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Found 10 results

  1. Manage browser tabs efficiently with open source TabMerger extension TabMerger is a relatively new browser extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The extension should install fine in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers as well. TabMerger's main aim is to provide users with better tab management functionality and resource management. How it compares to existing solutions such as Tabs Outliner for Chrome, OneTab, Tab Manager Plus or Tab Manager V2? Let's find out! TabMerger is a cross-browser
  2. Microsoft is exploring inking improvements for Chromium browsers Microsoft is exploring web inking improvements for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome and Edge), according to new code commits made by Edge team. In one code commit, Microsoft noted that it’s turning off ‘prediction drawing’ partially for a new experimental feature to improve the inking support in the browser. This will allow Microsoft partners to test its new API and re-enable prediction again when they’ve greater confidence in the optimal amount of prediction. In another proposal, M
  3. Google to cut off other Chromium-based browsers from access to services such as Sync Access to what the company called "our private Chrome APIs" will be blocked starting March 15. Google Google plans to revoke others' Chromium-based browsers' access to a long list of APIs that power such popular services as bookmark and settings synchronization. "We discovered that some third-party Chromium-based browsers were able to integrate Google features, such as Chrome Sync and Click to Call, that are only intended fo
  4. Google removing inadvertent ability for Chromium browsers to access Chrome bookmarks, sync Besides the intended differences, web browsers based on Chromium offer an underlying experience that’s mostly identical to Chrome. Google recently discovered that users of third-party Chromium browsers have inadvertently been able to access data and other sync features reserved for Chrome. “Some” Chromium browsers today can leverage features and APIs that are “only intended for Google’s use.” This includes Click to Call and, notably, Chrome Sync. The latter is respons
  5. How to use any search engine from Google Chrome's and other Chromium browser's address bar All web browsers include a default search engine and a set of search engines that is supported by default. You search when you type anything in the address bar that is not an address, and will always use the default search engine for that. Browsers include options to change the default search engine so that another one is used whenever you type in the address bar, but what if you want to use different search engines based on your queries? You could open the homepages of non-defau
  6. Get rid of popups and overlays with PopUpOFF for Chrome PopUpOFF - Popup and overlay blocker is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that helps you deal with popups and overlays on the Internet. Since it is compatible with Chrome, it should work in most Chromium-based browsers such as the new Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, or Opera. Popups and overlays come in different forms on today's Internet. Many sites use overlays to display cookie or privacy consent prompts, others may require that users sign-in to continue, or display a prompt to get
  7. Chromium browsers support iframe lazy loading now to support performance Google revealed on July 24, 2020 that Google Chrome and Chromium-based web browsers support the lazy loading of iframe content now. The integration of the feature comes right after Google introduced support for the lazy loading of images in Chromium and Chrome. Mozilla's Firefox web browser supports the lazy loading of images as well. Technically speaking, lazy loading keeps the browser from loading certain content until it is accessed by the user. When a page is loaded for the first time, content
  8. Closed Tabs may reopen faster in upcoming Chromium browsers Chromium engineers are working on a new feature currently that is designed to speed up the process of reopening closed tabs in Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome. All web browsers include functionality to open, close, and restore tabs in the browser. Restoring is not instant in Chrome as content needs to be loaded when a user selects to restore a closed tab. Chrome users may right-click on blank tab bar space and select "reopen closed tab" to restore the last closed tab in the
  9. Drag & drop functionality changes soon in Chromium-based browsers Most Internet users know that they can drop files on the browser window to have them displayed by the browser or opened provided that the file type is supported. If you drag a file, e.g. an image or video, on a Chromium browser window, e.g. of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you will notice that it opens in that tab directly. Any interaction that you had with the site in question, e.g. form data that you entered, are lost when the file is dropped. The file is displayed or the resou
  10. Windows 10 Security Feature Makes Chromium Browsers Three Times Slower A security feature that is built into Windows 10 makes Chromium-based browsers more than three times slower on testing environments, as revealed by a Vivaldi developer. Yngve Pettersen explains in a blog post that the issue was discovered when adding Windows 10 testers to the Windows unit test cluster, which until that point was entirely based on Windows 7 Pro. “We immediately noticed performance problems. A test suite that previously took about 100 minutes to run, now took 300
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