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Found 18 results

  1. hey.. there's been a huge stink over the App Store leaking sensitive data even if you have it disabled.. so i have been snooping around trying to figure out how to completely disable it.. First.. you have to familiarize yourself w/taking ownership of files: Right click > "Properties"click "Advanced"click "Change" (Owner)click "Advanced"click "Find Now"highlight "Administrators" without black ? down arrow ?click "OK"click "OK" againclick "OK" againyou should be back at the "Security" tabhighlight Administrators > click "Edit"highlight Administrators > check all boxes under "Allow"pres
  2. Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove the start button from the OS. Ever since, a lot of developers has used that as an advantage to create apps to bring back the start bottom. Microsoft thought of this and brought it back in Windows 8.1, yet still users are not appreciating it, and still want a start bottom app to replace Microsoft's start bottom. I have come across a lot of start bottom apps - used most of them. Day inn and Day out more and more start bottom apps is been released. Which is the BEST? BringBack Wentutu Start Menu Ex7forW8 Handy Start
  3. By Donna Tam January 15, 2014 9:00 AM PST The cloud storage company's apps for iPads and iPhones adds new features like real-time search and moving multiple files at once. Box introduced new apps for the iPad and iPhone on Wednesday, with promises of a faster, more responsive iOS experience that is still secure. To entice users to give the new apps a try, the cloud-storage service is also offering 50GB of free storage with each download. Box has redesigned the apps to focus on the content, according to Box's head of mobile David Still. "We want to continue to find ways to improve how people
  4. With the World Cup, Football’s most revered and decorated tournament of them all, taking place in Brazil next summer, we’re going to be seeing a dramatic rise in the number of products related to the sport being released. The general interface, whilst pretty unspectacular, is clean and flat – a move many app makers have subscribed to since Apple introduced the ironed-out iOS 7. The Android iteration of the app appears to have been dealt many of the same characteristics, although since Google’s OS has been free of skeuomorphism for a long while now, the clean and minimal appearance looks
  5. By Quentyn Kennemer Feb 12th 2014 It’d probably be an understatement to suggest Microsoft is having trouble getting more developers to fill their apps store with the goods users are looking for. Unfortunately they seem to have found themselves in a classic “chicken or egg scenario” — users won’t come to the platform unless there are apps, but developers won’t develop apps if there are no users. There’s no shame in that problem, as Android suffered it very early on (though obviously quickly eradicated that with being the fastest growing mobile operating system of all time). Unfortunately for Mi
  6. By Alex Colon 10 hours ago A recent report suggests that Microsoft is considering bring Android apps to Windows Phone. But isn’t it too soon to admit defeat? Microsoft is seriously considering the idea to bring Android apps to Windows Phone, according to a report from The Verge. It wouldn’t happen until Windows 9 is complete some time next year (at the earliest), but this would be a tremendous shift for Microsoft. And while it might prove positive for consumers in the short-term, it could ultimately spell trouble for Windows Phone as a viable platform in the future. It seems like a good idea
  7. By Spulatov February 1st, 2014 Dear Microsoft, I really like your Windows Phone platform, and use Nokia Lumia 820. I am generally happy with performance and functionality. Your Windows Phone store has several exclusive apps with very interesting ideas like Foundbite and Bill Reminder. BUT, your store has a lot of junk which makes new and unexperienced users to buy and run fake applications. I reported several times applications which is just fake, disappointing, or PAID apps which is just a links to a web browser. Let me show you what I will get if I will enter just a Facebook. I will
  8. Detailed by the Wall Street Journal, Starwood Hotels & Resorts is transitioning to a keyless entry system at two locations in the United States. Rolling out first at Aloft Hotel locations in New York City and Silicon Valley, guests of the hotel can download a mobile application to their smartphone before arriving. Rather than visiting the front desk to check into their room, the guest simply checks-in through the app and can go directly to their hotel room for the night. At the door, the guest pulls up a virtual key on the smartphone and unlocks the door by either tapping or turning the ph
  9. Sony’s flagships are getting a new exclusive feature – Live on YouTube app. It lets them live stream video on YouTube. So far Sony’s flagships had the unique Social Live feature, which let them livestream video to their Facebook walls, but this time it’s YouTube we are talking about. The exclusive app should be available for the Sony Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact, though note that it’s not available in Germany and in countries where YouTube isn’t available. To use Live on YouTube you’ll need to turn on the live streaming feature for your account. Then you’ll be able to stream
