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  1. Capture your screen and save it as a MP4, GIF with Electron Screen Recorder Want to share a short video of your screen? Teach somebody how to use something? All you need is a quick way to capture the content, and Electron Screen Recorder can help you with that. The application's interface has just 4 options, and a large blank pane. Click on the phrase "Choose a video source". A menu will pop up with various capture modes. The first option "Entire Screen" captures the content on your current screen. When you select the option, you will see a live
  2. Neat Download Manager is an impressive downloader that also supports media grabbing What's a good free alternative for IDM? The answer varies, depending on what you need a download manager for. You'd be hard-pressed to find a proper one that mimics all of IDM's features, especially the refresh download link/resume it and the batch downloads. But if you're looking for a way to download files quickly, and capture video URLs, you might want to give Neat Download Manager a shot. NDM's interface is simple and reminds me of HTTP Downloader. Click the
  3. Access your favorite programs from the system tray and optionally run them with admin rights using SuperLauncher Sometimes you may need to run programs with administrator privileges. Maybe it's required for the program to function, or it fixes an issue, or lets the application run in full-screen mode. The usual method to do this, is to right-click on the executable and select the run as administrator option. You could create shortcuts for these programs, but it will quickly clutter your desktop. Is there a way to tackle both these issues? There is, if you u
  4. DuckStation is an excellent PlayStation 1 emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android The PlayStation 1, Nintendo SNES, GBA, and DS are my favorite consoles of all-time because they have tons of RPGs. I remember playing WWF/WCW games, and many JRPGs on my old Windows 98 computer using ePSXe back in the 2000s. Emulation has come a long way since then; there have been many advancements, improvements and of course new emulators. DuckStation is a PSX emulator and a brilliant one at that. It comes with a QT-based GUI version and a no-GUI version.
  5. Listen to relaxing white noise, mix and match the sounds with Ambie Stuck at home all day? Bored? Miss the outdoors? Many people listen to music while working or studying as it helps them focus. So can white noise, and Ambie is a freeware application that plays various ambient sounds. Beach, Birds, City Street, Coffee Shop, Creek, Fireplace, Rain, Rainforest, Thunder, Underwater, Waterfall, White noise and Wind. There are some additional options available from the Sound Catalogue, which you can access by clicking the musical note symbol in the t
  6. Microsoft releases new Office Build 13801.20004(Beta Channel) for Windows users Microsoft today released a new Office Insider Preview Build 13801.20004 for Windows users registered in the Beta Channel. The new Insider Preview build brings a new feature for Access, and bug fixes for issues found in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word. You can read the full official changelog below. Changelog Access New feature You will now see selected tabs clearer in Access. Excel Notable fixes We fixed an issue where Excel
  7. Switch power schemes with a hotkey, control the monitor's brightness with Battery Mode How often do you change power schemes on your computer? You may not need the system running on max performance all the time, but if you are working on intensive tasks or gaming, you'll want it running in top gear. Battery Mode is a program that can help you with it, it lets you switch power schemes with a hotkey and also allows you to control the monitor's brightness directly from the system tray. When Battery Mode is running, a new icon appears on the system tray. Left-
  8. Picd is a basic screenshot tool with annotation options Screenshots are an excellent way to save important data or content without too much effort. I tend to use screenshots extensively for work, and also for personal reference. But the thing is, everyone has different needs and Snipping tool isn't going to cut it for many users. And the ones which have a lot of options tend to deviate away from being user-friendly. Picd is a basic screenshot tool that has some annotation options. The program appears on the system tray and runs in t
  9. Sandboxie Plus is an open source fork of Sandboxie with a modern interface Sandboxie is considered a valuable security tool by many users. The program was acquired by Sophos and later open sourced, which was of course a very welcome move. This is where it gets better. There is an officially recognized fork of the original program called Sandboxie Plus, which is also open source. It is maintained by David Xanatos, the developer who created TaskExplorer. What's the difference between Sandboxie and Sandboxie Plus? Sandboxie Plus has a different icon,
  10. Listen to these Windows Sound Effects as you never heard them before Microsoft’s sound engineers spend ages painstakingly creating the common sound effects of Windows, and we have heard orchestras playing them before, but today we came across a brand-new way of generating the Windows sound-effects – your voice. Well, not your voice, but the voices of Maytree acapella music group, who have rendered the sound effects of what appears to be Windows XP and Vista, all with their voices. Their rendition has had more than 1.3
  11. Snes9x is an open source SNES emulator for Windows, macOS and Linux Looking for a way to play some good old SNES classics? Well, you can play them on your computer. All you need is a good emulator, like Snes9x, and a few ROMs, e.g. homebrew ROMs or ROMs of games that you own a copy of physically. It is a portable application, and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The interface is nice and simple, use the menubars to select various options. Click on File > Load game and select the game that you want to play. The emulator supports SFC files, but it can
  12. AdDuplex: Windows 10 version 20H2 slows down, still in third place AdDuplex is kicking off its monthly reports on the usage of different versions of Windows 10 with data for January. As usual, this data is collected from about 5,000 apps in the Microsoft Store, which are using the AdDuplex SDK v2 or higher, and the data refers to January 27, with nearly 80,000 PCs being surveyed. As you'd probably expect, this month continues to see the growth of Windows 10 version 20H2, released this past October, though the growth rate has slowed down. The latest feature
  13. AHKShortcutLikeMac is an open source tool that adds many useful keyboard shortcuts to Windows Keyboard shortcuts are pretty useful if you want to perform tasks quickly. If you want more shortcuts, you're in luck, AHSKShortcutLikeMake is a small tool that adds many macOS style hotkeys to Windows. The program is portable and the executable is called MacHotkey.exe. Run it and a new icon will appear on the system tray. It resembles AutoHotKey's icon, and that's because AHKShortcutLikeMac is basically a script for it. There is no i
