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  1. Firefox 85 on Android will allow extension installs from AMO Mozilla has announced that Firefox users on Android will be able to install browser extensions directly from addons.mozilla.org (AMO) starting with Firefox 85 which is due for release on January 25. The company said that allowing users to install extensions directly from AMO will help smooth out the installation process of add-ons. Until now, Firefox users on Android could only install add-ons that had been vetted directly from the browser’s Add-ons Manager; the firm will likely keep thi
  2. Firefox to support the printing of multiple pages per sheet Mozilla's Firefox web browser will soon support the printing of multiple pages per sheet. The new functionality is available in Firefox Nightly, the development edition of the Firefox web browser, already and will land in Firefox Stable eventually. The next print related feature to land in Firefox Stable is non contiguous printing support, which will be available in Firefox 85. The new version of the browser will be released next week to the public. The Nightly version highlights the improvement tha
  3. Firefox 85 remembers the last used bookmarks folder and gets other bookmarking improvements Firefox 85 Stable will be released next week, and the browser includes a number of new features and improvements. We looked at the browser's new network partitioning feature, support for importing passwords from KeePass and Bitwarden, non contiguous printing support, and improved Home and New Tab Page controls already. Bookmarking is another area with improvements. When you bookmark pages in Firefox currently, you will have them saved into the Other Bookmarks folder by default wi
  4. easyGestures N is a user-friendly, mouse gesture navigation extension for Firefox Gesturefy and FoxyGestures are incredible add-ons which allow you to control your browser with the mouse. The gestures do take some time to get used to; if you want something simpler, you can't go wrong with easyGestures N. It is fork of an old add-on called Easy Gestures, with a similar interface. But the features are quite different in the new extension. EasyGestures N requires three permissions by default, and the official page on
  5. Firefox 85 supports the import of KeePass and Bitwarden passwords The next stable version of the Firefox web browser supports the import of passwords from the password managers KeePass and Bitwarden, and password managers that use the same format. Current stable versions of the Firefox web browser support two password related import and export options by default. Firefox users may import passwords from supported web browsers -- Microsoft Edge classic and Chromium-based, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Chromium -- and export logins to an unprotected CSV file.
  6. Mozilla to disable backspace key in Firefox to stop data loss Google and Microsoft both disabled the Backspace key in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers that allows users to go back to a previous web page when pressed by citing data loss. Mozilla has now joined them, the company has disabled the Backspace and Shift+ Backspace keyboard shortcuts for forward/backward page navigations in Firefox 86. Pressing this key does nothing in this version. Firefox still allows to make the shortcut work via a hidden pref and you can also use another shortcut Alt+ Left arrow (command
  7. Google Images Restored restores the classic Google Images web interface Google Images Restored is an extension for Chromium-based and Firefox-based web browsers that restores the classic Google Images web interface and its functionality. Google started to tinker with the interface on Google Images in 2018 when it removed the "view image" button from the site. The feature allowed users to view the selected image in a new tab in the browser. Workarounds were discovered, but many users still missed the simplicity of the button. Search engines such as Startpage continue to
  8. Firefox 86: AVIF support enabled by default Mozilla plans to enable support for the AVIF format in Firefox 86 Stable so that AVIF image files will be displayed just like any other supported image format in the web browser. Mozilla introduced support for the AVIF file format back in May 2020 when it added support for an initial version to Firefox Nightly, the development version of the Firefox web browser. Firefox Nightly users had to enable the feature manually at the time to get it supported in the Firefox browser. The AVIF image format, also kn
  9. Quick Commands is a Firefox extension that works like Vivaldi's shortcuts Vivaldi users may be familiar with a feature called Quick Commands. These are keyboard shortcuts which allow you to do various things quickly like switching tabs, finding a specific tab, do an online search, and more. If you want a similar set of controls in Firefox, you can get it with the help of the Quick Commands extension. The name alone should tell you that the add-on is inspired by Vivaldi's built-in option. Here's how to use it. Install the add-on and press the hotkey
  10. Mozilla working on native Firefox translation feature Mozilla is working on integrating a native translation feature in the organization's Firefox web browser that does not rely on cloud services. One of the advantages that the Chrome browser has over Firefox is that it comes with integrated translate functionality. Mozilla did work on translation features in Firefox and integrated several services, including Yandex Translate and Google Translate in Firefox. The functionality is not enabled by default; one of the main reasons for that is that Mozilla
  11. Save webpages as an EPUB file with the Save as eBook extension for Firefox and Chrome Add-ons like SingleFile, Save Page WE and tools like wkhtmltopdf are handy when you want to save a web page for offline reading. You can of course use Microsoft's PDF Printer option to download pages as ebooks. Save as eBook works similarly, it is a Firefox and Chrome extension that can save web pages in the EPUB format. You could use it to save a Wikipedia page for reference, or tutorials, recipes, reference pages, etc. Let's see how it works. Visit a page tha
  12. Firefox 85 gets option to control Home and New Tab page extensions When you install extensions in Firefox currently that change the layout of the New Tab page or Home, you will notice that the layout of the last installed extension is picked automatically by Firefox. Most users won't install two extensions dedicated to changing the New Tab page or Home, but it may happen that users want to install one that is dedicated to the task, and another that is providing different functionality but also an option to replace the New Tab page and Home design.
