coming already, Sony’s inclination towards making a Windows Phone. Let's address the elephant in the room first. It didn't come as a huge surprise when Sony pulled out of the PC business, as it had become a black hole for the company's money. Losing one of its biggest OEM partners wasn't something Nadella would have wanted to happen in his first week as CEO. To make matters worse, Hirai confirmed that the Japanese giant isn't coming back into the business any time soon. Now the good news, as Pierre Perron previously noted, is that Sony wants to expand its smartphone portfolio and is definitely considering Windows Phone. Hirai, in a press-conference told reporters that while it has left the PC business, Sony can venture into the smartphone area with Windows Phone. "Microsoft has various OSs, including mobile. So, as Sony, we will consider new product development going forward." Sony will now be concentrating all its resources on the TV and Mobile businesses. And it will be unwise for it to only focus on Google's Android, which its competitor Samsung dominates. Hence, Sony is in talks with Microsoft to work out an arrangement. And the thing with CEOs is they don't go around saying anything, unless they are really on to something. Sony and Windows Phone aren't new to each other. Back in the day, Sony had released its Xperia X1 on Windows Phone, which due to a weaker ecosystem, didn't do well. But things have changed a lot since then. Would you like Sony to re-enter the Windows Phone ecosystem again?
  14. Nokia and HTC ended their prolonged legal war with a patent and technology collaboration agreement. The partnership ends all pending patent litigation between the two companies. Its full terms are confidential. According to the official press release, HTC will make payments to Nokia, but the exact amounts haven't been disclosed. The Finnish company on the other hand will gain access to HTC’s LTE patent portfolio, thus further expanding its own expertise. Furthermore, the companies will look into future technology collaboration opportunities. Unsurprisingly, representatives from both Nokia and HTC are pleased with the agreement. By staying out of court and sharing patents, both companies will be able to focus on making products which can better compete in today’s crowded marketplace. Source
  15. It looks like Nokia is about to build an 8-inch device, if the trust-worthy @evleaks is to be believed. @evleaks has a long history of leaking credible Nokia content, the Finnish company is building an 8-inch tablet that will run Windows RT and is codenamed the ‘Illusionist’. Little else is known, but it should not come as a major surprise that Nokia is going to be building another tablet in the smaller class size to help it compete in the low-cost tablet market. Seeing at it runs Windows RT, just like its bigger brother the 2520, makes a lot of sense even though Bay Trail tablets offer up many competitive advantages too. For Nokia, they need to master only one OS for tablets, rather than Windows RT and Windows 8.1. Nokia is likely building on Windows RT to appease Microsoft, who will be acquiring the device division from Nokia. As it stands now, only Microsoft and Nokia will be selling Windows RT products. No release date, price, or images of the device yet but if the past is to be repeated, all this information should surface soon. source: neowin
  16. According to a press release posted on Aviation.ca, customers that are using British Airways via Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport are taking part in the month long test of the digital bag tag. The tag itself contains all of the information of a customer's luggage, and can be used again and again, with a projected battery life of five years. Customers on the trial will use their Nokia Lumia Windows Phone to check in, chose their seat and obtain their mobile boarding pass. Each will be equipped with a specially adapted version of the British Airways app, which automatically updates the digital bag tag with a unique barcode, containing new flight details and an easy-to-see view of their bag’s destination – just by holding the mobile phone over it. - the press release states The luggage can then be taken to a bag drop off desk instead of having to wait for a paper bag tag to be printed and wrapped around the luggage. In theory, this new system could save a lot of time for travelers at airports. Anand Krishnan, Microsoft's general manager for its developer and platform group, is quoted as saying, "With Windows Phone at the heart of the project we look forward to learning more about how our mobile devices and services can be part of this innovative trial to enhance the airport check in experience." Microsoft already has a partnership with British Airways' parent company IAG, with Microsoft providing that corporation access to Office 365 for its 58,000 employees. source: neowin
  17. We have some pretty awful news about T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers who have a Lumia 810 or 822. Apparently Nokia has completed the Lumia Black firmware update for the Lumia 810 and Lumia 822, but the carriers won't push it to the users. This info comes from a chat with Nokia's Customer support, so it's not like is fully official just yet. According to the user's chat with the Nokia representative, the update is not happening and Verizon is only listing it as Coming Soon, just to avoid angry users' rant. There is no official reason for not releasing an update that has been finished. Perhaps it's something that doesn't fit within the carrier's approval process. But whatever the reasons, the question "what happens next" will be here all the way to April, when the Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to go official. Will the Lumia 810 and 822 be left stuck on Amber forever? Will they merly skip GDR3 + Lumia Black update and move straight to WP8.1? We are yet to find out. Note that the international Lumia 820 is getting the Lumia Black update as planned. The user also points out Nokia is throwing a free Purity Pro headset for those having Bluetooth issues with the Lumia 810 or 822. So, you might want to check with Nokia's customer support if you have the same problems and see if you qualify for a free headset. Source
