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Found 18 results

  1. Samsung is still the biggest smartphone seller in the world, and even though most of these sales are based on mid-tier smartphones, the company continues to dare the odds of R&D with its most recent experiments already on store shelves. Some of these experiments have gained a certain level of fame and others haven’t, but the company is clear that in order for most of these products to survive, it does need the support of the developer community. As such the company has just sent out invitations for its Samsung Developers Conference in November. The event will happen from November 11th
  2. Samsung's Tizen project has been plagued by delays, not least in the launch of its first handset with the OS to be launched commercially, the Samsung Z, which it announced back in June. That device was originally expected in mid-2013, before being pushed back to the end of the year, and was again delayed in January 2014, before finally making its début a couple of months ago. The Samsung Z was supposed to be going on sale round about now, but the company recently decided to indefinitely delay the launch of the device in its first market, Russia. This has led to considerable speculation about t
  3. In the latest Apple vs. Samsung patent trial held in California's Northern District court, Judge Lucy Koh entered a summary judgment yesterday finding Samsung's Android-based devices as infringing on a specific patent held by Apple. Besides being found as infringing of the text autocomplete patent used in iOS, Judge Koh has also tossed Samsung's patent related to "multimedia synchronization method and device". Koh claims that the latter patent - purchased in September 2011 some 5 months after the start of patent disputes between the two companies - was only acquired by Samsung to use agains
  4. Andy Weir 25 January 2014 - 08:00 Earlier this week, we reported that Samsung's new Galaxy S5 was expected to launch on February 23, at an event in Barcelona ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress in the Spanish city. The source of that information was Eldar Murtazin, whose history of predictions is somewhat patchy - but given that he accurately predicted the launch date of the Galaxy S4 last year, we thought we would give him the benefit of the doubt. Alas, it seems that Murtazin was wrong. ZDNet Korea has revealed that the event in question isn't for the Galaxy S5 at all - it's actually
  5. Well, Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break with Tizen, as the first commercial smartphone running on the new OS has been delayed once again. NTT DoCoMo recently scrapped plans for its Tizen phone, and it looks like even Samsung isn’t ready to release one just yet. “It is true that the release has been delayed,” said one official at Samsung Electronics’ Media Solution Center (MSC) today in Korea. “Previously we did had planned to release in the first half of this year in several countries, including Korea and Russia.” Samsung had recently said that the first Tizen phone would be unveiled
  6. There have been so many rumors about Tizen in the last year, that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. Tizen is coming. No, it's not. Tizen is DOA. No, it's coming soon. Now comes the latest speculation involving the open source OS. A published report from Greece reveals that Chinese manufacturer ZTE will have a Tizen powered handset on display at MWC next month. The ZTE Geek, which was the first smartphone to feature the Tegra 4 under the hood, appeared at MWC 2013 with Android installed. Now, a year later, the handset is expected to make another appearance in Barcelona, but t
  7. The first Samsung-made Tizen smartphone that’s expected to be commercially available seems to be the SC-03F, a handset that should be launched by NTT docomo (Japan’s largest mobile carrier). The SC-03F was approved by Japanese authorities recently, so you’d think that it could be released in the near future. However, Japanese media is reporting that NTT docomo postponed its official unveiling. According to SankeiBiz, the announcement of the SC-03F was initially scheduled for January 16. Apparently, NTT docomo pushed back the announcement without saying why, although rumor has it that Tizen
  8. Google and Samsung already have an interesting relationship, but it is about to get much more awkward. Google has seemed a bit concerned for some time that Samsung has taken such a dominant role in the Android ecosystem. Now, Google will have a new reason to be concerned: beginning in March, Samsung will dominate Android and compete with it at the same time. According to a report from Japan-based magazine Mainichi, top Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has confirmed that Tizen smartphones will become available beginning in March. The news follows a number of delays that pushed the launch of Samsung
  9. Even after so many rounds of patent disputes in court, and many wins and losses, Samsung and Apple always manage to make the headline from time to time, one way or the other. Everyone involved in this dispute knows that things can’t continue down that path all the time, which is why the CEOs of Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics have agreed to meet as part of a mediated session on February 19th. Both companies are preparing themselves and their respective legal teams for yet another court room battle in March relating to alleged infringement of smartphone patents. The mediated meeting will be
