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  1. Microsoft is testing a startup booster for its Edge browser Microsoft is running an experiment in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary version to find out if the changes can speed up the startup of the web browser. Called Startup Boost, it is available to a subset of Edge Canary users only at the time of writing. The feature is not available as an experimental flag that users can enable in the browser to make use of it. Additionally, it is only available for Edge on Windows and not other operating systems and platforms. Startup Boost configures the Windows operating system
  2. Edge PWAs can now have tabs in the latest Canary build; here's how to enable them Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on the Chromium-based Edge browser are getting the ability to be open as tabbed windows. With the latest update released in the Canary channel of the Edge Insider program, version 88.0.678.0, the feature has been added under a hidden flag, originally spotted by Reddit user Leopeva24-2. Currently, a PWA can only work as regular window, so any click that would cause links to open in a new tab would take you back to the main Edge window. With
  3. Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev now allow users to reset sync data Microsoft Edge has come a long way since 2018 when the company first announced its move to ditch EdgeHTML in favour of Chromium. Since then, Microsoft has seen a rise in Edge's usage and the company has been working hard to improve Edge as well as the Chromium framework. Now, Microsoft has added another feature to Canary and Dev versions that will allow users to reset their sync data (via Techdows). Microsoft allows users to sign in using their Microsoft Account and sync data such as
  4. Microsoft finally brings its Chromium-based Edge in preview form to Linux Microsoft today announced that Edge is finally available for download on Linux. The Dev channel version of the Chromium-based browser makes it to the platform almost a year after the official announcement and as promised last month. The Redmond giant says that the release supports Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE distributions. The browser will be updated weekly, just like the Dev channel builds on other platforms. The company has also posted instructions for the process
  5. Microsoft makes it difficult to download Microsoft Edge with Firefox and Chrome Many Windows users use the built-in web browser of the operating system to download other browsers to their system. First it was Internet Explorer, then the classic Edge, and now the new Edge that has been used for that purpose. Microsoft is still in the process of pushing its new Edge browser to Windows systems, and many systems, for instance Windows 10 systems right after installation, still come without the new version of Edge. Windows users who want to download the new browser
  6. What's in the latest Edge update? Rollbacks and new browser telemetry policies Microsoft's Edge 86 includes a "rollback" function that lets IT admins restore an earlier version of the browser and gives the built-in PDF viewer support for document tables of content. Microsoft Microsoft earlier this month released Edge 86, adding a "rollback" function that will let IT admins restore an earlier version of the browser and enhancing the built-in PDF viewer with support for document tables of content. The Redmond,
  7. Naughty Microsoft: Edge gets caught installing Office web apps without asking Reportedly happening to testers using preview builds of Windows 10 (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft’s Edge browser is reportedly stealthily installing the firm’s Office web apps on Windows 10 PCs, or at least those being used by Windows Insiders who test preview builds of the OS. Normally, the Office web apps (which are free PWAs or Progressive Web Apps) are available to install in your browser (like Edge, or rivals such as Chrome), and user
  8. Microsoft begins Manifest v3 tests in Edge that impacts extensions like content blockers Microsoft announced today that extension developers are now able to test the new extension manifest v3 in the company's Edge browser. When Google announced Manifest v3 for extensions back in January 2019, concern was voiced almost immediately over the company's plans. High profile extension creators such as Raymond Hill, best known for his work on uBlock Origin, stated that extensions like his would no longer be usable after the changes landed in Google Chrome. The new API had a li
  9. Microsoft is improving the favorites menu in Edge Microsoft's Edge browser seems to be consistently getting new features and improvements to existing ones lately, and today another big change is being announced. The Redmond giant has announced a change to the favorites experience in the browser, making it easier for users to see and manage their favorite websites in a pinch. Currently, the favorites button in the top bar of the Edge window only displays a list of the favorites in the "root" folder, with sub-folders being available in individual dr
  10. Microsoft Edge will soon allow users to disable the 'reveal password' option Microsoft has been working hard on improving the Chromium-based Edge web browser and the company's upcoming feature will allow users to disable the password reveal button on different websites. Last year, Microsoft added an option to reveal the password on websites after typing in an effort to help users verify their typed passwords. The feature was handy but it posed a security risk as Microsoft does not allow users to set master passwords. Now, the company has added a s
  11. Chrome and Edge users will never have to worry about losing tabs again Microsoft is a regular contributor to the open-source Chromium project, which benefits both Edge and Chrome (Image credit: Softulka / Shutterstock) Microsoft has announced a new addition to the open-source Chromium platform that will benefit users of both Edge and Chrome web browsers. The company has pledged to improve the browsers’ tab retention facilities, which come
  12. Microsoft Edge now has price comparisons and a really useful screenshot tool The screenshot tool will automatically scroll so you can grab the entire webpage Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft is adding a price comparison feature to its Edge browser just in time for the holidays, alongside a really useful screenshot tool that will let you easily capture an entire webpage. Both features are part of a broader update for Edge this month that includes a number of minor additions that im
  13. First Look at Microsoft Edge's upcoming Reset Sync feature Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge web browser supports the syncing of user data like most browsers out there. Edge users may enable sync to synchronize personal data such as their Favorites, Settings, passwords, browser extensions, or form data between Edge instances. Some options like the ability to sync the browsing history or open tabs, are promised but not available yet. Up until now, Edge users could disable the synchronization from an Edge instance by activating the "Turn off
