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  1. How to Try Out the New Data Cleaning Feature in Microsoft Edge Like the majority of browsers, the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will come with options to let users delete browsing data like history, cookies, cached images, and files. This isn’t necessary surprising, as these tools are an essential feature of modern browsers, especially now that privacy is playing such a key role for our experience online. The existing preview version of the Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge already comes with options to clear browsing data on Windows
  2. Two weeks ago the first build of the Stable version of the new Microsoft Edge browser leaked, and today a new version has become available. Unlike the Dev or Canary versions, the Stable version will actually replace the older EdgeHTML-powered browser with the Chromium version and the browser represents the final version Microsoft will eventually roll out to regular users. The current leaked build is Build and can be downloaded here. Be warned though that once installed there is no going back – the old Edge is gone for good. Source
  3. How to Enable the Microsoft Edge Translate Feature Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser evolves, and every single update for the Canary version introduces new functionality that should be part of the stable release as well. The Canary build of Microsoft Edge is updated daily, while the Dev version, which is also up for grabs right now, receives further refinements every week. At this point, the Dev build is supposed to be the more stable of the two. The latest update for Microsoft Edge Canary brings the browser to version, and it includ
  4. How to download and install Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has recreated Edge browser on Chromium for Windows 10, macOS and now Windows 7. Microsoft has just released the first preview build of Edge browser for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 offers experience and features like its Windows 10 counterpart, including Internet Explorer mode, rounded corners, and more. The company has published the Microsoft Edge Canary Builds for Window
  5. Scripts are loaded from Facebook, Reddit, Google and more Microsoft is edging its bets MICROSOFT'S CHROMIUM-BASED Edge browser, which is currently available in public beta, fires off more than 130 requests to almost 50 endpoints when it is launched. That's according to former Microsoft engineer Jonathan Sampson, who has examined six of the most popular web browsers and the communications they make in the background when web users first start using them. Most of Edge's requests appear to be made to Microsoft properties, encompassing Windows
  6. Yesterday, something really weird happened: for some unknown reason, users of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser were forced to use the old YouTube experience and asked to install Chrome when they tried to use the modern YouTube experience. No one really knew exactly why that happened, and Microsoft even had to reach out to Google about the issue. After more than 24 hours, Google has now re-enabled the new YouTube experience for Microsoft Edge preview users. That means if you use the new Microsoft Edge browser, you will now be able to use the modern YouTube ex
  7. How to Disable Microsoft Edge YouTube Thumbnails in Media Controls Overlay As part of its efforts to overhaul Edge browser, Microsoft is making some pretty significant contributions to the Chromium project, including features that end up being used by Google Chrome as well. One of these most recent additions to the feature arsenal of both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is support for YouTube thumbnails in the native media controls overlay in Windows 10. While this may sound a very complex thing at first, it is, in fact, something that’s really simple o
  8. Microsoft Edge Reddit AMA: Edge might come to Linux No "technical blockers" to prevent Microsoft from shipping Edge for Linux. Image: Microsoft The Microsoft Edge developer team has held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit today, and the company's engineers have revealed some of their plans on various current or upcoming features. The biggest tease the company dropped was its apparent willingness to release an Edge version for Lin
  9. Microsoft Edge Updated with Handy “Icon Only” Mode for Favorites Microsoft keeps working on additional improvements for its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, and the Canary build is a neat way to try some of these in advance. Because it’s updated every day, the Canary build always gets something new, and today that something new is an icon only mode for favorites. As reported on reddit, Microsoft has introduced a feature that it announced at the Build developer conference earlier this year, basically making managing favorites a little bit easier. The c
  10. Is Internet Explorer a Better Browser than Microsoft Edge? Microsoft has surrendered once again in the browser market, deciding to give up on its own browsing engine and move Microsoft Edge to Chromium. The company has tried to play down this migration by emphasizing that contributing to the Chromium project brings major benefits to the entire web, obviously without discussing the actual reasons that forced it to come down to such a decision. In reality, Microsoft Edge has never become the browser Microsoft hoped it would be. Launched with much fanfare as Project Spa
  11. Microsoft Edge lets Facebook run Flash code behind users' backs Google security researcher finds secret whitelist that lets Facebook run Flash content despite Edge's normal security policies. Microsoft's Edge browser contains a secret whitelist that lets Facebook run Adobe Flash code behind users' back
  12. Google Chrome Remains Top Desktop Browser, Microsoft Edge Surprisingly Grows Google Chrome continues to be the number one browser on the desktop, according to a fresh set of market share data, but somewhat surprising is the performance of Microsoft’s very own Edge. First and foremost, Google Chrome experienced a small decline in February, NetMarketShare reveals, dropping to 66.89% share. Mozilla Firefox fell as well but only to 9.39%. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, went up in January, in spite of Microsoft’s announcement that it would be giving up on EdgeHTML
  13. How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge Changing your default search engine in Microsoft Edge used to be fairly easy. Now, it requires a couple more steps than should be required. Microsoft Edge may no longer appear to be the browser we once knew if the latest leaks hold any truth. By default, Edge uses Bing as its search engine. Microsoft claims that by using Bing, Edge provides “an enhanced search experience, including direct links to Windows 10 apps, more relevant suggestions from Cortana, and instant answers to questions about Window
