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  1. In the heat of its financial struggles, BlackBerry just got a breath of fresh air thanks to the US Department of Defense, which has placed an order for 80,000 of its smartphones. As part of its smartphone expansion strategy, the Department of Defense is also giving 1,800 undisclosed mobile devices to its employees including "Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets and Samsung Galaxy S3, and Motorola RAZR," the statement reads. The news caused quite a stir in the stock market, as the company's stock shares peaked to $10 per share. In the end of last year BlackBerry shares were hovering around the $7 mark. In spite of BlackBerry losing ground in the consumer market, the Canadian phonemaker has historically been the preferred partner for government agencies and security companies due to its smartphones' enhanced security features. In May last year, BlackBerry successfully certified its entire BlackBerry 10 family of devices to the Department of Defense security standards. This resulted in the Pentagon approving a contract for nearly half a million BB phones. The news, however, isn't good enough to get the company out of the financial swamp it's currently in. The company is still on track with its plan to put the majority of its Canadian real estate in sale-leaseback. More than 3 million square feet of the company's commercial real estate is destined to be rented and sold in the future. Source
  2. BlackBerry has just announced the latest 10.2.1 update for its BlackBerry OS. It brings lots of new features, and is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The rollout has already started so you can update your device right now. Here is the complete official change log:Customize Pinch Gesture to Filter BlackBerry Hub – BlackBerry Hub lets you access all your messages and notifications in one place. A new feature lets you instantly filter the message list in the Hub. You can customize the Hub to show only Unread Messages, Flagged Messages, Draft Messages, Meeting Invites, Sent Messages or Level 1 Alerts. Once the filter criterion is set, you can simply activate it with a pinch gesture on the Hub’s message list.Simplified Phone Experience – The phone includes a new incoming call screen that lets you swipe to the left to answer or swipe right to ignore a call. New intuitive icons allow you to instantly silence the call, or send a Reply Now response through BBM, SMS or email that you can’t answer the phone right away. You can choose from a list of standard automated responses or respond with a personalized note.SMS and Email Groups – You can now create SMS and email groups for more efficient broadcast communications.Actionable Lock Screen Notifications – You can now "Tap to open" a message that appears on the lock screen, letting you respond to an important message much quicker or to check messages more discreetly.Picture Password for Quick Unlocking - You can quickly unlock your phone using a combination of a picture and a number (0-9) of your choice, which you place at a particular point on the image. When you try to unlock the phone, the picture will appear along with a grid of random numbers. To unlock, simply drag the grid so the number you selected overlays the particular point on the image.Customizable Quick Settings Menu - You can now customize what appears on the Settings menu, which includes features such as being able to quickly change the Brightness of the smartphone’s display, toggle various network connections, and access the built-in flashlight. The Settings menu also includes a toggle that lets you instantly switch between your Personal and Work perimeter.Offline Browser Reading Mode - You can now save the current web page you’re on for later viewing, even if you are offline or without an Internet connection.Preferred Contact Sync – You can now choose the sync source for your Contacts ensuring you always have the most up-to-date contact details. When adding a new contact you can designate which sources you want the contact Source
  3. BlackBerry's BBM app was downloaded 10 million times within 24 hours, but at least on Android, some of its many positive reviews seem to come from a less than savory source. Blogger Terence Eden looked through more reviews and found more evidence that somebody was astroturfing the Play Store. In addition to the sheer numbers he found, at least one person seemed to have accidentally copied and pasted more of the text than intended: "Dear Mr Ahmed, please post the following comment on the new BlackBerry Messenger APP..." Fake reviews are a frequent issue across many sites, and a September crackdown resulted in fines for 19 companies. More recently, Samsung was fined for hiring commenters to talk up its own products online and leave negative comments about those of its competitors (allegedly HTC.) BlackBerry did not immediately return our request for comment, but a spokeswoman responded to Eden, saying the company had nothing to do with it. "We have recently been made aware of a number of potentially fake five-star reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play," she said. "We do not approve of or condone such activities and are committed to working with Google to resolve this." Unfortunately for BlackBerry, the reviews cast some doubt on the 10 million download number it touted earlier this week. There's no reason to believe BlackBerry's count isn't correct, but astroturfed comments could also mean not everyone downloading the app is a fan of BBM. It doesn't help that at this point, it's virtually impossible to tell how many fake reviews there actually are. Over the past couple of days, the text has become a meme of its own, and a cursory look at the site shows plenty of people with parodic variations — some of which are plausible enough that they add even more confusion. If BlackBerry wants to resolve the issue with Google, it's going to have to address more than just the actions of the spammers. BlackBerry has responded, once again saying that the reviews were uninvited and entirely