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  1. Get the price history of Steam games, active player stats and more with the Steamdb extension for Firefox and Chrome If you are a PC gamer, you have probably bought games from Steam. The platform offers discounts for many titles from time to time. But how do you decide if a discount is the best offer, or at least a good offer? SteamDB is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that can help you by placing some relevant information right on Steam's web pages. Original page (without SteamDB)
  2. Manage tabs and navigate pages with the mouse using Foxy Gestures extension for Firefox Many power users prefer keyboard shortcuts to get things done. Extensions like VimVixen or SurfingKeys provide many options to navigate and use Firefox using the keyboard. Mouse users have shortcut add-ons, too: remember Easy Gestures, smartUp Gestures, or FireGestures? There are similar add-ons available, such as Foxy Gestures. Once you install it, the extension places an icon on the toolbar. Clicking on it disables gestures on the current page.
  3. Save tabs for later with the Reading List extension for Firefox Oh, that article sounds interesting. But, I'll read it later. Have you ever done that? This is what I usually do when I want to save some links: I copy the URL and send it to my phone using Telegram's "Saved Messages". Or we could go old-school and paste the link in a text file that's saved in the Dropbox folder and access it later, even on the phone or other computers. You could also keep the site open in a browser tab, or save it to the browser's bookmarks. But if you
  4. Neat URL is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that removes tracking elements from links Do you pay attention to the URL before clicking on a link? If you do, you will have noticed that sometimes the link gets really long and that the URL contains random or descriptive characters. Look at this mess. https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&ei=qIBtX6qcDIX49QOJjbSoAw&q=microsoft&oq=microsoft&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQR1AAWABg6o0CaABwAXgAgAEAiAEAkgEAmAEAqgEHZ3dzLXdpes
  5. automaticDark is a Firefox extension that can switch to dark theme automatically on a schedule Firefox has a really cool native dark theme. You're probably aware of this, but in case you don't know, you can switch to it from the add-ons page: select the themes option on the side bar and click on the Dark theme. This process has to be done manually every time you want to switch between themes. Windows 10 has a night mode that can be enabled automatically, and when this option's enabled, Firefox will enable the dark theme on its own, and reverts to the
  6. Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension for organizing your tabs Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension that can help you organize your tabs. The extension was inspired by one with a similar name, Tab Groups. The extension includes five plugins (add-ons from the same developer) merged into one for a functioning Tab Group manager extension. After you install Simple Tab Groups, it opens a local web page with a screenshot to guide users how to "Enable the restore previous session" option in Firefox. That's because when you restart t
  7. Momentum adds Microsoft To Do integration to its extension Momentum is announcing today that the extension now supports Microsoft To Do in its list of app integrations. The Redmond giant’s offering now joins the likes of Trello, Todoist, Github, Google Tasks, and more. The extension currently supports Wunderlist but warns users of the impending shut down of the Microsoft-acquired to-do list app on May 6, 2020. For those not aware, Momentum is a nifty extension on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox that replaces the browser’s new tab page with an image, weather inform
  8. View tab previews, save and restore sessions with the Tabby - Window & Tab Manager extension for Firefox Navigating through browser tabs without the help of some extension or the other can be rather difficult. Forget scrolling through the tab bar, using a vertical scrollable list can be a lot faster. Tabby - Window & Tab Manager makes that possible. The extension puts a colorful three-line icon on the toolbar, clicking on it opens its interface. This pop-up window has two panes: the list on the right displays all tabs that a
  9. IndicateTLS highlights TLS security protocol version in Firefox's address bar IndicateTLS is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that highlights the security protocol that a website uses in the Firefox address bar. Additionally, it provides detailed security information about certain security features and the protocol. If you see HTTPS in the Firefox address bar you know that the connection to the site is encrypted. While that is good, it is not clear immediately which protocol version browser and site negotiated for the connection. Browse
  10. Smart RSS Reader is a feed reader extension for Firefox and Chrome Web based feed readers are kind of a pain to use. They often implement changes that you don't want, while taking away features that you like. Local readers are much better when it comes to this, because you can revert to an older version in case of adverse changes. Smart RSS Reader is a feed reader extension for Firefox and Chrome that I have been using for a week; I'm quite impressed by it so far. Install the add-on and click its toolbar icon to open a new tab with
  11. Drop Feeds is an RSS reader extension for Firefox RSS Feeds are a simple way to keep yourself updated of the latest articles from your favorite sites. Some prefer desktop programs like QuiteRSS, while others prefer a web-based service. A good browser extension can offer the best of both worlds, that's what Drop Feeds does. The extension supports RSS and Atom feeds. Once you have installed the extension, click on its button on the toolbar. Drop Feeds has a three-pane sidebar, and a reader pane taking up the rest of the space.