  14. Microsoft pushes Edge as 'best for business' in battle with Chrome At this year's Ignite conference, Microsoft offered up a host of reasons why its browser is better for the enterprise than Google Chrome. Do those claims stack up? Microsoft Microsoft last week pitched Edge as "the browser for business," as in fact, "the best browser for business," and revealed some of the new features and functionality it will use to convince customers that its aspirations are more than posturing. Edge, which Microsoft relau
  15. Edge Dev build 87.0.654.0 now out with a couple of minor features and bug fixes After a slightly delayed Dev channel release last week thanks to the virtual Ignite conference, Microsoft has released this week’s Edge Dev build that brings a couple of new features and a bunch of fixes. The update bumps up the version to 87.0.654.0. Considering that this week’s build comes just five days after the previous one, it is a minor release. The company also detailed a new ‘Web capture’ feature this week that brings a screenshot tool within the browser, mimi
  16. Microsoft rolling out custom themes support for the new tab page on Edge Back in 2018, Microsoft ditched EdgeHTML and adopted Google's Chromium framework for its web browser. Since then the company has been working alongside Google to improve the Chromium framework as well as Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Now, Microsoft has added another feature to the Edge browser that allows users to download custom themes from the third-party stores and apply it to the new tab page (via Techdows). Earlier this year, the firm added support for themes from the C
  17. Dear Microsoft, could you make Edge a little more obnoxious? So I’m sitting here plunking away on one of my production Win10 version 1909 machines, when a new update appears. 2020-08 Microsoft Edge Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4576754) I needed to reboot the system – it had been running for almost two days without a reboot (sarcasm alert) – and when Windows came back up for air, Edge appeared full-screen. I tried clicking lots of things, but it wouldn’t disengage. In the end I navigated through a four-screen “tutorial” that, by default, wanted
  18. Edge Dev 87.0.644.4 is out with dark theme in sidebar search Microsoft usually releases its latest Edge Dev build earlier in the week, but it can be forgiven since the team was pretty busy. This week was Microsoft's Ignite 2020 conference, the company's biggest event of the year. News from the Edge team is that the browser is coming to Linux next month. Today, the team released Edge Dev version 87.0.644.4. There isn't much in the way of new features, but there are a couple of things. For one thing, there's dark theme support in sidebar Search. Her
  19. How to change your Microsoft Edge password or reset it It may not be immediately obvious how to change your Microsoft Edge password (Image credit: Microsoft) All modern Microsoft products share a single account username and password known as your Microsoft account. So, the password you use in Microsoft Edge is the same password you use for other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. In this article, we show you how to change your Microsoft account password from within Microsoft Edge. We also
  20. Did your Edge browser stop working with a Stop Error INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005 (atidxx64.dll)? If so then this is a problem with the outdated Graphics driver. Microsoft has acknowledged that this issue exists with Windows 10 v1809, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server, version 1809. There is no direct way to fix this issue, and if you are using a Radeon HD2000 or HD4000 series video cards, the update will be bloc
  21. Since its launch on Windows 10 three years ago, Microsoft Edge has struggled to gain market share against rivals Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Unlike its competitors who get major updates every six weeks or so, Microsoft Edge only gains new features every six month, following the pace of bi-annual Windows 10 releases. If Microsoft couldn’t iterate as fast as its competitors do on its new web browser, the company has often highlighted that Microsoft Edge is the best browser for battery life on Windows 10 PCs. The company repeated these claims many times over the years, but for s
  22. Microsoft has already surrendered to Google in the browser market, admitting that EdgeHTML is a failure and it wants to switch to Chromium. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the software giant can’t go on with its typical Edge marketing push, which includes occasional battery tests that put its browser in a good light. Every time the company rolls out a new OS feature update for Windows 10, it also conducts benchmarks to show how much Microsoft Edge is improving in terms of power efficiency as compared to rivals. Now that the October 2018 Update is up f
  23. Now Officially: Edge Will Switch to the Chromium Engine Microsoft confirmed the rumors that their Edge browser, the default web browser of Windows 10, will move to a Chromium-compatible web engine in the Desktop version. Microsoft explains that behind this move is their intention to create better web compatibility for customers and less fragmentation for web developers. Microsoft is already made a number of contributions to the Chromium project, helping to port the project to Windows on ARM. The key aspects of the upcoming changes are as follows: 1. We will move
  24. Google is working with Qualcomm to brings ARM capabilities to Chrome. Doing so would dent Microsoft Edge as the browser continues to battle Chrome’s dominance. Over the last year, Microsoft has been working with chip giant Qualcomm on Windows 10 on ARM. The idea is to make PCs more affordable by blending the best aspects of desktop computing and mobile tech. Now, Google is once again challenging Microsoft directly with its own ARM integration for Chrome desktops. Windows 10 on ARM has had mixed results so far, not least because Microsoft’s app is
  25. How to Try Out the New Data Cleaning Feature in Microsoft Edge Like the majority of browsers, the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will come with options to let users delete browsing data like history, cookies, cached images, and files. This isn’t necessary surprising, as these tools are an essential feature of modern browsers, especially now that privacy is playing such a key role for our experience online. The existing preview version of the Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge already comes with options to clear browsing data on Windows
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