  13. Mozilla is working on a Firefox design refresh Mozilla is working on a design refresh for the organization's Firefox web browser that it refers to as Photon internally. The last major design refresh of Firefox was unveiled in Firefox 57 in November 2017; it was known as Proton back then. Mozilla did change several interface elements after the release of Firefox 57, recently the controversial address bar overhaul that it launched in Firefox 75 Stable. Information about the design refresh is limited at this point in time. Mozilla created a meta bug on Bugzilla
  14. Manage your web shortcuts from a dual-pane interface with the Bookmarks Commander extension for Firefox and Chrome If you're a regular reader, you may know I'm a fan of dual-pane file managers. They're very convenient when you want to multitask or organize your folders and files. Well, if you have ever wanted to manage your browser bookmarks like that, your wish has been granted. Bookmarks Commander is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that has a dual-pane interface. The developer's page indicates that the addon was inspired by Norton Commander and Total
  15. How to use Firefox's Browsing History effectively The Firefox web browser keeps track of visited sites locally just like any other browser. The main idea behind the recording of visited sites is to provide users with suggestions based on past visits when they type in the address bar and also as an option to find previously visited sites to reopen them using the Library. Accessing the browsing history is not really that straightforward, as you first need to know that it is found under Library in Firefox. Select Menu > Library > History to display it in the menu. W
  16. Firefox 85 will improve privacy with network partitioning feature Next month's stable release of Firefox 85 will include the anti-tracking feature networking partitioning to improve user privacy on the Internet. While Firefox is not the first web browser to support network partitioning, that honor goes to Apple and the company's Safari web browser, it is a major improvement as it eliminates tracking techniques that rely on shared cache functionality. Most Internet users are aware of cookies by now and how they may be used to track users across sites. Less known is that
  17. Save the title and URL of your tabs in different formats with the CopyTabTitleUrl extension for Firefox and Chrome Maybe you want to save your session, or send the links to a friend, or share a page on social networks. Copying and pasting a link is ok if the service has web previews to display what the URL is for. But if it doesn't support it, you may want to share some information about the page. Including the title of the page should give the recipient an idea what the link is about. But then, you will need to copy 2 things. This isn't a prob
  18. Firefox 84.0.1 update fixes crashes and other issues Mozilla plans to release a minor update for the organization's Firefox web browser later today. Firefox 84.0.1 is a bug fix release that addresses crashes, performance and loading issues. The new version of Firefox is pushed via the browser's automatic updating system to all devices that have it enabled. Users may check the installed version in the browser by selecting Menu > Help > About Firefox. Doing so will run a check for updates to download available ones to the local system. Firef
  19. Print non-contiguous page ranges support added to Firefox 85 Mozilla plans to introduce support for printing non-contiguous pages in Firefox 85 Stable. Firefox versions prior to version 85 support the printing of webpages just like any other web browser, but the printing is limited to contiguous page ranges such as pages 1 to 15, or pages 4 to 6. A Firefox user wanting to print several different page ranges, say pages 1 to 3, and pages 6 to 12, can't configure the browser to do so in one operation; this changes in Firefox 85 with support for non-contiguous page ranges
  20. How to find out if WebRender is enabled in Firefox, and how to enable it if it is not If you have used the Firefox web browser for some time and followed its development, you may have noticed the term WebRender being used occasionally in Firefox release notes. Mozilla published a technical and detailed explanation of its WebRender plans in 2017, and it is a good start to get a basic understanding of what WebRender is and how it is designed to improve the performance of the Firefox web browser. The organization ran a WebRender study in Firefox Nightly in 2018. Web
  21. Block specific websites in Google Search and other search engines with the uBlacklist extension for Firefox and Chrome One of the biggest problems with search engines is their accuracy. Google is good for the most part, but sometimes you may find that the results are irrelevant, clickbait, and generally not what you were looking for. There are a few ways to tailor the result settings to your needs. Maybe you dislike a website for some reason, or Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter results, and you don't want these to appear on the results page. UBlacklist is a Firefox
  22. AutoPause for Firefox pauses all non-active tab audio Most web browsers do not limit media playback to the active tab. In other words, if multiple audio sources are loaded at the same time, you will get audio from all of these; this is often not desired, especially if a background site may play video ads with sounds or something similar while you try to listen to Internet radio, watch a video, or play a game with audio in the active tab. AutoPause is a brand new extension for the Firefox web browser that serves only one purpose: to pause any audio source in the browser
  23. Containers Helper improves the usability of Firefox's Containers feature Containers is probably one of the most underappreciated features of the Firefox web browser. Mozilla launched the feature as a TestPilot experiment back in 2017 before it integrated the functionality natively in the Firefox web browser and releasing the Multi-Account Containers extension. Containers offer a way to separate browsing data, and that leads to several useful applications such as the ability to sign-in to services multiple times, reducing online tracking, or clearing the content o
  24. Find the tab you're looking for instantly with the Search All Tabs extension for Firefox and Chrome Browsing sessions can quickly get cluttered, which makes it difficult to find what you're looking for. I use OneTab to clean up my current session and save the list. I then analyze it to restore important tabs. It's not the most efficient way, because of the manual effort involved, not to mention the time it takes to check the tabs. Search All Tabs Search All Tabs is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that helps you find the t
  25. To Google Translate update removes the extension's toolbar button and pop-up panel from Firefox A couple of years ago, I began using a Google Translate extension called S3 Translator. It was removed from the add-ons repository multiple times though it was restored after further reviews. I ditched it in favor of an open source extension called To Google Translate, and have been a happy user ever since. You can read my review of the add-on, if you haven't done so already. The main feature of the extension, at least for me, is the tool
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