  14. Screenshots of Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Browser Leaked Microsoft is currently working on migrating Edge browser from EdgeHTML to Chromium, and while the software giant promised a preview build in early 2019, little is known at this point about the current status of the project. But screenshots posted today by Neowin show that Microsoft is currently maintaining two different versions of the new Edge, called Dev and Canary. As expected, the Dev build receives updates every week, while the Canary version of Microsoft Edge is being updated daily. By the look
  15. Rebuilding the Edge browser: Google's old code, Microsoft's new mission The browser wars may not be as important as they once were, but Microsoft's adoption of Chromium could help it return from the Edge of irrelevance. Microsoft has begun to show the first fruits of its efforts to rebuild its Edge browser on a Chromuim base (or at least what's left of it). The result is open for business. The company's tossing in the towel on its own web rendering eng
  16. Microsoft Edge Will Use a Clever Trick to Offer Netflix in 4K Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser could come with a new feature that would make it possible to switch user agents automatically in order to deliver higher quality content to users. Because it’s based on Chromium, the updated Microsoft Edge would technically identify as Chromium most of the time, which makes it compatible with the majority of websites out there. This is because Chromium is the engine that powers Chrome, and since Google’s app is currently the number one browser
  17. Unpatched Zero-Days in Microsoft Edge and IE Browsers Disclosed Publicly A security researcher today publicly disclosed details and proof-of-concept exploits for two 'unpatched' zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft's web browsers after the company allegedly failed to respond to his responsible private disclosure. Both unpatched vulnerabilities—one of which affects the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and another affects the latest
  18. No Surprise: Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Running Smoothly on Windows 7 Despite the fact that Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the preview build of its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, the most tech-savvy users out there rushed to install an early version of the browser that got leaked on various file-sharing websites. And despite being in its early days, this Microsoft Edge version allows us to get a taste of how the Redmond-based software giant sees the future of Windows browsing based on Chromium. While this isn’t necessarily surprising, it looks like the
  19. Unlike Chrome, Microsoft’s new Edge lets you mute tabs on Windows 10 In many ways, Microsoft’s newly launched Chromium-powered Edge browser is better than Google Chrome. For example, it comes with a modern interface, icons in the menu for accessibility, customizable profile icons and more. The browser is also set to receive smooth scrolling, better accessibility, media features and other features in the coming weeks. Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has a better way to
  20. How to change default search engine on the new Microsoft Edge (preview) If Bing isn't for you, this guide shows you the steps to set your preferred search engine in the latest preview of Microsoft Edge using Chromium. Microsoft is starting fresh with a new version of the Edge web browserbased on the Google's Chromium project, and while the early builds reveal a new experience that shares many of the same features found in Chrome, the company is adding its own tweaks and features, including Bing as the default search engine. The only caveat
  21. Here’s how you can install extensions on Microsoft Edge from Chrome’s Web Store Around two weeks back we reported that Microsoft might allow users to install Chrome’s extensions on the new Microsoft Edge. Back then we weren’t able to test the theory since Edge wasn’t available publicly. However, Microsoft released the first build of Edge last nightand we finally got a chance to test the features. Among all the features is the ability to download and install exte
  22. Microsoft Confirms Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 ARM One of the benefits of Microsoft’s transition to Chromium is that Google itself has become more interested in bringing its apps and services to Windows 10. And Windows 10 ARM as a platform is likely to get several improvements only thanks to this, as Microsoft worked together with Google engineers to prepare the Chromium engine for ARM-based devices. Earlier this week, developers managed to get Google Chrome up and running on Windows 10 ARM, which in turn made it possible to install the browser on
  23. Microsoft Enables Chromecast Support in Microsoft Edge Browser Microsoft has recently enabled Chromecast support in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, most likely as part a Canary update. The new version of Microsoft Edge went live as a preview earlier this year, and Microsoft is currently offering two different builds, namely Dev and Canary. The latter receives updates every day, while the Dev flavor is being updated once a week. While options to cast content have been there from the very beginning, it looks like support for the Chrom
  24. For the last two months, the Microsoft Edge Addons Store grew from 160 to over 1200 extensions. This could be a small number when compared with thousands of extensions available on Chrome Web Store but rest assured Microsoft will add more extensions to its new Addons store in the coming months. The Addons site in beta currently offers some of the popular Chrome and Firefox Store extensions, here they’re. UBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, Grammarly, Enhancer for YouTube, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Honey, Evernote Web Clipper, Momentum, F.B Purity. Official Microsoft extensions for Edge: Off
  25. Till now to see a video in Picture-in-Picture mode in Chrome or Chromium browser such as Edge, you need to right-click twice on that video on YouTube followed by selecting the PiP option, you can avoid doing this in new Edge browser by adding PiP control to Global Media Controls UI. PiP icon in Global Media Controls UI in new Edge browser Google has developed Media hub or Global Media Controls UI for Chrome and enabled it by default in the stable version, this feature lets you control audio or video playing in the browser. Like Picture in Picture, you can also make media con
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