  10. The 86th Academy Awards will be streamed live this Sunday to those using the Watch ABC app. But ABC will only offer the entire program to those who are subscribers to certain cable-TV networks in specific markets. Those cable networks taking part in the live stream include AT&T U-verse, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications and Verizon FiOS. The locations where the live stream will be available include Los Angeles; San Francisco; Fresno, Calif.; Houston; Chicago; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; Philadelphia and New York. Samsung
  11. Developer Sherif Maktabi has created a teaser site, advertising new Glassware dubbed “Sex with Glass” Different from “Tits and Glass,” which had a single participant broadcasting their sexual exploits for the world to see, Sex with Glass is less Android porn and far more intimate. 2 Glass users sync up — both physically and with through their Glass headsets — and while engaging in coitus, can get a view from the other person’s perspective, opening up new avenues of sexual exploration. Glass units can even sync up with a smartphone, allowing users to get a 3rd party view of their session with a
  12. Passwords keep getting more annoying but thankfully there are lots of different apps to help you securely manage them without writing them all down on a slip of paper that you store somewhere deep in a desk drawer. One of the best password management apps is 1Password, which lets you store all your passwords on one application and activate them simply through typing in one master password. Basically, then, your one 1Password password serves as the only password you’ll ever need to remember once you store all your other passwords on the app. Unfortunately for Android users, the full version 1
  13. It looks like Google is planning to invade the iOS App Store once again in the near future. A recent post in the Chromium open issues tracker reveals that the remote desktop management app Google is building for Android phones and tablets will also be made available for iOS devices. The app is referred to as “Chromoting,” and much like other remote desktop apps, it will allow users to access their computers from their phones and tablets. According to the post, the Android version of the app is much further along than its iOS counterpart. There is no release information, but the Android cl
  14. By Caleb Garling on February 6, 2014 They keep disappearing. In 2012 it was BitPak. Last November it was Coinbase. Earlier this month it was CoinJar. And on Wednesday it was Blockchain. Apple has been eliminating apps in its App Store that process or deal with the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. Cupertino allows plenty of other payment apps like PayPal, Venmo and a variety of banking apps, so the exception for those dealing in bitcoin has raised questions why Apple has been zeroing in on the controversial currency. The US Justice Department has said virtual currencies aren’t illegal. In typi
  15. Posted 8 hours ago by Frederic Lardinois Microsoft is giving its Office Web Apps a new look today, it seems. While the company hasn’t done all that much to promote its Office Web Apps lately, they are pretty capable online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote that are free for anyone to use. Today, the company is giving all of these apps a user interface overhaul that brings an even flatter design, some new features and easier navigation. While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced these changes, the company has confirmed to us that it did indeed launch these updates earlier today
  16. By John Callaham 10 minutes ago A recent job listing on Microsoft's Careers web site reveals that the company is moving forward with a new Reading application that it claims will be "groundbreaking". The listing seems to show that Microsoft wants to enter into a market that's been dominated in the past by Apple's iBooks and Amazon's Kindle storefronts. The job listing for "Software Development Engineer - Devices & Studios - Music, Video and Reading", states : The Music, Video, and Reading team has been brought together in Devices & Studios (DnS) as THE Microsoft team laser-focused
  17. By Dante D'Orazio on January 25, 2014 05:02 pm The US Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against the people allegedly behind two popular Android piracy websites, Snappzmarket and Appbucket. Both sites offered large catalogs of free app downloads, giving pirates a way to avoid paying for premium apps on Google Play. The two sites were seized by the government in 2012, and four men have now been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. It's the first time that the Justice Department has moved to pr
  18. The maker of one of the most popular Android apps has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission concerning allegations that the app makers secretly gathered and sold users' location data—even after the users expressly requested to not have their whereabouts tracked. Goldenshores Technologies, LLC, the company behind the Brightest Flashlight Free app, will have to be more direct with consumers in the future about how information is gathered and for what purposes. The company will also be required to delete any personal information already collected through its app which has been down
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