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  1. Display custom Battery Icons on Windows devices Battery Icons is a freeware for Microsoft Windows devices that displays a battery level indicator in the system tray area when executed. It is designed to replace the default battery indicator of the Windows operating system and to improve the readability of the status. The application was released as part of Donation Coder's annual NANY event. The default battery icon on Windows devices provides only a rough estimate of battery power when you look at it. While you can hover the mouse cursor over the icon to display the ac
  2. Make a temporary copy of a region on Windows with RaptureReplica RaptureReplica is a free application for Microsoft Windows devices to make a temporary copy of a region displayed on the screen. The temporary copy remains on top and may be moved around until it is dismissed. One of the things that you can use RaptureReplica for is to keep information displayed in the foreground, e.g. when writing a new blog post or following a guide or instructions. The application works similarly to screen capture tools, but with the difference that its output is only tempor
  3. SyncTrazor is an open source Syncthing client for Windows Syncthing is a popular peer-to-peer file sharing/synchronization software. It uses a web GUI which can be a little confusing for beginners. SyncTrazor is an open source client that makes the P2P tool more user-friendly. Note: The program prompts you whether you want to allow anonymous usage reporting. You can disable the option, or preview the report and decide if it's alright. It does not contain personally identifiable data. SyncTrazor's distribution includes Syncthing, so you don't hav
  4. Batch rename files with the open source tool File Renamer Diff Advanced Renamer is my go-to choice when I have to rename several files at once. If I had to pick one flaw in it, I'd say it is probably the interface as it makes it slightly less user-friendly. There are several alternatives you can turn to, one such tool is File Renamer Diff. The application has a modern and colorful interface, which may be a bit too flashy for some. Drag and drop a folder onto the GUI or use the button in the top left corner of the window, to pick the directory. Oddly, the pr
  5. Force programs to start in maximized mode with Maximize Always We have reviewed many programs that allow you to minimize windows to the system tray, or hide them. Check out Traymond, MinimizeToTray, or the built-in run as minimized option of the Windows operating system. What if you wanted the opposite? Sometimes, you may require programs to open in maximized view. Video players, web browsers, email clients, word processors are some examples. Maximize Always is a freeware utility that makes programs start in maximized mode. The interf
  6. neoSearch is a freeware desktop search engine for Windows Finding a file using Windows Search can be painful if you have tons of data, especially if it is located in folders that are not indexed. This is why users rely on more efficient solutions such as the Everything search engine, WizFile, or FileSearchy. If for some reason, you want an alternative, there are many available like NeoSearch. NeoSearch isn't a portable software. The installer is just over 1MB in size, and automatically detects the bit architecture of your computer. Note: The pro
  7. Microsoft takes steps to scrub Flash from Windows The arrival of 2021 means the departure of Adobe Flash Player from PCs. Adobe Although Adobe stopped serving updates for its Flash Player last month — and will disable the plug-in on Jan. 12 — Microsoft will be in charge of uninstalling the software from Windows PCs. (Adobe has recommended that users remove Flash from their personal computers to "help secure your system since Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EO
  8. Taskbar Hide is a freeware tool that allows you to hide program windows, the Start button, taskbar and tray If you have a lot of programs open at the same time, they could be a hindrance while you're trying to get things done. I use Alt+Tab and tend to switch to the wrong window quite often when using it. You could close some applications, but what if you may need them a few minutes later? Taskbar Hide by Eusing, is a freeware tool that allows you to hide program windows, the Start button, taskbar and the system tray. The program requires administr
  9. Scoop is an open source package installer for Windows Using package installers is an efficient way to download programs without having to visit each site manually, downloading the files, and running the installer. Chocolatey, Ninite and Pip are perhaps the most popular package managers, but there are others like Just-Install. Even Microsoft is working on a Windows Package Manager right now. We'll be taking a look at a similar app called Scoop today. First, we'll need to install the tool. How to install Scoop on your computer Open a PowerShell windo
  10. Error Lookup tries to make cryptic Windows error codes meaningful Error Lookup is a free portable open source tool designed to make Windows error codes meaningful by providing additional information that may assist users and administrators in figuring out why an error was thrown and how to resolve the issue. Many error codes on Windows provide no or barely any useful information to users. If you ever received the "Something went wrong" error while trying to update Windows 10, the "your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle" error, or "error code 0xc000000e", you
  11. Mouse Jiggler is a simple tool that prevents your computer from going to sleep or switching to screensaver mode Maybe you have an online appointment with someone in an IM application, and you don't want to appear away in case they're early, and you aren't. Some websites automatically sign you out, if you remain inactive for a few minutes. Don't want your screensaver to kick in or your computer to fall asleep? Well, regardless of whatever your reason maybe, there is a way to solve all of these issues in just 1 step. All you need is something that makes the w
  12. malakai1911

    Comprehensive Security Guide

    Comprehensive Security Guide NOTE: As of 1/1/2019 this guide is out of date. Until parts are rewritten, consider the below for historical reference only. i. Foreword The primary purpose of this guide is to offer a concise list of best-of-breed software and advice on selected areas of computer security. The secondary purpose of this guide is to offer limited advice on other areas of security. The target audience is an intermediately skilled user of home computers. Computer software listed are the freeware versions when possible or have free versions av