  18. According to Nextleaks (another mobile phone rumor Twitter account, a la Evleaks), Nokia is planning to release the Lumia 930, 630, and 635 smartphones. They should be officially announced at Mobile World Congress, which begins on February 24th. The 930 is the higher spec'd of the devices, packing a quad-core 2.2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, a 4.5” 1920x1080 resolution display, microSD card slot, 16GB of internal storage, 20MP camera, and a 2700mAh battery. The 630/635 is the successor to the Lumia 620. They're both mid-range handsets, with the 635 reportedly being a dual-sim variant of the two. These phones will be sporting 4.3” WVGA displays, 8GB internal storage plus microSD card slots, 1GB RAM, dual-core 1.7GHz CPUs, 8MP cameras, and 2000mAh batteries. There's also been talk that the Nokia Lumia ICON and Lumia 1820 will be making their debuts at MWC, along with some other unnamed Nokia devices. But again, these are rumors so nothing is official. Source
  19. Microsoft is currently experimenting with a free version of Windows 8.1 that could boost the number of people using the operating system. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company is building "Windows 8.1 with Bing," a version that will bundle key Microsoft apps and services. While early versions of the software have leaked online, we understand that Windows 8.1 with Bing is an experimental project that aims to bring a low-cost version of Windows to consumers. ZDNet first reported some Windows 8.1 with Bing details earlier this week. We’re told that Microsoft is aiming to position Windows 8.1 with Bing as a free or low-cost upgrade for Windows 7 users. Any upgrade offers will be focused on boosting the number of people using Windows 8.1. This Bing-powered version of Windows 8.1 may also be offered to PC makers as part of recent license cuts for devices under $250. It’s not clear how committed Microsoft is to these plans, but the experiment is part of a number of initiatives designed to push and monetize Microsoft’s cloud services and apps. Microsoft is increasingly betting on Bing as a platform it can monetize in the future. Microsoft is also considering low-cost or free versions of Windows Phone, and the company is working towards merging its Windows RT and Windows Phone software into a single version designed for ARM-based chipsets. Bing-powered apps are currently bundled into Windows 8.1, and a leaked version of "Windows 8.1 with Bing" does not appear to reveal any significant changes yet. Microsoft recently unveiled its Windows 8.1 spring update, and the company is expected to further detail the update at its Build developer conference in April. Additional details around the merging of Windows RT and Windows Phone are also expected to be shared at the Build conference. Source
  20. Hey, soccer fans, gather around! A Windows Phone version of FIFA 14, the latest addition to one of the most popular soccer simulators, has finally been released. The iOS and Android versions of the game landed on the respective app stores back in September 2013. FIFA 14 features more than 16,000 real soccer players from 34 different leagues. Players can choose among 600 licensed teams to play with. Of course, a bigger portion of these comes directly from Europe. A completely new feature has also found its way to the popular game. FIFA 14 is the first mobile game of the FIFA series to feature game commentaries in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Up until now, players could only listen to an English narration of their soccer match. Unlike previous FIFA games, FIFA 14 arrives as a free-to-play title. However, it's freemium, which means that you have to pay if you want to unlock some additional game modes, such as Exhibition, Tournament, and Manager. Of course, you can opt to save some money and play the completely free Ultimate Team Mode, which allows you to manage a given team for one season. FIFA 14 is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices that sport at least 1GB of RAM. -|dOWNLOAD LINK|- Windows Marketplace Source
  21. This year’s Mobile World Congress event was a site of wide range of high-end smartphone announcements, beginning with Samsung Galaxy S5 launch to Nokia X, an Android-based smartphone. The move from Nokia was clearly viewed as a departure from the protocol, especially following its acquisition by software giant, Microsoft. Naturally, response to the products ranged from being impressed to highly skeptical. Mobile World Congress 2014 What brought respite for Microsoft, was a new plan of action from the Finnish giant to increase the adoption rate of Windows Phone and assurance from other manufacturers like Lenovo, LG and Foxconn that readily agreed to equip their upcoming products with the Windows Phone OS, scaling Windows Phone globally. This event was followed by unveiling of a host of new hardware partners committed to manufacturing smartphones running the Windows Phone OS. The list, included brands like Huawei, ZTE, Longcheer , Xolo, Lava and Karbonn. These new partners are likely to supplement the existing Windows Phone partners- HTC, Samsung and others. Stephen Elop of Nokia while on stage at Nokia’s press event at Mobile World Congress confirmed the rolling out of BBM service to Lumia devices, soon. Panasonic too spilled the beans on its Windows Phone plans by launching Panasonic FZ-E1, a new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld device oriented towards enterprise users. An avowed tough phone, The Panasonic FZ-E1 can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Microsoft was planning to release Windows Phone 8.1 right around the time of its Build 2014 conference, scheduled this April to make the OS available to all developers. Users won’t likely start receiving the new OS preloaded on new phones but delivered as updates to their existing Windows Phone 8 devices. With Windows 8.1, it would also add support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and 400 processors, on-screen virtual hardware buttons, and the ability to install apps to microSD card. Evolving Windows 8 After claiming to have shipped Windows 8.1 in under a year in response to customer and partner feedback, Microsoft says it would continue efforts to refine and improve Windows for delivering delightful experience for all users on all devices. It aims to do so by enhancing support for enterprise customers via a few tweaks, particularly including features that greatly improve IE compatibility in Internet Explorer 11, critical for web-based line of business applications. Additionally, it is looking to make deployment easier. Source
  22. A published report out of China indicates that a "mini" version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet is on the way. The device will reportedly be named the Nokia Lumia 1520 V and will feature a 4.3 inch screen, down sharply from the 6 inch glass found on the full-sized version of the phone. However, the screen on the "V" will keep the same 1080 x 1920 resolution employed on the larger model. That could result in one of the highest pixel density figures on a smartphone. The rest of the specs include 2GB of RAM and 32GB of native storage. A 14MP PureView camera is on back and a 3000mAh battery powers the whole shebang. The phone is expected to be unveiled after Windows Phone 8.1 is released in April. There is also some thought that this is an international version of the unannounced Nokia Lumia 929 aka the Nokia Icon. However, that phone is expected to launch at Verizon with a 5 inch display. Source
  23. Microsoft's head of research gave a lengthy interview for Bloomberg, hinting that the largest piece of the R&D budget is now going to artificial intelligence, and, to be precise, virtual assistants that can answer 'Why' questions. That's apparently the hard thing to master, instead of just digging up info to answer a line of leading questions. For example, Microsoft has a smart elevator in store, which can predict which floor are you trying to get to before you've pushed the button, based on your individual habits and conversations with colleagues like lunch plans. Taking you there, for instance, would be an answer to the question "Why would this person want to go to this floor right now?" It might sound scary, but the research chief claims safeguards are built in, preventing the AI project from connecting individual data with said habits. We hope some of this predictive artificial intelligence work will find its way into Microsoft's upcoming virtual assistant Cortana for Windows Phone, though we aren't sure if mobile chipsets and storage will be able to handle the data load to such an extent. Oh, well, give us at least the simultaneous translation service, Microsoft, and we'll call it even. Source
  24. The yet to be announced, Nokia Lumia 929 went on sale in China. The top-end Windows Phone device is currently available for purchase in the popular online marketplace TaoBao for ¥3800 ($628). Also known as Nokia Lumia Icon, the smartphone is shown in a number of live photos, proudly wearing its Verizon Wireless branding. This is hardly a surprise, as the handset is bound to replace the Nokia Lumia 928 when it goes official on the Big Red. In addition to the host of live photos, the seller reveals the full specs of the Nokia Lumia 929. They include Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in memory, microSD card slot, 5” 1080p display, and 20MP PureView camera. With enough leaks this far to leave nothing to imagination, all Verizon and Nokia are left with, is to finally take the wraps off the device. Considering its recent appearance on the carrier’s webpage, we doubt it will be a long wait. Source
  25. This device will give us a good idea of the true demand of Windows Phone since it will be chock full of high end specs, but with a more pocketable 5 inch screen than the 6 inch glass found on the Nokia Lumia 1520. With specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 we should get a rough idea of how far the platform has come. That is, until the next-gen top shelf Android models get released. The Nokia Lumia Icon got a quick release on Verizon's website before being pulled. The model was supposed to have already been launched, but there is a rumor that it has been delayed until next month due to Microsoft's purchase of Nokia Devices and Services. A 45 second video showing the Nokia Lumia Icon was posted on YouTube earlier today. Sure, the video runs under a minute, but it probably whet your appetite for the phone just the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rkF4GeELIAA Source
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