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  1. Edge for Linux is now available in the Beta channel A Linux version of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has long been in the works, with the Redmond company first teasing it at Build 2019 and officially announcing it later that year. However, it wasn't until October of last year that the Dev channel of the Edge Insider program debuted on Linux. Over six months later, it's now time for the Beta channel to make its way to Linux users, Microsoft announced today. Since its Linux debut back in October, Edge has gained some new capabilities, including the
  2. Microsoft Edge to add automatic HTTPS option for all domains Microsoft Edge will automatically redirect users to a secure HTTPS connection when visiting websites using the HTTP protocol, starting with version 92, coming in late July. By default, this new option will allow Edge users to switch from HTTP to HTTPS on websites that are likely to support the more secure protocol. However, users will also be able to configure the browser to upgrade all connections to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) as the default internet communication protocol fo
  3. Final Edge Dev build based on Chromium 91 includes new printing options and more Though it came a little later than it usually does, Microsoft has released its weekly build of the Edge browser to Insiders running the Dev channel version of the browser. This week's update brings the version number to 91.0.864.1, and as promised last week, it's likely the last build based on Chromium 91 in the Dev channel. Edge 91 should move to the Beta channel soon, while the Dev channel will move on to version 92. There are no mind-blowing new features in this rel
  4. Microsoft Edge is getting a performance mode on Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is an incredible desktop browser, packing basically all important features available on the market today. Microsoft is now working on a new feature called “performance mode”, designed specifically for performance, especially when you’re gaming or using other apps. In 2020, Microsoft introduced Sleeping Tabs to reduce the amount of RAM and CPU (processing) power used by the browser. This feature alone isn’t enough to improve the overall system performance as there are factors affecting
  5. Microsoft Edge 90 is out with Kids Mode and more Right on schedule, Microsoft is releasing Edge 90 today. The big hero feature of this version is Kids Mode, something that was first introduced in the lower channels back in February. The idea, as you can probably guess, is to provide a safer browsing experience for children. There are two separate settings for Kids Mode based on your child's age, so you can set it for 5-8 or 9-11. All you have to do if click on the profile picker in the top-right and choose "Browse in Kids Mode". In order to get back, you'll
  6. Microsoft Edge for Android released as a preview Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for Android today to the public. Android users who want to try out Edge for Android can download and install the development version from Google Play. Microsoft Edge Canary for Android is compatible with Android 5.0 and newer devices. Microsoft Edge for Android is based on the latest version of Chromium, the current stable version of Microsoft Edge is based on a very old version of Chromium. Microsoft's Store description reveals that it plans to release daily updates
  7. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge zero-day vulnerability shared on Twitter A security researcher has dropped a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability on Twitter that works on the current version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. A zero-day vulnerability is a security bug that has been publicly disclosed but has not been patched in the released version of the affected software. Today, security researcher Rajvardhan Agarwal released a working proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a remote code execution vulnerability for the V8 JavaScript engine in Chr
  8. RIP: Microsoft Edge Legacy nuked by April Windows Updates Microsoft has confirmed that today's release of mandatory Patch Tuesday updates will automatically remove Edge Legacy and replace it with the new Chromium-based Edge. Chromium-based Edge was released in January 2020 and Microsoft started pre-installing it on all devices that shipped with Windows 10 October 2020 Update. In older versions of Windows 10, users who wished to use it could download it from the Microsoft Edge site or wait for the mandatory Windows Update. With the April edition
  9. First Look at Microsoft Edge's Workspaces feature Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature called Workspaces. Workspaces are designed to improve the manageability of open sites in the browser, by using different workspaces for different tasks. The feature is being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary builds currently, but only available in some installations at the time of writing; there is a way, however, to unlock it in the browser. Users who want to give it a try need to launch Edge with the parameter --enable-features=msWorkspaces. A Workspaces ic
  10. Microsoft Edge gets option to fade Sleeping Tabs Microsoft introduced the Sleeping Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge Canary 87 back in September 2020. The company rolled out the feature to all Edge users in Edge 89, released earlier this month. Designed to improve performance by unloading sites in tabs, Sleeping Tabs helps improve battery life and reduce memory usage in Edge. Microsoft states that tabs that are put to sleep use 26% less CPU on average, and that the browser's memory use is reduced by 16% on average. Edge users who have never used the feature may
  11. Microsoft Edge bug prevents users from closing the browser on Windows 10 Microsoft Edge was recently updated with “Startup boost“, a new feature that allows the browser to launch even faster after a system reboot on Windows 10. For those uninitiated, the startup boost feature maximizes Microsoft Edge’s performance on Windows 10 by launching certain browser processes when a device is powered on. This allows the Chromium browser to exist in a “state of readiness”. In Microsoft Edge 89, startup boost is automatically enabled without user intera
  12. First Look at Microsoft Edge's Math Solver Math Solver is a new feature of Microsoft's Edge web browser that is being tested in development versions currently. The feature, just like many others, is slowly being rolled out to the entire development population. At least in Edge Canary, it should be possible to enable the feature if it is not enabled by default. Check Menu > More Tools to find out about that; if you see Math Solver listed, it is enabled already. If you don't, do the following to enable it: Load edge://flags/#edge-math-solver in the browser's ad
  13. Microsoft Edge tests fix for DNS-over-HTTPS performance issues Microsoft is testing a fix for performance issues in Microsoft Edge’s DNS-over-HTTPS feature and has once again enabled a list of suggested DoH servers. DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) allows DNS resolution to be performed over an encrypted HTTPS connection rather than through normal plain text DNS lookups. As some governments and ISPs block connections to sites by monitoring DNS traffic, DoH will allow users to bypass censorship, prevent spoofing attacks, and increase privacy as their DNS requ
  14. Microsoft Edge is getting a new Colour Picker and theming options Microsoft is working on surfacing theming options better in their Edge browser. The company has added a new flag to Edge called “Enable picker for colour based themes.” The flag adds a new colour-based theme picker in Edge Appearance settings. Old New The new theme picker surfaces 13 new colour-based themes and adds a prominent link to themes in the Chrome Web Store.
