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  1. Apple acquires Dark Sky weather app, and that’s bad news for Android users The app is already listed as Apple-made in the App Store. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 5 images. Popular weather app and data-collection service Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple for an undisclosed sum, a blog post from the Dark Sky team announced. The post claims that Dark Sky will now “reach far more people, with far more impact, than we ever could alone.” The iOS app will not see any changes “at this time,” an
  2. Mozilla begins bringing Fenix to Firefox Beta Mozilla has begun work on migrating Firefox Beta on Android to Fenix, a whole new Firefox experience on Android. According to the Are We Fenix Yet? status page, progress to migrating Firefox Beta to Fenix is at 2.1%. Porting to Firefox Beta is the final stage before it arrives on the release channel, ready to consume by the average Firefox user. To figure out how long it will be before the Release channel is migrated, you can look at how long ago the Nightly version was ported. At the end of January, M
  3. Opinion: Android’s customizations could lead to its downfall Has Google’s mobile operating system peaked? (Image credit: Microsoft) The discussion around choosing a mobile operating system has gotten a bit stale lately- you either get an iPhone or one of the many Android based phones. But that wasn’t the case a few years back when you a lot more choice with operating systems on a phone such as Symbian, BlackBerryOS, WebOS and Windows Mobile, all competing against each other. In fact, a lot of what we find on Android or iOS today
  4. Good news: new Firefox for Android will support extensions Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Android. Firefox Preview, that is the current name of the browser to distinguish it from the soon-to-be-replaced Firefox for Android, was released to Google Play in mid-2019. The browser will replace the current stable version of Firefox for Android eventually; users of that version may have noticed that it was moved to the ESR branch already to free up resources for Firefox Preview development. Several features of Firefox Previ
  5. Since its debut last year in May, Realme has slowly secured a spot for itself among the top five smartphone companies in India. The company has launched a wide array of Android devices, spanning across various price brackets. When it comes to hardware specifications, Realme almost always offers a good back for your buck. But on the software front, the company’s ColorOS Android skin (which it shares with its parent company Oppo) isn’t all that great. However, the company aimed to change that with RealmeOS. Earlier this year in August, Realme’s CEO Madhav Sheth confirmed that the company was wor
  6. AntennaPod is my new favorite podcast player for Android AntennaPod is a free open source podcast application for Google's Android operating system that is easy to use and feature-rich. Podcasts are audio shows that can be streamed or downloaded to a local device to play them in a generic audio player or specialized podcast player. Shows are created about all sorts of things, from science and business to specialized topics such as Lego or language learning. There are plenty of podcasts applications out there, and many of them highly rated. While you m
  7. Google Play Pass: the pros and cons Google unveiled the subscription-based service Google Play Pass for the company's Android operating system on September 23, 2019. Google Play Pass gives subscribers access to "more than 350 apps and games" that are "free of ads, in-app purchases and upfront payments" according to Google. The company promises that new apps and games will get added to the service on a monthly basis. Google launched Play Pass alongside a promotional offer that reduces the subscription fee to $1.99 in the first 12 months instead of th
  8. Keep track of all subscriptions on your Android device Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses is a free application for Google's Android operating system to keep an overview of subscriptions. Subscription-based services, apps, games and other products are on the rise on the Internet and in technology. You may subscribe to media services such as Netflix, storage services, subscribe to Office and other software solutions, to game streaming and flatrate services, online news services, and more. Add traditional products and subscriptions such as mobile phone,
  9. Cloudflare's Warp VPN is now available to all: a first look Cloud provider Cloudflare launched its privacy-focused DNS service in 2018 and published apps for Android and iOS in the same year. The company announced its Warp vpn service in April 2019 and invited users from all over the world to join a waiting list to test it. The once-restricted VPN service is now available to everyone who downloads and installs the company's Faster & Safer Internet application for Android or iOS. Warp establishes a VPN connection
  10. In order to make small firms sell goods more easily, WhatsApp has added a new feature to its WhatsApp Business app called catalogs. Catalogs are accessible via a business’s profile page and users can scroll through the different products to see a description and price. This will cut out the need for back and forward messaging between customers and businesses. For each product, businesses can attach a price, a description, and a product code. Not only does this speed custom up but it also makes smaller businesses look more professional. According to WhatsApp, catalogs are stored in
  11. If you’re running Android 10, several apps now give you the option to retain app data when you uninstall them. This allows you to reinstall the app at a later time and resume from where you left off. Right now, the feature is not widely available but is available in a couple of apps including WhatsApp. According to Android Police, which was tipped off about the new feature, when you uninstall one of the compatible apps from the home screen or app settings menu a pop-up will appear with a checkbox. The checkbox label will ask if you want to retain the data and it’ll let you know how
  12. Bill Gates: Windows Phone could have defeated Android Microsoft founder laments missed opportunity due to antitrust investigation (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes the company would have dominated the smartphone world had it not been for an antitrust investigation it faced in the early 2000s. Speaking at the New York Times’ DealBook conference, Gates said he was too distracted by the case and missed a deadline to put Windows Mobile on a Motorola device by a matter of months.
