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  1. PreAmo adware affects 90 million Android devices in new ad-fraud campaign Six fake apps claiming to boost the functionalities of smartphones are being used to distribute adware named ‘PreAmo’. The campaign is used to make money out of three ad agencies, namely Presage, Admob and Mopub. A fraudulent ad-clicking campaign has been found infecting 90 million Android mobiles worldwide to generate revenues. Six fake apps claiming to boost the performance of smartphones are being used to distribute adware
  2. Things have been relatively silent on the Android TV front lately, but today, the platform is forcing itself back into the spotlight. Unfortunately, it’s not good news we’re hearing, but rather reports of a serious-sounding bug that’s potentially exposing the private photos of Android TV users. At the very least, the bug is causing Android TV and Google Home to show lists of Android users where they shouldn’t be, which is bad enough. The bug was first revealed by Twitter user @wothadei over the weekend. He says that when accessing his Vu Android TV through the Google Home app, he wa
  3. Android banking trojan ‘Gustuff’ targets over 100 banking apps and 32 cryptocurrency apps Gustuff Android banking trojan uses social engineering techniques to trick device owners into giving access to the Android Accessibility service. Instead of phishing banking account credentials and then stealing funds, this ATS service allows the trojan to directly make fund transfers from the infected user’s device. A new Android banking trojan dubbed ‘Gustuff’ is gaining momentum by Android use
  4. Insecure UC Browser 'Feature' Lets Hackers Hijack Android Phones Remotely March 26, 2019Swati Khandelwal Beware! If you are using UC Browser on your smartphones, you should consider uninstalling it immediately. Why? Because the China-made UC Browser contains a "questionable" ability that could be exploited by remote attackers to auto
  5. Microsoft’s new Android antivirus app is now available in preview iOS version still due later this year Microsoft is launching a preview version of its antivirus software for Android today. The software giant revealed that Windows Defender was making its way to both iOS and Android earlier this year, but didn’t fully detail what to expect. We’re now getting a good idea of exactly why Microsoft thinks Android needs antivirus protection. The public preview for Android will include protection against phishing and go
  6. Not OK Google: Android, Siri sink in SurfingAttack Video Voice commands encoded in ultrasonic waves can, best case scenario, silently activate a phone's digital assistant, and order it to do stuff like read out text messages and make phone calls, we're told. The technique, known as SurfingAttack, was presented at the Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium in California this week. In the video demo below, a handset placed on a table wakes up after the voice assistant is activated by inaudible ultrasonic waves. Silent commands transmitted via these pulses stealthil
  7. A new version of the "Cerberus" Android banking trojan will be able to steal one-time codes generated by the Google Authenticator app and bypass 2FA-protected accounts. Security researchers say that an Android malware strain can now extract and steal one-time passcodes (OTP) generated through Google Authenticator, a mobile app that's used as a two-factor authentication (2FA) layer for many online accounts. Google launched the Authenticator mobile app in 2010. The app works by generating six to eight-digits-long unique codes that users must enter in login forms while trying t
  8. The secret behind “unkillable” Android backdoor called xHelper has been revealed The precise cause of the reinfections stumped researchers for months. Enlarge portal gda / flickr 60 with 41 posters participating In February, a researcher detailed a widely circulating Android backdoor that’s so pernicious that it survives factory resets, a trait that makes the malware impossible to remove without taking unusual measures. The analysis found that the unusual persistence was the result of rogue fol
  9. Microsoft Authenticator for Android now lets users change passwords right from the app The Microsoft Authenticator app on Android now lets users change their security information and passwords right from the app. The update also lets users view recent activity, such as recent login attempts or changes to the account. These features made it to the iOS version of the app in beta form in March, after which it was offered to all iOS users in May. Now, the Android counterpart is receiving these features. Like the iOS version, the Android app now lets us
  10. New Android vulnerability Strandhogg 2.0 exploits user trust SuperHappyFunGame, once installed, could steal the focus from unrelated apps. Enlarge / Strandhogg 2.0 can be thought of as the ultimate phishing attack. When the user taps a legitimate icon—which could be for email, camera, etc—the malware intercepts the tap and can present a copycat dialog instead. Promon 20 with 19 posters participating, including story author A Norwegian infosec firm discovered a new Android vulnerability, which they've dubbed Stran
  11. Over one billion Android devices at risk as they no longer receive security updates More than one billion Android devices are at risk of being hacked or infected by malware, because they are no longer supported by security updates and built-in protection. That’s the conclusion of an investigation by Which?, which found that at-risk smartphones are still being sold by third-parties via sites like Amazon, despite the range of malware and other threats to which they are vulnerable. The report cites data that Google collected itself in May 2019, whi
  12. Hidden within the all too frequent reports of malware-laced apps and adware lurking on Google’s Play Store, there is an ominous theme—networks of Chinese developers sharing code, resources and know-how. And it’s this that’s behind the latest warning from VPNpro in a new report claiming that a large, government-linked Chinese company is “secretly behind 24 popular apps seeking dangerous permissions.” And while such apps are often dismissed as a nuisance, the team warns that these ones may be involved in “much more malicious behaviour.” These new findings came to light when VPN
  13. Nasty Android malware reinfects its targets, and no one knows how Users report that xHelper is so resilient it survives factory resets. Enlarge A widely circulating piece of Android malware primarily targeting US-based phones used a clever trick to reinfect one of its targets in a feat that stumped researchers as to precisely how it was pulled off. xHelper came to light last May when a researcher from security firm Malwarebytes published this brief profile. Three months later, Malwarebytes provided a deeper analysis
