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  1. UK’s competition watchdog still eyeing Facebook’s Giphy buy The UK’s competition regulator will make a decision on whether or not Facebook’s purchase of Giphy has a ‘realistic prospect’ of substantially lessening competition by March 25, it said today, as it continues to scrutinize the acquisition. “The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) hereby gives notice pursuant to paragraph (b) of the definition of ‘initial period’ in section 34ZA(3) of the [Enterprise] Act that it has sufficient information in relation to the completed acquisition by Facebook, Inc of Gi
  2. Facebook inexplicably logs out iPhone users It's not just you -- Facebook seemingly logged out everyone's iPhone on Friday night. NurPhoto via Getty Images Facebook isn’t down, but it did start an odd trending topic on Twitter Friday night as confused iPhone owners tried to figure out why the social network logged them out. I haven’t found an explanation for why this happened, but it appears that everyone accessing the app via an iOS app has to log back in, and many people who use SMS two-factor authentication were initially having trouble reconnecting.
  3. Facebook claims it's AI can help predict the need for better Covid-19 care A part of enhancing its own relevance? (Image credit: Shutterstock) When it comes to timing its announcements, Facebook can teach a lesson or two to its competitors. Precisely when the social media giant was in the eye of a storm over Whatsapp's new privacy guidelines, the company has come out with a prescription for the healthcare industry working overtime in Covid-19 cure. In an elaborate blog post, Facebook says that it cou
  4. WhatsApp to delay new privacy policy amid mass confusion about Facebook data sharing The new update will now go out on May 15th Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge WhatsApp on Friday announced a three-month delay of a new privacy policy originally slated to go into effect on February 8th following widespread confusion over whether the new policy would mandate data sharing with Facebook. The update does not in fact affect data sharing with Facebook with regard
  5. Facebook on Desktop redirecting to Messenger I'm using Facebook for work predominantly, e.g. to post new article links on the site to the users who follow Ghacks on Facebook. Today, I noticed that I could not access the messages anymore that other users were sending me on Facebook. A click on the messages icon on Facebook redirected automatically to the Messenger.com website. It is quite inconvenient to use that site on the desktop next to Facebook, just for reading and replying to messages. I got a sign-in prompt, but I did not really want to sign-in to the site. I closed the tab and t
  6. Facebook suspends ads for weapon accessories until at least January 22nd The company added the temporary ban to its Inauguration Day preparations Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Facebook has updated its Inauguration Day preparations to include a temporary ban on ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment at least through January 22nd “out of an abundance of caution,” the company said in a new blog post Saturday. “We already prohibit ads for weapons, ammunition and weapon enhancements like silencers. But we will now also prohibit ads
  7. How to delete your Facebook account It may be time to leave the world’s biggest social network llustration by Alex Castro / The Verge \\If you’ve finally given up on the world’s most popular social media network, it’s not too complicated to remove yourself from the service. But before you delete all of those pictures, posts, and likes, you should download your personal information from Facebook. Your Facebook archives contain just about all of the pertinent information related to your account, including your photos, active sessions, chat history, IP
  8. Facebook sues two Chrome extension devs for scraping user data Facebook filed a lawsuit today in Portugal against browser extension maker Oink and Stuff. Image: Kon Karampelas Facebook filed a lawsuit today in Portugal against two Portuguese nationals for developing browser extensions that scraped user data from Facebook sites. "When people installed these extensions on their browsers, they were installing concealed code designed to scrape their information from the Facebook website, but also information from the users' browsers unrelated to Facebook — a
  9. Turkey starts antitrust investigation into WhatsApp, Facebook Turkey’s antitrust board launched an investigation into Facebook Inc and its messaging service WhatsApp Inc over new usage terms that have sparked privacy concerns. Turkey has a history of acting against social-media platforms in ways that activists say is meant to stifle dissent(image source: Bloomberg) Turkey’s antitrust board launched an investigation into Facebook Inc and its messaging service WhatsApp Inc over new usage terms that have sparked privacy concerns. Changes to WhatsApp’
  10. WhatsApp Has Shared Your Data With Facebook for Years, Actually A pop-up notification has alerted the messaging app's users to a practice that's been in place since 2016. Your encrypted messages are still safe, but it's a rude awakening for many WhatsApp users.Photograph: Noam Galai/Getty Images Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, users have wondered and worried about how much data would flow between the two platforms. Many of them expe
  11. Comedian "Ozzy Man Reviews" kicked off the new year with an entertaining video compilation of relaxing animals. However, because he included an unlicenced 20-second clip of a chilling chinchilla, things spiraled out of control. A rightsholder of the clip asked Facebook to remove the video, demanding $10,000 from the comedian to restore it. Over the years we have reported on numerous ‘speculative invoicing’ schemes where copyright holders demand money from alleged copyright infringers. This includes hundreds of thousands of sett
  12. Facebook bug exposed identity of page admin using group doc feature The bug was reported to Facebook under its bug bounty program after which the researcher was awarded $5,000. Sometimes the greatest of threats lie in the simplest of vulnerabilities. Such is the case of a research report by researcher Shubham Bhamare which talks about a bug the author discovered on Facebook that allowed the identity of page admins to be exposed without their permission. Delving into the details, how the flaw works is that suppose someone runs a group associated with a Facebook page
  13. Nice Try, Facebook. iOS Changes Aren’t Bad for Small Businesses The social media giant would have you believe that Apple’s privacy update will hurt the little guys. But Facebook’s motives aren’t so altruistic. Photograph: Getty Images Late last week, Facebook bought full-page ads in the leading national dailies contending that Apple’s new policy, which will require apps running on iOS to allow users to opt out of tracking beginning early next