  13. Microsoft has released an update for the Microsoft Launcher app on Android —the update was rolled out to the beta users last month and is now rolling out to everyone. Taking the app to v5.9, the update brings an updated Microsoft calendar icon, which as per Microsoft is cleaner than the previous one. Also, with the latest update installed, you’ll get the live date update on the calendar app icon. You can take a look at the official changelog below. WHAT’S NEW The latest update is available for all the users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Source
  14. Every Android device comes preloaded with a few different sets of apps, some chosen by the OEM, some by the cell carrier, and usually a set of Google apps. We’ve now learned precisely which apps Google has mandated inclusion on Android 10 and Android Go phones with Google services, which includes some surprising additions. 9to5Google was provided a copy of the latest version of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) agreement that OEMs have to abide by. This document lays out requirements for Android device makers, and it reveals a lot of interesting information about what device makers have
  15. For the past five years, Google has required that Android smartphones ship with a message on their boot screen that says “Powered by Android.” Now, we’re learning that the requirements around this message will including Google’s new Android branding starting in 2020. Rewinding a bit, you might have noticed with some devices updated to Android 10 that the “Powered by Android” logo had changed. Instead of just the word, it abides by Google’s new branding guidelines that were revealed just a couple of months ago. 9to5Google was provided a copy of the latest version of the
  16. For the past year and a half, Google has been pushing a “digital wellbeing” initiative to help us all use our phones in a healthier way. In the latest, and arguably largest, push, Android devices are now required to have a digital wellbeing app of some kind, along with parental controls, according to documents viewed by 9to5Google. According to Google’s latest GMS agreement, the company now requires that all devices that either launch on or upgrade to Android Pie or Android 10 after September 3, 2019 have a digital wellbeing (lowercase) solution. Google offers their own
  17. Earlier today, we first reported on Google’s new Game Device Certification program and Digital Wellbeing requirements. We obtained information on both thanks to the latest version of Google’s GMS Requirements for OEMs/ODMs. This document also outlines the deadlines in which OEMs/ODMs can submit software builds to Google to get approval for GMS distribution. Notably, the document confirms that January 31, 2020 is the last date that Google will approve smartphones running Android 9 Pie. After that date, Google will only approve new devices running the latest Android version, Android 10.
  18. Charging has seen massive improvements in smartphones, at least on the Android side of things. Companies are pushing charging solutions that deliver 50W, 65W, and even 100W of power. These fast-charging technologies reduce the need for huge batteries, though I would argue they still don’t excuse companies packing smaller batteries on new smartphones. The biggest problem with all of these competing technologies is that they’re usually proprietary, so they require that you own the manufacturer’s charging cable and brick. There is an open fast-charging standard for devices with USB Type-C ports c
  19. Android 10’s new gesture navigation system is a bit of a mixed bag, but it’s what Google wants to be a standard across every Android device. Now, we’re learning that Google is going to force OEMs to hide their own gesture navigation systems in Android, even going so far as to not include them in the setup wizard. 9to5Google was provided a copy of the latest version of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) agreement that OEMs have to abide by. This document lays out requirements for Android device makers, and it reveals a lot of interesting information about what device makers have to be
  20. In recent years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of gaming on mobile devices. To keep up with the trend, smartphones accoutered with multiple gigabytes of RAM and high-refresh-rate screens have entered the smartphone realm. Similarly, AAA game publishers and popular games like Fortnite and, most recently, Call of Duty have made their way to mobile devices. Now, according to sources at xda-developers, to keep up to speed with the development of the mobile gaming industry and to simultaneously ensure that the phones are powerful enough to meet the demanding requirements set by
  21. The new Chromium-based version of Edge on desktop devices gets a lot of attention these days, but Microsoft is still working to improve the mobile variants of its browser. As reported by Windows Central, the company is testing a major change to the look and feel of Edge on Android, which includes a complete revamp of the navigation bar and the ellipsis menu. Based on the screenshots, the new design adopts a rounder look for most UI elements of the browser including the address bar and the navigation icons. The navigation bar on the bottom of the screen also replaces the Continue on
  22. Twitter introduces 'true' dark mode to its Android app Way back in 2016, Twitter introduced a night mode exclusively to its Android app. The option was designed to go easy on the eyes in low light and featured dark grayish-blue backgrounds and overall theme. As per today's dark mode standards, it wasn't a true blue 'dark' mode. Earlier this year, the San Francisco-based social media company came up with a proper, darker shade of the previously released night mode to its iOS app. The feature was duly christened the 'Lights Out' option and transforme
  23. Opera 54 for Android: new theme, Bitcoin support Opera Software released a new version of the company's main web browser for Google's Android operating system on October 22, 2019. The new Opera 54 web browser features a new theme and comes with support for Bitcoin and TRON virtual currencies among other new features. The update is already pushed via Google Play at the time of writing. Opera users may check the Apps and Games section on Google Play to force the update to take place immediately. The new version loads a theme selection interface on first
  24. But it only works with four specific phones Remember when Razer announced a sleek sliding gamepad for your iPhone called the Junglecat? I bet not, considering how the company axed that idea without ever releasing it to the world. But today, it’s launching a $100 mobile gamepad called the Junglecat yet again — this time reincarnated as a set of two Nintendo Joy-Con-like gamepads that snap onto either side of your handset. The catch is you’ll need to stick your phone in a specific case to make that trick work, and Razer only has cases for four phones t
  25. The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds have a low 60ms latency mode One of the worst things about using wireless headphones while gaming on an Android phone is the latency. Whether the fault lies with the OS or the manufacturing (or both), I’ve found that most headphones — even expensive ones like the Sony WH-1000X M3s — aren’t able to keep up with what’s on the screen. It’s infuriating, and it’s a situation that Razer’s $99 Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds aim to take on. These new truly wireless earbuds, which Razer announced today, have a minuscule
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