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  1. w9999

    [Android] SafeIP

  2. Requirements: 1.5 and up A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App. * Automatic Scheduled Backups. * View Backup Contents. * Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card. * Option to backup selected conversations only. * MMS not supported yet. * FAQs at http://bit.ly/d9t7Jk What's New v7.10: - New backp folder option for Android 4.4+ device. Backups can now be created in app-specific folder on external SD Card. - More options displayed in Backup and Restore screens. - Links are now clickable when viewing messages. - Bux fixes
  3. Features of Opera Max 0.9.124 Android App Get more out of your data plan with data compression technology of Opera max, which compress video, images, and websites which can be squeezed. You can easily block any app as you wish from using mobile data and restrict it to using Wi-Fi only. Unlike other VPN Opera max once turned on it automatically starts to save data when the mobile data is turned on and instead of turning the VPN off when the mobile data is turned off Opera Max just pause its service. Opera Max summarizes each app data usage on daily basis, so that we can find which apps are
  4. Google Reminders to require Google Assistant Google is rolling out a change currently on Android that affects customers who use the Reminders feature of the Google application. The Google application is installed on many Android devices and one of its features is called Reminders. It provides customers with options to set reminders, e.g. to make sure that you don't forget a birthday, buy certain products, or remember the room number on a trip. Google started to roll out a major update a couple of days ago that finally broke with the group notification
  5. Google last year released a file management app called Files Go for Android devices. It comes with an AirDrop-like wireless file sharing functionality in supported devices to support the highest transfer speeds possible. It also allows users to clean up their device by quickly finding and suggesting files for removal. Google today updated the Files app with two new features. First, Google is bringing dark theme support. Google claims that this new dark theme can preserve your battery and reduce eye strain. New audio player allows users to listen to music or watch videos offline with new c
  6. Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Android called Fenix. The new browser is available as a development build currently. The current Firefox for Android is also available but Mozilla focuses development resources on the new Fenix browser; that's the main reason why recent Firefox for Android releases look more like extended support releases that fix bugs but don't introduce a whole lot of new features in the browser. While it was clear for some time that Mozilla planed to replace the current Firefox for Android with the new Fenix browser, it was unclear how a
  7. LastPass launched a new feature in the mobile versions of the password manager LastPass today that allows customers to recover their account under certain circumstances. Password managers help users when it comes to password use on the Internet. They provide users with tools to create and use unique passwords everywhere. The database is usually protected by a master password that the user needs to enter to decrypt the password database and access stored passwords and other information. Password managers may support other authentication options. KeePass, a popular free p
  8. Google Begins Rolling Out Its Major Android Auto Redesign Google has started the official rollout of the Android Auto overhaul that the company announced earlier this year at the I/O 2019 event. At that point, the search giant said the refreshed Android Auto experience would go live in the summer, and albeit no specifics were provided, people familiar with the matter said the target was late June. By the looks of things, this information was accurate, as Google has now commenced the global rollout of the Android Auto redesign as part of version 4.4.
  9. Google launches Gallery Go by Google Photos for Android Gallery Go by Google Photos is a new Android application by Google designed as an alternative to Google Photos. The application has been launched worldwide by Google but it is feature-restricted in some regions. Designed to be lightweight, Gallery Go by Google Photos follows other "Go" applications such as YouTube Go, Google Search Go or Google Maps Go which Google launched in recent years. The applications are designed for new mobile users and markets favoring lower-end devices, and are part of
  10. Pokémon Masters has only been available on iOS and Android devices for four days, but the battle-focused Pokémon game has already reached 10 million downloads. The free-to-play game released on August 29. Masters is tracking much better than a 2018 Pokémon mobile game, Pokémon Quest. It took just less than seven months to reach 10 million installs, according to mobile market analyst Sensor Tower. Quest was also available on Switch, while Masters is only on mobile. Sensor Tower also noted that Masters has made $10 million in revenue in those firs
  11. Alternative web browser maker has finally launched the first mobile version of its product, on Android, in beta form. “Our mission has always been to give you a browser that lets you do things your way and addresses real user needs,” Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner writes in an announcement post. “While we put you in control of your browsing, we do not track the way you choose to browse. And our vision for mobile browsing is no different.” Vivaldi has been available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for three years, but the lack of a mobile version of the app
  12. And players can buy its in-game currency. Right on time, the beta test for Microsoft's augmented reality Minecraft game is ready for Android users to give it a try. Just like the beta iOS users have had access to, Minecraft Earth is still invite-only for registered testers and available in just five cities: Mexico City, London, Tokyo, Seattle and Stockholm. According to those who are already in, if you're having trouble with the invite email then try clicking the link included from your mobile device instead of on a PC. The Minecraft Ear
  13. The mobile port costs $5. Stranger Things 3: The Game arrived on consoles and PC alongside the third season of Netflix's hit sci-fi/horror show earlier this summer. Now you can get in on the pixellated fun on iOS and Android too. The mobile port costs $5, which is cheaper than on other platforms. It follows the previous mobile title Stranger Things: The Game, which debuted alongside the second season and was a freebie.