  13. Kill-Update is a user-friendly tool that blocks Windows Updates Installing the latest Windows Updates can sometimes have adverse effects. Many users prefer delaying updates for some time, just to make sure they don't introduce bugs, or, in worst case scenarios, delete data or make the system unbootable. There is no built-in option to prevent updates permanently, but there are other ways to do this, such as using a third-party program Kill-Update. You may want to check out comparable programs such as Windows Update Blocker or StopUpdates 10. It i
  14. Get transparent calendar on top of your desktop wallpaper with Interactive Calendar How do you keep track of things to do? A calendar or a reminder program is always nice to have, in case we forget something important. What about having a calendar right on your desktop? Interactive Calendar does that, and it's pretty easy to use. Tip: check out Desktop Calendar as well, as it provides similar functionality. The program is set to autostart with Windows by default during the installation process, so you may want to toggle the option off. Once
  15. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts RSS Feed aggregators are a great way to stay up-do-date with the latest articles from your favorite websites. Some prefer online services, others browser add-ons while some, like me, rely on offline readers such as QuiteRSS. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts. The program's installer does not allow you to customize the location where you want to install the application to; in fact it is a one-click silent installatio
  16. 26 great apps for your new 2020 Windows PC All of the apps you need to get started with Windows If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge If you bought a new Windows laptop on Black Friday or received one as a gift, you may be struggling to figure out which apps to download. Never fear. I have scoured the internet, the Microsoft Store, and my own downloads folder to find all the best Windows apps for whatev
  17. Tray Weather is an open source application that displays the current weather status on the system tray Knowing the weather status can be helpful, especially if you're heading out. And having the information readily available on the system tray is very handy. Tray Weather is an open source program that does this. When you run it for the first time, the program's configuration window is the only one that you can access. The application relies on the OpenWeather service. So, you'll need to register for a free account on the website and get the API key.
  18. Download videos from Twitch with Twitch Leecher Twitch Leecher is an open source application for Windows to download videos from the streaming service. The program supports downloading broadcasts, highlights, uploaded videos, and pretty much any content that is available on Twitch. It can be used to back up Twitch streams, to download streams for offline viewing or record keeping. The program is compatible with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and newer versions of Windows, and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8. You may launch it fro
  19. Namexif is a freeware tool that renames photos and videos based on the time and date in the EXIF info Have you looked at the photo folders on your phones or digital cameras? Electronic devices save the images using odd names, some cameras use IMG followed by a number, others use different identifiers. It makes no sense, and finding a photo becomes quite difficult, especially if all photos are lumped together in a single folder. It might be easier if the images had dates as the name, right, e.g. Pictures from a birthday party, or a vacation, etc. If you agree with that, t
  20. Lively Wallpaper may be the ultimate wallpaper app for Windows Lively is an open source wallpaper application for Microsoft Windows 10 devices that is available as a desktop version and a Microsoft Store version. You may use it to display animated wallpapers or interactive desktop backgrounds on Windows 10 machines, including YouTube videos, HTML pages, or games. Wallpaper functionality has not really changed that much on Windows since the Windows XP days. Microsoft did introduce support for animated wallpapers in Windows Vista Ultimate but removed support for it in fu
  21. CapsLock Indicator displays a notification when Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock are toggled My Acer Aspire 7 has a software option that displays an icon at the top of the screen when I press Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock. It's an OSD (on-screen display), and the icon disappears after a couple of seconds. That's good, but there is no way for me to tell just by looking at the screen, whether one of the keys are enabled or disabled. Did you know that Windows 10 comes with an option to play a sound when you activate a special key?
  22. NSudo: run processes as System or TrustedInstaller on Windows NSudo is an open source application for Microsoft Windows devices that adds options to Windows operating systems to run processes as TrustedInstaller or System. The program is compatible with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and newer versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 10, and available as 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM versions. NSudo can be run from the command line or by using a graphical user interface; all of these components are included in the package that you download from the appl
  23. A look at PotPlayer in 2020 My favorite video player is MPC-HC, though I do use MPV from time to time. Before switching to MPC, I had been using VLC for a long time, and eventually switched to SM Player, and later to KMPlayer. That's about when I started looking for alternatives and PotPlayer seemed to be the perfect alternative, this was about 4-5 years ago. I ditched PotPlayer after a few years, because MPC seemed to be a lighter alternative at least on my old computer. Later, I came to know that PotPlayer had started shipping adware with
  24. MultiTimer is a freeware tool that can execute custom commands, mute your audio or switch off the display automatically Timers are pretty useful. A lot of people use them for different purposes, from kitchen timers to stopwatches and for reminding purposes. MultiTimer is a freeware tool that can execute custom commands, mute your audio or switch off the display at a given time. You may want to check out other timer applications such as yTimer, Hourglass, or Digital Clock 4 for Windows that we reviewed in the past. The program's interface is compact, and has t
  25. Google Project Zero discloses high severity elevation of privilege flaw in Windows Google Project Zero is quite well-known for discovering vulnerabilities in the software developed by the company itself as well as those built by other firms. Its methodology involves identifying security flaws in software and privately reporting them to vendors, giving them 90 days to fix them before public disclosure. Depending upon the complexity of the fix required, it sometimes also offers additional days in the form of a grace period. The security team has discovered and disclos
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