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Found 22 results

  1. Someone made an unofficial Google Assistant app for Windows 10 Google has a Google Assistant app for Android, iOS and Chrome OS, but nothing for Windows 10. This is a gap developer Melvin Abraham decided to plug, with his release of the Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client for Windows 10. The app is open-source and available on GitHub, but unfortunately despite appearing pretty slick, is not quite ready for prime time yet. Specifically, it takes about 30 steps to install the client, including registering for a Google Cloud accou
  2. Google Assistant can now be used to schedule your smart lights Use the smart assistant’s ‘scheduled action’ feature, but be aware there are a few quirks Google Assistant now lets users schedule lights and other devices to turn on and off at specific times with its “scheduled actions” feature, according to Android Police, which cites Google Assistant developer documentation. Google Assistant has worked with Hue and other smart lights for some time, to turn them on and off and to set alarms, but n
  3. Fix for Google Assistant's connection issues with Android Auto now rolling out Google is finally rolling out a fix for an issue pertaining to the Google Assistant in Android Auto, specifically faced by users on Android 10. The update to the Google app fixes a bug where the assistant would cite connection issues when tasked with sending messages via voice using Android Auto. The issue was first reported back in January on Android Auto’s support forums by a user running Android 10 (OneUI 2) on a Galaxy Note9. However, the issue was upvoted by more t
  4. NEW GOOGLE ASSISTANT FEATURE TURNS THE ENTIRE INTERNET INTO YOUR PERSONAL AUDIO BOOK The ability to read any web page aloud At its most basic, this new feature does exactly what you expect. It allows the Google Assistant to simply read web pages aloud to you in a natural-sounding voice with a nice cadence. Pauses for commas and periods are dictated the way you’d expect and the decidedly-digital voice sounds very natural. The Assistant reads off the title, the author, and then begins to read through the entire article, highlighting each word spoken along the
  5. If you've fallen and you can't get up, your smart assistant is probably not the best way to ask for help. A new study from the University of Alberta, published Tuesday in the medical journal The BMJ, tested smart assistants Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant on their ability to respond helpfully to first aid questions. While Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa way outperformed Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, the results as a whole were underwhelming. The researchers asked all of the smart assistants 123 questions on 39 first aid topics such as
  6. Google Assistant is getting a bunch of new features in 2020 A more helpful Assistant (Image credit: Shutterstock) For the last couple of years, Google has been using CES as a platform to announce new Assistant features and this year was no different. With no new hardware to show off the focus was instead on Google Assistant, with the list of new features coming this year looking quite impressive. Since its debut in 2016, Google Assistant has built a pretty good repertoire of uses – it's no longer just a voice assistant t
  7. Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today Google announced Interpreter Mode earlier this year, rolling it out to Google Home and Assistant-powered Smart Displays some time later. As suggested by the name, Interpreter Mode permits users to communicate back and forth when they're abroad and do not know the local language. Now the company has announced that it is rolling out this feature today to "Assistant-enabled Android and iOS phones worldwide." To enable this feature, users need to say “Hey Google, be my German transla
  8. Finally — Google Assistant gets a big note-taking revamp, with support for several apps You can create and add to shopping lists in Google Keep, Any.do, AnyList, and Bring. Enlarge / The Google Assistant and Google Keep, now back together. Shopping list creation can be a very handy feature to have in a voice assistant. As you pull the jug of milk out of the fridge and realize it's a little light, just give a quick "Hey Google, add milk to my shopping list," and the little voice box on the kitchen counter will dutifully jot down that
  9. The movie theater app works fine too — Google Assistant can now navigate websites, book movie tickets The Assistant can automatically fill in your information, mash “next” buttons. Enlarge / After you press the "buy tickets" button, the Google Assistant takes over. Google 25 with 24 posters participating Google is constantly teaching the Google Assistant new tricks, and this week, the assistant is learning how to navigate websit
  10. Google is testing radically revamped Assistant Updates feed Google is now testing a drastically dissimilar design for Google Assistant "Updates" which sorts information in a chronological manner. The redesign is significantly different because until now, cards were being organized by topics such as "Keep track of things" and "Coming up for you". The new update currently seems to be limited A/B testing since this update has not yet rolled out on most devices. A Brazilian user reported the new user interface when he opened Google Assistant. The redesign arranges cards
  11. The new Google Assistant doesn't support button navigation, to the dismay of users Hey Google, what gives? (Image credit: Shutterstock) The new Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL brought with them a new and improved version of Google Assistant. The updated app includes some welcome additions, such as a smarter, pared-down look and improved voice recognition, but not every change has been warmly received. Google has also decided to abandon the three-button interface from previous versions of Assistant an
  12. Today at its Google hardware event, Google introduced new mesh routers called Nest Wifi. This is a successor tot he Google Wifi product it introduced a couple of years ago, but with a number of improvements. The new Nest Wifi consists of two types of devices, one a router that plugs into your modem, and one ‘point’ amplifies the signal and extends the network, and it’s more powerful so you only need these two things. It’s available to pre-order, and will ship on November 4. It comes in a 2-pack or a 3-pack variant, for $249 or $349 respectively, and will be available i
  13. "OK Google, turn on the Xbox." Google Assistant now works with the Xbox One. Xbox users could already control their console with Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's own Cortana, now they can also use Google Assistant. In respective blog posts, the two tech giants announced that they're beginning a beta of the new functionality Thursday. The integration is similar to what has been offered with other voice assistants, allowing you to turn the Xbox on or off, open apps or games on the console, take screenshots, record game clips, control play/pause and adjus
  14. It has also added new safeguards against inadvertent voice collection. Google has announced that it will do more to protect user privacy for its Google Assistant and confirmed that it doesn't save voice recordings by default. The news comes after revelations that a Google contractor was leaking private user audio recordings meant to improve its translation service. "It's clear that we fell short of our high standards in making it easy for you to understand how your data is used, and we apologize," wrote the company wrote in a blog post.
