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  1. Pixel 5 sees dramatically improved GPU performance after April patch It's not an amazing improvement; the Pixel 5 GPU was just really bad to begin with. Enlarge / Our Pixel 5 came in this funky green version. Ron Amadeo Nearly six months after the release of the Pixel 5, Google has revamped the way the GPU works, bringing the phone up to the level you'd expect from a Snapdragon 765G phone. The April 2021 security update for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) came with a note saying that it includes "performance opti
  2. AMD announces $479 Radeon RX 6700 XT, says it will have ‘significantly more GPUs available’ ‘We know it’s crazy out there, we’re doing everything we can’ AMD has heard you loud and clear: you can’t buy its excellent RX 6800 and 6800 XT graphics cards at anything close to their retail prices. Today, the company’s announcing a new GPU that might (but probably won’t?) change that: the Radeon RX 6700 XT. “With the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT launch, we are on track to have significantly more GPUs available for sale at laun
  3. Intel’s new desktop GPUs won’t work in AMD systems Intel’s first desktop GPUs in 20 years need a special BIOS Intel launched its first Iris Xe desktop graphics cards yesterday, but you won’t see them appearing in AMD-powered systems. While Nvidia and AMD’s desktop GPUs typically work across a variety of Intel and AMD processors, Intel’s new desktop GPUs are a little more limited for now. “The Iris Xe discrete add-in card will be paired with 9th gen (Coffee Lake-S) and 10th gen (Comet Lake-S) Intel
  4. Intel's Iris Xe discrete desktop graphics card is finally here Today is a historic day for PC as Intel, after failing to do so in the past, has finally launched its first discrete GPU based on Iris Xe architecture. The company announced its plans for DG1 (short for Discrete Graphics 1) last year at CES 2020 where we were teased with an early variant of the GPU running Destiny 2. Since then, we have seen the performance of Intel's Xe-LP in Tiger Lake laptops. For example, the Dell XPS 13 9310 that we reviewed has the Intel Core i7-1165G7 with integrated 96 Iris Xe Execution U
  5. AMD could have a cunning plan to cut the cost of its future graphics cards Or at least ensure that they don’t become even more expensive... (Image credit: Future) AMD’s graphics cards could be very different in the future, switching to use a multi-chip module (MCM) design, at least according to a freshly spotted patent. Notebookcheck.net highlighted the discovery of the patent by hardware leaker @davideneco25320 on Twitter, and it’s an interesting read for sure, providing a potential glimpse of how AMD is set to shift it
  6. Nvidia's next-gen GPUs may honor British mathematician Ada Lovelace Lady Lovelace might be the next Nvidia GPU namesake (Image credit: Nvidia) Nvidia might be delaying its latest multi-chip GPU, codenamed Hopper, to bring a new single-chip GPU architecture series to market first that will apparently honor the pioneering British mathematician Ada King, Lady of Lovelace, who is credited as writing the world first computer program in 1843. Codenamed Lovelace, the forthcoming GPU architecture will feature Nvidia's latest 5nm
  7. Intel begins shipping its Xe-based Server GPU Today, Intel announced that it's now shipping its first discrete graphics card aimed at data centers, which it's simply calling the Intel Server GPU. If you've been following along, Intel gave us a thorough look at its plans for the Intel Xe graphics architecture back in August, and it included a server GPU based on it. More specifically, the Intel Server GPU is based on the Xe-LP (low power) microarchitecture, which is the same one used in the integrated graphics in 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor
  8. Intel’s high-end gaming GPU sparks into life, and it’s rumored to challenge Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Take that RTX 3070 speculation with a hefty dose of condiments, though (Image credit: Shutterstock.com / Alexander Tolstykh) Intel has flipped the switch and officially powered on its high-end discrete Xe graphics card known as DG2. The news came from CEO Bob Swan in an Intel earnings call following its latest financial results, as reported by Seeking Alpha: “Our first discrete GPU DG1 is shipping now and will be in systems for
  9. Intel looking to tackle Ryzen 3 with cheaper, GPU-less chips? With the launch of AMD's hotly-anticipated Ryzen 3rd Generation processors just around the corner – the new CPUs are expected to be officially unveiled this Wednesday, January 9 at AMD's CES 2019 conference – Intel has today used its CES event to finally announce it's adding six more 9th-gen Core processors, ranging from Core i3 to Core i9, set to release soon. The new processors join the company's three existing 'flagship' 9th-generation desktop chips, which launched in October last year – the Core i5-9600K, i7
  10. The AchieVer

    AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

    Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo) Usually, the biggest announcements at CES are over with by the end of the first day, but during its second-day keynote AMD CEO Lisa Su announced a new GPU, the AMD Radeon VII. According to Su, it is the very first 7nm graphics card available to consumers. While Nvidia is leaning on the eye candy of ray tracing, AMD is banking on the hype of a GPU with a smaller die process. The last generation Vega GPU was based on a 14nm process. This is half that size. A smaller die almost always means an increase in performance—usually while maintaing the same power
  11. AMD has sold more GPUs than Nvidia, according to this analyst report Team Green is falling behind, though not by much (Image credit: Future) Team red is on fire. It seems like AMD’s winning streak won’t likely end anytime soon. After leaked figures from Mindfactory revealed that AMD’s Ryzen CPU sales are destroying that of Intel’s, the latest report from Jon Peddie Research is now showing that the Santa Clara company is winning in the GPU market as well. According JPS’s Market Watch Q4 2019 report, AMD saw a 22.6% increa
  12. Intel Xe DG1 graphics card 3DMark leak again suggests AMD and Nvidia won’t be troubled But at least this rumor is more promising than the last leak we saw for DG1 (Image credit: Shutterstock) Intel’s Xe DG1 graphics card has been spotted in a 3DMark benchmark, or at least the rumor mill believes that result is for Intel’s first crack at a discrete GPU. As ever, we shouldn’t read too much into this given that it is just speculation that this is DG1, although the source is a reliable one, the ever-present TUM_APISAK. But e
  13. Best cheap graphics cards 2020: the top graphics cards on a budget Get the best cheap graphics cards for your dollar (Image credit: Future) Ah, the graphics card. Whether you're a dedicated esports enthusiast or a creative working with ultrahigh definition visuals, the graphics card is possibly the most important component in your computer. Unfortunately, it's also priced as such, making the search for the best cheap graphics card a difficult one. Still, there are options out there for those without a whole lot of money
  14. AMD just revealed its Big Navi graphics card design on Fortnite of all things Welcome to 2020, folks (Image credit: AMD) We're a little more than a month out from the reveal of AMD Big Navi graphics cards, but Team Red has just graced us with the first look at its upcoming Radeon RX 6000 Series. AMD Radeon took to Twitter late Monday afternoon, revealing what looks to be an absolute monster of a graphics card, along with a brand-new cooler design. And AMD fans can even get a closer look at the card on Fortnite of all th
  15. Wait for AMD to make its Big Navi move before you buy the Nvidia RTX 3080 Wait for both sides to shoot their shot (Image credit: Nvidia) Earlier this week, Nvidia unveiled its Ampere GeForce cards, led by the RTX 3080 and accompanied by the Titan replacement RTX 3090 and the RTX 3070. All three of these graphics cards are bringing major generational improvements over the 2018 Turing lineup, without another price increase like we saw last time around.
