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  1. Pick colors from the screen, save custom color lists, view gradient transitions and more with Just Color Picker Eyedropper tools are invaluable for creating digital art and web designing. While most photo editors come with a built-in option for this, there are times when you may require a standalone program. Just Color Picker is a freeware application that helps you pick colors from anywhere on the screen and save the captured colors to a list. The program's interface is easy to get used to. Run it and move your cursor around the screen.
  2. Microsoft pulls problematic IE-pushing KB4559309 Cumulative Update We reported in August that Microsoft had acknowledged slow boot issues with KB4559309, the Cumulative Update which replaced the old Edge with the new Chromium-powered Edge. Now Microsoft has pulled that update and replaced it with KB4576754. KB4576754 does the same thing as KB4559309, but presumably without the slow boot issue. Microsoft notes: This update replaces previously released updates KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309.
  3. YACReader is an open source, cross-platform comic book reader Do you like comic books? Want to read your favorites on your computer? Have you tried YACReader? It is an open source comic book reader for Windows, macOS and Linux. The program consists of 2 components: YACReader and YACReader library. Select the folder where your comic books are located in and YACReader Library will import your books from to its database. It is a central location from which you can manage, read your comics. The left
  4. New Windows exploit lets you instantly become admin. Have you patched? Zerologon lets anyone with a network toehold obtain domain-controller password. Enlarge VGrigas (WMF) 34 with 26 posters participating Researchers have developed and published a proof-of-concept exploit for a recently patched Windows vulnerability that can allow access to an organization’s crown jewels—the Active Directory domain controllers that act as an all-powerful gatekeeper for all machines connected to a network.
  5. Rainclip is a clipboard manager that can store snippets, templates and sync to your Google Drive While I test many clipboard managers from time to time, I usually fall back to Ditto. Recently, I've been testing a new program called Rainclip which has some impressive features. The application isn't portable. When you run it, Rainclip sits in the system tray. It captures the content that you copy to the clipboard, and lets you reuse them anytime you want. To view the program's interface left-click on the tray icon, or use the hotkey C
  6. WinCustom is a freeware tool that can be used to disable various options in Windows There are many programs that can improve your Windows user experience. Usually this is done by giving you more options to choose from. WinCustom is a freeware tool that lets you disable many features that are available in Windows, but it is not one of those privacy programs that you may run to disable certain privacy-related features. The program is portable. It displays a splash screen for a couple of seconds when you run it. The interface displays
  7. ppInk is a fork of gInk but with more annotation options including a text tool, arrows, numbered chips and more Back in December 2019, Martin wrote about a nice annotation tool called gInk. PpInk is a fork of gInk and it brings some additional features to polish the program further. Note: ppInk is set to use French as it's default language. So, unless you prefer using it as such, you may want to change it to one of the other options. Right-click on the tray icon, and select "Options. Use the Language drop-down men
  8. Photo Resizer Expert is a freeware tool that can batch resize, convert, watermark images Converting or resize multiple images takes a lot of time if you're using an image editor. As a workaround you should try a batch image processing software. We have reviewed our fair share of batch processing applications for Windows, including ImBatch, ImagesMixer, XnResize or Pictor. Photo Resizer Expert is a freeware tool that can batch resize, convert, watermark, crop images and a lot more. The installer has an option to add the program to th
  9. Mute the microphone system-wide with a global hotkey on Windows MicSwitch is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to mute the microphone on the device it is run on using a global hotkey. Instead of having to rely on the functionality provided by voice chat and audio chat applications, which often works only in the program that provides the shortcut, it ensures that the microphone is mute when the key is activated. The developers main intention with MicSwitch was to create a system-wide solution that is superior to the options provided by prog
  10. Microsoft Windows Security Updates September 2020 overview Welcome to the Microsoft Windows Patch Day overview for September 2020. Microsoft released security updates and non-security updates for all supported client and server operating systems. Other company products have received security updates as well on this Patch Day. The Windows updates that Microsoft releases on the second Tuesday of a month are cumulative in nature. Administrators may get them via Windows Update, WSUS, as direct downloads, or via other update management systems. Our monthly
  11. PicView is an open source image viewer that can view pictures inside archives A good way to save some storage space is to compress the files that you don't need immediately, into archives. If you did the same for high resolution images and photos, but want to view them without extracting them first, you can do it with PicView. If you don't, you may want to check out popular image viewers such as FastStone Image Viewer, ImageGlass, or IrfanView. It is an open source image viewer that can view pictures inside archives, supports comic
  12. OSD Note is a portable text editor that supports rich text formatting, has a transparent GUI and always on top mode We have reviewed text editors that support syntax highlighting, allows you to attach images, and even support auto save. Check out some of the programs that we reviewed in the recent past: Notepad3. HandyPad. or Jane. OSD Note stands apart from them with a transparent interface, always on top mode, while managing to pack in support for rich text formatting. The OSD in the name stands for on-screen display, as in it alw
  13. Redesigned Office app for Windows reportedly rolling out to some Insiders Back in July, a redesigned Office.com homepage began rolling out to business users. The revamped UI brought a vertical pane on which the Office 365 apps were pinned, along with more screen real estate for viewing recent files and documents. Now, it looks like the redesign is being made available to more users running the Office app on Windows. A Microsoft 365 Roadmap listing suggests that the redesign is expected to be rolled out to all users, both for Office.com and the Off
  14. Free Batch Photo Resizer is a user-friendly tool for quickly resizing multiple images Resizing a lot of images at the same time can be easily accomplished with the help of a batch tool. But, which one should you use? There are dozens of programs that you could use for the task. To name just a few that we reviewed here on the site: sPhoto, ImagesMixer, XnResize, or Flexxi. If user-friendliness is an important factor for you, Free Batch Photo Resizer may be something that you want to check out when it comes to batch processing images.
