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  1. iOS users can soon use Microsoft Authenticator as their password manager iOS users could soon be able to replace the iCloud keychain feature on their iPhones for automatically filling in passwords with Microsoft Authenticator. The two-factor authentication app from the Redmond firm has begun prompting some users of the addition of a password manager, with the feature termed as “coming soon”. Folks over at Microsofters have managed to get the feature working on a beta version of the app and have posted a few screenshots. Users will be able to head to the pass
  2. iSH spared for now, but what will happen to a-Shell? Two iOS terminal applications popular with developers – a-Shell and iSH – have run into problems with Apple, which has said they breach its App Store Review Guidelines, though iSH has been spared deletion after an appeal. The iSH application is an open-source Linux shell for iOS using a x86 emulator, and at the time of writing is at number 2 in the App Store Developer Tools chart. Tutorials on the wiki include instructions for installing PHP, running an SSL server and Ruby programs, installing the
  3. Plans are in place to allow users to play Epic Games' "Fortnite" on iOS and iPadOS again using Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service in Safari, the BBC has discovered. Nvidia has reportedly developed a version of its GeForce Now cloud gaming service that works in Safari on iOS and iPadOS, and Fortnite looks to be a key title on the platform for Apple devices that have lost the game due to the ongoing legal battle between ‌Epic Games‌ and Apple. In August 2020, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store after ‌Epic Games‌ introduced a direct payment optio
  4. Ahead of the PlayStation 5’s launch on November 12, Sony has introduced a big update to its PlayStation App for Android and iOS. The update introduces a completely revamped UI, voice chat support, native PlayStation Store integration, and what Sony claims is a much more refined experience. The redesigned PlayStation App is rolling out globally and is available for Android 6.0 and later. Here are the key changes in today’s update: The PlayStation App features an updated user interface, including a refreshed home screen that allows users to see what their
  5. Microsoft Remote Desktop app for iOS gets updated with fixes and improvements Microsoft has released a new update for its Remote Desktop app for iOS users. The new update fixes multiple bugs and brings general improvements to the app. Furthermore, the update also addresses some of the compatibility issues with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 as well as brings some minor UI improvements. Here is the full changelog for the update: In this version we addressed some compatibility issues with iOS/iPadOS 14. In addition, we made the following fixes and
  6. Apple releases iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1 with 10-bit HDR support Today, Apple released iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1, its latest minor updates. The updates come in preparation of Friday's launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which are set to ship with the new versions. Some of what's included have to do with iPhone 12 features. For example, the updates include support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing. This is necessary because one of the big iPhone 12 features is not only the ability to record video in Dolby Vision HDR, but to edit it as
  7. This app lets you do custom iOS icons without the Shortcuts app A seamless iOS icon option, without any extra steps iPhone icon customization is booming, thanks to new features in iOS 14, but there’s still some big catches. The workaround for a bespoke iPhone homescreen requires routing through Apple’s Shortcuts app every time you want to open an app, and the process of customizing all your apps one-by-one is a time-consuming and frustrating task. But Launch Center Pro — a popular tool for cust
  8. Reeder is one of the most popular RSS readers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and this week it’s gotten a handful of new features. Reeder 5 is now available as a new purchase with support for home screen widgets, new feed syncing features, and more. For iOS 14 users, Reeder 5 includes support for home screen widgets. These widgets allow you to view the most recent articles on your home screen, and you can configure the widgets to show only items from certain feeds, folders, searches, or tags. Reeder 5 also includes a new built-in feeds service to keep thi
  9. Microsoft last month officially added a key feature to Game Pass, its Netflix-style subscription library of Xbox games: The ability to stream many of the included games to any Android smartphone or tablet. Notably, Apple's iPhone and iPad were absent from the launch. Apple has said it doesn't allow apps for streaming services such as Game Pass or Google's Stadia because it's unable to review each game on the platform. "We absolutely will end up on iOS with Game Pass," Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer told employees. The company is targeting 2021 for the potential release of a "di
  10. Chrome 86 beefs up password security on Android and iOS Once again, Google is highlighting the plethora of improvements it is making to the Chrome browser. The update mainly deals with beefing up password security on mobile versions of Chrome, as it makes a number of security-focused additions and other usability tweaks. Google will check whether users' passwords have been compromised, and that is found to be the case, the firm will take users directly to the appropriate "Change Password" form. The feature is presently available to Android and iOS users. Th
  11. Spotify will now let you search using lyrics so you can find that one song stuck in your head Another way to search for songs Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge For those times when you’re constantly singing a line of a song but just can’t remember what song those lyrics came from, Spotify can now help you with that. You can now search for songs by their lyrics on iOS and Android (via 9to5Mac). The feature looks to be pretty straightforward — type in some lyrics into Spotify’s s
  12. Here are the new emojis coming in iOS 14.2 In January this year, the Unicode Consortium announced a bunch of new emoji characters that are coming this year, and they're right on schedule. With Apple releasing the second developer beta of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 today. the whole set is unveiled. Naturally, these are specific to Apple's platforms, as each company can design its emoji characters however it wants. One thing that's new in Emoji 13.0 is the reclassification of a number of characters as gender-neutral. That means that you can have a woman wearing