  16. Apple's iMac 2021 may see a big change when it comes to graphics Report claims Apple will ditch AMD in favor of in-house GPU (Image credit: Future) The Apple iMac 2021 may ditch low-end AMD GPUs in favor of an in-house graphics card, according to a new report from Chinese publication Commercial Times. If true, it means that AMD's tech will be replaced by an Apple custom-designed GPU solution, at least partially, mirroring what we saw when Apple dropped Intel CPUs in favor of its own Apple Silicon. The report claims that
  17. Deep learning and its applications have grown in recent years. Recently, researchers from ETH Zurich used the technique to study dark matter in an industry first. Now, a team working with the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine have trained a convolutional neural network dubbed "PatchFCN" that detects brain hemorrhages with remarkable accuracy. In a paper titled "Expert-level detection of acute intracranial hemorrhage on head computed tomography using deep learning", the team claims that:
  18. Nvidia’s next Tesla GPUs could be 75% faster – good news for future GeForce cards Big Red 200 supercomputer upgrade hints at equally big things for consumer GPUs (Image credit: TechRadar) Big Red 200, a new supercomputer at Indiana University, is now up and running, and later this year will be upgraded to make use of Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs, which will potentially be up to 75% faster than current Tesla graphics solutions. This is according
  19. Today, at the 5G Mobile World Conference, Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang, announced Nvidia Jarvis, a multi-modal AI software development kit, that combines speech, vision, and other sensors in one AI system. Here's a YouTube video of the presentation: As stated before, Jarvis is the company's attempt to process multiple inputs from different sensors simultaneously. The wisdom behind this approach is that it will help build context for accurately predicting and generating responses in conversation-based AI applications. To prefac
  20. AMD launches Radeon Pro W5700, the first 7nm GPU for workstations Today, in addition to launching the Athlon 3000G processor, AMD has announced the world's first 7nm GPU for workstations, the Radeon Pro W5700. This new GPU is the first in the Radeon Pro W5000 series, and it's based on the company's new RDNA architecture, which promises up to 25% more performance per clock compared to the previous GCN architecture. The Radeon Pro W5700 also promises up to 41% more performance per watt compared to the GCN-based Radeon Pro WX 8200. It also claims to be 18% more
  21. Over the weekend, Nvidia announced that it has trained an AI – which you can test out yourself – to put the expression of one animal realistically onto the face of another. With Nvidia's new GANimal app, you can put the smile of your pooch onto the face of a lion, tiger, or bear. In fact, this app can recreate the expression of any animal on the face of any other creature. To accomplish this, the technology company trained an AI using generative adversarial networks, "an emerging AI technique that pits one neural network against another". The network can t
  22. AMD confirms ‘Nvidia killer’ graphics card will be out in 2020 Big Navi could show up sooner rather than later this year (Image credit: AMD) AMD’s chief executive has confirmed that a high-end Navi graphics card will be released this year. In a video interview entitled ‘The Bring Up’ posted on YouTube by AMD (see below), Lisa Su noted that people were wondering about Big Navi – said high-end GPU, which has previously been referred to as the ‘Nvidia killer’ in terms of how it will take on the top-end RTX cards.
  23. Leak shows Intel's DG1 Xe discrete GPU dev kits may be ready to be sampled soon At CES 2020, a couple of days ago, Intel demoed its upcoming 10nm+ Tiger Lake CPUs and also teased its Xe DG1 discrete graphics running Destiny 2. With the chip up and running, Intel appears ready to ship development kits of its Xe GPU according to this leaked press deck. The company appears to have named the kit a 'Software Development Vehicle' (SDV) and these will be sampling to independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide. The design of the SDV is aesthetically
  24. Windows 10 20H1 will allow users to monitor GPU temperature with ease After the release of Windows 10 November Update last month, Microsoft went back to work on 20H1 which is scheduled to release in the spring of 2020. Since Microsoft made it clear that November update would be an incremental update, Windows 10 users have high hopes from 20H1 as it’s slated to bring a plethora of new features. While we expect to see some major feature additions to the OS, Microsoft is also working on small but important changes. One of those is the ability to monitor GPU temperatur
  25. Starts early as it comes in 2020 Intel has now officially started to tease its upcoming dedicated GPU, codename Arctic Sound, which is now confirmed for 2020. The teaser does not come as a surprise considering that Chris Hook, an ex-AMD marketing veteran, is now at Intel, pushing its marketing machinery into motion. The video teaser is also the first piece of information published on the new Intel Graphics Twitter account, and we suspect that it won't be the last. In a response to Charlie Demerjian, Editor-in-Chief of the Semiaccurate.com si
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