  15. Microsoft Edge: work on vertical tabs continues, now with resizing support Microsoft revealed plans to introduce support for displaying tabs vertically in the company's Edge web browser in May 2020. Vertical Tabs supported was added to development versions of Microsoft Edge in October 2020; users of the browser could activate the option in the browser's settings. Doing so would hide the horizontal tab bar and display a vertical tabs sidebar instead that would display tabs on the left side of the browser. Vertical tabs offer benefits to users, especially on widescreen de
  16. Microsoft has a new Extended Stable channel for Edge that gets updated every eight weeks Last week, Google announced that Chromium, and its in-house Chrome browser, are shifting to a four-week release schedule. That's compared to the six-week release cycle that we're all used to. If it's not obvious, all Chromium-based browsers are going to be on-board with this, including Microsoft Edge, as was confirmed in a blog post. More interesting, however, is that there's going to be a fourth channel called Extended Stable, which is designed for businesses that are
  17. Microsoft Edge on macOS introduces native update experience in the Canary channel Microsoft Edge on macOS will soon get the same native update experience that Windows users have been enjoying since launch. The new update experience is already live in Edge Canary version 90.0.816.0 or newer, though it’s currently only available on Intel-based Macs and must be enabled via the edge://flags menu. On macOS, Microsoft Edge updates currently go through the same Microsoft AutoUpdate app that the company uses to update the non-Mac App Store versions of Office for Ma
  18. Microsoft Edge is getting a new immersive reader for Wikipedia Today, Microsoft is making a major change to the way Wikipedia looks and works in Microsoft Edge. The new Wikipedia experience is part of the browser’s existing “Immersive Reader” mode, which strips the website’s sidebar and non-essential elements to display text in a clean format. All Wikipedia pages (55+ million) now fully support Immersive Reader in Edge. The new impressive reading experience is still rolling out and it also comes with a quick way to navigate the pages with ‘Table of Contents
  19. Microsoft releases Edge Dev channel build 90.0.818.0 with improved Collections and more Microsoft today released the new v 90.0.818.0 build for Edge Dev channel users. This new build comes with the ability to sort overall Collections, ability for users to manually search through their autofill data, and more. This build also comes with several bug fixes. Find the full change log of Edge Dev Channel build below. Added features: Added the ability to sort overall Collections. Added the ability to drag and drop downloaded files from the list in t
  20. How to enable Tab Scrolling in Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser, and as such limited to the same default tab handling mechanics as other Chromium-based browsers. By default, tabs get smaller and smaller the more you open, but there is no option to scroll them. Microsoft did introduce support for vertical tabs in the recent release of Edge 89 Stable, and the feature is suggested to users when too many tabs are opened. If you prefer to use a horizontal tab bar on the other hand, you are left with little when it comes to managing lots of tabs
  21. New Microsoft Edge hits Xbox One, Series X/S with latest Insider update The new and improved Microsoft Edge hits Xbox consoles for select testers. What you need to know Microsoft has debuted the latest iteration of its Microsoft Edge web browser on Xbox consoles. The new Chromium variant of Microsoft Edge supersedes the legacy EdgeHTML version of the browser, with end-of-support status for the desktop client slated for later this month. The new Microsoft Edge is now available to Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders, with a broader public rollout expected over the weeks a
  22. Microsoft is working on Password Import option for its Edge browser Microsoft is working in a password import option for its Edge web browser. Current versions of the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge -- the classic version is retired this month -- support exporting passwords to CSV files, but lack options to import passwords from CSV files. Users who want to import passwords into Edge, e.g. from a password manager or another copy of the browser that runs on a different machine, face difficulties in current versions of the web browser. While y
  23. Microsoft working to unify Edge codebase on all platforms, mobile betas coming soon Microsoft has been adding a bunch of useful features to its Chromium-based Edge browser, with the latest round of updates bumping the offering to version 89 on the desktop, bringing performance improvements to browser launches, sleeping tabs for better resource management, and the general availability of vertical tabs. The company recently added Collections and tabs and history sync to the mobile versions. However, the Android version of the app is still based on version 77, with a
  24. Microsoft is testing a built-in 'Math Solver' in its Edge browser The Edge Canary channel is updated on a daily basis with new features and fixes added frequently. Recently, Microsoft added an option in the preview channel allowing users to open Office files directly in the browser. Enhancements like these get promoted to Dev and then Beta channels before finally being made available to the public, provided everything goes well. Now, it appears that Microsoft is testing a built-in "Math Solver" for its Edge browser. Image credit: Leopeva 64-2 (Reddit)
  25. Microsoft Edge 89 is out with sleeping tabs and more Today, Microsoft is releasing a big update for its Edge browser, bringing it to Edge 89. It's right on schedule, as the browser gets updated every six weeks. As usual, it comes with a bunch of new features. One of them is sleeping tabs. Many of us have tons of tabs open while we're working, so if a tab is inactive for a couple of hours, it's going to basically shut down. You'll notice it when the tab looks dim, and if you click it, the tab reactivates and reloads the webpage. Obviously, you can
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