  14. Uninstall these dangerous Android apps now - they could be stealing your data All of these apps share the same privacy policy and were created by the same group of developers (Image credit: Shutterstock) The latest investigation from CyberNews has uncovered a secret network of 27 app developers who have created 103 apps with over 69m installs which share many of the same characteristics and often times even the same code. The developers behind these apps are copying each others' apps, moving apps between developers, outr
  15. Adobe starts serving ads in the share and 'open with' UI on Android for some users Adobe is beginning to test a way of serving ads through the ‘open with’ and share dialogs on Android. AndroidPolice reports that its readers are beginning to see ads for Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Scan when trying to open certain types of files. The nature of these ads is exactly like Microsoft’s ads that were being served last year. The way this works is that when users install one of the apps from a particular developer, which in this case is the Adobe Acrob
  16. Google Chrome for Android could soon get biometric authentication for payment autofill The Google Play Store already uses biometric authentication for confirming a transaction when one tries to purchase an app or game from the store. Google is working on bringing similar functionality to Chrome for Android as well. A new Chrome flag "Allow using platform authentication to retrieve server cards" points to Google allowing users to verify their identity using biometric authentication or the screen lock of their Android device. As of now, when one auto
  17. “Joker”—the malware that signs you up for pricey services—floods Android markets Dozens of malicious apps, some available in Play, found in the past couple months. Enlarge portal gda / Flickr 68 with 37 posters participating September has been a busy month for malicious Android apps, with dozens of them from a single malware family alone flooding either Google Play or third-party markets, researchers from security companies said. Known as Joker, this family of malicious apps has been attac
  18. Google rolls out Secure DNS support in Chrome for Android After having introduced Secure DNS in Chrome 83 for the desktop, Google announced this week that the roll out of the feature has started for mobile Chrome for the company's Android operating system. As has been the case for the desktop rollout, Secure DNS will be rolled out to all Chrome installations over time. Secure DNS, or DNS-over-HTTPS, is a new privacy and security features that has started to gain some traction in recent time. Web browsers like Firefox or Chrome, but also operating syst
  19. A tip from a kid helps detect iOS and Android scam apps’ 2.4 million downloads Smartphone apps raked in ~$500,000, in part thanks to shilling on TikTok and Instagram. Enlarge Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images 45 with 37 posters participating Researchers said that a tip from a child led them to discover aggressive adware and exorbitant prices lurking in iOS and Android smartphone apps with a combined 2.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Posing as apps for en
  20. Android Ransomware Has Picked Up Some Foreboding New Tricks While it's still far more common on PCs, mobile ransomware has undergone a worrying evolution, new research shows. Microsoft researchers have spotted a strain of ransomware that's far better at hiding itself.Photograph: Milena Ramazanova/Getty Images Though ransomware has been around for years, it poses an ever-increasing threat to hospitals, municipal governments, and basically any
  21. GravityRAT, a malware strain known for checking the CPU temperature of Windows computers to detect virtual machines or sandboxes, is now multi-platform spyware as it can now also be used to infect Android and macOS devices. The GravityRAT Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has been under active development by what looks like Pakistani hacker groups since at least 2015 and has been deployed in targeted attacks against Indian military organizations. New versions infect Android and macOS devices While the malware authors previously focused their efforts on targeting Wind
  22. Chrome 86 beefs up password security on Android and iOS Once again, Google is highlighting the plethora of improvements it is making to the Chrome browser. The update mainly deals with beefing up password security on mobile versions of Chrome, as it makes a number of security-focused additions and other usability tweaks. Google will check whether users' passwords have been compromised, and that is found to be the case, the firm will take users directly to the appropriate "Change Password" form. The feature is presently available to Android and iOS users. Th
  23. Today’s Telegram update brings you an easy way to save conversations on your disk. In just a few taps, you can export some (or all) of your chats, including photos and other media they contain. As a result you’ll get all your data accessible offline in JSON-format or in beautifully formatted HTML. Data Export Results To use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of Telegram Desktop installed on your computer, then click Settings > Export Telegram data. This tool will be particularly useful for users who have millions of messages and ca
  24. Still likely to end the year ahead THE GAP BETWEEN Windows 7 and Windows 10 use on traditional desktops and laptops continues to narrow, despite the fact that both operating systems lost a small amount of ground this month in the figures produced by Netmarketshare. Windows 7 drops to 38.89 per cent (-0.46) with Windows 10 continuing to snap at its heels at 38.14 (-0.14), meaning that the difference is now just 0.75 per cent, which suggests that Microsoft is still on target to finally overtake itself before the year is out. Just. Possibly. Windows
  25. Operating systems are dwindling towards irrelevance, and that’s no bad thing When PC Pro was born nearly 25 years ago, it didn't start life under that name: It entered the world as Windows Magazine. Magazines gathered in little tribes. There was PC Pro, PC Magazine, Computer Shopper and several others all vying for the Windows users, and then there were MacUser and MacFormat trying to tempt the Macolytes. Later on, the Linux mags came along, once the writers had managed to unjam their beards from the printer. There wasn't – with the possible excepti
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