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Found 9 results

  1. Rumors indicate that this month’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona could see more than one announcement from Samsung. Besides the anticipated Galaxy S5 flagship, sources indicate that new editions of their popular Galaxy Tab series of tablets and Galaxy Gear smartwatch could get announced. Although Samsung has kept the upcoming Galaxy Tab 4 appearance at MWC under wraps, there are indications that as many as three variants of the new tablet will grace Samsung’s booth at this month’s trade show – a 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch model. All will be powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, feature up to 64GB of internal memory and Android 4.4 KitKat. Also rumored is a Galaxy Gear smartwatch successor. The Galaxy Gear 2 will feature a flexible OLED display and a refreshed design, and is expected to have way more features compared to its predecessor. Source
  2. This year’s Mobile World Congress event was a site of wide range of high-end smartphone announcements, beginning with Samsung Galaxy S5 launch to Nokia X, an Android-based smartphone. The move from Nokia was clearly viewed as a departure from the protocol, especially following its acquisition by software giant, Microsoft. Naturally, response to the products ranged from being impressed to highly skeptical. Mobile World Congress 2014 What brought respite for Microsoft, was a new plan of action from the Finnish giant to increase the adoption rate of Windows Phone and assurance from other manufacturers like Lenovo, LG and Foxconn that readily agreed to equip their upcoming products with the Windows Phone OS, scaling Windows Phone globally. This event was followed by unveiling of a host of new hardware partners committed to manufacturing smartphones running the Windows Phone OS. The list, included brands like Huawei, ZTE, Longcheer , Xolo, Lava and Karbonn. These new partners are likely to supplement the existing Windows Phone partners- HTC, Samsung and others. Stephen Elop of Nokia while on stage at Nokia’s press event at Mobile World Congress confirmed the rolling out of BBM service to Lumia devices, soon. Panasonic too spilled the beans on its Windows Phone plans by launching Panasonic FZ-E1, a new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld device oriented towards enterprise users. An avowed tough phone, The Panasonic FZ-E1 can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Microsoft was planning to release Windows Phone 8.1 right around the time of its Build 2014 conference, scheduled this April to make the OS available to all developers. Users won’t likely start receiving the new OS preloaded on new phones but delivered as updates to their existing Windows Phone 8 devices. With Windows 8.1, it would also add support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and 400 processors, on-screen virtual hardware buttons, and the ability to install apps to microSD card. Evolving Windows 8 After claiming to have shipped Windows 8.1 in under a year in response to customer and partner feedback, Microsoft says it would continue efforts to refine and improve Windows for delivering delightful experience for all users on all devices. It aims to do so by enhancing support for enterprise customers via a few tweaks, particularly including features that greatly improve IE compatibility in Internet Explorer 11, critical for web-based line of business applications. Additionally, it is looking to make deployment easier. Source
  3. It seems that Google may have just fallen foul of one of the pitfalls of having engineers running the company rather than people that are more adept at giving a politician’s answer to some tough questions. Google’s head honcho of Android, Sundar Pichai, has been in attendance at this week’s Mobile World Congress, and it seems he’s given a very interesting answer to a mildly interesting question. Speaking to French Android blog, FrAndroid, Pichai was asked about the distinctly Android issue of malware, with Android phones being the most susceptible to those looking to do harm to, or via someone’s smartphone. The topic of malware has to be a fairly common question for Pichai, which is why we would expect him to have one or two canned responses ready to fire back. It seems that for whatever reason Pichai had something else in mind this week, with the candid response taking some by surprise. Rather than offering an answer the likes of which a politician would be proud, Pichai simply said that Android was never designed with safety first, but instead with offering an open experience. Well Mr. Pichai, it’s safe to say that’s what you did. Google’s head of Android also went on to talk about his company’s relationship with the biggest player in Android, Samsung, as well as the new line of Nokia X handsets that have been announced this week. Unfortunately for him though, it looks like that’s going to be forgotten alongside the admittance that Android simply isn’t meant to be safe for everyone to use. We cannot guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom. When