  10. \ A Korean website published this product image of what is, allegedly, the first Samsung Tizen-based smartphone to be sold to consumers. It's called ZEQ9000, which probably means it's coming from a similar place as the previous Samsung Tizen phones that we know of - the SM-Z9000 and the SM-Z9005. Its eventual market name could be “Zeke” - according to the source, Samsung has filed for this new brand last August. It's hard to say whether this leak is reliable or not, but the smartphone's design - not a wildly imaginative designer's concept, but a familiar textured plastic affair, seems authen
  11. Samsung has uploaded four different infographics illustrating all major specs and features of the Galaxy S5, Gear, Galaxy Gear and the evolution of Galaxy S throughout the years. Here is the inforgraphic about the Galaxy S5. This one tells you all about the Gear smartwatches. Next picture shows you all there is to know about Galaxy Fit. And finally, this one shows the history of Galaxy S so far (the South Korean versions at least). Source
  12. Samsung has pushed an update to its original smartwach, the Galaxy Gear that converts it to Tizen and puts it on par with its successors. However, the new operating system (which is simply listed as firmware v2.2 on the Galaxy Gear) introduces little changes to the actual user interface, so you won’t need to get acquainted to it again. What the update does bring is a standalone music player – so you no longer need your phone when you go out for a run. It will also improve the battery life as Tizen has been found to be easier on the hardware than Android. To apply the update you’ll n
  13. Samsung finally made its first ever smartphone running Tizen official at the beginning of this month. That said, the Samsung Z may not be the only Tizen-powered handset to arrive from the Korean behemoth this year. According to an Indian import tracking website, three units of a Galaxy S5 model running Tizen have recently made it to Samsung for testing purposes. Now this may be nothing, or it may signify that Samsung is getting ready to release a variation of the Galaxy S5 that comes with Tizen preinstalled. The price of each testing unit of this Tizen-running Galaxy S5 is said to be
  14. Samsung report plans to launch its first Tizen smartphone early next year, and while its efforts with this new platform will initially be local to the Far East, Samsung undoubtedly hopes it will grow into something more — and reinforcements will definitely help. Headed by both Samsung and Intel, the Tizen Association announced this week that it has added 36 new partners from “all segments of the mobile and connected device ecosystems” to help bolster the platform moving forward. New additions to the Tizen camp include eBay, Konami, McAfee, Panasonic, Sharp and TrendMicro, and the Association’s
  15. We know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will be powered by Tizen (Samsung’s proprietary OS), as opposed to Android, which was the software of choice for the first Galaxy Gear. But what about the Gear Fit, Samsung’s health tracking wearable? It turns out the device won’t be using either of these options. So what will power the Gear Fit’s software? Hit the jump below to find out. Samsung has opted to use a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). The benefits of using an RTOS over an OS like Android or Tizen is that the RTOS uses a set of predetermined, simple tasks that are able to
  16. A report in Korean media emerged, shedding light on Samsung’s future plans for Tizen. According to the head of Samsung Electronics’ visual display unit, the OS represents a “significant investment” for Samsung, and much progress has been achieved in its development. The company’s executive further iterated that a Tizen smartphone will be released before any other device. However, the launch of Samsung’s first handset has been pushed for 2014, not this year as initially expected. Original Article
  17. The Tizen based OS, the Samsung Z9005 made another appearance. This time around, the smartphone showed up in an extensive hands-on video. It gives us a good glimpse of the device’s OS, including the settings and notifications menu, as well as the camera UI. See it below: Unsurprisingly, the OS of the Samsung Z9005 shares quite a few design bits with the Korean manufacturer’s TouchWiz UI for Android. The circular icons on the other hand, hark back to the MeeGo past of Samsung’s partner in the Tizen project – Intel. Previous reports point that the Samsung Z9005 is a develope
  18. Samsung started its first developer conference this week in San Francisco and while talk of Android filled the air, Samsung also made sure that Tizen had a presence too. Most of the talk about Tizen took place between scheduled talks, amongst developers. The main focus of the conference was to push developers to make Android apps unique to Samsung models. One analyst sees this all being done in preparation for the day that Tizen is made available, to show developers that Samsung can take care of them even when they start writing for the OS developed by Samsung and Intel. This way, the
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