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  1. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sparked criticism after he encouraged his Twitter followers to visit Myanmar, the government of which has been accused of genocide against the Muslim Rohingya people. "f you're willing to travel a bit, go to Myanmar," Dorsey tweeted after traveling to the country for a meditation retreat. "Myanmar is an absolutely beautiful country," he added. "The people are full of joy and the food is amazing. "I visited the cities of Yangon, Mandalay, and Bagan. We vis
  2. Twitter Flags President Trump for Copyright Infringement, Again and Again Yesterday evening President Trump tweeted a video, made by a supporter, which used music from 'The Dark Knight' soundtrack. Warner Bros. wasn't pleased with this unauthorized reproduction and asked Twitter to take it down, which it did. While this may seem like an isolated incident, President Trump has made similar mistakes in the past, to which rightsholders are paying extra close attention. When President Trump took office in early 2017, copyright holde
  3. Twitter has been storing your ‘deleted’ DMs for years Including those sent to and from deactivated or suspended accounts Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Twitter lets users delete direct messages from their own side of the conversation (the recipient will still get to keep a copy, unless they also choose to delete it). But it turns out, those deleted messages aren’t really getting removed at all, according to a report from security researcher Karan Saini, via TechCrunch. It turns out that despite showing that the mes
  4. New reports from The New York Times detail some of the mind-boggling statistics and gravity that the sensationally popular WeChat messaging app yields across China. In a separate report, the paper details a government led initiative to silence Chinese Twitter users via family related threats to even go so far as physically detaining violators. Although Twitter is blocked on China’s heavily censored internet, that isn’t halting President Xi Jinping’s efforts to eliminate what his government calls “suspicious internet activity”. The report recalls a sp
  5. An international group of researchers has developed an algorithmic tool that uses Twitter to automatically predict exactly where you live in a matter of minutes, with more than 90 percent accuracy. It can also predict where you work, where you pray, and other information you might rather keep private, like, say, whether you’ve frequented a certain strip club or gone to rehab. The tool, called LPAuditor (short for Location Privacy Auditor), exploits what the researchers call an "invasive policy" Twitter deployed after it introduced the ability to tag tweets with a locati
  6. Twitter will be rolling out beta updates including “conversational”-style speech bubbles and indented/color-coded replies based on whether you follow another user in the coming weeks, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Other features under consideration, but which will not be available in the forthcoming beta, include green-colored status availability icons that might indicate whether a user is online. Screenshots posted by Twitter’s director of product management, Sara Haider, to the site illustrate what these changes like. Pretty much anyone who has already gone down th
  7. Twitter cut a streaming deal with the NBA to show you individual players, not full games. Twitter doesn’t stream NBA games, but soon it will stream parts of NBA games — just not the parts you usually watch on TV from the NBA’s traditional broadcast partners like Turner and ESPN. Instead of streaming a full game with all the players, graphics, and announcers, starting in February Twitter will stream the second half of some NBA games — yes, only the second half — but the camera will focus on a single player. During the first half of the game
  8. Starz Goes on Twitter Meta-Censorship Spree to Cover Up TV-Show Leaks American entertainment giant Starz is continuing to remove tweets that link to a TorrentFreak news report about leaked TV-shows. Even worse, it's also targeting our follow-up article that discusses the overbroad takedown effort. These notices are having the opposite effect, however, as they're only encouraging more people to share our coverage. Last week we posted a news article documenting how several TV-show episodes had leaked online before their official release. Due to the leaks, c
  9. 'Is this how twitter India trying to fight misinformation just before the Indian elections? By blocking news stories and any and every mention of the cow,' tweeted the user. Twitter India late on Thursday night blocked a user's tweets. Any guesses, why? She used the word cow and its emoji. Interestingly, the same tweets are still available for American users. Sarah Salvadore, a New York-based data journalist, on Thursday night shared Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' article on extortion threats by the National enquirer with a few comments. She used the word holy cow in the share
  10. Twitter announced today that an issue in its app for Android exposed some users’ protected tweets for over four years if they made certain changes to their account settings. As a result, content intended only for approved followers became publicly visible. Bug survived since late 2014 The problem caused the “Protect your Tweets” feature to become disabled for users of Twitter for Android that had it turned on and also made some modifications to their account, such as updating the associated email address. Users fitting this profile between November
  11. TED 2019: Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows Image copyrightTED Image captionJack Dorsey answered questions at TED on problems with his platform Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has again admitted there is much work to do to improve Twitter and cut down on the amount of abuse and misinformation on the platform. He said the firm might demote likes and follows, adding that in hindsight he would not have designed the platform to highlight these. He said that Twitter currently incentivised people "to post o
  12. Accounts will be limited to 400 follows per day. In an apparent attempt to combat spam and bot accounts that populate its platform, Twitter announced today that it is changing its rules to allow users to follow up to 400 accounts per day. The change marks a considerable drop from the previous cap, which allowed up to 1,000 follows in a single day, though still allows for more following than the average human user is likely to do in a 24 hour period. "As a part of our commitment to building a
  13. JAKARTA: Indonesia will meet social media companies to discuss its plans to impose fines of up to around US$36,000 (RM148,914) if they allow pornography, violence or other "negative" content on their platforms, a communications ministry official said. The South-East Asian country aims to push firms to better monitor and delete content the authorities deem obscene, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, the ministry's director of information applications, said late Nov 5. He told Reuters the ministry would issue a regulation governing the mechanism for fines following discussions wi