people talk about 90% of malware for Android, they must of course take into account the fact that it is the most popular operating system in the world. If I had a company dedicated to malware, I would also be addressing my attacks on Android… We’d love to know what everyone in the Android team as well as the wider Google have to say about that. We’re going to go ahead and suggest it’s nothing good. While the fact that Android does in fact account for more devices than anyone else, that doesn’t get around the fact that it is undoubtedly coming up short in the security and safety stakes. With third-party app stores being used around the globe, Google can’t always be held responsible for what goes on. That being said, it sounds like it didn’t have safety as a priority during Android’s development. That’s one thing, but saying it so bluntly at a mobile device show is another entirely. Source
  4. Borrowing a page out of Windows Phone’s book, the newest installment of Samsung’s Galaxy flagship lineup will reportedly feature a new Kids Mode parental control feature. Kids Mode takes after Kids Corner in WP8, and will give you a special limited access user account for when you want to lend your Galaxy S5 to a child or someone else. Kids Mode will let you set a PIN to control access to apps and settings and limit the numbers your kid can call. There’s even going to be an option to control the amount of time that can be spent playing a particular game or using a specific app. Samsung will hopefully go into more detail at the Galaxy S5 announcement, which is expected to take place next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Be sure to check back with us for complete coverage of the event! Source
  5. According to a Bloomberg source close to HTC, the Taiwanese company is aiming to show off three wearable devices to carrier representatives at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. One of them is a smartwatch prototype based on Qualcomm’s Toq, the other a smartwatch which will rely heavily on Google Now and finally a bracelet targeted at music lovers. The source reveals that HTC will likely keep said three devices under wraps from the public eye and only showcase them privately for now – bummer! HTC’s own Cher Wang told Bloomberg the company will release a wearable device this year and also said along with Peter Chou that a disruptive tablet and useful smartwatch are on the way. As for the unknown smartwatch by HTC we can assume that, due to being based on the Qualcomm Toq, it will sport similar specs – a Mirasol screen (higher reflectivity but much more battery friendly – six times more power efficient than LCD and OLED) and the ability to call, receive texts, play music and view calendar data. As for the Google Now smartwatch and mucis-playing bracelet, we’ll have to wait. Source
  6. Canonical announced its first hardware partners which will manufacture Ubuntu smartphones. Meizu and the Spanish manufacturer BQ Readers will ship Ubuntu handsets globally this year. Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth pointed that the initial partners were chosen because of their expertise in penetrating emerging markets. More established manufacturers are expected to hop on the Ubuntu bandwagon in 2015. The upcoming Linux-based smartphones are said to feature “the latest hardware.” Canonical is serious about app support too. It aims to have the top 50 mobile applications available on Ubuntu by the end of the year. We are yet to see an official announcement of Ubuntu smartphone. MWC in Barcelona next week could be the venue of such event. Source
  7. Nokia is planning to hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress next month. Following its recent financial results released earlier today, the company has started distributing invites to members of the media. The press conference will take place on Monday February 24th, but it's not clear what the company will announce this year. Rumors of a Nokia Android phone, codenamed Normandy, have surfaced several times in recent weeks, and sources at Nokia have revealed to The Verge that the company had been planning to launch the device at Mobile World Congress. Any potential launch of a Nokia Android phone will likely be halted due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone business that’s expected to close shortly. We understand that Microsoft is not planning to have a big presence at Mobile World Congress this year, and sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to The Verge that Windows Phone 8.1 will be detailed in full at the Build conference in April. A lack of rumored Nokia Windows Phone devices suggests that the company may finally launch Verizon’s Lumia Icon handset. However, it would be unusual for a US-centric device to be introduced in Europe. Source
