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  1. PWAs installed with Microsoft Edge will now let you switch profiles Microsoft has announced that you can switch profiles in progressive web apps (PWAs) that were installed using its Edge browser. Easy profile switching is something that's been available in the browser for some time, but now it's available for installed apps, and moreover, it's independent from your selection in the browser. In order to do it, you'll see the profile icon in the title bar of the app. You can click it, and then select the profile you want. A second app will
  2. Microsoft Edge will now let you know if your password is compromised Yesterday, Microsoft announced a bunch of new features coming to its Edge browser, including sidebar search, history sync, and more. Another nifty capability coming to the browser is Password Monitor, which alerts you if you are using unsafe credentials. The service began rolling out to Insiders back in June 2020 and is now being made available to the general public in Edge 88. Microsoft has detailed the feature in a dedicated blog post. Password Monitor is the outcome of collabo
  3. Microsoft Edge web browser to get several new features this month This month marks the one-year birthday of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser. To celebrate the occasion, Microsoft today announced some new themes, you can read about it here. Microsoft also announced several new features that are coming to Microsoft Edge browser this month, read about them below. Sidebar search is now generally available in Microsoft Edge. See incoming emails directly from the new tab page of Microsoft Edge. With the new smart tile for Outlook, you ca
  4. Microsoft releases Canary, Dev and Beta versions of native ARM Edge browser for Apple M1 devices In December 2020 Microsoft announced the release of a native ARM version of Edge browser for Apple M1 devices. With this native Edge build, users could expect better performance when compared to the earlier Rosetta-based build on Apple M1 devices. Then only the Canary version was available, which is, of course, the buggiest and most unstable version, but today Microsoft confirmed that Apple M1 users can now find a version of Edge in each channel for their devices.
  5. Microsoft releases Edge Dev 89.0.760.0 with Password Monitor for Mac users Microsoft has released the second Edge Dev build for this year, bringing version 89.0.760.0 to users in the Dev channel. Today’s build adds a few new features, chief of which is the Password Monitor feature for macOS users. While the feature has been available to Insiders on Windows for a while now, it is being enabled for Mac users with this build. As a reminder, the firm added support for Apple Silicon Macs with last week’s build. In addition to the password monitor, ther
  6. How to disable Edge’s new URL copy and paste feature Stop Microsoft’s browser from copying page titles rather than URLs Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge If you’re using a recent version of Microsoft’s Edge browser, you might have noticed that the way URLs copy and paste has changed. As of Edge version 87 for Windows or 88 for macOS, you’ll find that by default trying to copy and paste a URL from an address bar will paste the title of a webpage as a hyperlink rather than its URL directly.
  7. Microsoft Edge gets a new flyout menu for managing downloads Microsoft’s new strategy to re-build Edge using Chromium seems to be working as the company is now capable of adding useful new features to the browser as fast as rival companies do. The latest feature that Microsoft just added to Edge is a new flyout menu for managing downloads. The feature, however, seems to be rolling out to users in the Canary Channel. If you’re using Edge Canary, you’ll now see Downloads from the flyout menu. What this means is that you can now access all the files that you just downloade
  8. Edge Dev 89.0.752.1 is out with support for Apple M1 chips It's been a few weeks due to the holiday season, but Microsoft released a new Edge Dev build today. It brings the browser to version 89.0.752.1, and the most notable new feature is that it supports Apple's new ARM-based MacBooks. The feature showed up in the Canary channel in mid-December, but Microsoft paused all updates through the holidays. As for what else is new, it's mostly minor features. Here's the full list: Added an option to Share, Copy and Paste Settings to disable enhanced l
  9. Microsoft begins rolling out history and open tabs' sync for users on Edge stable Microsoft made its Chromium-based Edge browser generally available back in January last year. The rollout was a slow one and the company did not begin shipping the browser with Windows 10 till the October 2020 Update (version 20H2). However, one significant feature that was absent at launch – and one that is still not completely available – is the ability to sync browser history and tabs across devices. The feature began rolling out to testers in October and has been a long time coming.