  14. The company is the last social network to suspend the groups. Over the weekend, Twitter suspended multiple accounts related to militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah, according to The Wall Street Journal. The move represents a reversal from Twitter's previous position on the two organizations. In the past, the company had said that it differentiated between the political and military arms of Hamas and Hezbollah, a stance that put Twitter at odds with other tech companies, including Facebook and Google, and effectively allowed the groups to continue using
  15. Twitter says it inadvertently used private information, provided by users for the purpose of protecting their accounts, to help companies target them with ads. Users provided Twitter with their phone numbers and email addresses in order to enable certain security features, such as two-factor authentication, to prevent their accounts from being hijacked. Twitter, in turn, used that information to help advertisers reach specific audiences, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. “We cannot say with certainty how many people were impacted by this, but in a
  16. Twitter has “temporarily” turned off the ability to tweet via text message just days after the feature was misused by hackers to tweet a racial slur, bomb threat, and other crude messages from the account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The ability to tweet via text was important to Twitter in the service’s early days, but it’s more of a legacy feature at this point since most people rely on the smartphone app. The feature still exists, though, allowing you to text a number, such as 40404, and have that message posted to your account. That can
  17. Microsoft and Twitter were reportedly present as well. Both intelligence agencies and tech companies are gearing up to secure the 2020 US election, and that apparently includes some heart-to-heart conversations between the two. Bloomberg sources have learned that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are meeting members of the FBI, Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to discuss the industry's security strategy. This reportedly includes plans for tighter coordination between tech and government, as well as curbin
  18. Twitter introduces 'true' dark mode to its Android app Way back in 2016, Twitter introduced a night mode exclusively to its Android app. The option was designed to go easy on the eyes in low light and featured dark grayish-blue backgrounds and overall theme. As per today's dark mode standards, it wasn't a true blue 'dark' mode. Earlier this year, the San Francisco-based social media company came up with a proper, darker shade of the previously released night mode to its iOS app. The feature was duly christened the 'Lights Out' option and transforme
  19. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Twitter’s technology tools removed one in two tweets containing abusive content posted in the first half of this year, it said on Thursday, amid calls to the U.S. social media company and its peers to do more to tackle the issue. Silicon Valley tech giants have in recent months pledged to tighten rules and share more information on abusive content posted on their platforms to avoid more heavy-handed regulatory action on both sides of the Atlantic. Twitter said in its transparency report that it was investing in proactive technology to
  20. Twitter blocking all political ads globally starting in November Twitter's doing what Facebook remains committed not to. Enlarge / A Twitter logo displayed on a smartphone. Rafael Henrique | SOPA Images/LightRocket | Getty Images Twitter might be the president's favored platform and a valued way for candidates to spread their messages far and wide, but starting next month, elected officials and candidates alike are going to have to make sure all that traffic comes organically. That's because they won't be allowed to pay for
  21. Twitter now lets anyone hide replies to their tweets Earlier this year, Twitter began testing the ability to let users hide replies to their tweets, allowing users to have more control over the conversations they generate. Now, the social network has announced that, after a few months of testing with select users, the feature is available for everyone. Hiding replies lets users prevent conversations from getting derailed, be it by going off-topic or by generating hateful or otherwise negative discussions. Hidden tweets aren't visible at first glance, but us
  22. On Tuesday, Twitter announced that it would soon be launching a purge of inactive users to free up choice usernames for others, potentially allowing users to claim sweet handles like @badguy, @vomit, @logoff, or @gillbates. Just one problem: Twitter forgot that some of those accounts may belong to people who are dead. In a tweet on Wednesday, Twitter Support acknowledged that this “was a miss on our part.” The company said that great inactive account purge would not be moving forward until they had created a feature to memorialize those users that have gone to t
  23. The financial news website came under fire for doxxing a Chinese scientist accused of being behind the virus. ZeroHedge has been permanently suspended from Twitter following a complaint stemming from an article that suggested a Chinese scientist was linked to the creation of the new coronavirus strain as a bioweapon. The financial markets news website was the subject of a recent Buzzfeed report which examined the article -- still online at the time of writing -- which connected a Wuhan-based scientist to the virus. ZeroHedge claimed, without evi
  24. Facebook's Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked, 'OurMine' claims responsibility Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram handles were compromised earlier today, as tweets and posts began showing up that said: “Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security better than Twitter”. A group called OurMine claimed responsibility for the hack, which reportedly was also responsible for the NFL’s Twitter account hack last month. The hackers began posting tweets from Facebook and Messenger accounts, which were constantly being deleted by the company (as seen in
  25. You’ll still be able to use GIFs when you feel the need to share your favorite screencaps. Twitter will no longer animate PNG files after trolls hijacked the Epilepsy Foundation's handle and hashtags last month to send potentially seizure-inducing images to epileptic and photo-sensitive individuals. The company says it recently discovered a bug that had allowed people to add multiple animated images to a tweet and bypass Twitter's autoplay protections using the file format. That said, Twitter also says it isn't aware that anyone used APNG to try and
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