  8. Robin Sinha, January 24, 2014 Nokia has confirmed its presence at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014 event, which is scheduled from 24 to 27 February in Barcelona. The Finnish firm has dropped an invitation for a press conference to be held on February 24, at 0730 (GMT). Just what does Nokia have in store for its MWC 2014 event? A range of handsets have been rumoured since November last year, out of which, we expect most of them to show up at the event. In total, six Nokia handsets are rumoured to get revealed at the event, including a few large-screen smartphones, or phablets. Back in November 2013, @evleaks mentioned two handsets with codename "Goldfinger" and "Moneypenny", which would run on the not-yet-officially-announced Windows Phone 8.1 OS or Windows Phone Blue. Reports additionally mentioned that Goldfinger will be the flagship handset and will feature 3D touch technology on which the company has been said to work from quite a while. The Moneypenny was also rumoured to be the first dual-SIM Windows Phone, though a single-SIM 'variant' was also expected Along with these two expected handsets, rumours about four other devices have emerged, two of which are mostly the variants of the current flagship handset, the Lumia 1520. The rumoured Nokia Lumia 1820 is said to be the company's next flagship. The Nokia Lumia 1820 is said to feature a full metal unibody build. A tipster suggests the alleged Lumia 1820 would feature a Lytro-style camera, which will allow users to refocus images even after they are clicked. Other rumoured specifications for the handset include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor paired with 3GB of RAM, and 5.2-inch screen sporting a 2K pixel resolution. The handset is expected to be backed by a 3400mAh battery alongside a 32GB expandable storage. On the other hand, the proposed Nokia Lumia 1525 will share the same screen size as Lumia 1520, but will apparently share the same specifications as the Lumia 1820. It is said to feature a 6-inch 2K display, and get a revamped rear camera with either 25 or 30-megapixel sensor, according to @NextLeaks. Rather incredibly, the Lumia 1525 is also expected to sport a battery that can be powered via a solar charging display, something we'll definitely have to see to believe. The Nokia Lumia 1520V, is rumoured to be the smaller version of flagship Lumia 1520 phablet. While Lumia 1520 features a 6-inch screen size with full-HD resolution, the rumoured Lumia 1520V will apparently stuff in the same 1080p resolution in a 4.3-inch screen. Other features said to be shared by the handset are 2GB of RAM, 32GB of inbuilt storage and a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. The Windows Phone 8.1-based Lumia 1520V is also expected to boast of a 14-megapixel camera alongside a 3000mAh battery. Lastly, the most-anticipated handset, the rumoured first Nokia budget Android phone, Project Normandy or Nokia X, is expected to be launched at MWC 2014. The handset is said to come with a custom Android UI. The leaked home screen panel of the Nokia X also includes the BBM app which points that the device is running an Android version, though, no word on the alleged Android version as of now. Since, none of the above handsets have been confirmed by the firm, one can only wait till MWC 2014 to see what Nokia has in store for its users. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/nokia-expected-to-showcase-six-handsets-at-mwc-2014-event-on-february-24-474956
  9. According to several reports coming out of South Korea, LG is not only working on the LG G3 already, but the company is also planning to release two new wearable devices as well. Reportedly all three devices will be shown off in February at the MWC event in Barcelona. So what do we know about the devices? For the G3, all we know is that the handset will allegedly feature a fingerprint reader, just like what you’ll find with devices like the HTC One Max. The rumor mill also suggests the handset could have a high-end octa-core CPU and a 2K display — but again all of this is speculation and rumor at best. As for the two wearable devices, the names are said to be the G Arch and the G Health. The first of these is supposed to be smartwatch, not unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Although little is known about the G Arch, going back as far as March, we’ve heard rumors that LG was experimenting with its own smartwatch. In August we also learned unofficially from an LG exec the company was in fact working a smartphone with a flexible display. So what’s the G Health? The Korean media reports that this is a fitness tracking device and apparently LG’s take on the existing Nike Fuelband. It is important to note that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the name “LG Health”, as this name showed up in a trademark filing in October of this year. Once again it’s important to remember that LG has yet to confirm any of these three devices. While it doesn’t seem impossible to think that an LG G3 is really in the works, unveiling it at MWC seems a little soon (though not impossible). Bottom-line, speculation is advised when it comes to believing the rumors about any three of these devices. Either way, we’ll hopefully know more come February 2014, and maybe (if we’re lucky) we’ll even learn a few more details at CES in January. Source
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