  14. Pwnable Document Format: Windows PDF viewers outperformed by browser, macOS, Linux counterparts Security researchers document their exploits in picking apart dozens of PDF software brands The vast majority of the most popular Windows-native PDF viewers were vulnerable to multiple attack techniques exploiting standard PDF features, a team of security researchers has discovered. Several PDF software brands were vulnerable to the most serious attacks, which resulted in local file leakage, file write access, and remote code execution (RCE), academics from
  15. Run tasks automatically, monitor your email inbox, and run web searches with TaskRunner Automating things that you do frequently can aid you in becoming more productive. There are a few good programs that you can choose for this purpose such as RoboIntern or System Scheduler. TaskRunner takes it a step further, by combining several useful tools into one user-friendly program. The program is compatible with all supported versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system; version 3.4.1049 was used for this review. The program can be accessed from the system tr
  16. HashPass is an unconventional password generator that hashes text and converts them to strong passwords Password managers make our lives easier, and online identities a little safer. The best part is that they create complex passwords and you don't have to remember those. Password managers like KeePass come with excellent options to create unique strong passwords, but the same cannot be said for some of the password management solutions out there. HashPass is a standalone program that has a transparent interface, with a virtual keyboard called the matrix. U
  17. NeeView is an open source image viewer that displays two images simultaneously like pages from a book Most image viewer programs allow you to view one image at a time. I'm not talking about thumbnails, but a larger view of the pictures. If you want to browse your photo directories and view two images simultaneously, you should try NeeView. It is an open source image viewer, and kind of resembles a web browser thanks to the navigation buttons and the address bar. The program's interface has a dark background, and there are two side-panels, one on either side
  18. Cosmonium is an open source 3D astronomy and space exploration software Star gazing can be a relaxing experience, and you don't need telescopes or planetariums to learn more about the mysteries of Space. You can explore galaxies that are far, far away, right from the comfort of your house. No, I'm not talking about movies and TV Shows. Welcome to Cosmonium, an open source 3D astronomy and space exploration software. It is based on the (now defunct) Celestia project. Cosmonium is a chunky download at a little over 280MB and takes up
  19. Files is an open source Windows 10 file manager app that supports tabs, dual-pane view While we wait for Microsoft to deliver a modern Windows Explorer, an alternative app is already available on the official store and on GitHub. The program is called Files, and is an open source application. Files has a beautiful interface that follows the Fluent Design, and is reminiscent of the Settings app. The GUI has a sidebar to the left while the pane on the right lists the user folders: Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos. The Driv
  20. Save a list of your folder's contents, and use it to search for files with InDeep File List Maker If you're archiving data to an external drive, or if you're just a data hoarder, it may be wise to save a record of the contents. Sure, you could use tools like neoSearch, Everything to do that, but those require indexing, and you will need the drive to be plugged in. This becomes a problem when you have multiple drives, but want to find out where specific files are. InDeep File List Maker is a freeware tool that can create a list of your folder's contents, and
  21. Use F7 in File Explorer to move downloaded files to another location MoveFileHere is a handy program for Microsoft Windows devices to move the newest file from the operating system's downloads folder to the active folder in File Explorer. The developer of the program designed it for a special use case, the moving of downloaded files to another folder. Instead of having to use various keyboard shortcuts to achieve the goal of moving downloaded files to a folder, it is simplifying the process by reducing it to a single press of a button. All you h
  22. Eve Reader is an open source EPUB reader for Windows and Linux EBooks are an amazing way to relax, I always have my Kindle eReader nearby, so I can read a chapter or two when I need to take a break. But, I'm not really a huge fan of reading e-books on my computer though, when I had to, I used Microsoft Edge mostly for PDFs and occasionally for EPUBs that I downloaded from Gutenberg and the like. With Edge Chromium dropping support for EPUB, I switched to SumatraPDF, and the program is also Martin's favorite on Windows. There are other programs which make an
  23. Hackers used 4 zero-days to infect Windows and Android devices Boobytrapped websites are used by attackers to infect people who visited them. Enlarge Getty Images 27 with 23 posters participating Google researchers have detailed a sophisticated hacking operation that exploited vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows to install malware on Android and Windows devices. Some of the exploits were zero-days, meaning they targeted vulnerabilities that at the time were unknown to Google, Microsoft,
  24. Copy and move files faster, manage multiple tasks efficiently with Copy Handler Windows Explorer's file copy function is a decent option for most users. If you're a power user and want more control over the operation, you can use third party tools like TeraCopy. Want something that's open source? You may want to give Copy Handler a shot. The installer enables a Shell Extension in Windows Explorer, which is the recommended way to use Copy Handler. If you're using the portable version without the extension, you'll need to use the tray menu to manually
  25. Tweak Windows 10 with WinSlap WinSlap is a free open source program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system to quickly modify system settings and tweak the system. Designed for use right after installation on first use, it may also be used on a running system. Since it does modify system settings, it is recommended to create a backup of the system before proceeding. We did not notice any issues during our tests, but it is always a good precaution. To get started, download the program from the project's GitHub repository. Right-click on the download file
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