  13. Google brings dark theme support for Docs, Sheets, and Slides on iOS Google today announced that dark theme is rolling out to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on iOS. Today's release comes two months after dark mode arrived on those apps on Android. Like its Android counterpart, the feature will automatically respect the iOS settings. However, if you prefer not to enable it, you can disable dark mode by heading over to the menu settings and then choosing the theme section. The new look is available to all G Suite users with either
  14. Google Meet’s noise cancelation feature is rolling out on iOS and Android It’s been available on the web since June Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Google is rolling out its impressive noise cancelation in Google Meet to Android and iOS, but unfortunately, it won’t be available to everybody — you have to be a G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customer to take advantage of the handy feature, Google says. Google rolled this out first for the web in June. The
  15. Apple releases iOS 14.0.1 with default app setting fix If this was a normal year, we'd all have been downloading iOS 14 yesterday, and waiting to pick up our iPhone 12 devices tomorrow. But it's not a normal year, the iPhone 12 is delayed from its normal timeframe, and Apple didn't have to tie iOS 14 to its release, so it actually released the OS last week. Now, the first bug fix updates are rolling out in the form of iOS 14.0.1, iPadOS 14.0.1, watchOS 7.0.1, tvOS 14.0.1, and macOS 10.15.7 Catalina. The iOS and iPadOS updates do fix a key issue. i
  16. A tip from a kid helps detect iOS and Android scam apps’ 2.4 million downloads Smartphone apps raked in ~$500,000, in part thanks to shilling on TikTok and Instagram. Enlarge Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images 45 with 37 posters participating Researchers said that a tip from a child led them to discover aggressive adware and exorbitant prices lurking in iOS and Android smartphone apps with a combined 2.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Posing as apps for en
  17. iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7 are coming soon, but you may be getting it early Starting September 16...though some users can update now (Image credit: Apple) It’s been a busy day for Apple, as the company has just announced the Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad 2020, iPad Air 4, and more, and in among that flurry of announcements it also confirmed that iOS 14 is landing tomorrow (September 16). That’s not all, you’ll also be able to grab iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 from then, so even if you’re not planning on p
  18. Hope that free lunch was delicious WHEN JANET JACKSON and Luther Vandross sang that "the best things in life are free", they probably didn't have VPN apps in mind, given the year was 1992 and the song was recorded for a 5.5-rated crime comedy caper. Just as well, because if you currently do get your VPN fix free of charge, it's worth considering what the payoff might involve. As the old adage says: if you're not paying for the product, you are the product. According to a new investigation from Metric Labs - the company behind Top10VPN - the majority of the t
  19. Changes across Apple's products mostly fall into two categories: TV, or bug fixes. Enlarge / Apple announced some of these features at its services-and-TV-focused event on March 25. Ron Amadeo Today, Apple began rolling out new versions of its iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS operating systems for iPhones and iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs, respectively. The updates are largely focused on the video services that Apple announced at its March 25 event—namely, a revamped Apple TV app, Apple TV Channels
  20. Dr. Mario World by Nintendo for Android: first look Dr. Mario World is Nintendo's latest mobile game. The game is now available for Android and iOS devices, and gamers from all over the world can download and install the game on their mobile devices. Dr. Mario World is a free to play game with in-app purchases. The game is a mobile remake of Dr. Mario, a game released in 1990 by Nintendo for various systems including the Game Boy, NES and SNES. First, the basics. You can download Dr. Mario World from Google Play and install it on the device. The game
  21. It redesigned the 'sick' poker game for the App Store's anniversary. In a surprise move, Apple has revived its Texas Hold’em game for iOS today. The update to the original game comes in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the App Store and has been redesigned to include new characters, improved graphics, more challenging gameplay, and much more. Apple highlighted the Texas Hold’em history and noted some of the updates to the refreshed version in the app listing (still the original listing with reviews from years ago!). Apple’s Te
  22. Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS Many privacy/security conscious users, including myself, prefer to use KeePass. After all a free, actively supported, open-source application, that stores your logins in an encrypted database on your local storage is hard to beat. Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS which I personally prefer to use . iOS used to have a ton of great KeePass clients, but a lot of them have been abandoned for over 2 years. A new app called KeePassium
  23. Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability it had already fixed, making current versions of iOS vulnerable to hackers. Apple has mistakenly made it a bit easier to hack iPhone users who are on the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS by unpatching a vulnerability it had already fixed. Hackers quickly jumped on this over the weekend, and publicly released a jailbreak for current, up-to-date iPhones—the first free public jailbreak for a fully updated iPhone that's been released in years. Security researchers found this weekend that iOS 12.4, th
  24. Authenticator is an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS When it comes to iOS, open-source apps are something of a rarity but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you're looking for an alternative for Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, or Authy, you may want to give Authenticator a chance. Authenticator for iOS Why? Do you really want to hand over the two-factor authentication process to these big companies or proprietary software? This is a TOTP (time-based one-time passwo
  25. How to set up a VPN in iOS manually Earlier we told you how to configure custom DNS and Apple Safari in iOS. Continuing with our security focused tutorials, we are going to teach you how to set up a VPN in iOS manually. Normally, when you buy a VPN subscription, you will use the app provided by the service. These VPN apps are designed for simplicity, and employ a login-and-use method. While that is the easiest way to get a VPN working on your device, it isn't the only way. Depending on the app in question, it may also not be the best way if you experi
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