unwelcome. "We have been made aware of a number of potentially fake reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play, with ratings anywhere from one to five stars. We have no knowledge of how these reviews were created or populated. We do not approve of or condone such activities. There are also many genuinely great and useful reviews from our new BBM users on Google Play. We would like to encourage our fans and users to continue to provide true assessments of the BBM experience through the proper channels." As BlackBerry notes, the reviews varied in stars, so they haven't necessarily skewed the overall score, though once again the parody reviews make it hard to figure out exactly how fake reviewers rated it. BlackBerry also affirms that the download number is correct, and I've clarified above — there's no sign that the company gave inaccurate information, but an astroturfing campaign makes it more difficult to tell how much positive response was genuine. source: theverge
  4. BlackBerry may be having problems at home, but on the other side of the world BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 is in full swing with some exciting news about the company’s popular messaging service. BBin reports that the Waterloo company will launch BBM on Windows desktop computers, after unveiling the software at the expo in Hong Kong, though there’s no set release date at this point. BBM was scheduled to launch on Android and iOS devices over the past weekend, marking the service’s expansion beyond BlackBerry’s own hardware. However, the release was quickly cut short due to technical issues with no word on when it might re-launch. The company’s most recent setback clearly isn’t enough to slow down BBM’s expansion. The messaging service is one of the company’s few remaining valuable assets, and bringing it to desktop computers will help give BlackBerry an edge over competing apps like WhatsApp, which only works on mobile devices. The company still has to face off with iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts, however, all of which work on both mobile and desktop, and have massive built-in user bases. SOURCE
  5. BlackBerry’s CMO Frank Boulben has confirmed the BBM messenger for Android and iOS will be released “within days”. The client has been teased a lot in the past few months with the promise the released date is getting closer. We even saw a beta version makes it to the Apple’s AppStore, but it was quickly taken down. Well, it seems the BBM is finally ready and its arrival is only a matter of days. Frank Boulben shared this info alongside other reassuring piece of info that BlackBerry is doing well and the development is going according to plan. You can find about the open letter from BlackBerry to its partners and customers right here. According to BlackBerry six million people have already signed up to be notified for the released of the BBM on Android and iOS. SOURCE
  6. About a month after the first attempt failed, BlackBerry is planning on trying once again to get BBM for iOS and BBM for Android available for users of those two platforms. On Monday, BlackBerry crowed about the 1.1 million Android users that installed an unreleased version of the app back in September. It was that unofficial version, along with a number of bogus BBM apps put up in the Google Play Store, that made BlackBerry's task too difficult to complete at the time. Meanwhile, more than 1 million Apple iPhone users have side loaded BBM on their phone. According to the beleaguered Canadian manufacturer, the best way to download BBM on your iOS or Android phone is to visit BBM.com from your iPhone or Android browser. Install the app, enter your email address and BlackBerry will send you a message when you are at the "front of the line" and can use BBM. You can follow the line at @BBM on Twitter If you already signed up with BBM.com, you can start using BBM immediately. BlackBerry says its developers have been working around the clock and made some upgrades to BBM during the past month. This is a great idea from BlackBerry because instead of going to your phone's app store and putting up with a number of bogus BBM apps, you are going straight to BlackBerry to install it. The app is now from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. -- download links -- BBM Android BBM iOS What do you think about the BBM? B) source
  7. Even though over 10 million people have downloaded BBM for iOS and BBM for Android, we told you that a further update would be necessary for the voice and video calling features of the service to work. On Sunday, Andrew Bocking said that those with BBM for iOS and BBM for Android will be able to make voice and video calls within months. And Bocking should know, considering that he is Executive VP of BBM for BlackBerry. While Bocking says that BBM will always be free, the Canadian OEM wants to monetize the app. One way will be with BBM Channels. Appearing Sunday on CBC’s The Morning Edition, Bocking said that this will be the way for BlackBerry to make money off of BBM. Calling Channels a "social engagement platform within BBM," the executive says that it spreads the "BBM experience to brands, artists, businesses and communities, you will now be able to connect with individuals and groups in real time." CBC says that BBM Channels will launch soon, although the service might remain in beta for some time. Speaking of BBM, Bocking says that "We continue to plan to evolve the service and keep making it more engaging and have more reasons why people will come back to use the service." With BlackBerry looking to monetize Channels as a way to profit from BBM, we could be looking at a new BlackBerry, more software oriented with a focus away from handsets. source: phonearena
