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  1. Google tells Samsung to stop making changes in Android Rather than securing the devices, changes make them vulnerable to hacks (Image credit: Shutterstock) Google has slammed some of the leading mobile manufacturers for altering Linux kernel codes within the its Android platform. According to Google's Project Zero security team, several phone makers have tinkered with the software in order to make their devices more secure - however, in the process, have actually ended up making the phones vulnerable to serious security
  2. Google Project Zero scolds Samsung and other vendors for adding features that undermine Android security. Samsung's attempt to prevent attacks on Galaxy phones by modifying kernel code ended up exposing it to more security bugs, according to Google Project Zero (GPZ). Not only are smartphone makers like Samsung creating more vulnerabilities by adding downstream custom drivers for direct hardware access to Android's Linux kernel, vendors would be better off using security features that already exist in the Linux kernel, according to GPZ researcher Jann Horn.
  3. Samsung explains how the Galaxy S20 secure chip protects against hardware attacks Samsung prides itself on offering various security features with its smartphone products such as Samsung Knox for data isolation, Secure Wi-Fi for safe browsing via public networks, and Find My Mobile for remote blocking of a device in case of theft. In addition, its Galaxy S20 lineup comes with a secure chip, part of the Knox platform, that shields user data from advanced hardware attacks. Today, the company detailed the method by which its Secure Element chip works to fend of
  4. Samsung develops EUV 5nm chip process Samsung Electronics has successfully developed a 5nm semiconductor process to gain more chip-making clients, pushing Moore's Law to its limit. Samsung is leading the way in semiconductor integration by introducing the 5-nanometre process.
  5. Samsung has shipped one million EUV-based DRAM modules Samsung has announced that it has shipped one million 10nm-class (D1x) DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) DRAM modules. The new product is based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology. The modules have also completed customer evaluations opening “the door to more cutting-edge EUV process nodes for use in premium PC, mobile, enterprise server and datacenter applications.” According to the Korean firm, it is the first to use the EUV process to develop DRAM products. It helps overcome challenges in DRAM
  6. Samsung announces the QVO 870 SSD with double the capacity of its predecessor Samsung today announced the QVO 870 consumer SSD, its second-generation SSDs using quad-level cell (QLC) technology. The company debuted QLC SSDs in late 2018 with the QVO 860 SSD, which came in sizes up to 4TB. The new model doubles the maximum capacity, with an "industry-leading" 8TB of storage space. In addition to a significant bump in storage capacity, the new model also promises enhanced performance and reliability. The drive uses a single-level cell (SLC) buffer to help maint
  7. 1000R — Samsung tries to make ultra-curved office monitors a thing with new T55 lineup Curved monitors aren't just for gamers, Samsung says. They're for "eye comfort." First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 5 images. Samsung has revealed a lineup of productivity, home, and office-targeted monitors with 1000R curvature. Labeled the T55 series, these new monitors take a concept Samsung already applied to gaming monitors earlier this year at CES and makes the case that there's value in an ultra-curved form
  8. If your Samsung Blu-ray player is endlessly rebooting, you're not alone Numerous users with numerous problems (Image credit: Samsung) A somewhat serious software snag seems to have hit a range of Samsung Blu-ray players in recent days, with owners complaining that their disc-playing devices are stuck in an endless reboot loop. With reports from Reddit, Samsung support forums, ZDNet and elsewhere flooding in, it looks as though the issue affects a variety of different models – and at the time of writing there's no explana
  9. Samsung introduces the 980 Pro SSD with PCIe 4.0 support and up to 7,000MB/s speeds Samsung is upping the ante with a new top-tier SSD announced today, the 980 Pro. This is Samsung's first consumer SSD to come with full support for PCIe 4.0, specifically using a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface, which allows for much higher speeds than previous generations. Specifically, the 980 Pro SSD has sequential read speeds up to 7,000MB/s, which is double of what Samsung promised for the 970 Pro SSD. Likewise, sequential write speeds go up to 5,000MB/s, almost doubling the speed
  10. Samsung's new 240Hz gaming monitors combine absurd curves and insane speed Is there such a thing as too curvy? Samsung aims to find out (Image credit: Samsung) Samsung wowed us at the start of this year when it first unveiled its new Odyssey gaming monitors at CES, and again in May when more details of the new screens were revealed, as well as an Esports tie-in. While it's taken a while for them to reach shops, the new screens have finally broken cover and are now on sale in the US, UK, Australia and various other region
  11. Samsung accidentally leaks details of its upcoming 980 Pro NVMe SSD The PCIe 4.0-based 980 Pro looks fast—but it may not really be a "Pro" anymore. Enlarge / The 980 Pro offers up to 7,000 MB/sec throughput, on the right workloads—but you'll need a PCIe 4.0 motherboard, a very fast CPU, and good system cooling to take advantage of it. Samsung 57 with 39 posters participating, including story author Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, and it looks like Samsung made one yesterday: the product page for its upcoming
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