  14. Facebook and YouTube detailed their anti-piracy measures during a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property hearing yesterday. To the frustration of lawmakers, Twitter was noticeably absent. The RIAA had little positive to say about the social media platform either, accusing it of doing nothing to stop "industrial-scale" piracy on its network. At the same time, domain registrars were accused of protecting pirates. The US Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property is looking for better ways to tackle the ever-present threat of online
  15. LONDON (Reuters) - Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra has been rebranded “Diem” in a renewed effort to gain regulatory approval by stressing the project’s independence. Plans for Libra, first floated by Facebook last year, were slimmed-down in April after regulators and central banks raised concerns it could upend financial stability, erode control over monetary policy and threaten privacy. Tuesday’s name switch is part of a move to emphasise a simpler, revamped structure, Stuart Levey, CEO of the Geneva-based Diem Association behind the planned digital c
  16. (Reuters) - Facebook Inc’s independent Oversight Board announced on Tuesday the first six cases where it could overrule the social media company’s decisions to remove certain pieces of content from its platforms. The board, which Facebook created in response to criticism of its handling of problematic content, said it had received 20,000 cases since it opened its doors in October. The six chosen cases are: A screenshot of tweets by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad which said Muslims had a right to perpetrate violence against French peop
  17. The antitrust pressure against both companies may increase early next year. It’s only been a few months since the US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, but it sounds legal battles are on the horizon. According to The Wall Street Journal, both federal and state antitrust authorities will be filing new lawsuits against Google and Facebook. This would mark the first time that Facebook has been sued by the government on antitrust grounds. Google has made plenty of statements in the past de
  18. Facebook’s libra currency to launch next year in limited format Long-awaited project to arrive as soon as January, with just one dollar-backed coin. Enlarge NurPhoto | Getty Images 79 with 64 posters participating The long-awaited Facebook-led digital currency libra is preparing to launch as early as January, according to three people involved in the initiative, but in an even more limited format than its already downgraded vision. The 27-strong Libra Association said in April that it had
  19. Several major US tech companies including Facebook, Namecheap and Cloudflare, have informed the US Trade Representative that they shouldn't be listed alongside known piracy sites in the upcoming notorious markets overview. The companies stress that they have policies in place to deal with copyright infringement, adding that the notorious markets process shouldn't be used for US companies. Every year, the US Trade Representative (USTR) issues an updated review of “Notorious Markets” that facilitate copyright infringement. This overview is put
  20. LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will impose a new competition regime next year to prevent Google and Facebook using their dominance to push out smaller firms and disadvantage consumers. The code will be enforced by a dedicated unit within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which this year said it needed new laws to keep the tech giants in check. Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, accounting for around 80% of 14 billion pounds ($18.7 billion) spent in 2019, Britain’s competition regulator the CMA said. The two U.S. comp
  21. A Korean commissioned determined that the social network shared 3.3 million users' data. South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) has slapped Facebook with a 6.7 billion won (around US$6.1 million) fine for sharing user information without consent. The Korea Communications Commission kickstarted the investigation in 2018 before ultimately handing it off to the PIPC a few months ago. According to Yonhap News, the PIPC determined that the social network shared the personal information of 3.3 million South Korean users (out of a to
  22. The following is a news analysis. Once again another "fake" Facebook "fact check" that is nothing more than disinformation and propaganda. This "fact check" takes on a peer-reviewed, published scientific study about the effectiveness of masks when it comes to virus spread. The Facebook "fact checker" gave his or her opinion that the information in the study is "false." This sort of information manipulation by Facebook, Twitter, Google and other Big Tech companies is increasingly intrusive and dangerous, in my view. That means they a
  23. Activists gather outside Zuckerberg’s house to protest against misinformation Around 20 activists gathered with signs and megaphones at Mark Zuckerberg’s Mission District home Saturday morning to protest Facebook’s handling of what they call “viral misinformation” threatening democracy. The police stood across the street from the protest, as people yelled things like “Wake the Zuck up!” and “It’s the people’s hospital, not his.” It’s unclear if Zuckerberg spends any time at the house on 21st Street. Although the protest was promoted
  24. (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. on Thursday slammed Facebook Inc. and other internet giants for their ad-targeting practices in response to a letter questioning a decision by the iPhone maker to delay a new privacy feature. iPhone 12 Pro Max The Cupertino, California-based technology company criticized Facebook’s approach to advertising and user tracking, according to a written reply sent to several human rights and privacy organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Human Right
  25. Facebook filed a lawsuit on Thursday against a website owner who allegedly operated a network of Instagram clone sites using information from more than 100,000 public profiles. This complaint marks the social media giant’s latest crackdown on organizations both large and small for violating its terms of service. According to Facebook, Ensar Sahinturk, who is a Turkish national, used automation software to scrape profiles, photos, and videos from over 100,000 Instagram accounts without permission. He then reportedly published this data on his network of clone websites,
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