  15. In India, you don’t need a Google phone to have a Google Assistant A new toll-free Google Assistant service in India can be accessed from any phone. Enlarge / Google Assistant isn't just for smartphones anymore—at least, not in India. McKay Savage / Flickr India is an enormous developing market for international companies like Google—who list Hindi as the second most-used Google Assistant language, after English—but many of those potential Indian customers don't have smartphones and may frequently be in areas with little or
  16. You're not the voice, try and understand it It'll do till the robo-slaves are ready SINCE I joined INQ, nearly seven years ago (can that be right?), one of my favourite areas has been the emergence of the "smart home", a realm previously the reserve of people with surnames like "Beckham" or "Blofeld". I've been doing a bit of an inventory of my smart home, which started with a couple of Z Wave sockets in 2014 and realised something. I, like a great many people, have been sucked into a complete bastardisation of what a smart home is. Because
  17. How to disable OK Google and Google Assistant on Android devices Many Android devices come with Google applications and services, even if the device is not a device created by Google itself but by another company. Google Assistant is available as a standalone application as well which Android users may install to integrate it on their device. Two of the features that you may find on your Android device are OK Google and Google Assistant. OK Google is a tool that is activated by voice to run searches or certain actions. Google Assistant ties into that but can also be co
  18. Google ordered to halt human review of voice AI recordings over privacy risks A German privacy watchdog has ordered Google to cease manual reviews of audio snippets generated by its voice AI. This follows a leak last month of scores of audio snippets from the Google Assistant service. A contractor working as a Dutch language reviewer handed more than 1,000 recordings to the Belgian news site VRT which was then able to identify some of the people in the clips. It reported being able to hear people’s addresses, discussion of
  19. Lenovo Smart Clock review: A small smart display that doesn’t display much $89 gets you the most affordable (and limited) Google Assistant display available. Enlarge Valentina Palladino Google, Amazon, Facebook, and the like want to convince you that you need a smart display. But as we've explored in previous reviews, most smart displays are luxury versions of their screen-less counterparts. Everything that you can do with an Amazon Echo or a Google Home can be done with a comparable smart display, but the latter can show yo
  20. Google brings Assistant's "continued conversation" feature to smart displays The feature lets users engage in a conversation with the voice-activated assistant without prefacing each statement with "Hey Google." Google on Friday announced that it's bringing Google Assistant's "continued conversation" feature to all smart displays, including the Google Home Hub and other devices like the Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View and the LG
  21. Google this week debuted a slew of new capabilities for its artificial intelligence software, Google Assistant, at CES in Las Vegas. One of the headliners was a preview of Google Assistant Connect. The new platform lets device manufacturers incorporate Google Assistant into their products easily and cost-effectively. Connect uses Google's existing smart home platform to expand to new device types, while making device setup and discovery easy for consumers. A manufacturer could create a continuous e-ink display projecting weather or calendar information, for example, while using
  22. Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge As CES kicks off, Google has a massive presence: monorails, a booth that’s three times larger than last year, and likely a giant pile of news to announce. But ahead of all the actual product news, the company wants to beat its chest a little by announcing some numbers. By the end of the month, it expects that Google Assistant will be on 1 billion devices — up from 500 million this past May. That’s 900 million more than the number Amazon just gave us for Alexa. But just like Amazon, Google’s number comes with caveats. In an interview with The Verge,
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