  14. Let them eat 10 Let them eat... GOOGLE'S DESSERT-RELATED names for Android builds will continue as codenames for internal use. All About Android revealed all during an interview with VP of Android engineering Dave Burke and software engineer Dan Sandler. Google shocked the world last week with the announcement that future versions of the mobile operating system would be known by a number, not name - with Android Q becoming Android 10. That, of course, begs the question - what would Android Q have been called. We all knew it was
  15. Tor Browser for Android Officially Launched Tor Project has just announced the release of the very first stable version of Tor Browser for Android after the public preview build that landed in the fall of 2018. The Android version of TOR Browser is based on the same approach as the original desktop sibling, and it’s supposed to block trackers, keep users protected against surveillance, resist fingerprinting, and maintain a high level of privacy using advanced systems like multi-layered encryption. “When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic
  16. Microsoft Launcher for Android Could Get Lock Screen Customization Microsoft Launcher for Android could soon get lock screen customization options, according to a hint dropped by Microsoft itself on the UserVoice feedback platform. A post requesting “lockscreen personalization” has been marked as completed by Microsoft, and as per German site DrWindows, this is in most of the cases living proof that the software giant completed development of the feature and gets ready to include it in stable releases. “Changing content on the lockscreen would be amazing
  17. Microsoft to Retire Microsoft Office Support for Older Android Versions Microsoft Office will no longer support older versions of Android as part of a silent Microsoft change that will put the focus on the latest releases. Specifically, Microsoft says its productivity suite would only run on the four latest versions of Android, which means that your device must be on Android Marshmallow or newer. Android KitKat and Lollipop will thus be abandoned, as Microsoft needs the improvements in the latest Android versions in order to provide users with more
  18. One of the jobs of the Linux kernel—and all operating system kernels—is to manage the resources available to the system. When those resources get used up, what should it do? If the resource is RAM, there's not much choice. It's not feasible to take over the behavior of any piece of user software, understand what that software does, and make it more memory-efficient. Instead, the kernel has very little choice but to try to identify the software that is most responsible for using up the system's RAM and kill that process. The official kernel does this with its OOM (out-
  19. You might not have to wait for your carrier. Google's rollout of RCS chat to Android devices has been slow, and you can blame that partly on the carriers. As the next-gen texting format usually depends on networks adding support one at a time, compatibility has been patchy at best. Now, though, Google is ready to take matters into its own hands -- the internet giant will offer RCS services to Android users in the UK and France later in June, giving them an opt-in choice through the platform's Messages app. The company's Drew Rowny explained it
  20. Shazam, the Apple-owned app that helps users identify songs playing around them, can now recognize songs you’re listening to through your headphones when using an Android phone or tablet. Acquired by Apple for $400 million last year, the company introduced a feature called ‘Pop-Up Shazam’ to its Android app recently, which when enabled, works with any other Android app to track and identify songs playing externally or internally on the phone. It’s a feature that many users have requested for years. Prior to this, when a user would chance upon
  21. How Google could help an Android alternative reach the IoT throne KaiOS is racking up tens of millions of users by catering to the feature phone market. Its momentum with carriers could turn it into a formidable IoT player. Android accounts for about 85 percent of the global smartphone market; iOS accounts for virtually all of the rest. So it has stood for most of the past decade despite a host of fa
  22. Chromebook Users Getting Instant Tethering in Chrome OS for Any Android Phone It would appear that Google is working on expanding its Instant Tethering feature for Chromebooks to support any Android smartphone, not only its Pixel devices. Instant Tethering in Chrome OS, the Linux-powered operating system we can find on all Chromebook computers, is designed to allow users to tether their Android phone's mobile data connection to the Chromebook computer when they don't have access to a Wi-Fi network, creating a mobile hotspot. It automatically connects your Android pho
  23. Opera for Android 50 Released with Improved Ad Blocker, Picture-in-Picture Mode Opera for Android has officially reached version 50, and this new release comes with lots of improvements, including a refined ad blocker and a brand-new picture-in-picture mode. First and foremost, the new Opera version now allows users to configure special ad-blocking rules per each website. Previously, the application only came with general filters that were applied to every page you loaded, and this approach wasn’t the most convenient for users who wanted to whitelist specific website
  24. Google Testing New Chrome Feature for Faster Tab Switching on Android Google is currently testing a new feature for the Android version of Chrome browser that would make it easier and faster for users to switch from one tab to another. Basically, what Google wants to do is add a new toolbar at the bottom of the Chrome for Android screen that would just display the icons of the websites loaded in the browser. These aren’t thumbnails, but the favicons of each website, and tapping any of them instantly switches the browser to that page. This means you
  25. New Google Policy Means Trouble for Microsoft on Android A new policy implemented by Google for Android apps brings tighter controls for SMS and call logs, technically enforcing a new limitation of the use of services like digital assistants on the platform. According to Google itself, access for call logs and SMS should only be required when it’s absolutely necessary for the app’s core functionality, which Google defines as explained below: “Core functionality is defined as the main purpose of the app. It's the feature most prominently documented and promoted in
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