  8. BlackBerry as a company and as a platform may be seeing its market share dropping, but the BlackBerry Messenger app has been very popular since it was released on Android and iOS this past week. The app has seen pretty substantial download rates even with its waiting list to actually use the app. But, that wait list has been removed and users are now free to get their BBM on. BBM has been popular on both Android and iOS, which makes it hard to tell if more BlackBerry users have upgraded to Android over the years than they have to iOS. The iOS App Store shows BlackBerry Messenger as number 2 on the list of free iOS apps, while the Google Play Store is showing BBM at number 7 in the top 10 free apps, and it has passed the 10 million download mark to slide into Google Play's ambiguous 10 million to 50 million download category. It only took BBM one day to break the 1 million download mark on Google Play, and it is not slowing down just yet. Unfortunately, iOS doesn't give even general download numbers, so we don't know how big it is there, but given how high it is on the top charts, it must have quite a few downloads. And, the best news so far is that no one on Android or iOS needs to worry about the wait list anymore. If you download BBM, you should be able to sign up and get going right away. source: phonearena
  9. BlackBerry’s OS and brand in general may be tanking right now, but the Canadian company seems determined to turn things around, and following the recent release of its prized BBM app for iOS and Android, it looks as though users of the latter ecosystem may begin to see the instant messaging app installed as standard on some future devices. If there’s one thing consumers tend to loathe, it’s the pre-installation of unnecessary bloatware that cannot be removed, but the good news – at least, for much of the western world – is that it’s unlikely to be finding its way to your favorite Android brand of handset any time soon. As per an official announcement from BlackBerry today, BBM will be installed as a stock app on a number of Android handsets from next month, although the company’s target audience appears, for now, to be smartphones in “Africa, India, Indonesia, Latin America and the Middle East.” In an attempt to rationalize the move to the consumer (as opposed to merely admitting that BlackBerry is running out of options), Andrew Bocking, the company’s Executive VP for BBM, noted how “thrilled” the company was to be joining forces with OEMs to “help bring their customers the best out-of-the-box experience with BBM preinstalled.” Let’s be honest, this helps nobody but BlackBerry. “It is clear that smartphone customers see BBM as a must-have app for active conversations. . . the uptake we have seen for BBM since the launch on Android and iPhone is amazing,” continued Bocking, but since those who do regard BBM as an, ahem, “must-have” can readily go to the Google Play or App Store and grab it themselves, this obvious marketing ploy should not be seen as anything else but that. The mobile manufacturers in the target markets have naturally been releasing statements talking BBM up, and the whole scenario only continues to underline just how quickly BlackBerry has descended in the past few years. The once-mighty brand is now clutching rather desperately on to its messaging app, which, although once a force, has seen many others, such as WhatsApp Messenger, come along and occupy its patch. BlackBerry will be hoping the lauded privacy and security of BBM, along with this push on certain markets and devices, will help turn its fortunes around. Source
  10. Blackberry’s Messaging Service, BBM, has been made available for non-blackberry devices for a while now. Now the application will be packing some new features that may bring in some new users and keep current ones excited. The first of the new features is something that doesn’t seem like it should have been left out for so long: the ability to share photos in group chats. Blackberry has also upped the size of the files that you’re able to share using the application: from 6MB to 16MB. Blackberry has also made the sizes of their emoticons bigger, as per customer demand. No date has been scheduled for when the new features are going to roll out, but stay tuned. Source
  11. BlackBerry is working on a version of BBM for Android phones powered by the Gingerbread build of the open source OS. The messaging app will thus be available for the 21% of Android users still using Android 2.3.3-2.3.7. The app is now in external beta testing and is expected to be launched in February. BlackBerry says that it is excited to have millions of additional Android users using BBM. Currently, the app requires subscribers to have Android 4.0 or higher. On its blog, BlackBerry indicates that it is offering this version of BBM in response to demand for it from those Android users sporting a Gingerbread powered handset. While the post didn't mention it, we assume that the BBM for Gingerbread users will also offer BBM Voice, BBM Channels and BBM Video. These will eventually be offered to the original BBM for Android and BBM for iOS apps. BBM Voice allows users to make calls to other BBM members for free around the world. BBM Channels is a group of discussion and chat rooms, each covering a particular subject. BBM subscribers will be able to open their own rooms featuring their own topics, and corporations will also be sponsoring rooms of their own. BBM Video will allow subscribers to video chat with each other. Source
  12. While BlackBerry CEO John Chen has recently confirmed that the Canadian OEM will be offering BES for Windows Phone, it seems that the beleaguered manufacturer is not going to offer its BBM for the platform. The messaging application has already been offered to iOS and Android users and large numbers of both downloaded and installed BBM on their phones. The apps allow iOS and Android users to send and receive messages using PIN numbers. Eventually, they will be able to make phone calls, engage in video chat, and populate discussion groups. David Proulx, BlackBerry’s Senior Director of BBM Business Development, explained that the release of BBM for iOS and Android was due to the large number of users of those two platforms. While Windows Phone might not have enough users to make BlackBerry interested in releasing BBM for the platform, that could change. Proulx says, "As other platforms emerge, whichever they may be, we will execute on those platforms as well." BlackBerry's thinking about Windows Phone might be dated. While the platform couldn't get popular apps like Instagram for years, that is changing. Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are now available in the Windows Phone Store (and are not in BlackBerry World). Windows Phone started to gain traction last year and thanks to the GDR3 update, top shelf models have the same specs as high end Android phones. If Windows Phone continues to pick up users, it won't be long before BlackBerry changes its mind. Source