  12. Get RSS feed URLs from any page and preview them using the Want My RSS extension for Firefox When you are on a website, and want to see if it offers an RSS feed that you may want to subscribe to, what do you do? Usually the best way is to look for the RSS icon on the page. IF there is none, you could check the source or try common feed URLs direclty, e.g. by appending /feed/ to to the domain. https://www.ghacks.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Want-My-RSS-icon.jpg Want my RSS is a Firefox extension that aims to simplify this task. Inst
  13. Yet another speed dial is an simple, customizable new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome Yet another speed dial! No, I'm not complaining about anything. That's the name of a speed dial extension for Firefox and Chrome. The add-on is meant to replicate Opera browser's famous feature, and it does so rather nicely. Once installed, Yet another speed dial takes over the new tab. The add-on starts with a blank page, and displays some steps to help you get started. Add speed dials The easiest
  14. Behave for Chrome and Firefox warns you of port scans and local attacks Behave! is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that is designed to inform its users when sites misbehave by performing port scans or access private IP addresses. The extension may also work in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers but I have not tested that. Behave! should not be confused with the Firefox extension behind!, which we reviewed yesterday. The new extension reveals when sites scan local ports or access private IPs. We revealed in May 2020 that eBay a
  15. This Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a webpage Google has released Link to Text Fragment, a new extension, that lets users generate URLs to a specific text on a webpage, irrespective of the page's formatting. After the extension has been installed, highlight that text that you want to link to, simply right-click, and select "Copy Link to Selected Text." If the process succeeds, the selected text will briefly be highlighted in yellow. Anyone having a compatible browser can open and share this link. This extension bu
  16. Browse the web, scroll, search, manage tabs, using keyboard shortcuts with the Vim Vixen extension for Firefox Have you tried using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse whenever possible? It can make you work more efficiently, especially in browsers and text editors that support a huge number of shortcuts. Vim users may know what I'm talking about. Vim Vixen is a keybinding extension for Firefox that offers Vim-like shortcuts. It not only introduces shortcuts to several options (not present by default in Firefox), but also simplifies som
  17. SingleFileZ is a fork of the SingleFile Firefox and Chrome extension with better file compression Want to save an entire web page for offline reference? There are add-ons which can help you, such as SingleFile, or its fork SingleFileZ. All you have to do is click on the add-on's button on the toolbar to save the current web page as a single HTML file. If you're thinking this sounds similar to what the SingleFile extension does, that's because it is made by the same developer, Gildas Lormeau. SingleFileZ is a fork o
  18. nightTab is a highly customizable new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome There are lots of ways to customize the new tab experience. Some like using custom CSS or display a blank page, others rely on extensions like Group Speed Dial or Tabliss. Want something that's user-friendly, customizable, and minimalistic? The add-on nightTab might be just the thing you need. Install the extension and open a new tab to access nightTab's interface. It has a dark theme, and a bunch of pre-configured bookmark tiles, aka speed dials.
  19. YouTube Windowed FullScreen is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that plays full screen videos in windowed mode Want to watch YouTube videos in a larger view than theater mode, but don't want it take up the entire screen when you hit the full screen button? There's a way to do this. YouTube Windowed FullScreen is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that plays full screen videos in windowed mode. Full screen mode as you may know does not allow you to interact with other tabs or applications. This add-on can be useful if you want t
  20. Open a list of webpages in one go with the Bulk URL Opener extension for Firefox and Chrome We've reviewed extensions such as Copy Selected Links or Copy All Tab URLs which can save the web addresses from all your tabs with a single click. Now, how about reviewing an extension that can open a list of URLs in your browser of choice? Bulk URL Opener is an extension for Firefox and Chrome, which can do that. Install it and click on its icon that on the toolbar and, Bulk URL Opener's interface pops-up. A large pane contains a list of al
  21. Extract the URL and title from multiple tabs with the Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard extension for Firefox We have seen add-ons which can help you copy all your tabs to the clipboard, e.g. Copy All Tab URLs for Firefox. What if you wanted to only copy some links, and not all at the same time. Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard is the name of the extension you were looking for. Install the add-on, and select some tabs. Right-click on the tab bar and you'll see a new menu labeled "Copy to Clipboard". Access it to view a list of options:
  22. Tabliss is an elegant new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome Most new tab replacement add-ons are related speed-dials, bookmarks and the like. Tabliss however is all about elegance. It is a new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome, that displays cool backgrounds and useful widgets. Install the add-on and open a new tab. It has a random wallpaper, which is not unlike Edge Chromium's Bing wallpaper of the day. The images are sourced from the Unsplash image service. In case you aren't familiar with it, the ser
  23. Open multiple links from selected text or copy them to the clipboard with the FoxyLink extension for Firefox Reading an interesting article or tutorial and want to save the links from the page for future reference? Doing that manually can take some time and effort. FoxyLink is an extension for Firefox that can extract the URLs from web pages in a couple of clicks. The extension requires two permissions. We'll take a look at why these are required as we go through the add-on's functions. You may also want to check out the extension Copy Selected Links
  24. An accidental outage was caused by LastPass yesterday by mistakenly removing the LastPass extension from the Chrome Web Store, leading to users seeing 404 errors when trying to download and install it on their devices. "The LastPass extension in the Chrome Web Store was accidentally removed by us and we are working with the Google team to restore it ASAP," LastPass Support today said in an update on Twitter. "You can still access your Vault by signing in on our website." The LastPass extension's Chrome Web Store entry is still inaccessible, with users who t
  25. Webproxy for Google Chrome™ unblocks any website and secures your browsing http://webproxy.net Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webproxynet/mpmikmnnnoacchojfpdgfdgpkfgajhim Features: ✔ Unblock Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify ✔ Unblock country restricted websites ✔ Unblock torrent websites ✔ Surf anonymously ✔ Add websites to automatically open in proxy ✔ Proxify specific links on a website ✔ 100% SECURE ✔ 100% FREE ✔ REGISTRATION FREE Interesting extension. Any reviews? B)
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