  15. Microsoft is bringing DirectStorage from its Xbox Velocity Architecture to Windows Back in July, Microsoft announced that its upcoming Series X console sports the "Xbox Velocity Architecture". Simply put, this is an umbrella term consisting of four components: the custom NVMe SSD, hardware accelerated decompression, the DirectStorage API, and finally, Sampler Feedback Streaming or SFS. Now, the company has announced that it is bringing one of these components, namely DirectStorage APIs, to Windows PCs as well. DirectStorage is an
  16. Control the volume with the mouse scroll wheel when the cursor is over the taskbar There are three common ways that most users use to adjust the volume level on a Windows machine. The most popular option is by using the volume slider that's available on the system tray. If you have a keyboard with multimedia keys, you can use the volume up or volume down keys. The third way is to use the volume wheel or keys on your external speakers. Not everyone has a keyboard or speaker with dedicated volume control options. Besides, if you're us
  17. BrokenURL prevents URLs from being opened in the default browser automatically BrokenURL is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices designed to give users a choice when it comes to the opening of URLs opened externally (outside the browser). If you are a Windows user, you may have noticed that certain events, the installation or uninstallation of programs, a click on an URL in a messenger app or email client, open the target URL in the default system browser by default. While that is the desired action at times, it may not be all the tim
  18. Access Windows 10 God Mode, toggle a Transparent Taskbar, Color Start Menu and more with Win10 All Settings Windows 10 has a lot of hidden shortcuts that you can use for various purposes. Accessing these options can be a bit complicated for the average user. Win10 All Settings is a freeware tool that simplifies the task greatly. The program is available as an EXE, but the 426KB file is in fact portable. Run it and left click on the system tray icon that appears. It opens a window with over 200 options in it, that is Windows 10 God M
  19. PhotoDemon is a powerful open-source photo editor for Windows PhotoDemon is an open source photo editor for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The developer released PhotoDemon 8.0 recently, and I took the opportunity to take a closer look at what it has to offer. The latest version of PhotoDemon is available on the project's GitHub website. Adventurous folks can also grab the Nightly version instead which provides a glimpse of things to come. One of the first things that you may notice is that the program does not need to be installed. Just downlo
  20. Change the brightness and contrast of your monitor quickly with MyMonic Recently I began searching for a software that would help me control my monitor's brightness. That's when I came across Dimmer, but it used an overlay based method to reduce the brightness. I wanted a program that could help adjust the actual brightness of the display. This time, I tested an application called MyMonic. This freeware tool isn't portable. It runs from the system tray, and has a compact interface that can be accessed by clicking on the icon. It has
  21. Search inside text documents quickly with Grepy Forgot which document you saved something important in? If you remember its content partially, even just a few words, you can use a tool to search for text inside several documents to find the file quickly. Grepy is a program that does that. The program is also called Grepy2, because it is currently in version 2.x. This isn't a portable application, it integrates to the Windows Explorer context menu, though you can toggle an option to prevent this in the program's installer. The settin
  22. Set long term countdowns, one time alarms, recurring alarms with yTimer Using a countdown timer can be helpful to know how many days are left for special occasions to occur. yTimer (also called yTimer2) is a freeware tool that can be used to set long term countdowns, one time alarms, or recurring alarms. Click on the New button on the sidebar to add a new alarm. Type a name for the reminder in the field labeled "Description". There are two types of alarms you can set: Countdown and Specific Time. You can use the Countdown
  23. KeyzPal is an open source tool that displays tray icon indicators for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock Have a keyboard that doesn't have LED lights for Caps Lock? It is quite common, especially with compact keyboards and laptops. I usually use a program to display on-screen indicators to know when the lock keys are enabled. KeyzPal is an open source tool that belongs to this genre, and we'll be discussing it today. Check out previously reviewed apps like Keyboard Lights, addLeds, or 7Caps. Extract the program's archive to any fo
  24. View the CPU, RAM and network usage on the Taskbar with Perfmonbar What do you do when you feel that your computer is lagging? If you're like me, you will probably open the Task Manager to see what's wrong. Usually, most users observe the CPU or RAM usage, and close any programs that maybe bogging down the system. But sometimes your computer can experience a micro stutter when a program opens, or if your antivirus decides to run a scan randomly, and so on. It may be useful to know the resource usage at a glance, without running the
  25. Dimmer is a freeware tool that puts an overlay on the screen to reduce the brightness level If there's one thing I don't like about most monitors, it is the way we can control them. They have either have one or multiple buttons on the front side of the panel, or one multi-purpose button on the back. Trying to do something as simple as adjusting the monitor's brightness shouldn't require you to fiddle with a clunky menu. Dimmer is a freeware tool that solves this problem in a subtle way. How does it work? Dimmer doe
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