  13. Any way you look at it, BlackBerry's decision to rollout BBM for iOS and Android has been a success. After the first week, 20 million new active BBM users were added to the 60 million BlackBerry users who actively use the messaging app. In addition, data from Android users shows that in the first week after becoming available, BBM equaled or surpassed other messaging apps in the number of weekly engagements. Considering that BBM for Android users haven't had the time to build up a large contacts list, this is considered to be very impressive on the part of the BlackBerry application. According to data from Mobidia, for the week ended October 24th, BBM for Android had a weekly engagement of 40 minutes, topping the 24 minutes scored by messaging app Tango (which has over 130 million users), and close to the 44 minutes of Viber. Kik still is on top with a weekly engagement of 106 minutes. Still, the data shows that Android users are doing more than merely downloading the app just to join the hip crowd. While BBM is still well behind more popular messaging apps in the U.S. like Kik and WhatsApp, and may never enjoy the popularity among teens that other apps have, considering how BBM's journey has just started, we can say that it looks like this is going to be a rare success for BlackBerry. Now comes the hard part which is figuirng out how to make money with it. At one point months ago, there was talk of selling BBM access to users of rival platforms. Now that BlackBerry is giving it away, there needs to be a way for the application to generate some income for BlackBerry. Source
  14. BlackBerry reveals when to expect BBM for Windows Phone Prior to that, BlackBerry had given no indication that it was even interested in launching software for Windows Phone, the rival platform that has pushed it into fourth place in the smartphone market. Indeed, as recently as January, the company reiterated that it had "no plans" for Microsoft's mobile OS. Now, though, those plans are very much in the works, but the exact release date remains ambiguous. The latest information, which comes via TechCrunch, was revealed by BlackBerry CEO John Chen in a company earnings call this week. Chen said that the app is targeted for "Fiscal Q2" - the second quarter in the company's fiscal year - indicating that it could arrive as early as May 2014, or as late as July. Chen also said that BBM will be pre-loaded onto Nokia X Android handsets and certain Lumia devices in selected markets, once BBM finally launches on Windows Phone. Source: TechCrunch via WMPowerUser
  15. BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, picture sharing, voice notes and more. Download the official version of BBM from BlackBerry now.Chat with friends on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone: Google Play: BBM on Google Play Download: http://www.tusfiles.net/9bhbcrcgmeiphttp://www.indishare.com/nidy9lszgt65http://up.bannedhost.com/hd3vjvoeye0rhttp://www11.zippyshare.com/v/17818668/file.htmlhttps://usersfiles.com/ykh98klur8qv
  16. BBM hasn’t exactly been on the cell phone news radar as of late, but the latest update for Android may usher in a bunch of new users. And that’s because Blackberry has made it easier than ever for new users to sign up and start using BBM. All you need to do is supply your name, an email address, and a password. No other verifications (in the beginning) are required and you can just start using the messaging service right away. Another interesting piece of news is that Blackberry is doing away with the whole PIN system. You won’t need to input a specific PIN number to add someone to your BBM messenger contacts; you’ll only need to click on the friends request link that is in your email and you will instantly become friends with that contact. BBM has also added 16 new additional emoticons, and has now renamed the “updates” tab to “feeds”, which is more inline with the social aspect of the messaging service. Source
  17. One of the reasons why Blackberries, long after being obsolete in the consumer sphere, still managed to persist in the business world was because the handsets were just so secure. Protection of data and Blackberries go hand in hand, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Blackberry announced BBM Protected, an extra-encrypted IM client. With BBM Protected, you’ll be able to IM away with very little worry as your messages and attachments sent with the service will be well guarded. Blackberry has encrypted each message you send with BBM Protected with its own encryption key, making conversations a major hassle to crack. Protected comes as part of Blackberry’s eBBM software suite, which is geared towards the enterprise market. What’s more is that you’ll be able to securely communicate with all BBM Protected users, not just the ones in your corporate network. The new and improved client is available on all BBOS 6.0 and later devices, even Blackberry 10 devices, they just need to be in Regulated Mode. Seeing that BBM is now available for Android and iOS, expect BBM Protected to come to these platforms as well. homepage Source
  18. BlackBerry has released their BBM application for the Windows Phone platform. The app is beta for now, so you will need an invite to be able to use the app on your Windows Phone device. The app will be open for everyone but until then, this is only for those with an invite for the private beta. Download Link BBM for Windows beta Source
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