  10. Still using Chrome? Here's everything Microsoft is bringing to Edge in 2021 There are big changes in store for the year ahead (Image credit: Microsoft) Since Microsoft switched its Edge browser to the Chromium engine, it's released a steady stream of updates and enhancements, and now that 2021 is upon us, development shows no signs of slowing down – in fact, this year there's more than ever to look forward to. We may only be in January, but we already know a great deal about what Microsoft is going to be rolling
  11. Microsoft Edge will now warn you when you close multiple tabs When Microsoft made a shift to the Chromium framework, the Edge team promised to bring all the features of Legacy Edge to the new Chromium Edge browser. While the company did deliver on that promise, it missed the option that warned users when they try closing multiple tabs. Now, Microsoft Edge has updated its Canary branch to add support for the same. The feature is currently hidden behind a flag and can be enabled by searching for “Ask before closing multiple tabs” in edge://flags (vi
  12. Edge history and tab sync starts showing up on Android Microsoft is finally bringing history syncing to its Edge browser on mobile devices, at least for some users. According to Windows Central, the capability is now rolling out to users using the beta version of the browser on Android, and the feature should be enabled on the server side, though users are spotting it on version Edge's syncing capabilities have been a point of criticism since its launch, though the browser has supported favorite and password syncing since it's been
  13. Microsoft Edge gets Chromium's Tab Groups feature The Canary version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser supports the tab groups feature in its latest version. Google introduced support for tab groups in Google Chrome as a way for users to better manage tabs. Chrome users can create new tab groups and use drag & drop to add or remove sites from groups. Support for custom names and colors is available to better distinguish tab groups from one another. Google added support for collapsing tab groups in 2020 to hide all open tabs of a gro
  14. Edge 87.0.664.52 – is blocked from Trend Micro OfficeScan Microsoft has already released an update to the Chromium Edge 87.0.664.52 on November 30, 2020. However, there is trouble with this update if Trend Micro OfficeScan is installed, as I have learned from various reader feedback. The Edge will not start anymore. So here is an addition to the original article. I had noticed it because Thomas S. had already pointed out yesterday (1.12.2020) the update of the Chromium Edge to version 87.0.664.52 and wrote the following:
  15. Microsoft Edge is getting a great new way to move tabs from one profile to another Great news for anyone who works in multiple browser profiles (Image credit: Shutterstock / monticello) Microsoft is constantly experimenting with new features in Edge, and this is perfectly demonstrated by the activity that goes on in the Beta, Dev and Canary builds of the web browser. The company's latest tinkering can be found in Edge Canary, and it could revolutionise the way you work with tabs. If you have multiple profile set
  16. You can now test Smart Copy in Microsoft Edge Canary Smart Copy is a new feature of Microsoft's Edge web browser that is designed as an alternative to the regular copy functionality of the web browser. Smart Copy, in a nutshell, aims to provide users with advanced copy options to copy rich content and not only textual content. Take a table in HTML as an example. If you need to copy the content of the table you can do so using the built-in copy functionality. Preserving the table structure is another matter entirely, and if you need only the first three columns, you may
  17. Abusive add-ons aren’t just a Chrome and Firefox problem. Now it’s Edge’s turn Edge users take to social media to report their Web searches are being hijacked. Enlarge Microsoft 55 with 44 posters participating For years, Google and Mozilla have battled to keep abusive or outright malicious browser extensions from infiltrating their official repositories. Now, Microsoft is taking up the fight. Over the past several days, people in website forums have complained of the Google searches being
  18. Microsoft releases Edge 87 with shopping features and more Today, Microsoft released Edge 87 to the stable channel. It's right on schedule, arriving six weeks after Edge 86 came out. Being a major update, there are a bunch of new features. One thing that's new is that if you're using Internet Explorer, sites that are incompatible will automatically redirect you to Edge. Once in Edge, users will then find that they can use IE mode to run sites that are only compatible with Internet Explorer. You'll also find that new shopping feat
  19. Microsoft Edge now has coupon and promo codes built in for online shopping Edge also gets new PDF annotation and screenshot inking features Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft is adding a new coupons feature to its Edge browser today. Coupons and promo codes will appear inside Edge as an alert when you’re shopping online, and they can be automatically applied to a basket when you’re ready to check out. The coupons feature also includes price comparisons, so if you’re shopping online, Edge can surfac
  20. Edge Dev and Canary builds bring support for text comments in PDFs Ever since Microsoft moved to the Chromium-based Edge browser, the firm has been slowly bringing features from legacy Edge to its new offering. These include the new web capture tool, PDF improvements such as markup options, small additions like download options, and much more. Now, another feature making its way to the Canary and Dev channel builds of the browser is support for comments in PDFs. Users can now open PDF documents in Edge and highlight portions of the PDF to add a te
  21. Microsoft announces improvements to history in Edge Microsoft has announced a couple of significant improvements to the history experience in the new Edge browser, which take cues from the improvements to favorites that were announced a few weeks ago. Just like the favorites menu, opening the history will now prompt a pop-up window to appear, rather than taking you to a full page showing your history. Because of that, the history option is no longer a dropdown, since you can open a more complete experience easily by clicking it. Just like favorites, you can
  22. Microsoft Edge is about to enter another dimension entirely Edge Chromium web browser is coming to HoloLens 2 (Image credit: Softulka / Shutterstock) Microsoft Edge Insider channels, which give members early access to new builds, have been made available on two additional platforms: HoloLens 2 and Windows 10X. While Microsoft has demoed its flagship browser on Windows 10X before, this is the first time Edge Chromium has appeared on the company’s HoloLens mixed reality platform. Users of HoloLens 2 heads
  23. Microsoft Edge's newest feature? Shopping in Microsoft Edge If you have used the Canary or Dev version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser recently, you may have noticed a new icon in the browser's address bar when opening certain sites. The message "this site has coupons" is displayed as well briefly to catch the user's attention I spotted the icon on Lenovo's German website and discovered that it is displayed on other sites with shopping context as well. I saw it on Dell's website and on Newegg, but not on Microsoft's own site, Apple's site or the main S
  24. Microsoft Edge's PDF Viewer gets side-by-side viewing option Most modern web browsers include functionality to display PDF documents; this is a handy feature as it ensures that PDF files can be viewed without the need to use third-party applications or online service. While I prefer to use a dedicated PDF viewer, Sumatra for all basic PDF documents, it is clear that many Internet users use the browser's PDF viewer when it comes to these documents. Microsoft's Chromium-based web browser is no exception to the rule. The classic version of Edge supported
  25. Microsoft will revamp the new tab page for Edge enterprise users with version 87 Microsoft today announced that it is adding a ‘My Feed’ section in the new tab page on Edge for Enterprise users starting with version 87, bringing a curated list of topics and content for business users that can be tweaked by users and IT admins. The topics served in the My Feed section will include “industry information most relevant to your industry, or your company”, says the Redmond firm. Users who are logged in to their Azure Active Directory accounts can currentl
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